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*may or may not be shamelessly working on a let's play au idea on the side* So... In order to round out the team... Who do you think Chloe and Nathanael/Sabrina would main? (In my idea Nath and Sabrina aren't as full time as the other five are so they tend to switch out.)

(!!!lets play au would be great!!!)

I headcanon Chloe as a hardcore sniper. 95% of the time you can find her on Widowmaker, and she only switches to Hanzo or Ana when forced. Like most Widow mains, she usually holds the backlines and spams the “Heal me” voice line. Unlike most widow mains, she actually hits headshots.

As for Nath/Sabrina… I could see Sabrina going for heroes with immobilization Ults like Zarya or Mei so Chloe can pick off the enemy team and Nath seems like he’d be into builder characters like Torbjorn or Symmetra.


“Weird Al” has played:

-Himself but yellow (Simpsons)

-Himself but himself (Johnny Bravo)

-Himself but a Grand Dad (Weird Al Show)

-Himself but the best super hero (Weird Al Show)

-Himself but designed ugly (Sabrina)

-A freaking squid (Billy and Mandy)

-A cross between his 80s self and current self (Lilo and Stitch)

-Himself but CGI (Back at the Barnyard)

-Robot peeps (Transformers)

-Himself but with the second best super hero (Batman)

-A banana spaceman (Adventure Time)

-A brain villain [he was also a certain super hero and a manager] (Mad)

-A pony [which may or may not have made me a brony] (My Little Pony)

-Smart dude (Gravity Falls)

-An actually funny scene in this awful show (Teen Titans Go)

-Banana doctor clown guy (Wander Over Yonder)

-Anyone (The 7D)

-Squidward (Voltron)

-Some guy (Star V.S. the Forces of Evil - not pictured)

-Someone who might have killed someone (Milo Murphy’s Law; main character - not pictured)

-A robot who is quite weird (Uncle Grandpa - not pictured) -A dog (BoJack Horseman - not pictured)

This is why you should love “Weird Al”.

100% these Paris students would rise against injustice, bigotry, and fear.

La Résistance.

Update: Disney just posted another throwback!!😆

Thank you @analyticalinsights for the info ☺️


like and COMMENT #savegmw!!!!! Comments matter most! Plz 🙏 Give one reason why this show must go on! I think that’s what they’re looking for. 🤔 Post your letters too! Why not? As many messages as we can to get through to them! (But keep it positive and respectful) This show is what the world needs! 🌎❤️

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I was thinking a lot about how when Chloe gets a miraculous, Sabrina is going to be left alone a lot because of obvious reasons. It kind of sat there in my head about how that kid doesn’t have any friends aside from Chloe and I was picturing her alone and I didn’t like it so I figured we could stick her with the other person in the class who doesn’t have any friends and has a little bit in common with Chloe and I think I kind of ship it now.

I also saw a lot of talk about femslash February on my dash and I don’t really have the commitment to participate all month so here is my contribution. 

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Dear Kayla are Oliver and Sabrina going to move out of Sam and Kadens house? If so I think Collecters Cove (one of your fixer uppers) would be perfect. I love your channel so much and it would make my day if you reply

Oliver and Sabrina are still living in Sam and Kaden’s house. Now my poor little elders live with Teagan and Max. I intentionally built a ‘guest’ room in that house so they could live there. I just can’t let them die on their own.

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2. “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.”

You both do realize this is going to devolve into angst, right? (Under the cut because holy hell did I wordvomit on this one.)

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lodge of sorceresses arose from the ruins of the council of sorcerers after the incident on thanedd island essentially killed the older order.

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T_T Sabrina

T_T for a drabble about when they cried.

“There’s still no change?”

“None. I told you this would happen, Willow.”

(The same boring questions. The same bland answers.)

“There has to be a way. Can’t you check again? Keep looking for other-”

“I’ve looked for other ways since the day we got them out of that place. You know this. There is no escaping what must be done.”

(She was so tired of such circular discussions.)

“How can you be so cold?!”

“The better question is why it disturbs you so greatly. It was your plan to separate them, after all. You have no right.”

(Why did it always have to come to this?)

“I have no right?! You’re forgetting that I raised them, too!” Willow said, standing and waving a hand, “They’re the closest thing we ever had to a family together-”

“You’re bringing that up now?!” Sabrina snapped as she rose as well, her face twisting in frustration and pain. It was almost sickening to see the same emotions reflected in his eyes, and hearing them in his thoughts was almost one insult too many. 

It had taken years to repress them on her own - she’d almost forgotten they existed (that was a lie). 

Everything was tinted red and gold, the sun setting on the horizon. He looked older than his years, tired in a way she found herself identifying with more and more as each day passed.

She breathed out a harsh breath, turning away from him in disgust. The view wasn’t any better - in fact, it was almost worse because she could see the flush on her cheeks and the glittering in her eyes in the window’s reflection. She could still see him, too. 

“Get out.”


“I said get out!” Her hands were fisted at her sides, but she couldn’t help the way her shoulders trembled. Dammit, she should be better than this! How could he still manage to get under her skin, to remove all her carefully-constructed layers so easily, even after all this time?

She couldn’t even be smug about the fact she affected him just as much.

Staring at her own face, she tried to ignore the way Willow sighed and sagged, his reflection shaking its head and turning to walk away. His footsteps sounded unnaturally loud in the sudden silence of her office. He paused in the doorway and she braced herself for the inevitable. She knew exactly what he was going to say, but that didn’t make it any easier to bear.

“I’m not giving up on them,” he said, adding softly as he left the room, “Nor on you.”

As soon as the door clicked shut Sabrina sucked in a deep breath and finally let her tears fall. She walked slowly, carefully, over to her desk and sat down heavily in her chair. Haunter appeared from the shadows, peering up at her with concern. 

She couldn’t even manage to give him a smile.

“Such a stupid man - you can’t just…” Her voice was so weak it was pathetic. The words felt wrong in her mouth, anyway, and she choked on anything else she might’ve said.

Sabrina leaned back, closing her eyes and letting her tears fall, sliding warmly across her cheeks, brushing against her ears and down her neck. Her long-time partner made a distressed noise, disembodied hands stroking her hair fretfully. It took a long while for her breathing to become steady again. 

Night had fallen by the time her eyes reopened. Haunter crooned at her in concern, eyes wide and bright in the darkness. It even made a few silly faces that made her lips twitch as she attempted to stitch herself back together.

“The future can change, yes,” she said, wiping her cheeks with the back of one hand, the other resting lightly on Haunter’s head. “But a prophecy cannot.”

Fire [Jasmine Cephas-Jones x Reader]

Summary: Reader meets Jasmine on the bathroom of a club and she’s as captivating as she can be.

Word count: 906

Warnings: none? small allusion to smut in the end but that’s it.

A/N: my first wlw fic, it was about time! i’ve always wanted to write for jasmine and i’m really happy this idea came so easily to me. this def has space for a part two, so if you guys like it please let me know!

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The beat was starting to give you headaches. You were always the one for clubbing, but tonight there was nothing, or no one, really appealing about it. As you made your way through the mass of people from one side of the dance floor to the bathroom on the other, avoiding people with drinks and holding tight to your purse. The bathroom was weirdly quiet, sound proof doors keeping most of the noise outside.

“I’m not saying you should go home with him, Sabrina.” You smiled at the girl who was talking to the other as you came in. They talked while the other was on the stall, leaving the girl with curly brown hair and powerful eyes outside, leaning against the door. “But if you want to go, just go! You, don’t you think she should go home with him?”

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My dear Papa & dear Mamma

I take this opportunity of writing to you to inform you that I shall go on board the Sabrina the first opportunity that offers itself Mamma, I assure you that I did not not forget the Promise that I made for I eat some Christmas Pye and Drunk all your healths and wished you all a long, happy and merry life this letter besides Contains my best love and a kiss to all well fare you all well a thousand times and good bye

I remain

Your very dutiful Son

George James Perceval

The effect of wassail upon an impressionable midshipman is here graphically portrayed in this letter from twelve-year-old George James Perceval (later Admiral) to his parents, dated Christmas, 1806. I’m sure Mr Perceval’s mama could not fail to discern that the young gentleman had indeed drunk his family’s health - possibly quite a few times! (My personal favourite is that spectacularly half-arsed “Merry Christmas” at the bottom that only just manages to keep on the page. ;) )