go run xc

I am so blessed to have legs that can run
Lungs that can breathe
Two eyes that can see
Two ears that can hear
A brain that can think for itself
And a strong heart
These are things I often take for granted, but I am so so thankful for them. I promise to always try to give my best and to do everything whole heartedly. Life is too short to drag your feet around, I want to live with passion and zest and gratitude.

I RAN A PR TODAY!! 11:09 in the 3k. May not be super fast but it’s 27 seconds faster than my previous time. I went into the race excited, something I haven’t done in a very long time. I went into the race and told myself “I am going to run a PR.” I used to say “I hope I run a PR.” Or “I’m not really prepared so I hope it’s not awful.” Little things happened before the race where I normally would have panicked and thought well I guess I won’t run fast today. But I told myself that today was the day and it was going to be the break through I need to reach my potential. So 11:09 may not be a big jump, but it’s the first step and now it’s time to start building upon that. And I can’t wait!