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Riho, Sarina and the "KII Bullying Case"

Most of you might know absolutely nothing and might also not be interested in knowing about this recent happening that created quite a fuss among fans and members.

It’s going to get long but read if you’re interested.

During the 1st half MC of the evening KII Stage of the 21st, the members played that game they often do and that probably you all know.

The one in which they raise a topic or question and they move on the left or on the right depending on they answer. (random example: Do you prefer cats or dogs? Move on the right for dogs, on the left for cats).
Riho (who had joined in a hurry in place of Yukari who wasn’t feeling well) made the last question: If you were to choose one as your girlfriend, who would you pick? Me or Sarina?

To the surprise of Riho (I’m quite sure something super similar to this - if not exactly like this - already happened with different result) all the members moved on Riho’s side, with Sarina being left alone. (Mizuho was about stay, but Anna dragged her on the other side saying “Come on, read the mood” <- because it was obvious that at that point they wanted to use the fact that nobody picked Sarina as the focus of laughter, so for the entertainment purpose it “was supposed” to be that way. Oh well, it’s something you know if you’ve watched some of these MCs anyway) and what Sarina could come up with in the moment was only a “I’m guessing Riho-san might dislike me or something!”
It was so much the kind of situation Riho is often put in that after that Riho said Sarina was gonna be her successor.

I would’ve never ever even considered the possibility that such a thing could’ve led to what it led…and so didn’t the members.
But, pointing on that MC, on the fact that Sarina appeared like crying in a part of Ramune no Nomikata (song in which every time at least a member cries, but let’s ignore this because hell yeah, we want to insult someone and create a fuss :D) and on the fact that she apparently wrote she cried (dunno further contents, sorry) on her mobile mail…

…Riho started to be submersed by 2 kind of comments.
The ones very seriously and sulemny explaining how terrible bullying is and how such things, that hurt members, shouldn’t be done.
And the ones heavily insulting her (in primis. And with heavily I mean heavily) and KII.
I was shocked by the level of some of those so I went down all I could reporting them. To think the girls have to read such horrible result of obviously instable minds makes me feel so sad and frustrated.
The insults to Riho keep going on as of today in her comments line, for your information.

But, as I said, nobody was expecting this to happen from that…so, when Riho and the others (with Gorisa commenting with a “Stop it! Riho is not that kind of person!”) started noticing what was going on with antis (people who say and do things like that can’t be called in any other way, it would be offensive to others…)…Riho made another post, explaining things.

She explained that the result of that MC happened due to lack of previous arrangements between the members, because she was expecting for everyone to go to Sarina’s side leaving Riho alone (like I swear it has already happened at least once XD), but turned out the others decided on the flow of the spot to leave the funny element on Sarina (like Anna explained in her entry, also adding that Sarina was not crying on stage because of that), but - again due to lack of previous arrangements - the flow wasn’t expected and Sarina wasn’t able to quickly react in a funny way.

With no doubt it would’ve been better, at this point, to arrange everything beforehand (though well…natural great reactions are always more interesting!), but the fact that they decided to give the moment to Sarin was obviously a way to give a chance and leave the spot to her…Bullying my ass ^^“”
Yeah, it didn’t go well, like it not rarely happens with MCs and members not being able to properly deal with them (it happens ALL THE TIME), but the fact that a fuss like that was created over this is in my opinion unbelievable…

Then anyway, the leader (…not “leader leader” but still…leader) spoke.

“Yesterday night I talked with Sarina and Riho.
I’m now going to write after having properly listened to their feelings.

It looks like some words being slightly off
and the way of showing feelings
ended up causing many people to misunderstand.

Seeing how surprisingly big this has become,
the girls themselves are feeling very perplexed. ”

She added than the bad rumors people are spreading
are totally off and she also apologized herself for
having made everyone worry and feel bad about this.

“So please, now stop saying
things that would hurt the members and the Team.”

What happened left me with no words, really.
Some of the people in the fandom feel like they’re only here
waiting for any kind of pretext to start insulting and saying horrible things. Of course the scale is way bigger there in Japan (being the fandom that mcuh more vast), but it’s not like we are pure and free from such things either. (no matter what happens there are always those people starting saying bad things, seeing and spreading things in a terrible light before anything else).
In any case there’s not much we can do about this, but…
If you understand some Japanese and find insulting or inappropriate comments, don’t hesitate to report! You wouldn’t want your oshis (NO HUMAN BEING IN THE FIRST PLACE) to read such things. It’s just unreasonable, painful and sad. THAT is bullying.
Maybe nobody will learn anything from sad events like this one, but I thought it was worth sharing.

I wonder if anyone actually read until the end… lol