go read the whole thing it's so good

Inspired by Elenothar’s fic http://archiveofourown.org/works/9181330 where Graves became the designated creature sitter for Newt but they follow him to work and he secretly loves it even though he grumps and huffs about it. Yes its as good as it sounds now go read it and squeal. I also notice the occamy scarf thing as a rather popular inclusion in fics so I decided to see if an occamy can actually pass off as a rather colourful scarf. As you can see I guess it is possible if you don’t mind the shining purple glittering hissing of fabulous. I also thought wouldn’t an occamy just expand inside the Woolworth building and just about bring the whole thing down and then I remembered Newt saying they only do that when stressed so there you go Graves feel stressless he emits calmness his aura is so peaceful an occamy stayed in its small coil. That’s because these are by extension his babies as well Graves is so head over heels for Newt at this point and I think I better stop here I’m beginning to sound maniacal. Again people do not stay up till 2am to draw. 

my biggest fear in life is that by the time I finally get the money to go to playlist live or vidcon, dan and phil will have stopped doing youtube

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I've recently learned a new interest if my gfs. She's a fan of 50 Shades of Grey, and I have no idea how to process that tbh lol I'm not even sure what the whole thing is about, or its pros and cons. I just know alot girls are like, hooked? Lol so she wants me to go see it, but im not sure what is good or bad about it.

I’ve never read them myself. But from what I’ve read on here it glorifies rape and other stuff like that. I have a friend who has read it and doesn’t recall any ways where rape took place. But that’s I all I know about it.

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Omg the Cold Pizza fanfic is soooo good!!One of my faves honestly.When is the next chapter coming and how many are there going to be??I cant wait to read the whole thing omg amazing!!Please make it long if its possible,I love your workヾ(^-^)ノ💞💞💞💞

HEyyy thank you so much for reading the fanfic!! I’ll try to update the next chapter in the coming 2 days and I have no idea how long this is going to go I’m sorry ;-; but i’m sure it’ll go very long so you can enjoy lots :D thank you for sending this in haha I’ve been lacking this kind of motivation since so love ;-; love you <333

We Have to Go Back: Hope, Disappointment and Re-Watching LOST With My Kids by James Poniewozik

This is one of the best essays written about the show in quite awhile, I recommend reading the whole thing.

I’m not interested in relitigating the debate over that last scene in the chapel. But I think there were really two arguments going on over the Lost finale. Only one was about whether it was glorious or terrible. The other was really about how art and stories work.

That argument went: Is the finale to a series its ending or its answer? Does a bad ending to a story retroactively overwrite the good? Is it possible for the end of a thing to be so terrible and heartbreaking that it would be better never to have experienced any of the joy and pleasure that led up to it?

I don’t really care how my kids come down on Lost‘s ending–but how they come down on that last question, I care about very much.

I get that finales carry a lot of weight: we have so many wishes and rooting interests hanging on them. They need to answer questions and provide closure, to move you and thrill you and ratify your view of the story and your notions of justice. They need to “stick the landing,” a phrase I sincerely wish no one had ever applied to a series finale, not just because it misrepresents art but because it misuses the metaphor. A gymnastics routine, after all, is scored on every element; a wobbly landing makes a 10 into a 9.9, not a 0.

Those of you that have read my Saitama/Genos fics know that I respect but reject the robodick. But but BUT what about some gender fuckery/roleplay. 

Saitama has Genos sitting in his lap, both of their legs spread wide so Genos can see Saitama’s erection. Saitama jerks himself off and pretends that its Genos’ dick he’s touching. He constantly whispers to Genos about how big and hard his cock is, how good he’s being because he hasn’t come yet. 

 The whole thing drives Genos wild, even if he’s really just watching his Sensei jerk off.