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Do you ever think about if anyone in Kings Landing ever noticed Sandor’s interest in Sansa? Like that place was crawling with spies from all sides, and no one noticed? Or maybe it’s a classic case of “everyone knows that those two like each other, except for the two people who in fact like each other.”…….I need to go outside.

Fanfic Appreciation:

A Winter’s Tale by @justadram

They say he is Targaryen, but the world goes silent around her as she stands here on the edge of the field, and she knows him for what he is. Solemn, lean, strong, dark haired, and grey eyed, Jon is unquestionably a Stark, more so than herself with her Tully red hair and blue eyes. The crowd parts for him as if he is a sword slicing through water, as he strides towards her, and she no longer feels the bite of winter, throwing back her hood so that she might see him better.  He is bloody. Bloody but seemingly unharmed, she thinks, as he comes closer, for there is no catch in his step, no slump to his shoulders.

Thieves Among Us (2/4)

Let Jon have his armies and his devoted wildlings and the love of their people, she thinks. Let him have his dragon queen. She’s in possession of a secret, tragic as it may be, but at least it’s entirely her own. For Sansa, that’s more than enough. It has to be. Rated M; inspired by content from S7.

He had learned early on that he’ll never be able to perfect the art of being aloof, at least before her, but he’s still determined to keep himself as detached from her as best as he’s able. Jon does it to preserve himself. He needs to, if he’s going to do what he’s been tasked with. In the time that they all live in, there just isn’t any moment for possibility—there shouldn’t be. It’s much too dangerous, lingering on that tempting idea of what could have been, or even what was, for that matter. That’s what they always stress, Ser Davos and his advisors; there must be no opportunity for chance, is what they say, not even the slightest gap, because it leaves room for disaster, for chaos. It must be avoided at all costs. And while they all refer to the battle that looms ahead of them, he’s learned that it’s best to apply it to other aspects of his life, too.  

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“I don’t even know your name.”
“Gilly, he called me. For the gillyflower.”
“That’s pretty.” He remembered Sansa telling him once that he should say that whenever a lady told him her name. He could not help the girl, but perhaps the courtesy would please her.

Stark siblings thinking about each other - Sansa and Jon


When Rhaegar won, everyone cheered for their prince. I remember the girls laughing when he took off his helmet, and they saw that silver hair. How handsome he was. Until he rode right past his wife, Elia Martell, and all the smiles died. I’ve never seen so many people so quiet. He rode past his wife, and he lay a crown of winter roses in Lyanna’s lap. Blue as frost. How many tens of thousands had to die because Rhaegar chose your aunt?

Forgive Me

Jon: we never should’ve left Winterfell 

Sansa: don’t you wish we could go back to the day we left? 

Jon: how could we know

Jon: we were children 

Jon: *smiling* you were occasionally awful… I’m sure i can’t have been much fun, always sulking in the corner while the rest of you played. 

Sansa: *laughs softly*

Jon: there’s nothing to forgive 

Jon: alright, alright I forgive you

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Thieves Among Us (1/4)

Let Jon have his armies and his devoted wildlings and the love of their people, she thinks. Let him have his dragon queen. She’s in possession of a secret, tragic as it may be, but at least it’s entirely her own. For Sansa, that’s more than enough. It has to be. Rated M; inspired by content from S7.

“You’ll attend the banquet, won’t you?” Lady Karstark asks, as the subtlety is brought out and presented before the King in the North and the Queen of the South—a sugary rendition of a dragon and a direwolf, likely the work of a talented southron pastry master that had tailed along with everyone else in the Northern March. With so many bodies in and around Winterfell nowadays, Sansa can’t even imagine if there’s anybody left in King’s Landing, though she knows that’s not true. Still, she imagines how eerie it is, the idea of the royal capital completely devoid of people. The silence alone would be frightening, she thinks, when she can still remember the claustrophobic roar of voices and sounds that had echoed in between the tight streets she had ran through, desperate to escape the men who had been all too eager to get a piece of the nobility they so detested.

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Ima respond to a recent post discourse led by bulmoose. I agree. Sansa is always changed to fit Jon’s sort of woman in fic, ALWAYS. Sansa is literally a maiden waiting in a tower to be saved, not the badass all of you make her out to be. She does nothing but moan and whine. Jon isn’t into that, sorry. Dany saved herself. She took what she wanted by storm (Stormborn, bitches) and led an entire army after her husband died, her brother died, and still fights on. Even tho Vis deserved his death. Still…

Sansa complains about her situation, guess what? Dany had it worse. She was raped constantly by the Khal and had to force herself to love him so she wouldn’t kill herself, lost her child and him on the same day, and nearly died in the harsh environment she was forced to walk through. She had to lock up her children and can’t have kids, like she’s always wanted. Dany deserves Jon and Jon deserves Dany. She’s growing up and Jon will be the love of her life. Sansa simply waits in a tower, doesn’t fight for herself, and still whines all the time.

Arya doesn’t whine. Dany doesn’t whine. Jon doesn’t whine. Bran doesn’t whine. Sansa is the only one that acts prissy. Jon isn’t attracted to that. He is attracted to powerful women, hence his attraction and love for Ygritte, Val and soon to be Daenerys. She’s the perfect mix of the two. He’s def going to love her. Sansa is a maiden in distress. Not Jon’s type. Dany on the other hand is everything he looks for in a woman.

He even thinks about warrior women with silver hair (Val aka Dany). GRRM isn’t even subtle on it. All of you Jonsa shippers are reaching. There’s more evidence for Jon and Dany, even Jon and Arya. At least they have some evidence for their ship, yours is clearly just liking the two together because they’re pretty. This ship only happened because of the show. And it wasn’t even romantic. All of you had shipper goggles on and didn’t see clearly.

Jon and Dany are soulmates. They have more parallels than anyone else, they are yin and yang, dragon and wolf. A song of ice and fire and will rule westeros together or die together. Both are azor ahai, the prince(ess) that was promised, and the parallels go on and on.

There’s no doubt in it. Jon and Sansa will never happen. And making fic isn’t going to change that. Sansa is clearly not his type and never will be, if you go so far as to change who she is in fic. I haven’t read one where she isn’t skeptical, cunning, clever or ‘dangerous’. She isn’t littlefinger, tyrion, Dany or cersei. She isn’t a player and she doesn’t fight. She just watches. Dany takes action, she is a warrior in every sense of the work. A literally goddess and Jon will see it the moment he meets her. They were destined for each other. Dany is who he will end up with. Sorry people, it’s just the truth. Jon x Sansa will never happen. Jonerys will.

Happy season grettings.

anonymous asked:

I think/hope Jon going south and having boat sex with Dany is him running away from his feelings for Sansa

this doesn’t sound that silly when you think this happened:

let’s say he internally panicked and needed some time away from her to clear his mind, it’s his only excuse for not asking for a parlay and going south right when he’s most needed in the north

She remembered her own childish disappointment, the first time she had laid eyes on Eddard Stark. She had pictured him as a younger version of his brother Brandon, but that was wrong. Ned was shorter and plainer of face, and so somber. He spoke courteously enough, but beneath the words she sensed a coolness that was all at odds with Brandon, whose mirths had been as wild as his rages. Even when he took her maidenhood, their love had more of duty to it than of passion. We made Robb that night, though; we made a king together. And after the war, at Winterfell, I had love enough for any woman, once I found the good sweet heart beneath Ned’s solemn face. - Catelyn Stark 

He had the Stark face if not the name: long, solemn, guarded, a face that gave nothing away. Whoever his mother had been, she had left little of herself in her son.- Tyrion Lannister about Jon snow. 

This quote is so important to me, I love how  STARK  Jon is. How similiar he is to Ned not only in personality ( Ned was called the quiet Wolf, Jon called his direwolf “Ghost” because he didnt make a sound) but also in looks.  

(And LOL at the “left little of her self”part oh GRRM you troll, i love ya) 

And dont get me started on the  “we made a king togheter” part, because for me that is such a jon/sansa possibile parallel (them being responsible for the heir of the north, the whole duty before love.). 

Also i love this quote, because people believe that when Jon/D*ny happens and dany dies (she will, i can bet money on this), sansa will be jon second choice, his “consolation price”. But for me Sansa will feel just like her mother at first, she wont be happy to marry her cousin ( ex half brother).  (i also believe sansa is going to have a sweet riunion with tyrion, a romance similiar to dany/drogo, that ends in the same tragic way). 

But you know what my favorite Jon/ Ned parallel is? The fact that when both are dying they are thinking about their tully women. Thats right, Ned in all the books thinks a lot about his sister lyanna and not so much about Catelyn. But when he is dying his last toughts are about his wife: 

“The thought of Cat was as painful as a bed of nettles. He wondered where she was, what she was doing. He wondered whether he would ever see her again.” - Ned Stark.  

And interesting enough Jon almost never thinks about sansa ( not that he hates her), he thinks about Arya all the time ( just like Ned thinks about Lyanna all the time too). But before he dies he (and i was a lot surprised by this) thinks about Sansa,he links her to his Lover Yigritte! Which is more that amazing for me. 

 The Night’s Watch takes no part. He closed his fist and opened it again. What you propose is nothing less than treason. He thought of Robb, with snowflakes melting in his hair. Kill the boy and let the man be born.He thought of Bran, clambering up a tower wall, agile as a monkey. Of Rickon’s breathless laughter. Of Sansa, brushing out Lady’s coat and singing to herself.  You know nothing, Jon Snow.He thought of Arya, her hair as tangled as a bird’s nest. I made him a warm cloak of skins of the six whores who came with him to Winterfell…I want my bride back…I want my bride back…I want my bride back… 

Before someone says anything: 

Of course  the whole Jon quote is about Ar*a .Jon wish to save her from Ramsay but in the same way the whole Ned charapter and quote is about Lyanna and the promise he made to her ( jon and Ar*a relationship for me has so many parallels to the Ned and Lyanna one, I want to write a post about that too). I wanted to be clear about this before someone commented on it. for me arya is the most important person in jon life but that relationship for me is family, is two siblings thinking about oneanother, its jon thinking of home, and arya too. The idea of romantic love between the two is upsetting to me (but hey if you ship them, good for you! I support you and all that) 

Just to say: Ned thinks about his sister Lyanna a lot, not so much of Catelyn. In the same way Jon never (or almost never) thinks about Sansa, but both before dying think about them. I just think its interesting. Or i just love to search for any Cat and Ned parallels to Jon and Sansa. (lets do with both lol).