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I was wondering what you thought of red paladin lance because if keith goes to the black lion then sadly that means that lance is probably going to lion the red one. Thinking about it breaks my heart since red is already super attached to Keith and lance is going to feel terrible and think he's only good enough to be Keiths replacement.

it’s moooost likely going to happen, that Lance moves up to the red lion while Keith takes the black one, since in each voltron before hand, Keith always piloted black and Lance was in red.

…personally? the thought of Lance piloting the Red lion feels really uncomfortable to me. it feels like….something that would be forced. and y’know, Allura said that the bond between a paladin and lion cannot be forced. so, i get the feeling that they are gonna have a very rocky start. a veeeery rocky start.

first off, the Red lion’s trust is hard to gain. clearly, we’ve seen that Keith and Red are very close, and the red lion seems to be extra protective of Keith. his bond with his lion was highlighted in this season for a reason, so i get the feeling that it’s going to come into play later on. 

i feel like Red will not be super willing to accept another pilot now that it has grown so attached to Keith. if it’s trust is hard to gain, then Lance will already off the bat have a hard time piloting Red.

there is also the fact that Red is impulsive, like Keith, and relies more on it’s instincts than skill and planning. that is the opposite of Lance, or at least, for the most part. Lance is impulsive, however more so in the “heat of the moment if i don’t do something right now something bad will happen and i gotta stop it” kinda way. like, how he threw himself over Coran when the bomb went off, or when he thought Coran was trapped in the airlock and charged in there to get him out. 

Lance plans things out, he’s patient and tactical and very balanced. the red lion, however, is the most unstable of the lions. this isn’t a good mix for the two, obviously. it doesn’t seem like they will be compatible.

however, that’s where i think Lance’s insecurities might come into play. because even if he’s supposed to be the balanced one, the well-rounded one, his insecurities make him unstable. 

they give him doubts in himself

cause him to lash out and snap at people and become defensive 

and have driven him to believe that he is worthless and contributes nothing to the team, while everyone else does

so i wonder what that would mean for his and Red’s bond?

cause like, i can kinda see them having a bond through being unstable, however it wouldn’t be….healthy?

not for Lance at least

what Lance needs is to learn his worth and to work through his insecurities, he needs to know he’s important and that it doesn’t matter if he’s the hotshot or the sharpshooter or the 7th wheel, he is important. he needs to stop comparing himself to Keith all the time, but if he’s piloting the Red lion, the one that Keith used to pilot, then how is he gonna stop himself from comparing himself to Keith even more?

he’s going to feel like he has to live up to everyone’s expectations as the new red paladin. he might feel like he’ll need to act more like Keith and less like Lance in order to be able to be a successful red paladin. and that’s……not good at all. i don’t want that for him.

that wouldn’t be healthy for him. 

i think their bond would be built on instability and forced feelings, and that’s going to cause a lot of issues with the team forming Voltron.

@ vld writers, please just give him the black lion or keep him in blue!

Red Hot Chili Peppers (Live)
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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Go Robot (with Everly Bear)

The Getaway tour 2017

Blackpink Reaction To Another Idol Flirting With You

There you go, Red Velvet’s version here. Hope u like it.

Jennie: Jennie would be super jealous and silent when she saw Jungkook flirting with you. She would try to control her jealousy the most she can. Likely to stare to Jungkook in a way that would make him sleep with an eye open.

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Jisoo: She would go to you so fast. She would put herself in the conversation and would make Jackson back off with class and politeness. And she would also make sure that she let it pretty clear for him that you two were together.

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Rosé: I think that Rosé would just observe the situation and wouldn’t jump in to any conclusions. Obviously she would feel jealous of Hani flirting with you but would try to keep it cool because you’re her girlfriend and she know that you wouldn’t do anything that could hurt her.

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Lisa: I don’t think she would know what to do. She would see you talking to Nayeon and would just walk out of the room to go be by herself. She would probably think that you liked Nayeon more than you liked her. Later on you would have to tell her that you didn’t felt nothing for nayeon. She would feel relived and would think that her jealousy was stupid.

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A Pattern Of Errors [4/ ?]

Pairing: Dirk Gently/ Todd Brotzman

Rating: T

Words: 2.651

Dirk picks Todd up for a road trip he never planned to go on, with a red cabriolet and a bright smile and a thousand places to go.
And although Todd doesn’t know what he expected, he definitely gets more than he bargained for.

I know that I originally said that this was going to have four chapters, then five, but this got spectacularly out of hand so I just really don’t know anymore.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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people are literally calling connor the "white devil" while praising asher like?? why do they hate mentally ill people who show actual symptoms so much? connor can be an ass but asher is?so?much?worse? where do you think that's coming from?

I think a lot of it comes from Pete Nowalk trying so desperately to erase season 2 from the viewers minds. I mean obviously it’s working because many people in the fandom seem to just love him and acting like he’s the same asher from s1. 

He gives asher these lines to provide comic relief and all but, it just isn’t the same anymore since he’s a murderer. That line he said about going red wedding on anyone who goes to police. Not funny when it comes from someone who actually killed someone. 

Obviously connor has some issues but, pete nowalk has failed to give the audience any background on why he acts the way he does. I am really hoping and praying that he gives us that in S4. 

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I love love love your headcanons for the ffxv girls! (Bc I'm such a big gay homo) Could you do some headcanons for being Arenea's girlfriend? Thanks a ton lovely!

ofc i can thats wife #2

i think this blog is just attracting all the Lesbians of the fandom and i love it 」( ̄▽ ̄」)

Arenea is a closet romantic. She doesn’t know how to be a Normal Girlfriend but if you give her flowers or something pretty that made you think of her she’ll go red in the face and punch you in the shoulder and call you stupid. But she loves it, she really does.

Once Noctis gets sucked into the Crystal and its night 24/7, Arenea keeps you by her side at all times. She’s not risking losing you because the demons run free, now. It makes for some interesting trips if you’re not a hunter.

Your alone time together is either spent in bed ( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) or doing the most cliched dumb couple stuff ever. Like I said, she’s a closet romantic so sharing a milkshake or walking along the beach together melts her heart. These are the times she gets sentimental and mushy.

And I see colors when I hear your voice
Grab your wings, they’re putting gravity on trial
I see colors, I don’t hear the noise
Because we’re only flying for awhile