go outside!

This is the sign I was talking about. Somebody tried to make it look funny 30 years ago, but all it did was haunt my dreams until I was 12. I wouldn’t go outside after sundown alone.

That feeling when you’re on your last felt nib….

Felt nibs wear down way way way too fast, especially when everything you’re working on is super full color or lots of noodly little detailing. :\

Guess I order some more.

I’m seeing more and more people claiming that Misha is “ripping off” Jared’s campaign. NO NO NO. Jared does not own the rights to help those with mental illness. Jared’s campaign raised awareness and helped people realize that even celebrities suffer from these problems. #YouAreNotAlone is to campaign for the #SPNFamily Crisis Support Network which is a “community support system that helps fans cope with mental health issues such as depression, self-injury, and addiction.” It’s going to help people on a more one-on-one approach. These are not one in the same, and people need to stop comparing them. Jared’s campaign helped people in a different way than Jensen’s and Misha’s will. Both are good. Neither is better than the other. Just stop. They are ALL trying to help people.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling significantly older than 22 oh god please someone send some help

tips for ladies to not have their nudes leak

- do not take nudes
- do not ever use a phone
- do not ever be nude for any reason
- do not say the word “nude”
- do not go outside
- do not have genitals

Conversations i have with my dog until i remember he's not a person
  • me:have you seen my sister?
  • me:look i don't know why you're so tired and sleep all day you don't do shit
  • me:did you just fucking FART
  • me:you're so dirty don't you know how to take a shower
  • me:why do you even wanna go outside you don't have friends
  • me:have you eaten yet?
  • dog:
  • dog:*wiggles tail*

I have a minor concern about this whole Pike situation. Kane and Abby are too tied up in tradition. The whole Chancellor is the unquestionable leader bullshit is ridiculous. 

If they know that Pike and friends are going outside of the gate to start a war and kill innocent people, they can’t just stand by because he’s the Chancellor. If they don’t chain themselves to the gate or have Raven disable it or something then the blood is as much on their hands as it is Pike’s. 


// Sooo after talking to @six-souls-saved-old-and-now-ooc / @six-souls-saved I’m going to be adding a new verse for our RP! Based off the neat idea in this post, where Asgore instead raises the six fallen humans.. So nobody has to die. ovo

That being said, if anybody else would like to RP with them in this verse, it’ll be an option! I’ll be updating it on the verse page tomorrow. Also, I apologize to anybody whose threads/messages I didn’t reply to tonight– I’ll be on that tomorrow as well.

Also, I’m…really not sure how I’m going to work out the aging thing, since most of the souls on this blog had a fair amount of time pass between each of their falling. 


You broke my heart
but it doesn’t feel like heart break.
I drive a little faster, I cross the street without looking, I smoke an extra cigarette for each time I usually smoke one. I take my walks late at night instead of the safer afternoon. I go outside while my hair is still wet. I take two extra sleeping pills than I should.
I’ve become reckless.
Maybe you didn’t break my heart.
Maybe you just broke my way of living.
—  S.A

The lack of state analysis introduced at many universities is unsurprising when you consider that most institutions of ‘higher education’ are production sites of status quo ideologies. It’s just so annoying to get inundated over and over with the same banal arguments about police, the law, and ‘justice’ because you have to go outside mainstream channels to get informative material. 

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Pregnant Omega Hinata rarely goes out in public, but the one time he did, he was knocked over by another Alpha and landed right on his stomach. Alpha Kenma beat the man to a pulp, and Hinata was sent to the hospital. Fortunately, their cub was all right, but Hinata was whimpering and sniveling the entire time, afraid he'd lost their baby. Hinata couldn't be convinced to go outside afterward, and snarled at anyone who came too close to him beside Kenma.

Kenma spent the rest of his mate’s pregnancy bringing him his meals and whatever else he needed. Once they got back from the hospital, Hinata made a nest on their bed and refused to leave it. Kenma has caught him crying and rubbing his stomach multiple times, because of how scared he was that they’d lost their cub.

ktkawaii asked:

Have you ever smoked cigarettes? I know they are totally unkawaii... and I want to quit but I'm finding it extremely difficult. Was just wondering if you or anyone you know has had to quit before. I want to be kawaii like you Lor! >_<

Weirdly enough….I did smoke cigarettes and only as a minor, WHICH IS BAD! NO MINORS SHOULD BE SMOKING! It was a social thing and then it started to become a stress relief thing and then it… created stress because I would want them and get angsty when I didn’t have them. I was in a movie and left the theater to go outside and smoke one because I couldn’t sit still without one for two hours and I literally thought “No… this is dumb” and didn’t smoke one and threw away the entire pack and then never did it again. 
I think it was a control thing. I felt like cigarettes were in control of me. It’s also one of the reasons I don’t drink or get high, I always want to be in control of myself. #controlfreak

I had cravings to smoke again and just fought it. It’s difficult around Haunt time because everyone there does it and even though it’s been awhile the smell makes me crave it. I don’t really have advice on how to quit since my scenario I think is uncommon. I had two friends recently quit for the new year and they said it’s been really easy and helpful to have a buddy. Talk with your friends and see if anybody else wants to quit then you can team up! You can also vent when you get cravings and you both will know how it feels! 


Imagine Hux struggling to ask you out!

Warnings: None. Zero. Nada.

Everything was calm on Starkiller Base and you didn’t have much work to do on that day. As colonel, you enjoyed watching your armies’ training, so whenever you had the chance, you’d go outside to observe them. You’d stand stately on a elevated part of the terrain, making sure everyone could see you. The main reason you did that was because it was fun to watch the stormtroopers trying extremely hard to look great for you. None of them wanted to fail in front of you: you were calm most of the time, but you didn’t admit failures. And any small, stupid failure could end the bright day of most the stormtroopers. All in Starkiller Base knew you and this way of yours. They knew your rage and they feared you. But you did this for a major good. And this granted you the admiration of general Hux and even Kylo Ren himself.
As you watched your troops, enjoying the moment of peace you had, you felt a presence behind you. You turned to look and met General Hux’s cold, but beautiful eyes.

“General” you greeted as he stood by you, hands behind his back.

“Colonel” he said, a brief smile on his lips.

He was your superior. You admired his work and his competence. He was a born leader, a fighter, a strategist. You wish one day you could be half of what he was. But that wasn’t the only thing you admired on him, to be fair. His straight posture, his gests, his smile. The pinkish pale skin, his piercing light green eyes and his ginger hair. Oh the hair. You had always loved his hair, and secretly wished you could run your hand through it. Just once. Just once you wanted to feel it on your skin.

After a few moments of silence, the ginger general cleared his throat and spoke, and he seemed confused:

“So, um… Nice day, isn’t it?” It was cloudy, grey and cold, as always.

“Yeah” you said, looking up at the sky “but I feel it’ll storm later tonight. I like the rain though”

“Yes. Rain is nice. I… love rain” you tried not to giggle at his confusion “AL-9818 is doing great, don’t you think?”

“I’ve been observing him for a few weeks now. He’s definitely a notorious private.”

“I trust your judgement, colonel”

At this moment you were already very curious about the general’s behavior. You’ve never seem him so jumbled before.
You were about to ask him if everything was alright when he cleared his throat once again and turned to look at you.

“Well, um, colonel. I mean, Y/N. Colonel Y/N.” You raised an eyebrow and smiled at the scene “I was wondering…” he stopped and looked at the distance “I was wondering if–” he moved uncomfortably and fixed his collar “I– um”

You smile kindly at him, leaving the formalities of your jobs aside. “There’s no reason to be that nervous, Hux. Whatever it is, just say it. I’m your friend, remember?” You held his shoulders and looked at his eyes. He looked down at you and let a sigh out.

“Well, mm” he looked at the ground as his face grew red “I was wondering if maybe… If maybe you’d like to” he finally looked at you, and then got lost in your gaze “to… have… dinner. With me.” He took a deep breath “But it’s just, I mean, you don’t have to, if you don’t want to. Of you’ve already got plans for tonight or… I don’t know”

“Hux…” you tried to speak, but he wouldn’t shut up

“I know I’m your superior but I don’t want you to see it as a command, as if you need to do it for me. You don’t. It’s got nothing to do with pur jobs”


“But I don’t want to pressure you. If you don’t want to or maybe you got someone else that wouldn’t approve this. I hope I didn’t give you work for tonight. But if I did, I cancel it. You don’t have to do it. So, would you like to? I mean, I’m not a very good cook but–”

“HUX!” your voice caught the ears of a few nearby stormtroopers, but Hux finally shut up and looked at you, fear on his face. He looked like a 5 year old who just had done something very wrong. You placed your gloved hand over his before saying “Hux, I would like to have dinner with you. In fact, I think it’ll be very nice. And don’t worry about not being a good cook; I can come by your apartment and we can cook together. I’ll help you” you smiled, trying to assure him you were glad with his invitation.
He finally seemed to relax.

“Awesome!” A big smile appeared on his lips “Awesome! Yes! Um… Around 8 o'clock?”

“8 is good. Yes” you said with a small laugh

“Great!” He said “Well, um, I need to get back. Before Ren kills someone in vain… Again… But I- I see you tonight. Don’t be late!” He played

“I won’t, sir” you laughed and watched as he entered the base.

You only had half an hour before your shift was over, so you watched the end of the training and then went to your apartment as fast as possible.

You needed shaving.