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Yeah so I’m watching Ajin and I absolutely love it especially Kei- he’s so relatably evil but at the same time not. (+ after half a year I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of digital painting!)

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*whispers* teen John and Sherlock going to a Pride Festival together. John and Sherlock decked out to show their sexuality proudly. They dance, they sing, they laugh, they kiss. John was a little nervous in the beginning but with Sherlock there he loosened up and had the best time. They get home late and pass out on Sherlock's bed in each other's arms.


theres something i really dont trust about how enthusiastic straight/cis people are for their lgbt friends to come out and be “visibly” lgbt (so they can have their token gay friend)… like the thing is its still not even close to being safe to be out theres still a disgraceful amount of violence and intolerance and everytime i hear someone say “its 2017 homophobias over pretty much” i want to scream… and yet despite all the dangers we face if we choose to come out straight/cis people have some like macabre fixation that we come out to our families or to them or go to pride every year and paint ourselves in rainbows its so shamelessly insensitive and it shows you dont want your friends to leave the closet because how painful it is to be closeted but because you wanna profit off of the shiny cool parts of our community

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I feel like Umi is actually the bitchiest one of muse tbh, Maki is stand-offish and tsundere with Nico and Nico is uh, Nico, but Umi is horrible to Honoka on multiple occasions

Point me to where Umi is horrible to Honoka??? Umi acts as a foil to Honoka who is lazy and clumsy and Umi is stern and disciplined??? Like who gets Honoka and hanayo back into shape so they can continue being idols without having possible later trouble with their stamina??? Umi does. Umi also convinces Honoka to continue being a school idol even if it means slapping the daylights out of her to do so. Maki is just rude for no reason whatsoever like what is the reason??? She practices her dances but then denies she was and actually insults the choreography created by Umi just bc she doesn’t want to admit she was practicing like??? Let your pride go Maki it’s okay to be embarrassing sometimes. Although when she’s a bitch to Nico that’s fine bc Nico is a big bitch too lmao

On Good Friday 2017, someone chained a cross to the fence on Gay Street in NYC. 3 days later, they put it on Micah Latter’s gate- so she bought some Champagne, texted ‘we’re rainbow painting the cross’ to the neighbors, and over 50 people came to help. They also superglued the locks to keep the cross in place, because it 'belongs to the street now.’ Source Source 2


Notable actors of South Asian descent in Western Media (from left to right)

Avan Jogia, Mahesh Jadu, Riz Ahmed, Manish Dayal, Dev Patel, Irrfan Khan, Suraj Sharma, Aziz Ansari, Ben Kingsley

“God would never put a female soul into a male body bc he never makes mistakes.” Excuse me? God literally was so embarrassed by his human creations that he destroyed the whole entire Earth in a flood leaving only one guy’s family and a bunch of animals stuck on a boat together. What on Earth are you talking about ?!?!

The story of Noah is literally God going, “Fuck this, I’m starting over.”