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(thank you for the beautiful gif!!!)

here are some that come to mind!!!

@amazingphilz ; my lovely gf!!!! i adore her with my whole heart!!! her blog is lovely, she is away on vacation rn but she will be back v soon!!!

@thunderhowell ; noora is such a sweetheart, so kind, and honestly has such a great blog!!! whenever i fill up my queue i go to noora bc i know that every single post will be wonderful!!! i adore her so much

@lesterp ; lainie is so wonderful! she is honestly one of my favorite people on here!!! her blog is amazing, and so is she!!!! she is so funny and kind and i lov lainie

@lesterally ; heta honestly owns my heart :( such a wonderful person with such a wonderful blog!!!! 11/10

@lesterie ; aHhhh i love aimee so !!!! much !!!! aimee has the biggest heart and a blog that makes me :oooo i love her so much!!!

@shingekihowell ; idris is honestly so amazing!!!! he is s o funny and nice and i adore his blog!!!! 11/10 would recommend

@cringe-attacks ; emily :’) emily is so beautiful and kind!!!! emily is the light of my life, i am so lucky to know and have met her!!! not to mention her blog is always wildin and perfect

@bondange ; avery!!!!! omg!!!!! one of the funniest and kindest people i have ever met, she makes me so happy :( blog is iconique and irreplaceable!!!

@cleverlester ; remy om g they are so sweet they make my heart happy!!! their blog is absolutely positive and wonderful i wholeheartedly recommend!!!

@howelloddle ; kennedy is so funny om g and absolutely gorgeous??? like omg???? i want to be kennedy ’s like,,, best friend ngl!!! blog is 1000/10 would write home about xoxo

@phanz ; ann! i have never met someone who has put so much effort and love into their blog om g!!! the most beautiful blog i have ever seen for real!!! also ann is gorgeous om g

everyone in the soft gc, apds, and the phannie pack i adore as well!!! these were just off the top of my head im sorry if i forgot anyone!!! i love u!!!

Midterm Season

So I hate that I have to take a hiatus right after I just took a break, but it’s midterms time and I really do need to focus on school so I’m gonna be gone for at least a week. I’m really really really sorry guys. I’m gonna try to have a queue going, but I don’t know how long I’m gonna be gone for. Please just bare with me. I love you all. Take care of yourselves and rest easy homies 💕💕💕


Yoonkook Week Day 1: Favorite moment(ssssss) 


Part 4 of Yuri on Ice but with bad CG voices and poor writing (with the additional benefit of mediocre editing)

Part 3: Pip Pip Yurio // Part 4: Eye of the Tiger // Part 5: Where I Take This Seriously?

Super Sappy Lines Prompt List

Because sometimes you just want to write the sappiest shit you can handle.

  1. “I’m in love with you.”
  2. “Please don’t leave me.”
  3. “It’s always been you.”
  4. “Shut up and kiss me.”
  5. “I’ve wanted this for so long.”
  6. “I can’t wait any longer.”
  7. “Can I kiss you?”
  8. “Can I touch you?”
  9.  “I missed you so much.”
  10. “Stay with me forever.”
  11. “I thought you didn’t want me.”
  12. “I want you. Only you.”
  13. “The way I feel when I’m with you…”
  14. “I’ll always love you.”
  15. “Please marry me.”
  16. “Why haven’t you kissed me yet?”
  17. “Because I love you!”
  18. “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”
  19. “I can’t stay away from you.”
  20. “I’ve been waiting all my life for you.”
  21. “I’m better when I’m with you.”
  22. “You make me so happy.”

PS if you write anything from this list, will you tag with #sappyprompts so I can see it? <3