go see the other videos omg just do it

im always seeing people on the Sims 2 Soundtrack videos going “omg nostalgiaaaa 😭😭😭” “brb crying i wish i could play this game again” and im just like….hello…ultimate collection…the complete collection on games4theworld and other torrent sites like trust me EA doesnt fuckin care anymore and if youre PAYING for Sims 2 in this day and age then

youre doing it wrong

quit cryin on the BOBOBOOBOBOB song the game is literally out there for you to obtain for free guys come on

To all A.R.M.Ys

I’m sure we’re all aware that with BTS’ growing popularity, the size of our fandom is also growing. Obviously seeing the boys become more successful and well known makes me happy, but what DOESN’T make me happy is the rise in immature comments & statements I’m seeing everywhere. 

Please understand that if you’re going to identify as an A.R.M.Y, everything you say or do not only reflects back on the fandom, but also on BTS themselves. I really really really do not want us to end up as the fandom everyone hates, or for BTS to be known as ‘the group with the fans who are annoying af’. 

Now, if I were to state a complete list of ‘DON’T DOs’ we’d be here forever and the fact that it is even necessary is kind of ridiculous. 

First of all, ‘BTS is great, BTS is awesome, I love BTS’, I get it, so do I, but that gives you no right to bash on, insult or disrespect any other artists or their respective fandoms. You also do not need to spam every single video, article, post etc. especially when it isn’t even BTS related just to show your love for them. If BTS covers a song, you don’t go off to the original MV to say ‘omg Jungkook sings this wayyy better than Adam Levine blah blah blah’. 

When you reply to BTS’ posts e.g. on twitter, although they receive a tonne of replies, just because they don’t answer you doesn’t mean they can’t see your tweet. So stop FUCKING writing disgusting shit like ‘I want you to fuck my wet pussy’ or whatever. No one is telling you to stop with your dirty fantasies (hell I have a tonne of those, I’m sure we all do), but have some fucking self control & common sense and don’t send them as replies to their twitter posts, music videos etc. Lemme just put it out there that it also qualifies as sexual harassment. 

Don’t go around starting or getting involved in fanwars, whether it be with the fans of another member in BTS, or fans of other groups. Since when has hate ever helped anybody? Every group in the KPOP industry is unique and just because you love BTS, doesn’t mean everyone else has to. If BTS themselves understands that, so should you. So don’t go talking crap about their sunbae groups, or rival groups or ANY groups. I mean, DO YOU ENJOY HEARING PPL INSULT BTS? Cause if you don’t, I don’t understand why you would do that to anyone else. 

As I said earlier, there are too many things you shouldn’t do, so lemme tell you what you should be doing instead. As an A.R.M.Y we want to support our boys, we want for them to be happy and healthy. We want to love them and respect them not only for their visuals, but also their hard work, passion, talent and dedication. We want to help them achieve their dreams and their goals by being a solid foundation that they can rely on. We want them to be able to proudly call us their fans, the same way we can proudly call them our idols. 

So let me repeat this one more time, if you’re going to identify as an A.R.M.Y, everything you say or do not only reflects back on the fandom, but also on BTS themselves.

“Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.”

BTS trusts us. Don’t give them a reason not to.

(If you agree, reblog, pass it on. If you don’t, well… I tried)

Dan’s big & important mistery video.

Okay, let me just rant about something for a sec here.
First of all, I am Phan Trash, ok? I am a huge disgusting Phan shipper, but since yesterday’s liveshow I’ve noticed something that is bugging me so much.

Guys, guys, I have seen a lot of people, and I mean a lot of poeple, freaking out because they were all trying to guess what the important video will be about.
Now I’m not saying you are harming anyone, but PLEASE try not to make every single thing about Phan. 
I can’t even imagine how sad and frustrating it could be for Dan (or Phil) to make something big, cool, or maybe some project we are not allowed to know, or just really any kind of annoucement, and seeing it turning into something like this once they tell us:

‘’oMG is the important video going to be about That?’’
’guys can you imagine if they reveal THAT in the video?’’
‘’do you guys think they are going to do That thing? I hope so!!1!’’

just no…they’re not going to.
They’re not only about that.
Seriously, think about all the possibilities; it could be anything.

  • More TATINOF dates?
  • A very cool collab with someone?
  • Something that has do to with the BBC gaming documentary?
  • Something like the time they told us they were in Big Hero 6?
  • Some other interesting things his creative brain is working on?

(No, it will not be ‘’Goodbye Internet’’ either. Don’t worry about that.) 

Let’s just try to get excited for whatever Dan has to give us, because I’m sure it’s going to be good whatever it’s going to be and we should all appreciate his work, knowing that Dan is way more than just one half of the Phan ship.
And my other advice is to try not to freak out too much before things even happen. You are free to do that after they are out :)

TLDR, that’s all I have to say folks. I really hope things will calm down a bit, so have a nice day x