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Spoilers ahead (post tagged as such), random thoughts/speculations/reactions of mine a.k.a not my usual analysis-type posts: I knew Kamui & Co. would be back in this arc, I just didn’t know it would be this fast!

The Harusame were divided after the Rakuyou arc. Half went with Utsuro, the other half didn’t. How they reorganized themselves is anyone’s guess; if they reorganized as one force (under the 7th Division’s lead, I’d bet on) or stayed loyal to their respective commanders who remained behind. I’ve always thought that their only reasons for returning to Earth wouldn’t be to protect it because they have no ties to it or any reason worth risking their lives for. Rather, they would return to deal with the other half of the Harusame. The Three Two Ominous Stars, possibly to return the favour to Joui4 for sparing them in battle (I bet we’ll see them again; old enemies have a habit of popping up unexpectedly or coincidentally). Perhaps they may all uphold their alliance with the Kiheitai, who have now decided to enter the war (which naturally drags in other people on the basis of agreements and treaties).

As for Umibozu, Kamui, and even Abuto I’d wager, the biggest reason of all is Kagura, as expected. So far, we’ve only seen Kamui, but those two probably aren’t far behind (well, Abuto will naturally be with Kamui, and Umibozu is probably going to make an appearance). Another reason is to deal with the Yato tribe that landed there with the Liberation Army, as we’ve just seen (what I gathered, anyway). But they all ought to be quaking under their umbrellas now, because attacking a strong girl with a stronger, very protective father and a stronger, less-estranged older brother…well, you just made the war very personal.

I really hope we’ll see more of the Yato tribe (and female Yato members, please) and gain additional insight into their culture, history, hierarchy, etc. Can’t wait to find out when the Hi Wa Mata Noboru group releases the translated chapter with answers to some questions of mine.

This is the local bookstore I was talking about that I wish was active on social media because books and cats! And the people that work there are always so nice. And cats!

My OTP: Ichihime

I honestly hate when someone proclaims my ship is non-existent, delusional, or just a one-sided crush that ruins the relationship between two characters. 

I can’t seem to understand how this is sexual assault or harassment? Inoue-san did not kiss Kurosaki-kun, nor did she violate him or force herself on him, why because she stops and considers the situation. She is not a selfish girl that would force her desires on Ichigo. Also Orihime would of course want to see the guy she “loves” because she cares for him.

Two strangers that evolve to classmates and then friends, and in the process she begins to understand him better. Look at her coming to understand him, and become a resolve for him. If she hadn’t given him the pep-talk I wonder if he would have made up his mind to save Rukia?

Orihime is so weak! Tite is ruining her image! Orihime is just fan-service! She needs to get over Ichigo! Her love (obsession) is bad for her!

Orihime never gets those exasperated expressions Ichigo makes! (Obviously he cares about her, just like all his other friends, including Rukia, Ishida, or anyone he wants to protect or save.)

I don’t care if Ichigo does or doesn’t end up with someone; I ship Ichigo and Orihime because I love them together.