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Since i mentioned the universe of summons, and creatures of summon, i should dulge into that. Summons are as you think and know, beings that are capable of summoned through the use of being a summoner brew, or some other method. Summons tend to vary in size, design, features, mentality, and most importantly, the utility of them. Some are made for battle, other for friendly chores, or to assist the user in another way. Even with that said, depending on the summoner they can be used for all sorts of things such as prescribed, even if they are not.

Some summons are known to being actually be summon in oppose to being ever present by the summoner in question, some to have a mind of their own along with a personality while others are drones idling about without thought or going by their primal extinct. The user, however, has complete command over the summons and said summons must obey; there is little exceptions of it, the summons in question cannot even kill the person unless given a circumstance involving an order.

There are many different types of summons from one that are by themselves to others that tend to work better as a group based on personal affairs.

The one thing that can be done with a said contract with a summon is that one can improve upon the being. This is done making specific deals such as sacrificing or giving some sort of energy in return. Otherwise, summons tend to improve on their own.

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high school au in which alec is a jock and magnus is a loner bad boy type who secretly has a HUGE crush on him. like he's bamf and no one messes with him and he always sits alone at lunch bc people r lowkey afraid, and then like, they get partnered up on a project or something, and people watch in amazement as magnus bane, Total Badass, blushes and basically turns into a flustered mess bc "oh my god alec is so perfect! why" and alec is just. oblivious. bonus pts for them getting together happily

Sorry it took me so long! Thank you so so much for the prompt, I loved it!
I … have no idea what I wrote. It’s 2000 words, which is actually some kind of a record for me? It’s been ages since I’ve been able to write more than 1000 words, so thank you for that! But I feel like I have to apologize because I have no idea what this is. I hope you like it!! Please, let me know?

Highschool hierarchy is actually, definitely a thing.

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Here I am with fanart that nobody ever asked for. 

It started with me reading the wonderfully humorous and hot Keep me alive with your sweet blowing love by @primal–scream where I kept imagining James with a mustache ( I partly blame my partner for growing one at the moment and partly on watching the TV-series The same sky (set in east/west Berlin during the 70s)).

So I laughed at myself and just for the fun of it I drew Toby in one (and “researched” 70s police uniforms…) and now I’m in love with this James.

So basically, I made an AU of an AU. I hope you don’t feel offended by this @primal–scream. It only means I loved the story and the joke is definitely on me.

Primal Summonings in 2.X: By the Twelve they’re going to summon their Primal… Warrior of Light we have to do everything we can to prevent that from happening!

Primal Summonings in 4.X: [Warrior of Light sighs deeply] Gimme like, 15 minutes tops.

all fallen humans could save and reload

(undertale spoilers)

Frisk has the unique ability to save and load. Unlike other games, reloading affects the world, changing certain characters’ dialogues. It’s a power that Flowey had before Frisk and that seems to have always existed in the Underground. A big mystery is whether or not other humans before Frisk had this power. If the other humans had this power, how did they lose their soul to Asgore?

The Power’s Source: Determination

Flowey had the power to load and save before Frisk fell into the Underground. He explains this to Frisk if Toriel is killed and then spared after a reload.

Do you think you are the only one with that power?
The power to reshape the world…
Purely by your own determination.
The ability to play God!
The ability to “SAVE.”
I thought I was the only one with that power. But…
I can’t SAVE anymore.
Apparently YOUR desires for this world override MINE.
Well well.
Enjoy that power while you can.
I’ll be watching.

Flowey thought he was the only one with the power. This is because Flowey has only existed for a brief time – all the other humans have perished by the time he came into existence. This means Flowey isn’t a reliable source on whether or not the other humans had the ability to save and load. However, he does mention the source of the power.

Determination is the key. How Flowey discovered this power is revealed in his story that he shares with Chara.

But as I left this mortal coil…
I started to feel apprehensive.
If you don’t have a SOUL, what happens when you…?
Something primal started to burn inside me.
“No,” I thought. “I don’t want to die!”
Then I woke up.
Like it was all just a bad dream.
I was back at the garden.
Back at my “save point.”
Interested, I decided to experiment.
Again and again, I brought myself to the edge of death.
At any point, I could have let this world continue on without me.
But as long as I was determined to live…
I could go back.

Something “primal” burned in him. This primal feeling was likely the determination he was injected with. All humans have determination, given what is recorded in Entry Number 5.

The power to save and load is held by the one who is most determined in the Underground. Considering monsters do not have high amounts of determination normally, any human who falls in the Underground would have the most determination – and thus have “the power to reshape the world.”

Toriel Feels Familiarity with Humans 

Despite this fact that all humans have determination, it’s hard to be sure that the other humans used the power. There is one monster, however, who knows the humans best – Toriel.

The second time Toriel asks Frisk whether they prefer cinnamon or butterscotch, she will immediately follow up with another question, asking if Frisk’s preference is the previous choice from the last reload or run. If confirmed that it is, she says something interesting.

Toriel’s comment is not only about Frisk – it’s about multiple humans. This means that Frisk is very likely not the first human to have used the power to save and reload.

Asgore Knows About the Power

Aside from Toriel, the only other monster that presumably met all the humans is Asgore. If Asgore kills Frisk, they will tell Asgore how many times they have been killed by him – Asgore solemnly agrees with Frisk each time. 

What makes this noteworthy, as @sleepy-9000 pointed out, is that Asgore is never surprised by this. Given that Asgore hired Alphys to find out how to unleash the power of the soul, he probably knows the nature of human souls. Whether or not that knowledge is enough for Asgore to not be surprised is uncertain. However, it is also possible that he learned about the power first hand when he killed the other humans who failed to make it past him.

Perhaps the other humans also told Asgore how many times he has killed them. There is no proof in game about this, but it could explain why he readily accepts Frisk’s words, with no surprise or doubt.

When Asgore first meets Frisk, his reaction is one of surprise.

Oh? Is someone there?
Just a moment!
I have almost finished watering these flowers.
…Here we are!
Howdy! How can I…
I so badly want to say, “would you like a cup of tea?”
You know how it is.
Nice day today, huh?
Birds are singing, flowers are blooming…
Perfect weather for a game of catch.
You know what we must do.
When you are ready, come into the next room.

Some believe it’s because no other human made it to him. Given what Undyne said, that is unlikely. His surprise was probably from seeing them so soon, as he desperately wanted to avoid this fight – a fight in which he would need to kill a child countless times.

Fighting the Humans

If the humans were all able to save and load, it seems odd that none of them were able to defeat Asgore. While Frisk may be a special case because they have Chara with them (as well as the player), there is one important factor in the fight: Asgore. 

During the hangout with Undyne, she recounts a story about herself and Asgore. She mentions one important fact – that she was never able to land “a single blow” on Asgore the first time she fought him.

And worse, the whole time, he refused to fight back!
I was so humiliated…
Afterwards, he apologized and said something goofy…
“Excuse me, do you want to know how to beat me?”
I said yes, and from then on, he trained me.
One day, during practice, I finally knocked him down.
I felt… bad.
But he was beaming…
I had never seen someone more proud to get their butt kicked. 

When Asgore first lost his children, he was full of fury. Out of anger, he declared war against humanity. It’s possible that when the other children fell into the underground, he was still angry and mercilessly fought the humans. Even if the humans could reload, Asgore may have been a near impossible boss to defeat. This means the humans gave up before they could finally beat him. As previously mentioned, Flowey explains about how he discovered his powers by feeling “determined to live”.

At any point, I could have let this world continue on without me.
But as long as I was determined to live…
I could go back.

Something very similar is stated in a book at the library. While the library book does not mention determination, it mentions another key word: hope.

Here it is stated that human souls don’t require hope to exist. Perhaps, if a determined human loses that “hope” in the future, then no matter how high their determination they will not reload – their soul continues to exist but the human remains dead. After all, Flowey makes it clear that reloading upon death was a choice.

With Frisk, however, Asgore never dodges. He stays completely still and takes every blow. His defense drops each time Frisk talks to him, and a lowered defense is a sign that a monster does not want to fight.

It’s very possible that he is burdened with so much regret and guilt from his actions that he only fights out of obligation. 

I do not want power.
I do not want to hurt anyone.
I just wanted everyone to have hope…
I cannot take this any longer.
I just want to see my wife.
I just want to see my child.
Please… Young one…
This war has gone on long enough.
You have the power…
Take my soul, and leave this cursed place.

When he is defeated by Frisk, Asgore bares his soul and speaks the truth. He does not want godlike powers or to hurt others. He “cannot take this any longer.” If Frisk spares him and Flowey does not intervene, Asgore commits suicide, possibly in part due to remorse and guilt. 


Given the information provided in the game, it is very likely that the other fallen humans, including Chara when they were alive, had the power to save, load, and reset.

To recap:

  • Determination is the source of the power to save and load.
  • Until otherwise specified, it is assumed that this power always existed in the Underground.
  • All humans have determination.
  • Toriel often feels that she knows the humans already, as if seeing old friends for the first time.
  • Asgore likely knows from first-hand experience that the humans can reload.
  • Asgore does not want to fight Frisk, which is why Frisk can defeat him. The other humans were not so lucky and likely gave up despite having the ability to reload.
Who you should fight: Overwatch Edition
  • Bastion: 115% chance he kills you. Listen I know they’re pretty chill but his combat programming takes over in danger situations and he will literally murder you on the spot. Do not do it.
  • D. Va: 0% chance she knocks you out. Listen, she’s a 19 year old professional Gamer that would probably get knocked out by a stiff breeze. Just don’t ever play any game with her ever again because she will shit all over you
  • Genji: 198% chance he knocks you out and 15% chance he kills you: Listen it would be hard enough if he was just Ninja. Have you ever tried punching sheet metal? The good news is he’s a lot more mellow because of Zenyatta. Don’t do it, don’t fight Genji.
  • Hanzo: 90% Chance he kills you. Look this is a man that killed his own brother for almost no reason and is a member of a clan known for crime. Your only hope is to trick him into having an honor crisis. Do not fight Hanzo.
  • Junkrat: 60% chance He knocks you out. 235% chance Roadhog shows up and snaps your neck. Look Junkrat is a twitchy twig, his only saving grace is he literally survives in Mad Max. The second his boyfriend senses something is wrong though your life is forfeit.
  • Lucio: 25% He knocks you out. Look you could probably take him without much of an issue but WHAT is WRONG with you? Why would you EVER fight this ray of pure sunshine? That’s like kicking a puppy. Like you could do it but you deserve everything bad that happens to you.
  • McCree: 40% Chance he knocks you out. Listen he might seem tough but he turned himself into a walking western reference and wears a belt that says BAMF. He’s a giant nerd. Please fight him. Fight him for the belt.
  • Mei: 98% Chance you knock her out. Do NOT fight Mei, DO NOT FIGHT MEI what is WRONG with you?!?!! She is soft and kind and she just wants to help you fucking monster. I will personally hunt you down.
  • Mercy: 100% you knock her out, 200% you feel terrible after and 80% chance Genji kills you. Listen, Mercy is a total pacifist, she wont fight you. However she does have a cyborg ninja that owes her a life debt. Don’t do it.
  • Pharah: 140% chance she kncoks you out, 99% chance she has you thrown in Jail. Have you seen her out of her suit? She’s ripped and she’s army trained. She will put you on your ass before you could even finish your first swing. Don’t fight Pharah
  • Reaper: 50% chance he knocks you out. I will pay you to fight Reaper. Fight him right now. Look I don’t care he needs a punch in the face. For the love of god fight Reaper. Fight him for being an edgy shitlord.
  • Reinhardt: 100% Chance you tire out. Reinhardt is build like a brick shithouse. You aren’t even gonna be able to phase him. Best case scenario he passes out laughing. Don’t fight Reinhardt.
  • Roadhog: 90% Chance he knocks you out. Look he weighs like 400 pounds, huffs gasoline, and still has the highest health pool in the game. He lives in mad max and fights robot death machines practically naked for fun. It’ll go like this: You hit him, he laughs then he puts you the hospital with a single punch. Don’t fight Roadhog.
  • Soldier 76: 100% chance he puts you on your ass then gives you pointers. Listen I know what you’re thinking, He’s old, how tough can he be? He has been fighting like his whole life and probably knows like 50 martial arts. You won’t win but you WILL become a better fighter. Fight Soldier 76.
  • Symmetra: 95% chance she murders you. Look she might be a Scientist and huge nerd but she also works for an evil corporation and has a robot arm that makes turrets. She will fucking end you without a second thought. Your only chance is to knock her out before she summons 965727 robots out of nowhere. Do not fight Symmetrya.
  • Torbjorn: 95% chance he knocks you out. He has a torso of steel and a claw hand, you aren’t winning this one friend. Don’t fight Torbjorn.
  • Tracer: 87% Chance she knocks you out. Look the issue isn’t so much as being able to knock her out as it is being able to hit her in the first place. Even if you do manage to land a hit she might just snap back to before it happened. Your only hope to take her by surprise and knock her out with one blow. Don’t fight Tracer
  • Widowmaker: 300% Chance she murders you. Look fighting Widowmaker would be like trying to fight Black Widow if Black Widow wanted to murder you. If you value your life do not fight Widowmaker.
  • Winston: 100% chance he knocks you out, 5% chance he kills you. Are you fucking serious? Not only is he smarter than you by a lot he’s a fucking gorilla. Like you are lucky if he doesn’t go into a primal rage and beat you death with your own arm. Do NOT fight Winston.
  • Zarya: 933% Chance she breaks you. Have you SEEN Zarya? She’s like a fucking Bull Moose. That 512 on her shoulder is her lifting record in kilograms. Look I don’t know what poor life choices have lead here but DO NOT FIGHT ZARYA.
  • Zenyatta: 100% chance you hurt your hands, 90% chance you end up a better person. Look, dude’s a robot. He’s made of metal and can’t be knocked out. He won’t even fight you, he’ll just preach at you until you go home. But once you think about what he said you will turn your life around buddy. Do it. Fight Zenyatta.
Did you just... finish? | Luke Skywalker Imagine

Pairing: Reader/Luke Skwalker

Warnings: Sexual content!!!

Summary: Leia and Han find you two in a compromising position. 

No one truly knew just how intimate you and Luke were. Sure people knew you were dating, but considering the two of you barely even held hands in public, not one person ever thought you guys had ever had sex. That you were still the girlfriend who was patiently waiting for him to be ready. 

Well count all of them very, very wrong. For such a sweet, somewhat innocent guy, Luke loved to get blown. He adored the way your tongue felt on his cock, swirling the tip and then flattening out as you went further.  And he loved to slowly push and out of you, eyes drooping, hand on whatever convenient as you gripped his back.  He loved to feel every inch of you, inside and out. 

It is in this particular moment that you and Luke happened to be going at it.
The scene is relatively dark, with the curtains pulled shut and the lights off in your quarters on the Yavin4 base. Plenty of people are rushing back and forth outside, mostly new recruits being issued to their rooms, but a few pilots and officials walking past. This sector has been empty save a few of you for a long time. 

Luke is above you, one hand intertwined with yours, the other gripping the headboard of your bed. His head is drooped, forehead gently pressed against yours. Your forehead was almost stuck to his due to the warmth in the room, but it felt right. The sweat of his body drips slowly onto yours. He is moving slowly in and out of you, wanting to savor the last moments you guys have before needing to fly off again later tonight. 

“I love you,” he pants, pressing a soft kiss to your lips. 

You throw your arms around him, pulling him closer, forcing him to drive deeper inside of you. Luke is very well endowed. Every inch of him feels so good inside of you, the deeper the better. 

“I love you too Luke.”

He sudden pulls out nearly all the way. You groan, thinking he is going to do some teasing. But instead Luke slides right back in, hard and fast. With the sudden and further arousing motion, you let out a soft whimper. Your boyfriend ducks his head down again, pressing his lips hard against yours, continuing the quick and hard pace. 

Rarely do you guys fuck at this pace. Most of the time you focus on sweetness and being sensual. Something snapped inside him and caused him to go somewhat primal. 

In no way are you complaining. He is hitting your spot perfectly every single time, causing you to get closer faster than normal. Normally you only make a handful of noises and mostly softly whispered words, but you cannot help but full on moan and groan and whimper. 

Luke reaches the hand that was intertwined with yours to your bud, slowly pressing circles. A jolt of electricity goes through you. Never has sex felt so good. 

With the two of you fully occupied on this moment, neither of you pay attention to the two familiar voices outside of your door. 

Your body convulses suddenly, causing you to yell out, “Luke!” You squeeze around Luke, your high coming over you in a wave. It feels like your heart is stopping and your breathing is constricting as the pleasure takes you over. 

This causes Luke to grunt and slow his pace. He continues to pump into you, hitting your g-spot still, sending shockwaves through your body as you continue to finish your high. Luke is almost there, coming to his high just several thrusts after. 

As he cums, your door slides open, Leia and Han stepping in. Luke has paused inside of you, letting out a loud moan, forehead pushing further into yours. Though the light from the hall allows you to see his gorgeous orgasm face, it also exposes the two of you. 

“Did you just… finish?” Han laughs. 

“Fuck!” Luke shouts, pulling out of you quickly, grabbing the blanket of your bed. 

Leia flips the light in your room on, giggling with him. Her arms are crossed, lips pressed together to keep herself from full on laughing. 

“Did you not let her finish?” Leia continues. 

“No! I came before him!” You shout. “Please close my door if you two are going to berate us.”

The two cock their brows, almost as if they are impressed. 

“Well, we will get going. We wanted to see if you would like to eat with us, but it seems like you guys are plenty busy. See you later,” Han winks, following Leia out the door. 

The door shuts, allowing you to release a breathe you were holding. Your eyes glance over to Luke whose face is the reddest you have ever seen it. You bite your lip, reaching to his face, slowing tracing his lips. 

“Hey, at least they know how well you take care of me,” you smile, turning and lifting yourself onto your elbows. 

He turns towards you, eyes gleaming with exhaustion. “Yeah, that’s true. But they might spill it to the whole base.”

You shrug your shoulders, press a chaste kiss to his lips. “Let them. Your still the only one I will be fucking.”

He giggles, and it’s the most beautiful noise in the world, right in front of his moans.