go play with your barbie dolls

Dating BlackPink’s Jisoo would include...
  • Going shopping together
  • She’ll always want to do small runway shows with you
  • And will test her new make up on you first
  • “Jisoo, you do know I’m not a barbie doll right?”
  • “I know, but you have to admit it. You look really hot with eyeliner on. It makes your eyes pop”
  • Her giving you compliments in languages you don’t understand
  • And then you’ll learn the language to surprise her
  • Her serenading you while playing the guitar
  • Her wanting you to meet the rest of BlackPink early on in the relationship
  • She wants her favorite people to get to know each other quickly
  • Wouldn’t give romantic gestures too often
  • Maybe once in 3 months she’ll take you out to a really nice restaurant, but those kinda dates aren’t often
  • Mostly she’ll want to stay inside and have a nice relaxing day with her lover

~Admin C

Behind Closed Doors

This some comic I had that was lying on my desktop for a couple of months unfinished. It was just staring down at my soul begging me to finish it. So I did.

credits for the art posters

art poster: LaggyCreatings
art poster 2: cargocollective.com


Craig: Hey Tweek c'mere, I’ve got something to show ya.
Tweek: Oh man!

Tweek: What the hell was that for?
Craig:  Clyde showed it to me.
Tweek: That’s gross, man.
Craig: Haha should see the look of your face!!

sister:  So having fun sucking each other’s dicks huh?

sister:  I could hear you at the end of the hallway.

Craig:  Uh…You’re 6, you shouldn’t be saying stuff like that. Why don’t you go play with your Barbie dolls or something and leave us alone.

sister: Up your’s, Craig. I would love to if you guys weren’t so loud!

sister: Oh, by the way, here’s a condom. Your fuck buddy gave it to me to give to you for all I care. One advice, use it wisely.


sister: And, Dad wanted you guys to keep it down and leave your door open.

Craig: How… the fuck…? Tweek!?!
Craig: Seriously? She was looking right at you!!
Tweek: I swear to God, Craig, it wasn’t me. I don’t have anything to do with it!!

Craig:  OH ha ha very funny!


Wondering what they’re looking up, it’s called Grapefuit technique, friends showed it to me, so this comic will relate somehow ;). 

As a gay man, I loved barbie dolls as a child and I think Mattel has done really well with their new advertising line with the boy (obviously meant to be a younger version of the designer). There’s a fair few comments either way for whether it’s ‘biblically immoral’ and socially wrong or the most inclusive commercial ever; but if people actually knew that being gay wasn’t a choice, you know what, I’m sure they still wouldn’t change their tiny minds, their just assholes. Anyway the point of this is that when I was going up, I really wish barbie wasn’t as centered towards girls, my mother would buy me dolls but my dad would throw them out. If society realised that boys like barbie too I never would have felt weird about liking them. It would always make me really sad to see something I loved being taken away from me and telling me that it’s “for girls” and that I shouldn’t be playing with it. If your kid wants a barbie, buy them a goddamn barbie and don’t ever tell them their weird for liking a 'girls toy’.