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i saw a similar post about writing tips when it comes to having paris as a setting, so i thought it would be helpful to have the same thing except for……new york city! as a native new yorker i love seeing my home appearing in fics, because lbr nyc is pretty awesome. so if you’re looking to make nyc your setting, here are some tips when writing about it. these can help establish if your character is a native or non-native.

—first off, nyc is technically not one city. it’s five cities. the boroughs of manhattan, queens, staten island, bronx, and brooklyn are all part of nyc. however, the nyc that’s always on tv/movies is manhattan.

—if you live in any of the four other boroughs, manhattan is always referred to as “the city”. so if your character lives in brooklyn but is heading out to central park, they’re going to the city.

—public transportation is the way to go. unless it’s staten island, where cars are the easiest way to go. mta fare is $2.75 and we use metrocards. trains are divided by uptown and downtown, and some are express and some are local. we do not refer to the train lines by their color—only by their number or letter. buses are designated by their borough; a manhattan bus would have M in front of the number.

—taxis are mad expensive and sometimes public transportation can be too when you need to take a combo of buses and trains. many new yorkers walk a lot. the reason we walk fast is bc it makes it easier to get to your destination. walking up ten blocks can only take ten minutes if you speedwalk basically. which is why slow walkers annoy us, especially when they stop suddenly.

—trains run slower during weekends and nights so your character might be in for quite a wait. bus generally take 10 minutes to come, unless it’s a popular route. then buses come every five minutes.

—except for the very southern part of manhattan, the roads are numbered. so areas such as greenwich village, wall street, little italy, and chinatown do not have streets with numbers. streets run from east to west; avenues run from south to north. the east & west streets are separated by 5th Avenue. numbers increase as you move north and/or to the west.

—you can always find pizza and hot dogs for a dollar. busy areas such as times square and central park will try to overcharge you. no new yorker would be gullible enough to pay $2 for a pizza slice. for cheap $1 pizza, the chain 2Bros is good. speaking of pizza, we fold it in half bc it is easier to eat and walk then.

—a distinctly new yorker thing is saying “on the line”. such as asking someone “are you on the line?” no other state says this. drive into new jersey and they’ll say “in the line”.

—there is one international airport and one domestic airport for nyc, which are both in queens. there’s JFK (international) and La Guardia (domestic). a third option is newark airport (also international) in new jersey.

—smoking is not allowed in nyc parks nor in most public spaces whatsoever. also the legal age for smoking and drinking is 21.

—if your character is a college student, all public colleges are branded as CUNY (City University of New York). every borough has at least one CUNY college. public colleges have “cheap” tuition rates, which are usually around $5000-$8000. the “famous” colleges in NYC are not public. NYU and Columbia are both private and are ridiculously expensive. Wagner College (private) in Staten Island has a really good performing arts/music program.

—new yorkers avoid many of the sightseeing places bc they’re expensive and overcrowded. i have lived my whole life in nyc (almost 20 years) and have only visited the Empire State Building for the first time this summer—and that’s only bc my internship covers the expense of my tickets to such places.

—speaking of expenses, most of the homes in the boroughs are apartments. Staten Island however is suburban and residential. houses are abundant there. in manhattan, houses which are really just townhouses, are super expensive. we’re talking millions here.

—manhattan is an island. so is staten island. the only ways off manhattan are by cars/buses over bridges or tunnels, or by trains. the only way off staten island is by car, bus, or the Staten Island Ferry. the ferry is free of charge, running 24/7 between SI and Manhattan. all bridges have tolls, where ezpass holders have lower rates.

—yes we’re the city that never sleeps, but we do sleep. some areas like times square don’t appear to. i’ve shopped at the forever 21 in times square at 1 AM. it was still crowded.

—SI has a predominant Italian and Sri Lankan community. Queens has a predominant Indian community, most especially in the Jackson Heights neighborhood.

—coney island is in brooklyn. the rides are fun but expensive. the beach is crowded and dirty. brighton beach and rockaway beach are better choices. staten island has a more calmer (and actually fourth longest in the usa) boardwalk.

—if you’re mailing something to manhattan, the address should be written as new york, new york. it would not be manhattan, new york.

this got really long but if your heart is set on writing within new york, i think it’s really important to get your setting right. like i said before, these tips can really help your character stand out or not as someone who is or isn’t from new york. i hope this helps for all the fabulous writers out there!


Working desk job means exactly this: apartment, tube, workplace, tube, apartment. It’s hard to find sunlight anymore, but he doesn’t think he minds: maybe he’s already used to this. It’s been longer than he cares to remember. 

He spends about two hours a day on the tube - not much compared to the amount of time he spends in his booth at work, but he doesn’t really register those eight hours. It’s like his mind switches itself off the moment he arrives to work and leaves him running on muscle memory alone. Time operates the same way when he’s at home, so by now maybe he’s only really conscious during the two hours on the tube. 


Sometimes he stays back on the tube past his stop. Sometimes until it reaches the end of the line. Sometimes he takes the tube with the intention of going somewhere specific, but then just sits there as his destination flies past him into the dark tunnel he’s just passed. Sometimes he goes down into the stop, just to hear the quiet again. 

Sometimes he sees maintenance doors somewhere in the tunnels, and for no reason he keeps their locations in mind. 


Sometimes the tube takes a turn that he doesn’t recognize, and he feels his heart beating faster all of a sudden. He would stare at the railway through the window pane, counting the seconds, until the tube runs past a corner he knows, or until he reaches his destination. Those moments still happen to him after two years of taking the tube to go… anywhere, really. He thinks he has the whole map learned by heart by now, but the underground keeps proving him wrong. 


There’s a community online for tube dwellers. He doesn’t know any of the dozen of members, online or offline, but he has come by some of them on other forums before. They don’t seem to be of any particular profile: there are men, there are women, ranged from 20 to maybe older than 50. The posts are few and far between, but some of them detail everything reachable by the tube. There are things even he doesn’t know. 

He screenshots some of the posts and keeps the photos in a separate folder, for no particular reason. 

The community hasn’t had a new activity for about three months by now. The members call themselves Rats. He checks through some of their personal pages on that site; the ones he checks have all been abandoned. 

Maybe they’re tired of the lack of sunlight in the tube, he thinks on the way to work. The tube sways and trembles quietly, its hum fills the air. Humans aren’t made for the underground afterall. 

concept of something vaguely formed in my head. I call it Rats of Spice City. 

  • me: Yeah, I don't drive.
  • some rando: Driving isn't so bad! Kids learn to do it!
  • me: I'm disabled.
  • rando: Yeah, but they have all those cool adapted vans! You can still drive!
  • me: I frequently experience presyncope, which means I intermittently go blind/weak/dizzy, and there's no way to predict when it'll hit.
  • rando: ...maybe you shouldn't drive.
  • me, internally: wow, it's almost like I've had 27 years to come to that same conclusion.
Marvel Preference- Their Favourite Thing To Do When They Visit You On Earth

Loki actually likes going on public transport with you and believe it or not loves people watching- mainly making mean comments-. He is also a huge gentlemen and gives up his seat for mothers, children, disabled people and mostly you.
“Loki, come sit down.” You tell him in the packed trained.
“No darling, there is one seat and I want you to take it, I will stand.” He tells you with a kiss on the cheek. 

Rocket loves getting drunk with you at your place. He doesn’t like pubs, bars or clubs because people stare at him and take photos so you both prefer just hanging out at your place. It’s also easier to sort him out if he gets too drunk.
“We can’t go to bars because people stare! Well I didn’t ask to get made!” He yells obviously drunk as he falls onto your shoulder.
“I know honey, but I think it’s time for you to go to bed.” You tell him as you- the only person besides Groot he lets pick him up- pick him up and take him to your room where you put a movie on. 

Fandral likes to try everything that the city has to offer from bungee jumping to carnivals. He mainly likes showing off really. 
“Step right up! See how strong you are! Hit it to the top and you get a prize!” You both hear a man shout advertising the game at the carnival.
“I want to try this one.” Fandral says you like a child as he waits for you to give him money.
“Here you go, babe.” You tell him with a kiss as you give him the money.
“Win me something nice.” You tell him before he begins and he turns around giving you a smile and a salute.

Thor wants to go to every restaurant, diner and cafe on Earth. He thinks that Earth food is great and he wants to try them all. Even though he eat at so many places though, he always thinks that your pancakes are “the best in all the nine realms” as he puts it.
“MMMMM.” He groans as he takes another bite of the pancakes you made.
“Darling, you make the best pancakes.” He tells you with a mouth full of food.
“Well thank you!” You tell him with a chuckle. 

can i rant about something that i feel like is super important yet extremely understated? ok here goes:

heath care givers, scientists, and other health advocates oftentimes overlook the obstacle that poverty has on cancer prevention. i’m not talking about treatment, which we all know can absolutely devastate a family’s finances. i’m talking about the “simple” and “easy” day-to-day lifestyle actions that can dramatically decrease one’s risk of certain cancers, and how they can be hard to achieve when money is tight. 

take sunscreen for example. sun protection is the #1 best way to decrease one’s risk of skin cancer, the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer. but sunscreen can be a luxury when that ~$6/bottle needs to be spent on food, or saved up penny by penny for utilities or rent. and take into consideration that many low-wage jobs are spent outdoors, like farm workers. 

diet and exercise–other great ways to lower the risk of certain cancers (and other diseases). but the ratio of fast-food places to grocery stores with fresh produce can be extremely skewed in poorer neighborhoods. and then think about how much $5 can buy in terms of fresh vegetables and fruits (and then other ingredients to cook them with, along with the utilities to keep them fresh/cooked well) vs items from the dollar menu at mcdonalds. i see so many ads calling for the “mediterranean diet” to prevent cancer, and i always think… ok that’s pricey. fish is pricey. also if i was someone who worked a labor-intensive job, and only had $3 to spend on lunch, would i go for a low-calorie salad, or a high-calorie high-protein burger? 

and trying to jog through unsafe streets, without access to nearby and well-maintained parks? not easy. 

and then there’s cancer prevention routines at the clinic–like mammograms and pap smears and visits to the dermatologist to get a mole checked out. covered by insurance or not, these procedures involve having that time off from work/other responsibilities, and having the transportation to get to the clinic. again, very real obstacles for those who can’t afford them. 

none of what i’m saying here is new, nor is it isolated to just cancer prevention. talk to anyone experiencing or has experienced poverty about these concerns and they’ll say “well duh”. but the thing is that we–the people advocating for these “simple” cancer/other disease prevention strategies–are not listening to them and making the necessary changes to society. all i hear from scientists and doctors is “prevention is key!!!” and yes, that’s true, but i want to yell back “well what are you doing to address the societal and financial barriers to that!! your fancy DNA test to detect cancer early is neato and all but can everyone afford it!!!” 

and i get it. sometimes we as scientists and doctors can’t really have control over this (money has to come from somewhere, and we all have mouths to feed). but as a society, a community of people who can care for others, there are things we can do: raise minimum wage. have better employee benefits like more personal time off (to go to clinics). expand public transportation. have affordable universal healthcare. aliquot more government spending on scientific research to offset costs. promote neighborhood gardens, parks, better infrastructure (without gentrification). end the cycle of poverty and crime by means other than prison (like reaching out and understanding mental health needs, improving public education, etc). basically make the fundamental changes to society so the downstream effect is that people can realistically afford positive impacts to their health. 

bottomline: we can’t hope to prevent or cure cancer–or any other disease–until we address affordability and accessibility. a new diagnostic test is sweet and all, but it does absolutely nothing if it can’t actually help people

120+ sentences taken from the first three issues of the comic book SANDMAN. feel free to adjust as necessary.

  • “From the dark they call you.”
  • “We did it. I don’t believe it. We did it.”
  • “This isn’t Death. Damn it to Hell.”
  • “She never woke up.”
  • “We will discuss the conditions of your release.”
  • “You’ve bled me dry, but you can’t blackmail me any longer.”
  • “If you’re lucky, they’ll only hang you.”
  • “Bugger and blast him!”
  • “I was hoping you’d work it out on your own one day, and you have.”
  • “I know that the order will be safe in your hands if I ever forsake the material plane.”
  • “I beg protection, lord.”
  • “We can’t make him "do” anything. All we can do is keep him there, and hope.“
  • "His wife and children miss him.”
  • “The scandal was hushed up.”
  • “You aren’t Death, but you live forever.”
  • “You haven’t aged a day since we caught you.”
  • “I didn’t have to get so old.”
  • “Something died inside him a long time ago.”
  • “But what if the police found out? It’s kidnapping!”
  • “The order isn’t just a way to make money and get laid.”
  • “I’ve seen stuff you’d never believe. Things that still scare me. Nightmare things.”
  • “We’re safer just leaving him down there.”
  • “You don’t have to be in there, you know.”
  • “Why won’t you talk to me? You could tell us so much.”
  • “I’ve killed people before now.”
  • “I hate you. I’m glad we trapped you.”
  • “A naked man in a glass box. That’s all you are.”
  • “Don’t humor me. I can’t stand it when you humor me!”
  • “The old man’s stroppy today.”
  • “You don’t think he’s dead?”
  • “I suppose we ought to take a look at him.”
  • “It feels so good to be back.”
  • “I left a monarch, yet I return naked, alone.”
  • “That’s the first time a naked man has ever turned up to raid the buffet.”
  • “He will give me the other thing I crave: Revenge.”
  • “I dreamed I had a baby.”
  • “You aren’t talking. What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?”
  • “There are offenses that are unpardonable.”
  • “Can you have any idea what it was like? Can you have any idea?”
  • “You threatened, cajoled, and pleaded for gifts that are neither mankind’s to receive nor mine to give.”
  • “Lord, what fools these mortals be.”
  • “Have you no excuse? No explanation?”
  • “We didn’t want you. It was a mistake.”
  • “We wanted to capture Death.”
  • “Have you ever had one of those dreams, you know, where you think you’ve woken up, but you haven’t? It’s just part of the nightmare and you’re still in it.”

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i had a chat with some swedish tourists on the train to the airport and they asked me where i was headed, and not to stereotype but they were swedes, so instead of muttering something about meeting somebody i said im going to see my girlfriend who’s moving to finland!!!! and as i said it out loud to strangers i realised IT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING

Just a city boy, born and raised in south detroit; so he’s been indoctrinated to far leftist policies so I really don’t see this going anywhere, besides, riding public transportation at midnight is a really awful idea, have you seen the crime rates in this area

Perfect - 1/1

“My Yoongichi, you’re still in here, right?” Seokjin asked while in the shower. Yoongi grunted in response, still confused as to why he was asked to stay in the bathroom with him while his hyung showered. He would have understood completely if Seokjin wanted to shower with him, but having to sit on the floor and entertain himself with the idea of being in there with Seokjin was probably what Seokjin wanted. ‘What a cruel hyung,’ he thought while staring at the steam covered glass that separated them. He could only barely see Seokjin’s figure beyond it. “I have a question and I need you to be honest with me, okay? Not that you’d lie to me about something like this, but I need your word.”
Yoongi’s eyes opened wide, ‘Things just got interesting.’ He wondered what was going to be Seokjin’s next words and he definitely hoped that they had to do with his dick (because he has to be honest, everything on Seokjin looks good and yes, Yoongi has seen it multiple times in their time rooming together). “I promise. I won’t sugar coat anything.”
Seokjin opened the glass door and stepped out, water still dripping down his body and he was very naked. Yoongi watched his skin get goosebumps from how cold it was out here than compared to the shower he just came out of and had to swallow the lump in his throat out of habit. ‘It’s right there and he’s letting me see it… God damn he looks so perfect,’ he thought while weakly keeping himself from jumping on Seokjin and taking him right there. “Do you think I look fat?”
Yoongi blinked. Of all things he could be asking, it’s that if Yoongi thinks he looks fat? He has the body of a god! A perfectly sculpted Adonis! “What?” Yoongi could barely look him in the eyes because of his perfect body and couldn’t understand why in the /hell/ Seokjin would ask him if he looks fat. Perhaps Yoongi is a bit biased for Seokjin’s body since he sees it all the time, since he hasn’t tried to date since before he became a trainee and that was also the last time anyone has purposely shown him their naked body.
“Am I fat? I’ve put on weight recently and I wanted to know if you could see it.” Seokjin pulled at his stomach, getting barely more than skin between his fingers. He then pinched the skin over his hips and looked concerned at the stuff he was feeling there. What is he seeing that Yoongi can’t?
“What?” Yoongi stood up and looked him over from higher up. He was still perfect, even from this angle where his dick wasn’t hanging less than a foot from his face. “You aren’t fat? There’s nothing but muscle that I see.” He let himself give in to some of his urges and ran his hands over Seokjin’s toned arms and bit his lip feeling the toned muscle there. He looked up and blushed when he noticed how embarrassed Seokjin was by his touches. Instead of moving away, Seokjin moved closer and gave him a weak hug, his head leaning on Yoongi’s shoulder and the water from Seokjin’s wet hair started soaking through his shirt.
“You’re too nice to ask about this… I should have asked Jimin or Kookie…” Seokjin muttered while he gripped the sides of Yoongi’s shirt at his waist. He seemed saddened by Yoongi’s answer and that made the younger angry. So, what if Yoongi thinks of his body so highly? Who’s going to do it if obviously Seokjin can’t?
“Me? Too nice? You asked for my opinion, hyung!” Yoongi pushed him away slightly to look him in the face. He put his hands on Seokjin’s cheeks and made him look him in the eyes. He could easily just kiss Seokjin’s plump lips if he wanted to, but he must hold himself back so if Seokjin was even interested in him, he would make the first move. Yoongi doesn’t want to push anything unless Seokjin wants him to. “Hyung,” A name for Seokjin he saves for few occasions, “you look perfect, like always. Don’t get so self-conscious.”
“It’s just –” Even in the steamy room, Yoongi could see his tears. He couldn’t help but think What an odd heart to heart we’re having in the bathroom… Seokjin is so handsome, even when he’s crying, no wonder he’s studying to become an actor. “When I was in the jungle, they wanted me to show off my body but I didn’t think it was that good… I didn’t do it…”
He wiped Seokjin’s tears with his thumbs and sighed, it hurt to see his hyung like this. “You don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with, it’s okay.” Yoongi didn’t care that his shirt was going to get even more wet but hugging Seokjin was what he needed to do. He pulled him to his chest and let the elder cry on his shoulder. “It’s okay, it’s okay… I know you think you’re not perfect, but I think you are. I love you, hyung.”
Seokjin lifted his head from Yoongi’s shoulder and within the moment their lips were connected. Seokjin’s lips twitched while he was still crying, but it was proving how thankful he was for Yoongi speaking his mind like he always does. Seokjin’s fingers threaded through his dry hair, pulling on tangles with his wet fingers and their lips glided together. He mewled into Seokjin’s mouth while the elder pushed him against the sink. Finally, he was doing what he wanted to since Seokjin asked him to be in the bathroom with him in the first place. He gripped the sink and unconsciously moaned loudly into the kiss from how hard Seokjin was kissing him. It made Seokjin pull away and his eyes blew wider than normal. “I… I’m sorry.” Seokjin paused in his speech to start heading back to the shower. “I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry, Yoongi.”
Yoongi reached for his wrist but missed it as Seokjin got into the shower and slammed the door shut. He bit his swollen lips and let his arm go limp at his side. It was too good to be true, he should have known it was going to be like this before it happened.
“Is the laundry done yet? Can you go check for me?” Seokjin didn’t have to ask twice for Yoongi to leave. He left silently so he wouldn’t cause a bigger rift in their friendship.

Yoongi grabbed a water bottle from the fridge and overheard Namjoon and Taehyung talking in the living room. “Hyung, do you know what happened between Yoongi and Jin hyungs? They haven’t really been talking…” Taehyung asked while he sat on the couch across from the one that Namjoon was sprawled on, like a large awkward cat. Namjoon shook his head and dropped his phone onto his chest.
“Not at all.” He forced himself to sit up, Yoongi could tell from groan Namjoon made as he did. “I hope it’s not something important though. They should be back together in a couple days though.” Yoongi almost laughed aloud at the ‘important’ part, because apparently his love life isn’t ‘important’ to Namjoon.
“Back together?” Taehyung questioned his wording, just like Yoongi wanted to, but he was eavesdropping so he couldn’t. Namjoon rolled his eyes, nearly loud enough for Yoongi to hear in the kitchen.
“Everyone knows they’re basically married at this point, even Bang PD and Slow Rabbit hyung talk about how they’re meant for each other.” Yoongi almost choked on his water. Everyone thinks they’re together already? But they only just had their first kiss a couple of days ago! “It’s just a lover’s quarrel, it’ll be over soon, I promise.”
Taehyung smiled his trademarked boxy smile, holding his pinky out to Namjoon and getting a pinky promise on it. “Should we do anything to get them back together?” Taehyung asked, making this conversation much longer than Yoongi wanted him to. He just wants to leave the kitchen and all his embarrassment behind and hide in his bed for the rest of the day!
He heard Namjoon drink his bottle of water and how it crinkled as it landed back on the table. “Mm… As much as I want to,” He paused, getting a gasp from Taehyung, “I think it’s for the best if they sort it out themselves. Love is a tender and fickle thing, y’know? It’s best to let it run its course. Plus, I think Yoongi will hate us forever if we try to set them back up.”
“True.” Taehyung leaned back on the couch and crossed his legs with a hand on his chin, deep in thought. “But I don’t think I can handle seeing Jin hyung look so hurt for the fourth day in a row. He hasn’t talked about Yoongi hyung at all and he’s basically all that comes out of Jin hyung’s mouth.” He cocked an eyebrow up and it made Namjoon look like he had to think again. Yoongi felt his cheeks flush from the sudden knowledge Taehyung unknowingly gave him. Seokjin apparently talks about him a lot, which is quite the surprise, since Seokjin has a lot more responsibilities than just Yoongi as the eldest member of the group. “I don’t think we should set them up, but y’know… Give them some time alone to talk things out.”
“How do you suppose we do that?” Namjoon asked, matching his pose with Taehyung’s. Yoongi was sure he could hear both thinking from the kitchen. It was like rusty hamster wheels running through their minds… Why were they having to talk about this while Yoongi was still in the apartment? Why didn’t he just leave earlier, while Seokjin is still at the grocery store with Jeongguk and Jimin?
Taehyung leaned forward and took a drink from Namjoon’s water bottle. “Well, you and Hobi hyung can take us in the maknae line out for drinks and that’ll force Jin hyung and Yoongi hyung to spend time together.”
“Yoongi will want to go to the studio.” Namjoon brought up, making Yoongi feel more than a little guilty for using his studio as a point of refuge from Seokjin. It’s not that he’s avoiding Seokjin, because it’s obvious that Seokjin is avoiding him too. Yoongi’s only seen Seokjin twice in these four days since the incident.
“Managers Hobeom and Sejin can take us! That gets rid of both cars.” Taehyung looked confident in himself when he said that. Namjoon nodded, but held up a finger. “Do you really think that Yoongi hyung is going to use public transport or a taxi to get to the studio? I’ve never seen a man so willing to risk getting sick by never going out in sunshine.”
“Okay, you have a point, but that doesn’t stop him from walking to the studio.” Namjoon offered, making Taehyung sigh. “He ran to the airport when we forgot him here once. He ran all the way to Itaewon from here, Tae!”
“But that was something for all of us, we were going to Japan, and we all know how much he likes Japan. The atmosphere, the food, Kumamon, Seokjin hyung’s touching confession from our first concert there… He would never miss going to Japan for anything.” Taehyung retorted ending dreamily, making a rush of memories flood back into Yoongi’s mind. It made him tear up remembering Seokjin’s letter to him, but he had to stay strong, it would be wrong to let them know he was here with his tears.
“Okay, you have that too.” Namjoon sighed and grabbed his water bottle again to finish it off. “Well, if nothing of ours works, at least it’s the thought that counts, right?” Taehyung nodded and the two of them finally stood up and started heading to their shared room. Yoongi allowed himself to come out of the kitchen once he heard their door close.
However, when he walked out of the kitchen, the front door opened and he almost dropped his open water bottle when he thought it was Jeongguk, Jimin, and Seokjin. Instead, it was Hoseok getting back from practice. He was covered in sweat and a dour look on his face, but a smile appeared on his face when he saw Yoongi. “Oh, the devil appears!” He playfully yelled before stripping himself of the heavy winter clothes.
“Yah, why am I the devil?” Yoongi asked while he followed the younger man to his room after he slipped on slippers at the door. They entered the sensually sweet-smelling room and Yoongi flopped on the chair while the younger started changing into different clothes to get the practice ones off. “I asked you a question.”
“I heard you, old man, I was just thinking of why.” Hoseok pulled on one of Jimin’s shirts and shimmied his pants off in favor of shorts. “I don’t know, Jiminnie just started saying it the other day and it caught on. I don’t know what you did to Seokjin, but it was bad enough that Seokjin was nearly silent until yesterday.” He paused and flopped onto the lower bunk bed. “Not that you’d know, since I’m pretty sure you’re avoiding each other.”
“He’s actually avoiding me?” Yoongi asked, getting a tired nod from the younger man. He ran a hand through his hair and sighed. “I really did fuck up…”
“You admit your mistake. That is the first step to working toward a mutually beneficial solution.” Hoseok pointed at him and let his arm fall back onto the bed. Yoongi drank more of his water so he wouldn’t have to answer Hoseok immediately. “So, tell me the dirty deets, man. I don’t like living in the dark like this.”
It took all his willpower to not shed unnecessary tears over the incident and how Seokjin completely ignored him afterwards. “Well, Seokjin asked me to stay in the bathroom while he showered because he had a question about his weight.” Hoseok ‘oh’-ed and laid on his side to look at Yoongi while they talked. “And I kind of maybe told him I thought he was perfect and that I loved him no matter his weight or anything.”
Hoseok shot up with a large smile on his face and held his hands together happily. “You confessed! Why didn’t you tell me earlier, I would have taken you two out for drinks in celebration!” He clapped, but then stopped abruptly when the reason dawned on him. Yoongi watched the color drain from Hoseok’s face and his smile fall and just nodded toward the floor. “He rejected you, didn’t he? Is it because he’s not gay or what?”
“No… I guess it’s more complicated than that.” Yoongi rubbed the back of his neck while thinking of a way to tell Hoseok the truth without making him scream. “We… Kind of maybe kissed each other and I may have moaned and made him uncomfortable or something.”
“You actually kissed each other?” Hoseok was taken aback, barely holding his hands together now. He looked up at the mattress above him for a second. “Maybe he wasn’t ready for you guys to kiss or something?”
“He was the one who kissed me! I don’t know which one of us was rushing it!” Yoongi admitted, seeing a slight blush creep on Hoseok’s cheeks while the younger man thought about it. Yoongi sighed, letting the water bottle hang loosely from his hands. “I know what I did, but I don’t know why we’re avoiding each other… I just want us to go back to what we were.”
“Don’t you think it’s a little too late to go back?” Hoseok asked, receiving a glare from Yoongi before he had a chance to explain himself. “Hey, hear me out.” Hoseok held up a finger and smiled slightly. “I mean, he obviously wanted something to happen between you guys. Instead of asking you about his weight while he was changing or something like a normal person would, he insisted that it happen while he was naked and wet. But, I don’t think he was expecting to get a confession like that out of you, so maybe that’s why he’s avoiding you.”
Yoongi couldn’t argue with that logic, but it didn’t do anything to make him feel better. He just buried his head in his hands and wanted to fling himself off the face of the planet. He heard Hoseok get up and felt the younger man wrap his thin arms around Yoongi’s arms and shoulders. He didn’t move, but Hoseok embraced him tightly and pet his hair. Hoseok took his silence as self-pity (which, truthfully, it was) and cooed about how lovable and caring he is and how Seokjin would be lucky to have him if he realized what he’s missing.
It took a while for Seokjin and the boys to come home from the store. Since then, Yoongi had been in his room while he could hear Namjoon, Taehyung, and Hoseok conspiring on how to get them alone, with Jimin and Jeongguk joining in soon after. Dinner came awkwardly, Seokjin having made it all himself and Yoongi was in his room until it was served, making them the only ones out of the loop. The kids giggled through dinner, and would dodge Seokjin’s questions when he would ask what they’d be laughing about. Namjoon and Hoseok kept winking at Yoongi, making him even more nervous to be in the same apartment with Seokjin after they leave. It was easy to tell that it was making Seokjin angry and Yoongi was not excited to try to make things better with him.
“Hyung, Hobi and Joonie are taking us out for drinks!” Taehyung announced as soon as dinner was over. Taehyung grabbed Jimin’s hand and started pulling him to one of the bedrooms. “Let’s go get ready!” Jimin didn’t fight back and Jeongguk followed them with a smile on his face.
Seokjin started heading toward the bedroom but Namjoon grabbed his wrist. “We only wanted the maknae line to come with us. Yoongi’s having to stay too.” Namjoon gave a bashful smile but let go of Seokjin’s wrist to get ready with Hoseok. Seokjin looked over to the dining room where Yoongi was still sitting and for a split second, Yoongi could see pure fear on Seokjin’s face. He then watched Seokjin go after Namjoon and Hoseok to try to go drinking too.
Yoongi could only sigh. Not only did Seokjin make him lose all his confidence, but made it painfully clear that he didn’t want to be alone with Yoongi. He started clearing the table and waited for the fallout of the younger members leaving to go drinking.
Taehyung, Jimin, and Jeongguk came out first, and strutted their ways to the kitchen where Yoongi was doing the dishes (something he never does, but to try to make up to Seokjin, Yoongi is willing to do anything). “Yoongi hyung, do we look good?” Yoongi turned around and was shocked. They did look good, almost too good. Taehyung pushed his hair back with sunglasses to show off his caramel skin, and was wearing a tank top he modified a little bit ago with holes all over and a jean jacket. His pants were leather and tight, like the ones they promoted Run in. Jimin was in a striped long-sleeved shirt (which as it turns out, was also covered in small holes), a cap, and the same sinfully tight pants but with holes all over his thighs. He also wore one of the chokers, with a small bell that hung from the front. Jeongguk was in a league of his own, and by league of his own, he was wearing something like normal. Just a simple white tee with the front tucked into his jeans, and his jeans only having one hole in the left knee. Despite this, he still looked good. “I don’t normally like to wear such tight things in my free time, but it looks good, right?”
“Yeah!” Yoongi gave them a supportive smile, getting smiles from the kids when he said it. “You all look amazing! Are you sure you’re just going to a bar looking like that?”
“Namjoon hyung said he knew a good place.” Jimin said with a smile before they all turned around to see Namjoon and Hoseok come out of another bedroom. “Wah! Hobi hyung!” Jimin yelled before running at them to look at them closer. Namjoon was in a tight black turtleneck and loose-legged pants that looked like too big sweatpants, and to top off the look was a pair of small round sunglasses. Hoseok was in a tank top and a leather jacket and skinny jeans, choosing not to do anything with his hair but still looking great. It was hard to believe that it was the same man who comforted Yoongi earlier.
“Y’all ready for a party?” Namjoon asked, getting everyone to agree and smile widely. They went to the door and started to put their shoes on. Namjoon came over to Yoongi and elbowed him in the ribs. “Yah, we talked to Seokjin and he told us why he’s avoiding you, it’s pretty pathetic.”
Hoseok came over and wrapped an arm around Yoongi’s shoulder. He felt Hoseok’s nose poke his cheek and the younger whispered in his ear, “He thinks he took advantage of you. He doesn’t think you wanted to kiss him.” Hoseok pulled away when the door opened down the hall and a sad looking Seokjin came out. Namjoon and Hoseok glanced at each other and Hoseok whispered in Yoongi’s ear again, “We told him that he was wrong and he got angry and didn’t want to talk to us. He doesn’t think you’re bi and wanna suck his ass.”
“Shut the fuck up.” Yoongi pushed him away with a smile, catching Seokjin’s eyes only once before he went to coo over the maknae line’s outfits. “I hope you’re taking them somewhere safe.”
“Don’t worry, I’m a friend of the owner – Safest club for idols like us in all of Seoul.” Namjoon winked over his sunglasses. “I’m sure the boys will love the place, spacious and great bass… A great place to go for a night out. You and Jin hyung will have the whole apartment to yourselves. Especially since you won’t have a ride and back to the studio because Hobeom and Sejin have agreed to come with us just in case.” Namjoon ended that a little loudly, getting Seokjin’s attention and subsequent face of fear that was quickly hidden from all. Namjoon looked at the maknae line with a dimpled smile. “Y’all ready?”
“Yup!” Taehyung yelled loudly, followed by laughter from the others. They talked over each other while they started heading out the door, Yoongi only kind of hearing ‘good luck’s from them as they clamored out the door. It was surprising how quickly this was set up, but knowing them and their overall powerful persuasion skills, Yoongi could understand how they even got Hobeom and Sejin to come with them.
Just like that, Seokjin and Yoongi were alone. Seokjin disappeared while the younger members left and an oppressively awkward aura hung around the dorm. When Seokjin was gone, he just assumed that he went back to their room to play on his Nintendo or go to bed. Yoongi sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He decided to take the chance to finish doing the dishes so Seokjin wouldn’t have to. Maybe that would get him back on Seokjin’s good side, or at least tolerated side.
Except when that did not happen. Soon after Yoongi started, Seokjin screamed and he ran to the bathroom when he realized that’s where the scream came from. He flung open the door to see a livid (and very naked, again) Seokjin. “Min Yoongi is this your idea of a fucking joke?” Seokjin yelled while Yoongi closed the door behind himself very carefully. Seokjin threw his towel on the ground and slammed his hand on the door right next to Yoongi’s head. “You made me run out of hot water, asshole! What the fuck were you doing?”
Yoongi felt small and insignificant in front of his hyung, especially since it’s so rare to see him angry like this. He could see the fire in his eyes and Yoongi felt his eyes prickle with tears from being afraid of him. He’s only been hit by Seokjin once before, back in the trainee days (it’s a long story, but let’s just say Yoongi was in a terrible mood and almost broke someone’s wrist) and it hurt a lot then, but Seokjin has been working nearly daily since and it is going to hurt even more. “I–” Yoongi stuttered and Seokjin punched the door again. “I did the dishes! I’m sorry!” He yelled back, closing his eyes to shield himself from Seokjin’s anger. Every second that passed felt like an eternity and he was afraid that Seokjin was going to hurt him no matter what. “I didn’t know you were taking a shower!”
The way Seokjin breathed out sounded much softer than how he was breathing angrily. Yoongi cracked an eye open to see Seokjin’s eyes looking extremely regretful. Seokjin backed away and wiped Yoongi’s cheeks with his fingers. “I can’t believe I made you cry, I am so sorry, I didn’t think you would cry because of me. I thought you did it on purpose, you just didn’t know.” Seokjin rattled off apologies about yelling at him and scaring him until Yoongi couldn’t take it anymore and pushed him away.
“Hyung, stop apologizing. I know. I understand.” Yoongi wiped the last of his tears with his sleeve and sighed. He looked up at Seokjin’s face and saw how pink his cheeks were, and wanted to kiss him for a moment. He held back since he had just been scared by the naked man in front of him. “I’m going to go. I’m sorry.” Yoongi opened the door behind him and just left the room. He then went to their bedroom and sighed to himself as soon as he closed the door. It took all his self-control not to let himself collapse onto the floor, and his body moved on its own accord to his bed and he dug himself under the covers.
The door opened after a time without Yoongi perceiving its passing. It creaked slowly and his roommate walked in slowly. He didn’t move – He didn’t want to. He wasn’t allowed to leave, so he was going to do the only thing he could, hide in his bed until the others come back. But, they will be disappointed in him if he doesn’t do anything. After listening to Seokjin move about the room to get dressed, he decided that he could deal with them being disappointed in him.
He heard Seokjin’s breathing next to him and the sound of clothes rumpling was the loudest thing in the room. “Yoongichi… Um… Namjoon and Hoseok asked me, well, they told me to stop being such an idiot first, but they told me to do something before they left and I guess I should do it before they get back.” He felt the bed move as Seokjin put his arms on the bed, and more weight displaced it, meaning he put his head on his arms to look at the lump that Yoongi was calling his home for hopefully the rest of his life. “They told me that I should apologize for avoiding you so much these past couple of days. It… It wasn’t your fault. It was all me, really. Hoseok told me that you were blaming yourself for it when it’s really not, and Namjoon said that we need to make up because everyone is worried that we’re never going to talk again.” Seokjin sounded awkward. “He said this fight isn’t good for our marriage. He even offered marriage counselling.” Yoongi stifled a giggle of his own. “But um… Will you listen to why I avoided you for four days?” Yoongi nodded, trying his best so that Seokjin could see it through the blanket. “So, when I kissed you, I wasn’t really thinking about it because I was really touched that you would say something like that… I mean, you compliment all of the members but only when it is really important and I didn’t think my question was that important…”
Yoongi coughed and it sounded like Seokjin moved from where he was. It didn’t take long to figure out where he was when the elder pat his lower back, probably meaning to pat him higher up. He still didn’t want to come out of the blankets until Seokjin was done talking.
“For a second, I forgot everything. Like, I even forgot I was naked. But, I was just so thankful that you were being so nice when I was feeling so bad, I didn’t know how to show how thankful I was. I mean, I know you’re a professional so you probably don’t think of me as more than a friend…You do have pretty specific types, so I’m sure you wouldn’t be interested in me at all. I’m sorry that I took advantage of you like that.” Yoongi turned around there to cut him off and revealed himself. He reached over and grabbed Seokjin’s hand, entwining their fingers only slightly.
“Hyung, I have to apologize too.” Yoongi stared at their hands before getting comfortable enough to look Seokjin in the eyes. “I thought I scared you when I moaned into the kiss –”
“I thought you were going to push me away because I was being too forceful or something, I’m sorry.” Seokjin cut him off, but Yoongi glared at him.
“No, I wanted to kiss you. I was moaning because I was enjoying it.” He gave his blushing hyung a bashful smile. He’s confessing to Seokjin things that he’s been wanting to tell him for years now, but it’s weirdly not making him as nervous as he always felt he would be doing this. He never expected it to be like this though, laying in a nest of blankets on his bed while Seokjin sits on the floor next to him. “Honestly, you could have been rougher with me and I would have enjoyed it just as much.”
“But I didn’t think you liked me –” Yoongi pressed a finger to Seokjin’s plush lips to shut him up. Seokjin’s eyebrows furrowed like he couldn’t understand why Yoongi would like him at all.
“Seokjin hyung, if you asked me to marry you right now, I would say yes in a heartbeat. I wasn’t lying when I said I loved you – I am in love with you, no question about it. You’re more than just my type, you’re my best friend and the love of my life. I’ve been wanting to ask you to be my boyfriend for years now, and I’ve never known how to do it without messing it up… I even wrote you a song, but I was always too afraid to let you hear it.” Yoongi deeply blushed once he got the confession he’s spent years trying to make perfect, hoping he didn’t fumble over any of the words. Seokjin’s cheeks flushed a pretty color of pink and the tips of his ears soon became the same color, making it obvious that this made Seokjin embarrassed. He looked down and covered his face with his hand, and Yoongi could see a smile beneath it.
“Min Yoongi, I don’t know what to say…” He giggled and bit his bottom lip cutely. “I’d love to be your boyfriend, I love you too so much…” Seokjin looked really happy, but also really embarrassed by the sudden confession. “Here. Move over.” Yoongi did as he said and Seokjin crawled onto the bed with him, pulling the blankets over himself as he joined him. They looked each other in the eyes for a couple of seconds before Seokjin’s hand came up to his neck and pulled him into a gentle kiss.

If there was anything Seokjin is today, and forever to Min Yoongi… He is perfect.

Insecurity | Epilogue

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Genre: no longer Angst

Pairing: surprise

Word Count: 1.548

A/N: this is seriously the end now - I want to thank every single one of you for always giving me so much feedback, so much love and making me smile every single day ♥ you guys are the best! i love you

Warnings: this epilogue is noncommittal - if you were one of those readers who enjoyed “Insecurity” as an Angst series do not read this. I only wrote the epilogue because so many wanted a fluffy ending

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine (The End) | Epilogue

Slowly you opened your eyes, blinking against the sun rays that were shining through the curtains into your room, blinding you. You rubbed the back of your hand over your eyes, annoyed from being woken up from your peaceful sleep. A soft groan escaped your lips as you turned around, grabbing the extra pillow and inhaling deeply the scent his body had left onto your sheets. 

It smelled like him. 

It smelled like love.

It smelled like home.

It smelled like everything you ever wanted.

- Like everything you ever needed.

Smiling to yourself, you closed your eyes again, wrapping your body around the sheets and pillows, cuddling into it and ready to drift back into dream land, when you suddenly heard a message pop up on your phone. Another annoyed groan left your lips as you swung your arm around, not bothering to open your eyes, and groped your way to your phone on the nightstand. Still half asleep you unlocked it and your annoyed expression switched to a softer one.

Lunch at our usual place today? I miss you

You grinned while sitting up and quickly typed in a reply.

Sure! around 2?

You hit send before you realized you forgot something and quickly added:

I miss you too, can’t wait to see you ♥

Not even minutes later, you already heard your phone signal you the income of another message and you quickly checked his answer.

:) 2 sounds good

You looked at your clock on your phone, checking how much time you had left until you had to leave. It wasn’t even 10 am yet, as you decided to go back to sleep for a little bit before you had to shower and get dressed.

As you softly brushed your still wet hair with one hand while the other one held the hairdryer, a cheeky smiled crept onto your lips, thinking about seeing your boyfriend for lunch. He usually slept over at your place every night and tried to stay as long as possible before he had to head off for work, always making sure you were feeling good when he left. Throughout the day he would send you short messages, asking how you were doing or what you were up to and you were thankful for his care. 

Even though you saw each other so frequently, you missed him every time he was not with you. You were lucky enough that he always made sure to be there for you and take you with him to all his schedules, so you wouldn’t be separated for too long. But as soon as you had to stay at home alone for more than a day, you’d be unable to sleep peacefully and your whole body would long for his presence. He basically lived at your apartment and not having him by your side when you were so used to his warmth, always made you feel uncomfortable.

Picking out one of your favorite outfits, you quickly changed and put light makeup on. It was spring so you went for a rather natural look than being over dramatic. You checked yourself out in the mirror, making sure you looked presentable and smiled at your reflection, before grabbing your purse and keys, heading out of your apartment.

The coffee shop wasn’t too far from your apartment, so you decided to take a walk, breathe in some fresh spring air and enjoy the nature that started blooming everywhere. Spring was your favorite season after all, not only because you had started dating your boyfriend during one rather busy spring but because you could see how all the life came back into the surroundings. It seemed as if everyone started to wake up from their sleep and go out, enjoying nature. 

Your thoughts kept drifting back to memories you and him made together, while your hands gently stroke over the flowers you past by, feeling their softness underneath your fingers, inhaling their scent. It was the perfect scenery if you ignored the background noises of cars honking, children crying and people nagging at each other.

As you finally reached the coffee shop, your thoughts got distracted by his familiar figure already sitting in your usual spot, his back towards you. A slight chuckle escaped your lips and you quickly covered your mouth, so he wouldn’t hear you. 

Slowly you approached him from behind, putting your hands over his eyes, making him jump slightly. You started giggling, unable to suppress your reaction to his cute behavior and a smile spread on his face, as he heard it.

“(Y/N)”, he breathed out, gently grabbing your hands and turning around to look at you, as he stood up. His lips immediately found yours, making butterflies erupt through your stomach and his thumbs slowly stroked your hands, leaving traces of electricity wherever he touched you. 

When you two parted, his eyes wandered over your body, smiling at you. “You look beautiful, as always.”

Even though you had been dating for over six years now, you still couldn’t get used to his compliments and your cheeks flushed, making you untangle your hand from his to cover your face. He chuckled slightly, placing his free hand on your tummy and rubbing soft circles over it, before kneeling down and smirking up at you.

“Look at mommy - still a blushing mess for me”, he cheekily said and wiggled his eyebrows at you, making you playfully smack his head. He laughed before leaving a quick kiss on your tummy and standing back up, holding the chair back for you to sit down in front of him.

“How did you get here by the way? I hope you didn’t walk”, his strict voice made its way to your ears. You rolled your eyes at him.

“Yes, I walked, it’s nice to see everything blossom during this time of the year. Plus it’s only a ten minutes walk, I’m not going to take public transportation or a taxi for that”, you huffed, unknowingly stroking your belly. 

“(Y/N)!”, he exclaimed. “You’re seven months pregnant, the doctor said you needed to rest and not walk so much any more. I could have picked you up!”

You laughed at his concerns, grabbing his hands into yours and flashing him a bright smile. “Yoongi, I’m fine okay? There’s nothing to worry about. Let’s just enjoy lunch before you have to head back to the studio alright?”

Yoongi smiled at you instinctively, biting his lower lip. “You’re right. But if something happens to you or my babies, I’m going to be the one telling you that I told you so before rushing to the rescue.”

Another laugh escaped your lips as you squeezed his hands and leaned back in your chair. “Okay okay Mr. Min, whatever you say.”

He dreamily smiled at you before quickly snapping out of his trance. 

“Oh Jungkook asked me to give you this”, he started searching his pockets for something, furrowing his eyebrows before pulling two action figures out of his jeans and handing them over to you.

You looked at him in confusion. “What am I supposed to do with that?”, you chuckled and took a closer look at them. That’s when you realized it - those were the action figures you had gifted him for his birthday the first year you two had started dating. It was a boy dressed up as Iron Man and a girl dressed up as Wonder Woman with your initials on the back.

“It’s not for you, idiot”, Yoongi grinned. “It’s for the babies. He was really excited and made me swear I’d give them to you. I don’t know what’s so special about them but if I were you, I’d just keep them and make him happy.”

Tears welled up in your eyes, as you smiled up at Yoongi. “These are Jungkook’s action figures. I gifted them to him for his first birthday when we started dating.”

You moved closer to Yoongi, showing him the back of the figures. 

“Look, these are our initials. He loved those action figures”, you gently stroke your fingertips over them, remembering the many times he’d make sure that they were standing properly and weren’t dirty or collecting dust. “I can’t believe he still had them after all this time.”

Yoongi’s hand gently rubbed over your arm. “Yeah, they have been standing in his room for years. Always in the same spot. Even after he got rid of all the other action figures, he’d never let these ones go. As soon as we’d try to get those two out, he’d go nuts on us”, he laughed. “Now, I finally understand why.”

You nodded and smiled at Yoongi before pecking his lips. “He’s going to be the best godfather we could ask for.”

Yoongi nodded and pulled you closer. “I’m glad all of us could talk it out. If I’d have lost either one of you, I don’t know what I would have done - I’d probably be the grumpiest and loneliest man alive by now.”

He chuckled and you leaned onto him, enjoying the peaceful moment. It was the perfect life all of you had managed to built up for yourselves and you couldn’t be more thankful after everything you, Yoongi and Jungkook had gone through. 


Learn how to help your friends & family deal with reverse culture shock.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a real post-post (Not counting poems and little texts here & there). It feels good to stretch the fingers and write again.

Tonight I was thinking about what it’s been like to deal with reverse culture shock coming “home” to Texas after spending 7 months in Germany. I think anyone who’s been through something similar could tell you that while we all handle it differently, it isn’t a walk through the park. We could also probably tell you that sometimes we get easily irritated with even the loved ones to whom we return because they just don’t “get it.” Well, in the hopes of alleviating even a little of that stress and tension, I want to share some of my experiences & give some words of wisdom on how to walk alongside someone who is experiencing reverse culture shock, or culture stress.

Culture Shock

Before someone can experience reverse culture shock, they will likely have experienced culture shock first.

Culture shock takes on many forms, depending on your personal background and the culture to which you go. For me, public transportation was a huge one. I remember one day in particular where I couldn’t seem to get on the right bus to get to the central Haubtbahnhof (train station). Tears filled my eyes, my visible frustration slipping down my cheeks one after another. Or the fact that every time I walked into a new place, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect or how to act. Or attempting to order in a different language and being met with a strange look instead of the Cafe Latte I wanted. Or there was the day I got lost in the pouring rain for over an hour. Sometimes at the end of the day I would just lay there in a haze, overwhelmed and exhausted. 

But then, one day isn’t quite as difficult as the one before. You begin to learn the bus schedules and the right words to say when ordering the essentials (like coffee, of course). By the end of my time in Germany, which was all too short, I had found and created a new home. I walked (never drove) home with a smile on my face nearly daily. In the “honeymoon, fight, flight, fit” stages of culture shock… You eventually reach fit. You still struggle from time to time like anyone else, no matter where they’re living, but you’re happy. You have friends. A new, beaming, beating, bursting life.

And then one day, you wake up, board a plane, and everything you have come to know and learn and love turns upside down.

The Return

I was excited to be home. I could nearly smell that Chick-Fil-A and feel the warmth and protection from my father’s great big bear hug. Texas was familiar and good, and I was looking forward to the sweet reunions. However, I remember even in the airport staring at all the signs that were suddenly in English and not German, the cars that were massively huge (I never saw a truck in my entire time in Germany), and the strange sensation of being able to understand everything everyone was saying around me. As wonderful as it was to be with family again, I cried myself to sleep my first night back. Toto, we’re not in Germany anymore.

My family could tell you there were times I was irritable. I complained about the excessive friendliness from strangers I wasn’t used to, the small talk, etc. I would get frustrated or sad or overwhelmed and they didn’t understand why. Maybe you’re in the shoes of my family and are at a loss of how to love your loved one well, knowing that they’re going through a whirl of emotions but unsure of how to help. Well, I hope the following points help you.

1. Ask Good Questions.

The truth is, no one is going to care more about my time in Germany than me. That’s just a fact. However, people coming from the field need to process their experiences and that takes a person with a willing ear and patient tongue.

Sit down with them, make space for them to share. Carve out time in your day so that you’re not rushed or pressed for time. Show them that you genuinely care, and this part is important- Learn to ask good questions. (Obviously this is true for the person coming home as well, but I’m just making a point.) 

Part of the art of communication is knowing how to ask questions, and this is no exception. It’s overwhelming to try and answer the question, “How was your trip?” or “Did you have a good time?” Sure, the trip was good, and it was also heartbreaking and life transforming and difficult and wonderful. How do you sum up all of your experiences with just one question?

Come prepared with even a few specific questions in mind of things you perhaps already knew they were doing. Ask about the relationships they made, which were the most meaningful, what caused them to grow the most, what was most challenging for them culturally. The list is endless.

Also, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings who have asked me or others those questions. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve asked those once or twice! My advice isn’t flawless and in passing, sometimes those quick questions are appropriate. I just want to encourage you to help your loved one in the best way I know how.

2. Be Patient.

Now, this one certainly goes both ways. Be patient, especially when you don’t understand.

For the one coming home, you must learn to be patient with well-meaning strangers and family and friends. It’s easy to be frustrated by people who don’t understand what you’re experiencing. But how can we fault people for what they’ve never experienced, my friend? You were once where they are. They haven’t walked the roads you’ve walked, known the people you’ve known, or changed they way you surely have. Rather than blaming them for ignorance or misunderstanding, we must humble ourselves and invite them into our hearts. Patiently share with them what you’ve learned and what you’ve seen. Let them in the inner parts of your heart.

For the one receiving the one who has come home, be patient with them when they act strangely to you. For example, being around so many Christians after spending much of my time with unreached people is just simply an adjustment. Even church may feel weird to your loved one, because they’ve seen and experienced how church is done differently across the world. 

I remember the first time I went to order a coffee after returning from Germany, all the German words came to mind to order and I froze for a second, realizing I needed to speak English. The realization that I would no longer be ordering in German brought tears to my eyes. My sister, who was with me, maybe didn’t understand the tears fully, but she was patient with my rollercoaster emotions. The point being, there are going to be cultural misunderstandings. Expect that. And then handle them with patience and love.

3. Accept the Change.

When your loved one has returned from overseas, you may find that they are hyper-critical about their home culture. Things they used to love and get excited about they now turn their nose at. You may hear them say things like, “Well in _____ we _____ and it’s so much better.”

The person you knew is still there, but they have changed and the lens through which they see the world has shifted. This is going to affect the way they see most parts of life. They might even relate to you differently than they did before.

If the person is able to handle and deal with their emotions in a healthy manner, then hopefully over time they will also be able to identify parts of their home culture that they really love and appreciate. However, in the meantime, accept that they have changed and they are going to need adjustment time, just as they did when they first left.

And to the one who has returned- Often times we idealize what home will be like when we return. We expect things to be the same and to relate to our friends the same way we once did, and the truth is, life hasn’t stopped for them. Life has kept moving. You are different, and so are they. So let yourself feel what emotions may come when you realize this (Sadness, disbelief, etc) and then learn to accept it. Love people in a new way. Let yourself move with the change. Press on. With each passing day, it’ll get a little easier.

In Conclusion

Some of you may have felt at a loss when your loved one returned and you didn’t know how to handle the difference and friction. Or maybe you’ve just returned and you’ve felt at a loss in how to feel at home in the only place that used to be home. I hope this article has been at least a little bit of a help or encouragement to you.

Growth rarely happens without pain, too. Embrace the growing pains of reverse culture shock. You’ve changed. Good. Now keep changing, keep growing, and don’t forget to be thankful for where God has you today, for a very specific purpose.

Finally, I must mention that without bathing each step of the re-entry to your home culture in prayer, all my advice is in vain. Pray for gratitude. Pray for time to process. Pray for the right people to spend time with that will patiently love you and process with you. And to my friends who are receiving those of us returning, pray just the same. Let God’s Holy Name be glorified in all of it.

Thanks for reading!

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In a modern! AU... do you think Levi owns a car? I think he'd believe it's stupid, you know, it's expensive, it needs a lot of space, pollution and all that shit, but it's hard for me imagine him cycling to go to work. Public transport is an option but is filthy and crowded. Help me figure this out, oh Levi expert! :D

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different interpretation, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue points of view with me or send me hate messages; please do us both a favor and just don’t even bother with it.

I think it would depend on where he lives. If he lived in a dense city where he could simply walk or take a cab; he’d probably do that. If he lived in a town where walking wasn’t much of an option and the only public transit was a rundown, dirty city bus; bet your ass he’d get himself a car lmao. He’s a very practical man so he’d go with whatever option best suited his needs. 

Got7 Reaction to Y/N Catching Him Staring at Them

For: Gean<3


Your friends had invited you out to go bowling so that you could blow off some steam from stress of exams. You knew that there would be all kinds of people there but the fact that Mark was one of the people going made you nervous. He always seemed so unamused and uninterested but despite that fact, you still had a crush on him.

Once it was your turn, you had made a perfect strike. Everyone clapped and cheered but all Mark did was stare. You looked at him a few times but when he finally noticed that you were looking at him, he snapped out of it and had a wide smile displayed across his face. He was obviously a little embarrassed by being zoned out while staring at you. 

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You went to your usual cafe for a morning coffee but instead of leaving like you normally did, you stayed and enjoyed the coffee inside. 

As you looked at your phone while you read a story, you couldn’t help but feel like you were being watched. You looked around and saw a man with a familiar face looking at you. You smiled at him but all he did was awkwardly shift his gaze a few times before meeting your eyes again to greet you back.

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Whenever you go on public transportation, you try as hard as you can to not make eye contact with people. But, there was this one man that you constantly stole glances of and you could not help but look at him. You tried to keep your eyes off of him for a little but when you looked at him again he was staring at you with a pretty intense look on his face. He caught himself in the moment and gave you a cute smile, trying to switch his expression last minute.

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You were waiting in line with your best friend for a chance to ride in the newly opened roller coaster ride.

“Don’t look but that guy is checking you out.”

“Who?” You looked around to find the guy.

“I told you not to look.” As soon as she said that, you saw a guy that was laughing with his own friends but seemed to be distracted by you in some way. When your eyes met, his confidence didn’t waver, if anything, it was higher than it was originally.

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You were a guest on an episode of Running Man that featured the main singers of New Generation groups. Pairs were chosen based off of the Year each group debuted and being twenty fourteen debuts, you and Youngjae got paired up together. 

One of the missions called for you and Youngjae to take a photo together but when you raised the camera he just started at you, like he was studying you. When you looked at him he just gave you a very awkward smile.

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Your parents had invited some family friends over for dinner. You had known them for a long time but you hadn’t seen the one you were closest to, BamBam, for years. When they walked into the living room to have a small chat since dinner wasn’t prepared yet, BamBam kept staring at you. 

“Stop doing that,” You said to him.

“Oh!” He started to laugh. “You got so pretty and I didn’t know that was you.”

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Your job of being a waitress had its ups and downs. But, one of the worst parts of it was when a guy hit on you or gave you an unwanted compliment. Which is why waiting the table that this boy was at was so refreshing. Every time you came to the table he would stare at you and get really bashful once you looked at him. He was so shy but it made him even cuter.

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OK OK so, when you guys think “Dreamer”, the image in your mind’s eye probably visualizes something like

And you wouldn’t be wrong, but there’s also A SECRET FORM to Fujiwara no Mankou. When Dreamer needs to go engage in IRL business, such as going to uni, hanging out with friendos or preventing Robo-Odin from invading our plane of existence, I usually go dressed out as



As I possess teleportation powers, I don’t own a car. Since I don’t own a car, I go to uni using public transportation (which rocks here in my country, Chile), so I often commute with strangers and such, the usual deal. Though I do not mind conversing with strangers at all (I love it!), I prefer listening to music and browsing things in my phone. As fate would have it, last Tuesday, I had some time before class, so I started reading some doujin, It had nice length and, most importantly, it had really good characterization! It was about Kokoro and Koishi. I really had to leave for class, so I put the remaining pages in my phone so I could read them on the bus ride to my uni.

So there I am, reading my 2hu doujins on the bus, when this girl sits next to me. Now, I often take care not to let people see what is in my cellphone. This was nothing NSFW, but it was getting a bit ship-y, though very tastefully, so I didn’t mind. Point is, at one point, I get careless (too absorbed in the doujin) and I notice that, unmistakably, the girl to my side was looking at my phone with a weird “wtf” face, just as I was on the kind of page you don’t want to be caught reading.

This page, in particular.


So, shit, busted. I am starting to get somewhat embarrassed by the situation when my Viking part of my brain (around 87% of it) screams “REMEMBER THE WARRIOR’S CODE”. Then it suggested I rolled with it.

So this girl is giving me the weird wtf stink eye and I just


I don’t know who she is, I don’t know where she went, but all I know is that 1) she learned about Kokoro and Koishi whether she liked it or not and 2) she totally has a nice story about a creepy bearded man and his japanese mango lesbians to tell to people now.

Pranks for each zodiac sign. April Fools day.

**They’re intended to be funny but not offensive or too messy like most pranks usually are**

Aries: Go into a clothes store dressing room and play a shower sound on your phone. Then start singing.

Taurus: Go into a pet store and point at a human, while saying “I want that one mommy!”

Gemini: Find a jogger on the street, run in front of them and scream “STOP CHASING ME”.

Cancer: Suck in helium and go behind someone, saying “follow the yellow brick road!”, then hide.

Leo: Name your wifi “FBI surveillance van” to freak out your neighbours.

Virgo: Take a picture of a stranger, then walk up and show it to them saying “Have you seen this person?”

Libra: Fill public spaces with notes that seem like serious warnings but just say “excuse me, but, why are you reading my note?”

Scorpio: Tell your Aries or Pisces friend that’s going to celebrate their birthday soon that you’re gonna buy them an X Box. Buy a box, write X on it and give it to them.

Sagittarius: If you go on a public transport, sit in front of someone, grab your phone in a way that the person behind can see the screen perfectly and when you think they’re looking, open a new tab and type “how to kill the person behind me”.

Capricorn: Hold up a sign that says FREE HUGS. When someone comes, say “Sorry, we’ve run out.”

Aquarius: Tell someone to hold a glass of water on each of their hands’ palms, for a magic trick (not grabbing them, just letting the glasses on top of their palms) When both of their hands are occupied, take their wallet or their phones and run while they figure out how to react since they have two glasses of water balanced on their palms and they can’t just quickly get up and chase you or they’ll mess up. (If you think the glasses will break and you’ll get into trouble, use plastic ones)

Pisces: Log in to your parents/friend/sibling’s personal email account, and set an out-of-office message that makes them seem adorably bananas. Something like, “I will be unreachable by email from Wednesday, April 1st, until Saturday, Maytober 93rd. During this time I will be trying to locate my spirit fish by scuba diving in the pond behind my house. In case of emergency, contact my assistant, Cookie Monster, at gimmecookies23@aol.com.”