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Dan : “ new DINOF soon guys !!!”

 Me :

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You guys, Anthony can tap his ass off. I just found this video from his Youtube channel and…wow.

okay but: philip has a photo of him and lukas as his lockscreen. he initially hides it from lukas, not sure how he’d react, because they arent completely out yet. and then one day lukas just asks to borrow philips phone for something because his is dead and he sees the picture. its just a cute shot of them smiley and happy and lukas remembers when it was taken; they had just kissed and lukas accidentally hit philips nose really hard and they just laughed and philip took a picture. and philip realizes it as lukas looks at the screen and he’s expecting lukas to be mad but then. then lukas just smiles and looks up at philip and says “so we’re that cheesy couple now, huh?” and philip smiles back. and says “i guess we are”

This is something that randomly pops into my head…

You know how when people write legit Hamilton/ITH crossovers, like where the Hamilcast meets the ITH cast, it’s either reincarnation, or the Hamilcast time traveling to the future.

Why not do it the other way around and have the ITH cast be thrown back in time to the 18th century? Things could take a pretty cool turn!

The Hamilsquad would probably be a bit confused since a bunch of strangely dressed people appeared during wartime, but they’d probably warm up to them eventually.

Nina and Vanessa could still hang with the Schuylers and maybe show how girls in the future are allowed to do a bit more in society than they allow. Like imagine Vanessa kicking a guy down who’s trying to feel them up.

Usnavi would probably have to keep Sonny on a leash to keep him from joining all the revolution stuff. ‘C'mon cuz, we gotta stand up with them!’ 'Sonny, if you have to die fighting for what you believe in, I prefer you did it in OUR time period!’

ALSO. Sonny and Phillip being bros 4 life.

I have listened to the workshop so many goddamn times and it wasn’t until now that I really listened to the end of Hurricane.

Me previously: Hey cool they brought Let It Go back but why do they have a guy singing it tho? Kinda sounds like Anthony? Is Philip telling his dad to chill?

What I missed:

Voice: Or you could let it go….

Hamilton: The friend who’d tell me not to do it is in the ground.

Voice: LET IT GO.

Hamilton: The enemies I’ve made won’t have anything on me now.

Voice: LET IT GO.

That’s not Philip.

That’s Laurens

Is his darkest time, Laurens is there telling him to stop, showing that Laurens was his only self restraint and his voice of reason.

I had a theory a while back that why Act 2 goes to shit is because Laurens dies (Hamilton drowns himself in work to cope, working nonstop = not good things) and this honestly just confirms that.

Lin called Laurens’ death history’s biggest what-if, and I mean, even apart of the amazing things it would’ve done for slavery, what if he lived and was there to help calm Hamilton, stop the duel….