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Request: HI! i recently read your entire master list and it’s amazing!! If you could, would you write an ABO fic with Alpha! Dean where like he finds his true mate but she’s nothing like the girls he normally goes home with.

Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!reader

Word Count: 1,500ish

Warnings: smut, language

A/N: I have so much fun playing with these ABO fics…

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court-side love.

sebastain stan x reader.

warnings: none, i don’t think. 

request:  I watched an NBA game one night and they showed the kiss cam and there was a mom with a little girl and it was adorable! So, I thought how cute would it be if Sebastian took your 2 year old girl and you (his wife) to an NBA game and the kiss cam would be on them so he would give her many kisses on her face and she would giggle. Can you write one like that? - @starwxars

AN: this is fluff which i’m not great at or confident doing but i hope i did it justice. it’s also really short and the ending sux soooo it’s k.

excitement radiated through the stan household the morning you woke up, not only was your husband finally home but you were officially 20 weeks pregnant with your second child and able to find out the sex of the baby. you and sebastian had been on a back and forth about finding out the sex ever since you’d found out you were pregnant - you being for finding it out and sebastian being against, but after a few weeks of pushing and persuading, he’d finally given in.

stretching your body, you let out a small groan and a sigh before relaxing again, the little life in your stomach given it’s own small kick against your ribs. just as you were about to sit up and start your day, two strong arms wrapped themselves around your midsection, pulling you closer to a bare chest. sebastian sighed into your hair and pulled you impossibly closer before grumbling, “and where do you think you’re going?”

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Honey, I Shrunk the IT Girl

olicity || ao3 || gen || humor || 1770 || more fics

summary: Felicity just wanted to help her friends with their latest scientific project. The last thing she expected was to end up only inches tall. 
a/n: because this has been stewing in my head forever now… and it was really fun to write

“Where is she?” he sighed heavily as he slumped down into Felicity’s chair.

She had to leave for a couple days to travel to Central City. Cisco needed her help in Star Labs, working on some new contraption or ray gun… or something nerdy. He shook his head. He just missed her was all. It felt like she had been gone an eternity. The days when she had left when they weren’t dating felt like forever, but now that he was dating her it was about a thousand times worse. Maybe he was being needy, but he didn’t care. He loved her and he was allowed to miss and want to see her.

The sound of the elevator door opening caused him to perk up, but when he saw Cisco and Barry walking through, he visibly deflated.

“Wait…” he said, “Where’s Felicity?”

He stood and both men flinched backwards.

“Now before you freak out,” Barry said,

In a few quick strides he was standing in front them, “What the hell happened?” he punctuated each word.

“I told you he was going to freak out,” Cisco spoke.

Oliver glared at both of them, “You have five seconds to tell me where she is or I’m going to put an arrow in both of you,” his voice neared Green Arrow level deepness.

“Hey! I can’t heal like he does,” Cisco said.

“Three….. two….”

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request:  can you do number 83 from the most recent requests thing you reblogged? thank you love

hello loves! trust me, part two to Shattered is coming! i’m going in order of my requests, so it will be up on sunday. sorry that it’s a week away, but it’ll be worth it, or at least I hope it will be! anyways, keep sending in requests from this writing list or whatever you want! hope you enjoy!

For as long as you can remember, you always wanted to be a mom.

When you were younger, you would play house with your baby dolls. As you entered your primary years, you switched to Barbie dolls, and were there mom in Barbie form. You loved the idea of being a mother.

When you met Harry, you saw that future with him. It wasn’t immediate, but after about four months of dating, you knew this man would be around for a long time. Now, two years later, you have had that talk several times. Usually when you had these talks was when you were just laying on the couch, your bed, or wherever you ended up, just laying in each others arms.

Harry was the first one to bring it up. You had thought about it, of course, but were to scared that he didn’t feel the same way. But of course Harry felt the same way.

“Have you ever thought about having kids?” he asked you, while you were taking a bath together. You were a little taken aback, and nervous to say the least.

“Course, always wanted to be a mom,” you said simply. You weren’t sure if he was talking generally, or specifically.

“I mean with me. Have you thought about us having kids, someday?”

You turned around from leaning on his back and looked into his eyes. His green eyes were your favorite physical aspect about him. They always had been. When you first met you were taken aback by his eyes, not who he was. They had a special gleam about them.

“Yes, yes I have. Have for a while, actually,” you admitted. He smiled at you and leaned in to kiss you. 

And that was the first of many discussions of your future. But in every conversation about kids, you guys always said ‘someday.’ So when you found out you were pregnant, you were very anxious to tell Harry.

About three weeks ago, you and Harry had run out of condoms. You didn’t want to be the one to kill the mood, and you were on the pill so you weren’t concerned. But after experiencing some kind of stomach bug, you bought a test to be cautious.

Harry had been out of town for two weeks, and wouldn’t be back for another week, so you weren’t concerned about him seeing that you bought a pregnancy test. After you took it, you had experienced the three most agonizing minutes of your life. Your mind was racing with thoughts. Did Harry want a kid now? Would he be angry that you persuaded him to have sex with no condom? Would he be so distraught that he would leave you?

After the three minutes were up, you looked and saw the two little, thin, red lines. You started crying, of happiness or sadness you weren’t sure. But you were overwhelmed. All you wanted was Harry to tell you it would be okay, but at the same time, you didn’t want to know the outcome of what would happen if you told him.

After having a week to yourself to think about everything, you decided you were extremely happy about the news. You had always wanted to be a mom, so who were you to get upset over your child? So it happened earlier than expected. You were still getting a baby.

Harry arrived home and your nerves started acting up again. You knew Harry, you knew him like the back of your hand. But this was a child. A child that was coming into your lives right when everything good was happening for him. You weren’t going to blame him if he was angry about the whole ordeal. You would blame him if he left because of it, but not if he was upset for a couple days.

He had been home for two days and you still hadn’t had sex. Usually when Harry got home from being away, you would jump his bones the minute he got there. But you weren’t sure if it was okay for the baby, so you didn’t want to. Harry thought that you didn’t want to because he noticed there were still no condoms in the bedside drawer. He didn’t want to risk it either, so he never said anything, figuring you would pick some up when it was convenient.

Sunday afternoon, you announced that you were running to the store to pick up some things. You still hadn’t told him, wanting the moment to be very special. But you knew Harry was getting antsy, so you were going to have to come up with something soon. You researched it and saw that it was completely okay for the baby if you were to have sex, so all that was waiting was for you to tell him.

“H, I’m running to the store! Do you want me to pick up anything?” you yelled from the coatroom.

“Just get some more Kiwi, if you can find any in season!” he yelled back. You walked out of the coatroom to grab you phone and purse just as he was walking out of the kitchen. You gave him a short peck on the lips then turned to walk towards the door again when he made one more request.

Don’t forge’ the condoms!

You froze right in your tracks. You knew, deep down, that there was no way to get out of this one. You could try and lie, but Harry also knew you like the back of his hand and would figure you out in a second. You turned to face him again, but this time his attention was focused on his phone. You didn’t really know where to begin, so you just winged it.

“Actually, I don’t think we will be needing those anytime soon.”

This caught his attention. He looked up from his phone with a cheeky grin.

“Wha’? Took yeh bare once an’ now yeh can’t go back?” You rolled your eyes at his comment. He was always such a cheeky boy.

“No, I mean I don’t think we need to be worrying about protection right now,” you explained.

“Why? Are yeh on your period or somethin’?” he asked, still confused.

“No, not for a while,” you claimed, trying to get one last hint in there, hoping he would finally understand.

“Tha’ sounds bad, maybe yeh should see someone.”

“Oh my god Harry, I’m trying to tell you I’m pregnant,” you finally gave in.

His face went straight from confusion to shock. Now it was his turn to be frozen. You just stood there, waiting for some reaction.

“Are yeh serious?”

You nodded your head yes. “That would be a sick joke if I was lying, babe.”

He ran to you and engulfed you into his arms squeezing you so tight.

“I’m gonna be dad?” he asked, with tears welling into his eyes. Your’s were soon to follow.

“Yeah, Harry. Your gonna be a dad!” 

He picked you up and spun you around, tears flying everywhere. 

“So your not upset? I know it’s earlier than ‘someday’ but-”

“I dob’t care, love. This is amzin’. What we’ve done? Amazin’. No matter when,” he said, just before kissing you once again. Just because ‘someday’ was now, didn’t mean it was a burden. It meant your future is now. And you both couldn’t be happier.

from the beginning; donghan

it felt right to be friends, but what would it felt like to be more than that?

pairing: kim donghan | reader.

genre: fluff

warnings: use of alcohol.

words: 6.5K

author’s note: i have recently started watching produce 101 season 2, and as you can see, it has pretty much consumed me, lmao. so, because i have taken an interest in the show and already have faves, i decided why not start to write scenarios for them ?? i want to thank the donghan group chat i’m including in on twitter for reading this scenario and giving it such good feedback, it really boosted my confidence in writing and made me both smile and cry. i hope you all enjoy this scenario !! happy reading~

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·「 Pocket Sized Monsta X 」·

ARRGH this is so cute I feel so soft, writing this. Thank you to the two lovely anons who requested this.

-Xiro ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ


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✧ Shownu would be lurking around the kitchen a lot, always hungry. You’d always find him trying to find ways to get the fridge to open, failing most of the time. He’d also love to rest on a loaf of bread in your kitchen and would most often sleep on it. He turns super squishy whenever he knocks something off the counter, showing you his guilty smile as a way of saying sorry. Super duper tight with your dog and you’d always catch him either riding or sleeping on it.

✧ Wonho is so precious, somebody please protect him. He’d love to help you carry all the ‘big stuff’, like erasers, teaspoons, or chargers just to show you how strong his and how he’s able to ‘protect you’. Would pout a lot if you’re too busy and can’t talk to him, often tugging your sleeves just to get your attention for just a few seconds before running away and giggling. Would also often sleep in your bed instead of his, since he really loves to be with you and finds you very warm.

✧ Minhyuk loves to hop on your head and would lug a hair tie with him, so he could do your hair into a small braid. You’d usually find him hiding underneath the pile of fresh laundry whenever he’s gone, since he loves how soft it feels and good it smells. You’d often have to take off the huge sock that’s over his head, from all that hiding. He’d also plays Overwatch on your computer by hopping from key to key and gliding on the mousepad. Doesn’t win any of the battles but still continues to play it anyways, often till later in the night.

✧ Kihyun would usually be on your shoulder, following you pretty much everywhere. He’d help you with cooking, bringing the freshly cut vegetables in the pan/pot and stirring soup/broth with his tiny hands. He’d help you fold your clothes, bringing one hem of the shirt and running to fold it on the other side, often tripping over the clothing. He’d also be clinging in your purse whilst you grocery shop, helping you pick out foods that the boys wanted badly and the two of you would return with so much snacks. If he’s ever angry with any of the guys, he’d grab his trusty pepero stick and start waving angrily at them.

✧ Hyungwon would be sleeping everywhere. Whether be it the teacup or the washing machine, which gave you a heart attack once since you almost killed him. Waking him up is so difficult, you had to grab his small body and shake him violently before he budges. Loves taking baths in your teacups. If you’re ever going out with the boys, he’d hold on to your shoulder tightly, slowly drifting off as you’re walking.

✧ Jooheon would love to play with your little round vacuum, often riding on top of it with I.M as the machine cleans from on place to another, providing a mean of transportation for them. Loves to hide in your blankets a lot, that you almost crushed him once. Would borrow one of your barbie dolls’ mic and would engage himself in mini rap battles with the other guys. You also bought him a doll house just so he could feel like living in a mansion. He has two barbie dolls as his girlfriends. Hates it when it’s dark, so he makes you turn a light on whenever bedtime comes.

✧ I.M would constantly be poking at you and watching whatever it was that you were doing, since he’s super curious and eager to learn new things. He’d often look through your university assignments asking about them a lot, before wandering off all of a sudden. He’d often get chased around the house a lot by your dog, from bothering it often. This boy can’t really sit still so exploring the house and getting either stuck in things or lost was a very often occurrence. Because of this, you had Jooheon following him so he doesn’t get himself hurt.

✧ And at the end of everyday, after coming home from an exhausting day, you’d always be greeted by all 7 of the boys hugging and clinging on to you at the door, whining about how much they miss you and how they’ll make sure to lock you in the house next time. And honestly, coming home to the mischievous boys makes your day even better.

atroniascreamsube  asked:

Hiya! Congratulations for your 400 follower mark! May I ask of a headcannon about Modern Day! Au Lords being tagged by his lil child to play with him Barbie while his wife is away on a Friday Night??? Thanks! :333

I was planning to do a couple of smut fills tonight but I’m still kinda upset about MFWP ending :( Kind of hoping they’ll replace it with Our Two Bedroom Story. Anyway, smut tomorrow, I guess. I think I have about 17 more requests to go?

Lords playing Barbies with their daughters headcanon

- Nobunaga doesn’t really get what to do with dolls and privately thinks they’re a little creepy. What exactly are they for?? Suggests playing catch instead.
- Mitsuhide sets up the most elaborate tea party ever. They may be playing with dolls, but there is going to be some goddamn culture involved.
- Yukimura wants to have a battle. Fight! Fight! FIGHT! His daughter yells at him and then later tells you all about it. You are not amused.
- Saizo pretends to be reluctant but willingly plays along. Anything to make her happy. He’ll coax ‘compensation’ out of you later.
- Masamune agrees, but has no idea what to do. His daughter bosses him around and keeps telling him he’s NOT DOING IT RIGHT and he’s so lost someone send help
- Kojuro enjoys playing with children, especially when they’re his own. Admittedly, Barbies aren’t his favorite, but he’ll go along with whatever she wants. Spends half their play session thinking about what other toys he should buy for her…
- Hideyoshi enthusiastically suggests a makeover session for the Barbies. Their hair is never the same after that. He ends up having to buy replacements.
- Inuchiyo doesn’t want to play with dolls! They’re so… tiny and girly… But he caves because he’s an absolute sucker for his daughter and can’t deny her anything she wants. He’s so bad at it though.
- Ieyasu would rather watch a documentary or something. Suggests a TV night. Bundles his daughter up in a blanket and puts her on the couch. Does the same for her Barbies with handkerchiefs. They’re both asleep when you come home. You take a picture and tease him about it endlessly.
- Mitsunari gives a lecture on why Barbie dolls are horrible representations of women and rambles on at length about how disproportionate they are and how it’s physically impossible for a woman to have that body type. She falls asleep while he’s talking. He’s disgruntled, but puts her to bed. Googles for age-appropriate, anatomically accurate dolls and orders one on Amazon, priority shipping.
- Shingen thinks it’s hilarious. His daughter tells him stories about all her dolls and what they do and the drama that’s going on with them. He reacts appropriately (“What!? No way!!” etc) and asks questions. Genuinely interested in whatever she comes up with.
- Kenshin loves spending time with his baby girl. Barbies? No problem! The real question is, how much playtime can they fit in before you come home and pack everyone off to bed?

We’ve Got History (Happy x Reader)

@omandturtle I went in hard on this one. I can’t explain what happened here. I - uh - this one is really long. I hope I didn’t f*ck this up. 

Word Count: 8,604

Playlist: Juke Jam (feat. Towkio & Justin Bieber) - Chance the Rapper

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“MAMA!” You screamed, running with tears spilling from your eyes.

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Friendship Day

Carry On Valentine’s Day Celebration

Word count: 1978

Baz’s POV


It was on Friendship Day that everything changed. Simon did this whole thing - he made me a card (full of hearts and lovey-dovey things written on it – he made it so incredibly difficult for me not to cross over the “just friends” barrier) and got balloons and everything. It was ridiculous, but he clearly put a lot of thought and effort into it.

He told me we’re going to have dinner together and that the whole night was a surprise. He promised I’d have a blast, and I didn’t doubt him - I never did - but I still argued. We always argue. We argue and we laugh and we argue and we laugh and somehow, we’ve been side-by-side since we were 5 years old, since he threw a toy at me in the orphanage.

I remember being quite outraged the day we met. My mother always made me go play with the kids at the orphanage (she and my father owned it – the Grimm-Pitch Orphanage (frightening name for an orphanage, I know), but my aunt Fiona took over when she passed).

There was a new kid there that day, the same age as me, and I later found out that he’d been living in orphanages since birth, and had just been moved to this one (his third one) because kids were picking on him too much. Unaware of that fact, I went for my usual sarcastic approach (which my mom was very much unaware of, thank god), but he reacted differently than most kids. I must’ve said something of the sort: “Did mummy say bye before she left you?” I was such a bully and I hate myself for it. (Being upset that your daily chore is to play with other kids is the most absurd thing, I now realize.)

I didn’t expect to go home with a bruise on the side of my face that day because Simon decided to throw a Barbie doll at me. But then again, I didn’t expect a lot of things when it came to Simon, including the whole “Friendship Day” celebration.

I was convinced he made up the whole ordeal (who knew people are petty enough to make a day called “Friendship Day”), but I played along. I put on my nicest tight-fitted jeans and dark gray button-up (I even wore the fancy watch my dad gave me for my last birthday, my 18th), and I went to Simon’s apartment at 7:00 PM. He got the apartment as soon as he saved up enough money to move out.

He had wanted to move out almost right after he got adopted. I mean, he was ecstatic at first. He was 11 years old and lucky to finally be adopted, and though I was sad (way too sad) to have lost a friend I could play with every day, I was also happy for him. That is, until I found out what his adoptive father, David, was like.

I could only really see Simon at school once he got adopted (I was only 11 years old and incapable of navigating the world on my own), until one day he came to me, crying, in the middle of the night. He knocked on my window, and he was shivering so bad (he was only in a T-shirt and he had frozen tears covering his face), and when I let him in he couldn’t even explain what happened. He had a large purple bruise on the side of his face and even more swollen bruises underneath his clothing, I would later find out. It took him weeks to find the words and mumble to me, “He beat me up. My dad. He beat me up.”

“Was that the only time?” I had asked him, and he shook his head. “How many times?” I then asked, and he lifted two fingers sadly.

That pretty much marked the start of 5 years of pain for Simon and me. All I could do was be by his side at school and hug him whenever he looked lost, and let him in my room at night when he came, with tears and bruises and sometimes blood. It came to the point where he would sleep in my bed multiple times every week, and I’d wrap my arms around him tightly, wanting to protect him so badly. He’d shake and shiver, and he’d wince if I pressed the wrong spot while I ran my hands up and down his back soothingly.

My mother grew suspicious after Simon forgot to sneak back home before sunrise a few times (he was sleeping too peacefully in my arms for either of us to care). We should have told her about Simon’s adopted father. She could have helped, or at least she could have tried. She knew a lot more about the paperwork and the law and how much power we had to get Simon back, but we were silly kids.

She questioned me after finding Simon in my bed when she came to wake me up for school, and after a few times, I was so close to spilling it all, but it was too late. Everything shattered.

Or, more accurately, everything went up in flames. The Orphanage burned down, with her in it. She had stayed late that night, having to fill out paperwork for the triplets that had just been dropped off, and she had fallen asleep on her desk. Her office was in the basement, and the fire started upstairs where the stove was left on underneath the wooden cabinets.

All the other workers escaped with the kids, apparently having forgotten that their boss was still downstairs. My mother rarely stayed late, but still, if they had been more attentive, then they could’ve gotten to her before the ceiling collapsed and completely blocked her in. She’d been trapped, completely trapped.

I was twelve and I was devastated. My father continued to focus on work instead of me and I felt so alone. Except, I had Simon. He was always there for me.

I remember being so unresponsive to all his efforts to help me through my grieving. I turned cold and emotionless, and even though I didn’t physically push him away, I did push him away emotionally.

One year later, his adoptive mom died in a car crash and Simon was left alone with his adoptive father. One thing after another, things were collapsing. We’re lucky our friendship remained in tact.

We got through our high school years together, and when we turned 18, things started to get better. He was old enough to escape his adoptive dad and I was starting University, which distracted me enough from negative thoughts and emotions. Simon isn’t going to University yet. He needs to work full-time to afford the apartment and food and everything he needs to live. And there’s no way he can afford school fees.

I practically live at his apartment now. It’s much closer to my University than my house is, so I stay there during the week and go home on weekends.

He is my best friend, my only friend, and I think it’s our friendship that has kept us both alive this long.

Maybe that’s why I’m so nervous for tonight. Maybe that’s why my thoughts have been spiraling all over the place as I got ready and as I drove to pick him up and now, as I lift my hand to knock on his door.

But when he opens the door and I see his smile and his sparkling blue eyes and his messy curs and the way he dressed up just for me, I know it’s more than that. I know it’s because of my damn heart beating like crazy whenever we’re in the same room. I know it’s because I’m so damn in love with him.  

I’m a mess because this whole thing seems way too much like a date, and I can’t handle it.

“Hey,” Simon says. So simple.

“Oh – uh – hi,” I respond.

“Come in,” he says, waving me towards him.

“Aren’t we going somewhere?” I ask.

“No, we’re gonna stay here.”

“Why did I have to dress up then?” He asked me to dress up special in the card he gave me this morning when he rang my doorbell at early-o-clock with balloons and a huge smile.

“Uh,” he blushes, “well, we’re dressing up for each other, not for others, you know?”

“Um… yeah, I guess.”

He grabs my arm and pulls me inside, shutting the door behind me.

“I made dinner,” he says.

“You made dinner?” I’m quite shocked. Simon rarely cooks for himself, he lives off of cheap pre-made meals and food that I make him (it’s a bit sad).

He nods. “I guess I wanted to show you, um… how much you mean to me, you know?”

I nod, robotically, taking off my jacket and putting it on the coat rack. When I’m done, he grabs my hand and pulls me to the dinner table, which has lit candles in the center. My heart stars beating way too fast.

He squeezes my hand before letting go and sitting in one of the two chairs, and I feel quite wobbly. We’re always very touchy, but tonight it feels like it has some sort of special meaning behind it.

I take a seat across from him and look down at the plate in front of me, which has a sandwich on it. He made sandwiches.

That’s so adorable. I can’t help it, I burst out laughing.

He pouts at me. “I tried very hard,” he says.

“I know,” I reply. “They look delicious.”

We eat mostly in silence, but it’s comfortable. We spend lot of time in silence, and it’s the most relieving thing ever. Talking gets exhausting after awhile.

We clean the dishes together, and then we sit on his couch together and play board games. We’re both sitting cross-legged, each at one end of the couch.

I always beat him at chess, but he always beats me at snakes and ladders, and it’s no different tonight. It feels nice and normal, until Simon pushes the games aside around midnight and looks me directly in the eye, intensely.

He scooches closer to me and grabs my hand, then starts drawing shapes on my wrist. My stomach twists and pulls and tightens.

“Baz,” he says.

I copy him. I grab his other hand and I start tracing his fingers. “Simon,” I say, and I feel broken all over again. It’s so, so bad, how he breaks me, again and again. He makes me forget how to breathe, he makes me forget how to move my fingers and how to say the alphabet backwards and how to be a sane human being.

He grabs both of my hands, tightly. And then he pulls. He pulls me towards him, and I’m falling.

I’m falling but I’m holding his hands, which makes everything okay.

He pulls until I’m in his lap and his lips are on mine.

He kisses me and he kisses me and he does it so passionately. He does it like he’s been thinking about it for awhile, like he’s wanted it for awhile.

I push him down so he’s lying on his back and I kiss him just as passionately. I kiss him until I can’t breathe anymore. And then I kiss everywhere on his face and his neck. I rub my lips against his skin and I even nibble some places. He wraps himself around me and we both look at each other like all the problems in the world have been solved.

“You’re more than just a friend,” Simon says to me, and I respond with my lips.

Open letter to Sam Cait Shippers

I’m so disappointed in Sam for playing all these games. He’s turned out to be such a phony!”

I said I wasn’t going to go down this road, and I was going to close this account and stop worrying about foolish shippers, but this popped up in my feed, and I am just flabbergasted by the foolishness that certain shippers continue to participate in.  

 Common sense would dictate that if you don’t like where Sam Heughan is leading you - to weddings with his GIRLFRIEND - then quit following him!!! Just Stop!!!

Being an asshat by bullying Mackenzie isn’t going to get you what you want, it just makes you look like a miserable vindictive shrew. We see you over there hating on Sam’s girlfriend, and you really do look pathetic. 

So you made a mistake.  Clinging so desperately to a mistake that you have to lie to yourself and be hateful and mean doesn’t undo the mistake, it just makes you contemptible and sad. 

Sam isn’t playing games, he is living his life, spending time with his girlfriend, which is what real people do.

Quit objectifying Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe by turning them into your own little personal Ken and Barbie dolls.  They are real people, not toys to be manipulated or trifled with. They have feelings, they make choices, and they live their own lives - and you have no say in the matter.      

I’m sorry if that hurts your feelings, but how long are you going drink poison before you realize how foolish you have been? 

You have ignored every statement, every photo, every interview Sam and Cait have ever made about not being a couple, and now you want to be butt hurt because you think he is phony. The only person to blame here is yourself.  Stop lying to yourself and all these inconvenient “problems” will disappear.

The only thing phony here is your foolish “ship” fantasy.  

Maybe it is easier to live a delusional existence to escape from whatever you have going on in your own life, but there comes a time when you have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and stop whining, crying, and pissing and moaning and realize that people are pointing out that you live in a delusional world because you do, and you choose not to open your eyes to see reality. Own your life, your choices, your mistakes. 

Only you have the ability to change things, by accepting that Sam and Cait aren’t together, that they have significant others and they appear to be happy. 

Go take a good long look in the mirror  and decide what kind of person you want to be, because if you want to celebrate love and light - that ship sailed a long time ago, and all that’s left is behavior that supports lies, hate, bitterness, and spite.  Find something worthy of your time and effort…   

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Ficlet from The Bridge verse

Siblings are a pain.

Amy doesn’t really see why she has to attend Mal Cobb’s birthday party. The Cobbs are more Eames’ friends than hers. She does like Mal, though (even if she’s undecided about Mal’s awkward husband Dom), and she got an invite, so she goes uptown with Eames to the Cobbs’ apartment, gift in hand.

“Mal must like having you in New York,” she says to her brother in the elevator. She doesn’t kid herself that she’s the only reason Eames chose to flee here from Canada (all things considered, she is probably quite low on the list). Eames shrugs jerkily, staring at the elevator doors.

“Let’s not bring it up.”

“Just trying to help you look on the bright side,” she grumbles, before the elevator stops and the doors open with a ding. Eames sighs and steps past her. Miserable as usual.

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Kings and Queens - Minhyuk Scenario

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request: Hello can i request a rocky scenario where he’s watching you play with your little niece and he finds it so cute that he couldn’t hold his feelings in anymore and confesses? Thank you~

pairing: Minhyuk (Rocky) x Reader

genre: way too much fluff

word count: 1,542 (I got so carried away omg this was supposed to be like drabble length)

warnings: possible fangirl attack because damn this is so fluffy

A/N: So when I originally set out to write this I thought I would only get like 5-600 words down but hah guess not! I actually really love the way it turned out and I hope you enjoy it too! Sorry for the long wait guys~

You stared at the message on your phone, a sigh escaping your lips as you tried to figure out what to do. Your older brother and his wife needed someone to watch your little niece, but you were supposed to study with your best friend and classmate, Minhyuk, later.

You closed out of your brother’s contact and quickly opened another. Tapping away at the illuminated screen as light clicks sounded when you hit a key. You read over the short message, searching for any typos that tend to occur more often than not.

“Hey Hyukie, would it be okay to maybe reschedule our homework sesh? My brother’s sitter just quit last minute and they need me to watch Jihye…” It read.

You sighed again at the thought of letting either boy down when it struck you. You erased the message once again and typed up another - one that would hopefully fix both problems.

“Yo Hyuk, do you think we could move our study date to my brother’s house? He needs someone to watch my niece and I’m the only person available.” You read over the new idea when the word ‘date’ caught your attention. You blushed a bit and quickly opted to change the word back to ‘session.’

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Fourth Lesson (M)

Teacher! Taehyung 

Anon requested:  OMG SINFUL SUNDAY!! Ur the best. ㅠ.ㅠ How about a Tae smut where you go to a concert together (he’s just attending with you). Hmmmm, n then spontaneous car sex? ^___________^ Ur a champ~ ;*

Lowkey a smut series ->  Lessons, First Lesson, Second Lesson, Third Lesson

Word Count: 3,385 words

god he’s so damn handsome

You woke up, looking at your alarm clock and sighing. It was time for school, the one place you wished to avoid. There was an error in your winter schedule, making you see Mr. Kim and Ms. Tight skirt at the beginning and end of your day.

Of course, your friends called it ‘destiny’ while you called ‘an error that is the school should take responsibility for’. As if the universe doesn’t hate you enough, you couldn’t pick an alternative. Even computer science was full and everyone knows Ms. Choi is a tyrant because of her divorce from her fourth husband. You were shocked that she still got dates.

You’ve seen her shamelessly flirt with the head janitor but you digress.

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Two Can Play This Game

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1,000 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “Umm…I’m not wearing any underwear.”

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Requested by: @feelmyroarrrr

“It’s my birthday, bitches!” Charlie yells after she opens the front door.

You, Jess, Sam and Dean walk into her parent’s huge expensive house. They’re gone for the next few days, leaving you and your friends a perfect place to party for the weekend.  

You walk into the kitchen and immediately pour yourself a drink. To say classes have been stressing you out lately is an understatement. This party couldn’t have come at a better time. 

“You’re not wasting any time, sweetheart.” Dean says eyeing the glass in your hand as he walks in.

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Summary- Clara leaves Dean alone to babysit Maddie for the first time. 

A/N- The second part of my Dating with Children series. It will make sense if you haven’t read the first part, but I suggest checking it out.

Dating with Children Masterlist


“Alone?! You want to leave me alone with her? Are you crazy?” Dean exclaimed, looking at his girlfriend like she had three heads.

“Dean, please? I have been planning this girl’s night for a while and the babysitter caught the flu and can’t come. It’ll only be for a couple of hours, I promise.” Clara continued getting ready.

“Clara, I don’t know what to do with her! Sure, I’ve spent some time with her, but not a lot. And what if I do something wrong? I could totally screw up your kid. Like forever. Is that what you want?”

Clara turned around and gave him a look. “You are not going to screw her up. C’mon, you can handle a four-year-old for a couple of hours. I have total faith in you! You’re a very capable man. She’ll tell you want she wants to do, and she’ll even tell when she’s hungry for dinner. There are some very basic things in the fridge and you’re a great cook. She’ll eat just about anything. Bedtime is 7:30. Okay? You’ve got this Dean, there is no one safer to leave her with.”

Dean was not ready for this. Handling a preschooler by himself for the evening? Scarier than a nest of vamps. He’d been back to Clara’s a handful of times since the first night he’d meet Maddie and had fun. Maddie was a good kid and according to her Dean was finally starting to get the hang of playing princesses. But none the less, being left responsible for the little girl was terrifying for Dean. Sure, he’d taken care of Sam a lot when they were younger, but Dean didn’t feel like that made him experienced. He knew that Clara leaving Maddie with him was a big step.

“Please Dean, for me.” Clara ran a hand up his arm reassuringly. “I won’t be far, if anything goes wrong just call me and I’ll be home in no time.”

Dean sighed, “Okay. I’ll do it.”

Clara leaned up and gave him a quick kiss. “You’ll be fine; she’s an easy kid.”

The door had barely closed behind Clara, before Maddie whipped around to face Dean. “We’re going to have the best time Dean!”

Dean gave her a weak smile. “Alright Maddie, what are we doing first?”

“Barbies, you still haven’t played that yet!”

“Alright, let’s go.” Never in his life did Dean Winchester think he’d be sitting on the floor of a little girl’s room playing Barbies, but since meeting Maddie she had gotten him to play a variety of children’s games.

Maddie started pulled out a collection of dolls and their various outfits and accessories. “Dean, I left my Ken doll at Nana’s, so you’ll have to be a Barbie, but you can pick your Barbie and her outfit first.”

Dean stared at the various toys laid out in front of them, “Maddie I don’t really care which one, you can pick for me.”

Maddie shot him an annoyed look, “Deaaan, part of the fun of Barbies is picking your girl and dressing her up. I can’t pick for you.”

“Sorry,” Dean reached out and grabbed the closest Barbie to him. “I guess I’ll be this one then.”

“Good, now pick clothes to put on her. This shirt is like the ones you always wear.” Maddie fled up a Barbie sized flannel for Dean. He took the miniature clothing from her and tried to dress his doll. He struggled to get the old shirt off his doll; his large fingers fumbling to get her arms out. Maddie giggled as she watched him try, and Dean shot her his classic bitch face.

“You want to help me with this?” Dean held out the doll to her and she changed its outfit with ease.

“There! Okay, so this doll is mine. I named her Lily. What is the name of your doll?” Maddie looked at him expectantly. He didn’t have a name; he honestly was so confused on how he was supposed to play.

“Can’t I just call her Barbie?” Maddie tossed her head back, again annoyed with Dean’s lack of understanding. “Guess not. Umm… I guess Mary then.”

Maddie smiled at him, “That’s a pretty name.”

Dean smiled to himself, “Thanks. So how do we play?”

“You just move them around and talk. You play however you want.” She held her doll up on the floor and Dean copied her moves. “Hi Mary, I love your new shirt.”

“I like yours too.” Dean tried out a high pitched girly voice. Maddie giggled.

“Why thank you, I also got these new shoes. Do you want to try them on?” Dean groaned internally; this was going to be a long night.

An hour later, Maddie put down the Barbie she was holding and looked up at Dean, “Dean I’m hungry. Can I have dinner please?”

“Sure kid, what do you want? Are burgers good? My brother says I make good burgers.”

“I like burgers, especially with cheese.” She paused for a minute, “you have a brother?”

“Burgers with cheese it is then.” Dean scoped the child up in his arms and headed toward the kitchen. “Yep, his name’s Sammy.”

“That’s sounds nice. I always wanted a little brother or sister to play with.”

“Yeah? Mines not so little anymore, he’s taller than me now.”

“Really?” Maddie’s eyes went wide, “But you are already really tall. He must be huge.”

“He’s a giant alright.” Dean sat her down on the counter and started gathering all the supplies he needed to make dinner.

“I want to help.” Maddie excited bounced on her spot. Dean bit his lip, he wasn’t sure how much help Maddie was going to be able to be. At four-years-old there was no way Dean was letting her work the stove.

“I don’t know Maddie; the stove is hot. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“I can help with the other stuff; I help my Mommy cook all the time.”

“Alright,” Dean conceded. He pulled a kitchen chair over for Maddie to stand on and work. Together they started preparing the meat, mixing onions and garlic with the ground beef. Once everything was mixed together Dean showed Maddie how to shape the patties. “You push the meat into little balls and then flatten them, like this. Good job.”

Once all the patties were formed, Dean moved Maddie to the table and started to cook the meat. When Dean placed a finished burger in front of Maddie, her eyes went wide.

“That smells really good.” She took a bite and smiled up at him. “Your Sammy is right; these are great burgers!”

“I had a great helper.” As dinner continued, he noticed that Maddie seemed to be getting tired. “Hey, maybe we can watch a movie after dinner before bed.”

“Yeah, we have to watch Beauty and the Beast. It’s my new favorite princess movie.”

“I’ve never seen it before.”

“What?” Maddie looked up at Dean with a shocked expression. “Dean, your life sounds pretty boring. You’ve never seen Beauty and the Beast, you’ve never played Barbie or tea party. What do you do? It’s a good thing you met Mommy; we’re showing you all the good stuff.”

Dean smiled, Maddie wasn’t too far off. He’d never admit it, especially to Sam, but he actually enjoyed playing Maddie’s games with her. Definitely more than he ever though. Dean was really starting to warm up to this new little girl in his life.

“You definitely are sweetheart. Meeting your mom was one of the best things to happen to me.”

Maddie leaped out of her seat and towards Dean, who quickly threw his arms out to catch her. She wrapped her tiny arms around his neck and gave him the biggest hug she could.

After dinner, the pair were nestled up on the couch, the opening chords of the movie playing. As the enchantress comes on screen, Maddie snuggled closer into Dean’s side, her head curled into the crook of his neck. Dean wrapped his arms securely around her, basking in the fact that there was no were else he’d rather be.

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It’s King’s Day!

Today it is King’s Day in The Netherlands! Officially called Koningsdag in Dutch, this day is all to celebrate the Dutch royalty! Up until 2013 this day was for decades long called Koninginnedag or Queen’s Day, since as of 2013 the Dutch finally have a king instead of a queen again after 3 generations though the next one will be a queen again because they can’t seem to get any sons.

The colour orange on this day is of extreme importance as it is the national colour of The Netherlands. The reason behind this? Willem van Oranje-Nassau/William of Orange-Nassau. It is very common to dress up completely in orange and wear the most outrageous costumes en accessories to adorn yourself in this national colour:

On this colourful, festive day it is custom to collect your old, unwanted items from your house and spread them out on an old cloth in a nation-wide flea-market. You always wanted a Barbie doll that’s slightly chewed on and with frizzy hair? Get one for €0,50! Never gotten rid of that ghastly piece of clothing? Get  €3,- for it!

To accompany your delightful little shop you can place your child on the same cloth on the floor and let them play music that may or may not sound horrible, depending if they’ve had lessons before. This way you’ll be sure to make some extra money!

The king and his queen on this day will go around one or two towns/cities to mingle among the common people and play games with them. A vast amount of old-fashioned Dutch games is played on this day such as Spijkerpoepen and Koekhappen. As for the king, he prefers to… throw orange toilet-bowls for some reason:

Many adults and rebellious teenagers will go to bars and open-air parties the night beforehand and on the actual night of King’s Day to party hard and get completely and utterly drunk on beer.

All in all today is the day where the Dutch people and their royalty have fun, go to parties and try to get some pocket money! The common people and royalty mingle and have fun together and the large gap between them is completely gone for one day of the year. The entire atmosphere is Gezellig and Gemoedelijk and it is not for nothing that this holiday is one of the most favourite of them all together with Sinterklaas.

Fresh Start - Tough Call

A/N: Fresh Start part 12. This is a Mechanic!Dean x Single mom!Reader AU. I know it’s a day late, sorry! I hope you guy’s enjoy this part. Thanks again to my fantastic beta @thorne93

Memories are in italics.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Beth.

Warnings: None I think. Maybe language.

Wordcount: 2009


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“Can we go home now?” Cas asked as you excused yourself from your friend. The two of you were at a bon voyage party for one of your friends who had gotten an amazing opportunity to study abroad, only downside was that she had to leave before the school year was over. Cas was never one for big parties, he liked it best when there was just a few people who he knew, so you were kind of impressed that he had lasted this long.

“Of course. Let’s just find Jill and we can say goodbye.” You gave him a quick peck on the cheek and then dragged him through the room. Once you had said your goodbye’s and good luck’s you and Cas stepped out into the crisp spring air.

“You want to walk back? It’s a beautiful night.” Cas asked as he looked up to the sky where the stars were blinking.

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Behind Closed Doors

This some comic I had that was lying on my desktop for a couple of months unfinished. It was just staring down at my soul begging me to finish it. So I did.

credits for the art posters

art poster: LaggyCreatings
art poster 2: cargocollective.com


Craig: Hey Tweek c'mere, I’ve got something to show ya.
Tweek: Oh man!

Tweek: What the hell was that for?
Craig:  Clyde showed it to me.
Tweek: That’s gross, man.
Craig: Haha should see the look of your face!!

sister:  So having fun sucking each other’s dicks huh?

sister:  I could hear you at the end of the hallway.

Craig:  Uh…You’re 6, you shouldn’t be saying stuff like that. Why don’t you go play with your Barbie dolls or something and leave us alone.

sister: Up your’s, Craig. I would love to if you guys weren’t so loud!

sister: Oh, by the way, here’s a condom. Your fuck buddy gave it to me to give to you for all I care. One advice, use it wisely.


sister: And, Dad wanted you guys to keep it down and leave your door open.

Craig: How… the fuck…? Tweek!?!
Craig: Seriously? She was looking right at you!!
Tweek: I swear to God, Craig, it wasn’t me. I don’t have anything to do with it!!

Craig:  OH ha ha very funny!


Wondering what they’re looking up, it’s called Grapefuit technique, friends showed it to me, so this comic will relate somehow ;). 

Dating BlackPink’s Jisoo would include...
  • Going shopping together
  • She’ll always want to do small runway shows with you
  • And will test her new make up on you first
  • “Jisoo, you do know I’m not a barbie doll right?”
  • “I know, but you have to admit it. You look really hot with eyeliner on. It makes your eyes pop”
  • Her giving you compliments in languages you don’t understand
  • And then you’ll learn the language to surprise her
  • Her serenading you while playing the guitar
  • Her wanting you to meet the rest of BlackPink early on in the relationship
  • She wants her favorite people to get to know each other quickly
  • Wouldn’t give romantic gestures too often
  • Maybe once in 3 months she’ll take you out to a really nice restaurant, but those kinda dates aren’t often
  • Mostly she’ll want to stay inside and have a nice relaxing day with her lover

~Admin C