go on the seesaw

Jupiter conjunct Saturn: The battle of giants.

I had this question asked to me twice this morning; so I will clear the air with how I have come to see it.  I think it has come up because Saturn and Jupiter retrograde really makes us look at what both planets can do together.

When Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct in a birth chart it tends to create the “Devil and Angel” on someone’s shoulders affect famous in cartoons. Usually you have a mix of two natures in a person slugging it out.  One shoulder the “Jupiter angel” expects the best and uses faith to expect the most of situations.  The other shoulder has the “Devil” where most things are checked with practicality and realism; which may in turn often depress Jupiter’s freedom seeking nature.

Often there is a seesaw effect present where the person can go through highs and lows in low following the meshed nature of these planets.  As maturity after 30 Saturn comes often a karmic gift is given to these individuals resulting from Jupiter’s expansive side being tested to the max.  The person often realizes the practical and realistic nature of what is worth pursuing and has a more focus set of ambitions that exist within the real world.  

It may not be to uncommon to see someone with this aspect struggle with majors in college and change paths often.  A tendency to find the right career path later in life comes through hardship early.  I advise sometimes, if possible, to weigh all options on practicality of seeking higher education early and really review if there is enough work in the coming years for the chosen field.  A person with these titans battling in the chart often may struggle morally and form very down to earth belief systems as they get older.


Bay and Emmett of Switched at Birth is a relationship that is such a part of the show in a way that ties the show together. It ties the hearing world and the deaf world together; it ties the search for an identity together; it ties the world that Bay believed she would have been in if the switch hadn’t happened compared to where she is now. It’s a relationship that’s so important to the show that I think it’s always going to be that seesaw situation of ‘will they/won’t they’. 

-Vanessa Marano

Okay, I was thinking about my strategy handling backgrounds and I’ll show you with this ol’ thing. 


My strategy is to sketch out everything vaguely first. 

Then we add more details by many layers of sketches and then finally the lineart of the babes.

Then I slowly etch a background behind them before I realize it’s probably better to make the lineart go poof while I do the background.

Add more background details (like background-backgrounds and foregrounds of the backgrounds idfkfkdkfkdkfdkfdkf) and color the children AT THE SAME TIME :0

Change the lineart color and add a nice overlayer of color for mood. ya know

And there you go! My 2 week long strategy handing detailed pictures. No wonder i don’t do it often haaaaaa *cries*

leprachaunsean  asked:

Who do you think Oswald wants to kill because it's not going to be Ed that would be a complete flip and they wouldn't do that I think it might be Barbra what do you think

Sad to say, but right now I feel he’s talking about Ed. Gotham’s twitter has alluded to it and, well, Os is a vengeful person and very impulsive. So it’s no surprise his first thoughts are to reciprocate the pain Ed has caused him. However, I do feel once Ed and Os finally face each other some of that rage will be diminished and hopefully both of them will come to their senses. I’d really hate to see Gotham go down the route of a sort of seesaw relationship where Ed hates Os while Os loves Ed and vise versa — but they’re never able to find that balance of love at the same time. But..I really hope that isn’t so because..episode 18 is called ‘Meant To Be’ and as the cast/writers always says “anything can happen in Gotham.”

The MFW boys see what MC was like as a child ~ MFW Request!

So a request I received some time ago got lost in the depths of my requests for a MFW fluff head canon where the MC is a 7 year old from @nonenoneshortandshort

I’m sorry it’s taken so long my lovely!

Here we go! 

Prologue -

‘Hey! Look what arrived!’ Kunihiko grinned, making you frown slightly as you recognised your Mother’s handwriting.
‘You opened a package I got from home?’
‘Ah, my honey was such a cutie as a child!’ Saeki beamed, showing a photo as you quickly realised what had arrived.
‘What! Why are you guys looking through my childhood photo’s?!’ you stammered, trying to grasp them, though it was a useless attempt.
‘Pouty really does know how to look cute huh?’ Yamato remarked.
‘Adorable,’ Ren agreed, a hint of a smile on his face as he looked at a photo of you on the swings.
Running a hand through your hair, you knew you were fighting a losing battle as the guys poured over the old photo’s with interest.
Deciding to let their interest run it’s course, you went and sat at the bar while the others talked excitedly about the memories that your Mother had sent you.
‘I remember when you were young and sweet,’ Kunihiko chimed in, looking over the photos with the others as you pouted slightly.
‘I’m still sweet!’
Letting out a sigh, you continued to wipe down the bar, listening in to their compliments and embarrassing finds amongst the albums your Mother had sent in.
After Long Island closed, you had gone home with your boyfriend, listening to him talk about you again as a child. Though he had wished the others hadn’t gotten to see you looking so cute.
Rolling your eyes slightly, you really didn’t understand the appeal that those old photo’s held to them. Though it stayed with them long after you had both gone to bed that night.

Ren - Waking up, Ren had been surprised to find the space beside him empty in bed. Rubbing his eyes sleepily, he couldn’t help but feel a slight pang of loneliness as he looked around the room. Where were you?
Getting out of bed, Ren headed to the living room area, wondering if you were making breakfast when he found a little girl, playing happily on the floor with some building blocks.
It was only when he called out your name that the little girl looked up, her big brown eyes regarding Ren curiously as she smiled sweetly.
‘How do you know my name?’ she asked.
She was the exact image of you…
Remembering the photo’s he had been looking at the night before, Ren could hardly believe it as he knelt down beside you.
With your soft brown hair in two plaits, you were wearing a pretty sundress, almost identical to one of the photo’s that had stood out to him.
‘What are you doing?’ he asked, at a loss for what else to say as you showed him your sketchpad.
‘Drawing,’ you smiled, showing him your pictures as he looked over them with interest.
Smiling to himself, Ren didn’t understand how this was happening, but as you asked him if he would like to colour with you, he couldn’t say no.
After spending what seemed like hours, colouring and listening to all the stories you had to tell, Ren had gone to stand up when you suddenly followed him, putting your little arms around his waist, as high as you could reach as you hugged him.
‘Don’t go,’ you muttered, making his heart flutter as he knelt down before you.
‘I’m not going anywhere,’ he smiled.
Waking up with a start, Ren was surprised to see that it was still dark outside. Looking at his alarm clock and seeing it was only five am, he glanced to you, finding you stirring lightly as you looked up at him with tired eyes.
‘Ren? Is everything okay?’ you asked, a small yawn escaping your lips as he smiled and pulled you into his arms.
‘Yeah, it is…’ he responded. Looking over you as you fell asleep quickly against his chest, he couldn’t help but blush as he watched you peacefully sleeping.
‘So cute…’
It might have been a dream, but he would never forget it.

Saeki - Saeki had looked outside from his office window before stretching as he glanced to the clock. It really had gotten late.
Shutting down his laptop for the night, Saeki had gone to the bedroom that you shared and was surprised to find that you weren’t there.
Calling out to you as he walked back through the apartment, Saeki was surprised to find you on the sofa…only you weren’t yourself.
Saying your name softly, Saeki watched your eyes flicker open as you looked up to Saeki with a smile.
‘Taka,’ you smiled, reaching up to him and putting your arms around his neck.
‘Hey, what are you doing here? You’ll catch a cold,’ he remarked.
‘Taka wanted to see me, right?’ you asked with an innocent smile. Remembering the pictures he had been looking at with the guys, Saeki could hardly believe that this was possible.
‘You should go and sleep, it’s late.’
‘Will you read to me?’ you asked, taking him by surprise as Saeki paused for a minute before nodding with a bright smile.
‘Of course I can!’
Taking your little hand in his, Saeki tucked you into the large bed and fetched one of his latest screenplays.
Taking a seat beside you, he read to you for a while, putting on voices to fit in with the nature of his characters as you listened intently. Though soon enough, your eyes began to droop as tiredness began to take over.
Slowing down until he saw that you were sleeping peacefully, Saeki watched over you for a while.
Suddenly feeling as though a bright ray of light was being shined on his eyes, Saeki squinted for a moment until his office came back into focus.
Looking up through hazy eyes to see you looking down at him, he could tell you were concerned as you placed some coffee down for him.
‘You didn’t come to bed last night. I was worried.’
‘I’m sorry honey…I must have fallen asleep in here,’ Saeki responded, sitting up and feeling the dull ache between his shoulders when he suddenly stood up and took you in his arms.
‘You really are too adorable…’ he muttered, his voice warm in your ear as you blushed lightly.

Yuta - Going to sleep with thoughts of you, Yuta wondered what it would be like if he had known you as a child, though as he drifted into a deep slumber with you in his arms, he didn’t realise just how easily that dream would come true.
Finding himself in a park, a young Yuta was beaming with happiness as he ran around, playing on the slides and thoroughly enjoying himself when he heard someone sniffling.
Finding a little girl over by the swings, about the same age as him, Yuta saw that you had scraped your knee and were crying as he came to kneel beside you.
‘Are you okay?’ he asked, seeing you look up at him with wide teary eyes as he tried to think of a way to make you smile.
Helping you to your feet, Yuta got you to sit on the swings beside him as he told you some jokes, doing his best impressions and gags.
The moment you burst out laughing for the first time, Yuta couldn’t help but be captivated by your smile and laugh.
‘Wanna play together?’ you asked innocently, making him smile brightly as he nodded enthusiastically.
‘You wanna go on the seesaw?’ he asked enthusiastically.
Taking your hand in his, you both ran over to the seesaw and enjoyed playing together for what felt like hours.
Then, all of a sudden, Yuta could hear his name being called. At first it seemed distant, but as it got closer, everything else faded out.
Coming too, Yuta blinked as he saw you leaning over him, looking curious as he realised it was morning.
‘You were saying my name in your sleep,’ you remarked, making him blush slightly as he pulled you into his arms.
‘You are too cute,’ he muttered. ‘I don’t want to let you go just yet…’
Giggling to yourself, you looked up at him with a warm smile.
‘What’s gotten into you this morning?’
‘You,’ he responded, his voice full of love as he kissed you softly.

Takao- When Takao had gone home with you that night, the thoughts of your childhood photos stuck with him as he started to look over them again.
Walking into the living room to find him looking through the album, you couldn’t help but blush as you tugged on his hand.
‘Come on, let’s go to bed. You have an early start tomorrow,’ you remarked, making him smile as he finally agreed.
Though you continued to linger in his thoughts even as he slept.
Waking up the following morning, Takao realised he had overslept as he got up, finding you were nowhere to be seen.
Getting ready for work in a flash, Takao had been rushing around the apartment when the doorbell rang.
Still wondering where you were, Takao had gone to open the door when everything else fell to the wayside.
You were stood in the doorway, looking up at him. Except…it wasn’t you. Not as Takao knew you.
You were just a little girl.
‘Takeo!’ you smiled, ‘come on, we’re going to be late!’
‘For school silly,’ you giggled, ‘are you late again?’
’N-no!’ he exclaimed, reaching for his book bag as he joined you.
Walking together on the warm spring morning, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom as you admired them, reaching out for any falling petals as Takao chuckled.
‘Now who’s gonna make us late?’
‘Not me!’ you pouted. You looked so adorable in your school uniform, with your hair in a ponytail. Looking over his own uniform, Takao was distracted by you grabbing onto his hand.
‘Come on! I’ll race you,’ you grinned, suddenly taking off at a run, though as you ran on ahead with Takao chasing you, he soon realised you had disappeared from his sight.
Calling out your name, Takao soon found everything around him fading as his bedroom came back into focus.
Looking over to you, you were watching him curiously as you tilted your head to the side.
‘You were dreaming…you kept calling my name. Is everything okay?’
‘Yeah…’ he muttered, putting a hand to his head. It was strange how real that dream had felt.
Though as you went to question him again, Takao suddenly pulled you in close.
‘…so you can’t run away again,’ he muttered, surprising you, though you soon let out a giggle.
‘I’m not going anywhere,’ you smiled, settling against his chest as Takao held you close.

Yamato - When Yamato had woken up and found that you were no where to be seen, he glanced to the clock and realised it was still early.
As it was his day off, Yamato hadn’t expected you to be up so early.
Calling out your name as he headed into the living room, he found you in the kitchen, but not as he had expected.
Looking at the little girl that was reminiscent of the photo’s he had been looking at the night before, Yamato’s eyes widened as you looked up to him from the kitchen counter.
Seeing that you had been trying to reach something from one of the cupboards, Yamato quickly caught you as you threatened to fall backwards and set you down on the floor.
‘Don’t do that! You could hurt yourself!’ he chided, thinking you could give him a heart attack doing something like that as he saw what you were reaching for.
Fetching the box with ease, Yamato handed it to you as he knelt down to your level.
‘Is that wanted you wanted?’ he asked, his voice soft as you nodded enthusiastically and thanked him cheerfully.
Throwing your little arms around his neck, Yamato couldn’t help but smile as you looked up at him with bright eyes.
Going back into the living room with you, Yamato found that a puzzle was set out on the table, partly done as you knelt down by it and began examining the pieces.
‘What are you making?’ he asked curiously.
‘A picture,’ you smiled, ‘you want to help?’
‘Sure,’ he responded, picking up some of the pieces and helping you put them in place.
He didn’t understand how this was all happening, though it was only as the final piece went into place that he realised the picture was of the first photograph Yamato ever had with you.
At that, Yamato had woken up with a start, finding you looking at him with concern as you took him time.
‘It was a dream…’ he muttered as if to himself, when he noticed you looking over him with concern.
Gently running his hand down the side of your face, he cupped your cheek in his hand as he traced your soft skin with the pad of his thumb.
Letting out a small sigh, Yamato pulled you in close and wrapped you up in his embrace.
‘Y-Yamato…isn’t it a little early…’
‘Shh, just stay,’ he whispered, his voice encouraging you to relax as you settled in his arms, feeling his beating heart as he held you close in his arms.

Kunihiko - ‘Kuni!’
Turning to see you running up to him, Kunihiko’s fears were confirmed by your excited state as you suddenly tripped.
Catching you easily in his arms, he let out a sigh of relief as you steadied yourself.
‘Hey,’ he smiled, mussing up your hair as you tried to duck out from his reach.
‘Kuni! Don’t mess up my hair,’ you pouted, making him chuckle as he straightened out his school uniform.
‘You should be more careful. I don’t want you to hurt yourself,’ he responded, trying to be serious, though as you looked up at him with your big eyes, he couldn’t help but smile.
How could he ever contend with that look?
‘One day, I’ll be bigger and then you won’t be able to mess with me so easily!’ you responded, seeing him smirk as he shook his head.
‘Come on, we’ll be late,’ he responded, watching as you walked alongside him. You were always so free spirited. He couldn’t imagine you any other way.
‘Hey, Kuni?’
‘Thanks for catching me,’ you remarked, your voice a little shy as Kunihiko regarded you with surprise.
‘Anytime,’ he smiled.
‘I hope we can always walk together like this…’
Looking over to you and focusing on your carefree smile, Kunihiko hoped you would never change.
As he started to come around, he was surprised to find himself in his room. Taking a moment to remember that he wasn’t still in school anymore, Kunihiko glanced to you, sleeping peacefully in his arms.
Kissing your temple softly, his lips brushed against your skin so lightly that you wriggled in his arms lightly, a smile touching your lips as you settled again.
‘You haven’t changed…’ he whispered, seeing you look up to him through tired eyes.
‘Morning,’ he uttered, kissing your lips with all the love he could muster.

Haruka - Haruka couldn’t help but find it fun to look over your old photos, though a part of him wished the other guys hadn’t seen them.
It was easy for him to feel a little jealous sometimes when he thought of how much longer the other guys had known you.
How he wished he could know something of you that they didn’t.
Thinking over it as you both walked home, you had noticed your boyfriends quiet behaviour as you regarded him curiously.
‘You’re very quiet, is something wrong?’
Looking over at your concerned expression, Haruka offered you a gentle smile as he shook his head.
‘No, I was just thinking about those photo’s your Mother sent.’
‘Ah, that was so embarrassing,’ you sighed, looking a little flustered as Haruka chuckled.
‘I thought they were adorable. You haven’t changed a bit.’
Looking up at him with a warmth in your eyes, Haruka’s arms slipped around your shoulders naturally as he gazed over you with fondness.
That night, as Haruka slept with you in his arms, he soon began to dream…
Hearing a sweet voice calling out to him, Haruka looked around him in earnest. He was in a beautiful garden, surrounded by his favourite flowers, though what held his interest was the innocent voice calling his name.
‘Where are you?’
‘Haru-chan!’ the voice giggled, as if from a different direction. Walking through what felt like a maze of flowers, he followed the delicate voice as it spoke out to him, almost singing his name in a gentle tune as his fingertips lightly brushed over the petals of the flowers he passed.
Coming into what looked like the centre of the garden with a beautiful cherry tree in full bloom, Haruka finally found you, sitting beneath the tree, looking up at him with a cheerful smile.
‘You found me!’ you beamed.
Coming to sit beside you under the shade of the tree, you looked out at the flowers with Haruka.
‘What’s that one?’
‘They are snow drops…’
‘What about that one?’
‘Those are bellflowers,’ he smiled, seeing the way you looked curiously around the garden.
‘It’s so pretty…’
As the sun suddenly began to set, the garden seemed to darken around him. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, Haruka was suddenly faced with the ceiling of his bedroom.
Shifting slightly, he looked down to your sleeping form. You looked so relaxed as you snuggled up against his chest.
Breathing your name softly, your eyes flickered slightly as they met with Haruka’s.
‘I love you,’ he whispered, brushing his lips against your cheek.
‘I love you too Haru…’ you murmured, giving in to the exhaustion you felt as you settled against Haruka’s chest again, with his heartbeat to keep you contented as he blushed lightly.
He had been wrong before…Having you in his life now was what mattered most…

Yay for including Haruka! :3 I was very excited to add Haruka into the mix with the other characters of My Forged Wedding :) I hope you all enjoyed! 

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Hoshi Scenario

Plot: Hoshi walks in on you touching yourself leading to sexy times
Genre: smut

It was the weekend. And you were going to sit on your butt and not move an inch till this weekend is over.

“Stand strong bladder. This one’s gonna be an all nighter.”

As you get comfy in your special seat, you thought you heard something hit the window. You never minded it though, and turned back to your tv. But then you heard it again. And three times more. Having enough you got up and opened the window. Just then a pebble was thrown at your forehead.

“Whoops, sorry about that!”

You looked down and saw your best friend since childhood, Hoshi.

“Hoshi, what are you doing? Last time I checked this isn’t some drama.”

Hoshi jokingly replied, “Like you wouldn’t want me as your love interest. But come down here.”


Hoshi, “Because I’d like you too? It’s for a good reason.”

“And what reason is that?”

Hoshi, “Would you just get down here please!”

You walked down your house stairs and walked outside. You saw Hoshi walk over to you and saw a spark in his eyes.

“Now what is it that you dragged me out here for?”

Hoshi rubbed the back of his head and averted his eyes left to right. “I was bored? So you can come play with me!”

In a monotone voice you replied, “I’m going back inside.”

Hoshi grabbed your hand and whirled you back to him. Your faces only a few inches apart. His eyes gave a puppy dog stare.

Hoshi, “Please? It’s no fun without you with me…”

You blushed slightly at his words and turned your head away. “F-Fine…”

Hoshi smiled and gripping your hand tightly, he ran over behind your house. Once you were by the side walk, your eyes widend. Leaning against the road was a light blue motor bike with two helmets hanging on the handles. You looked up at Hoshi with a questioning look and pointing towards the bike.

Hoshi, “Yep, it’s mine! We’ll technically me and the guys, but they agreed to let me use it for today. Since its a special day.”

“And why is that?”

Hoshi looked down to you and grabbed your other hand. You saw the spark in his eyes light up once more.

Hoshi, “Because it’s with you.”

You felt your cheeks heat up and felt Hoshi drag you to the bike. He placed the helmet on your head and took a seat. You stood on the side still in awe. Hoshi then stuck out his hand and said,

Hoshi, “Do you trust me?”

You smiled at his dorky reference. Taking his hand you replied back with, “Of course I do.”

You leaped behind him sitting on the seat. Hoshi started up the bike and put on his helmet.

Hoshi, “Then let’s go!”

And you were off. You were a bit surprised by the speed and gripped the sides of Hoshi’ s shirt. What you didn’t realise was that Hoshi felt you cling to him and he was now blushing rapidly. He wanted to grab your hands and pull you even closer to him. But with keeping his eyes on the road, he refrained from it and drove on.

Hoshi drove you all the way into town and stopped to park at a nearby park. As you got off the bike you felt Hoshi grab your hand once again.

“Hoshi, what are we doing?”

Hoshi, “Just let me be your guide (Y/N). And I can show you a whole new world of wonder!”

You couldn’t believe his cheesyness today and how many Disney references he’s done. Never the less, you still let him take you wherever he might go. A good thing you did also, because you literally had the time of your life. Hoshi took you to every arcade in town where you played games for hours on end. And although Hoshi denied it, you still won most of the games. After the arcade he took you to your favorite shops and both of you nearly drained your wallets clean. So many toys to play with, so many new snacks to try, and all of it you spent with Hoshi.

Walking out of the store you sat on a nearby park bench. Hoshi shuffled through the bag and got out two sweets for you two to snack on. Biting into the delicious sweet, you giggled in pleasure. Hoshi saw you and smiled at your cuteness. As you both bite into your snack again, you felt some of the jelly off the sweet trickle onto your fingers. You stopped your eating and looked around for a napkin.

“Hoshi do you have any napkins?”

Hoshi looked at you and noticed the jelly on your fingers.

Hoshi, “Ah-No I forgot to get some.”

“Darn it, well whatever.”

You then began to lick off the jelly from your fingers. Hoshi was staring at you almost unable to move. He gulped as he saw you give a long lick along your finger. You nearly got it off and sucked off the tips of your now clean fingers. Finishing up your snack, Hoshi finally snapped back to reality. He stood up taking the trash and excusing himself.

Hoshi, “I-I’ll be right back.”

You confusingly replied, “Okay…”

Hoshi Then ran off back into the store while you sit on the bench. You thought of him acting a bit odd seeing him run off as he did. Being that you two were close you knew his usual behavior in things like this. You’ve eaten infront of each other before, and he’s never run off like that.

Then suddenly it clicked. You thought that since Hoshi was doing all of this for you today, that he might have thought it was a date!

‘That’s why he looked so embarrassed before! He must have just thought of it right then and there.’, you thought.

You sat for a moment and retraced your thoughts.

‘Because Hoshi did all this…was it really a date? A date…with Hoshi….’

You blushed fiercely and shook your head.

‘No way would he take you out for a date. I mean he’s your friend and all, right? He didn’t really think of you as more than a friend…did he?’

You thought a little to yourself on what a real date with Hoshi could be like. He could take you out on bike rides, take you to the movies, and he might even…kiss you. He could hold you in his arms, come close to your face, and kiss you just like in the movies. Snapping you out of your thoughts, you heard Hoshi run back to you.

Hoshi, “You ready to go?”

You asked him, “Go where exactly?”

Hoshi, “Don’t worry, we just have one more stop.”

Hoshi held your hand and walked along side you through the park trees. You looked down at your clasped hands and looked back up at Hoshi. You knew he was blushing but it’s not like you weren’t also. Suddenly Hoshi stopped walking and you looked up.

Hoshi, “Do you remember this place?”

Indeed you did, because it was your old kindergarten playground. When you were little, this was the very place you and Hoshi first met. Hoshi had fallen off the swings and started crying. You had came to help him and from that day forward he never left your side. You could say because of Hoshi clumsiness that you two would be the best of friends. And so far, only just friends…

Hoshi, “Come on! Let’s go play!”

Hoshi then ran across the playground going from slides to seesaw’ s. You laughed at his childish nature but still joined in the fun. Both of you played for hours on end till you unexpectedly felt a rain drop on your hair. Looking up at the sky it started pouring down rain. Hoshi noticed this and grabbed your hand.

Both of you ran across the park and back to his bike. There you quickly jumped on and Hoshi put pedal to the metal. You had too hug his waist to help from being jerked off and for the lack of warmth as you raced through the streets. Hoshi took a quick look back at you and saw you shivering whilst clinging to him. He knew he had to get home, and fast.

Luckily Hoshi’ s house wasn’t as far away as yours and you quickly ran inside. As Hoshi went in he got you a blanket and set you on the couch. Even though you were soaking wet, you were still happy that Hoshi cared for you.

Hoshi, “I guess my parents are still at work. They probably got caught up because of the sudden rain storm.”

Just then Hoshi’ s phone rings. He goes to answer it in the other room but soon comes back out, with a slightly nervous look on his face.

Hoshi, “Okay so my parents are not coming back home till tomorrow, but they are safely at a hotel. And I already told the guys where I am, so we should be fine.”

“What about me though? Am I not able to get home?”

Hoshi looked out the window and replied, “Well looking at this storm, it doesn’t really look like your going anywhere. And plus you can just sleep over like you use too.”

You agreed, “Yea, okay.”

You had to admit you felt a bit anxious to be sleeping the night at Hoshi’ s place. You’ve done it plenty of times before when you were young, so why does this feel any different? You stood up for a moment, walked over to the entrance, and dropped your shoes by the door. Since you hadn’t able to when you came in. As you bent down to take them off though, you heard a light gasp come from Hoshi.

“Something the matter Hoshi?”

Hoshi, “Uh-Uh n-no nothing! Nothings w-wrong…”

You noticed his cheeks were a bit red but went back to taking off your shoes. What you didn’t realise was that your jean shorts had ridden up and that your wet white shirt was now completely see through. Hoshi knew this though, but couldn’t bother to tell you. He couldn’t help it but somehow, he could not look away.

He thought to himself, ‘Oh God….she’s too sexy right now….What do I do!? I’ve got to tell her! But she looks so hot though…..w-wait what’s going on- Oh God I got a boner. Crap. Crap Crap. Gotta look away. Gotta look away…ohhh but I can’t!!!!! I know!’

Hoshi, “H-Hey um (Y/N)! W-Why don’t you take a shower. I’ll go after y-you.”

You replied, “It’s okay you can go first.”

Hoshi, “N-No! Really, I insist! You go first.”

“Well if you say so. I might take up all the hot water though.”

Hoshi, “It’s fine! Just go right ahead! I’ll just we waiting.”

“Okay, be right out.”

You went inside the bathroom and stripped off your clothing. You thought to yourself thinking that Hoshi acted a bit weird back there. In fact he’s been acting a bit weird all day. Hopefully he isn’t coming down with something.

Stepping into the hot shower, you eased your body into the heated temperature. It felt absolutely blissful. Running your fingers through your hair, you let the water drip from your relaxed body.

After washing your hair, you began to wash up your body. As you were doing this, your mind would drift off from time to time. One thought kept coming back though, Hoshi. You carried out your thoughts from earlier this afternoon and tried to imagine what it would be like if Hoshi were to actually kiss you.

You touched your lips and thought of how soft his own lips would feel like. What they would taste like. And how would they feel trailing down your body. How his arms would wrap around you. He would feel up and down your body sending shivers up your spine. You rubbed along your body giving extra care to your most sensitive spots. For some reason you felt as though Hoshi would be a little rough during this play and so as you slowly came down to your area, you inserted one finger and moaned loudly. You began to push in and out inserting one more finger at a time. Just the thought of Hoshi toying with you made you groan with pleasure. Might even a bit too loudly.

Meanwhile in the other room Hoshi had already begun to tease himself as well. He touched his body in the most sensual spots just as you, and every move he thought of you. Then the moment came where he touched his most sensitive area and his heavy breaths filled the room. Thinking of you with every touch made him all the more hotter, till finally he was at his limit. With a loud growl escaping his teeth, he let go all in one motion.

As he cleaned up the mess he thought he had heard you shout from the bathroom. He walked towards it and put his ear to the door. He thought you had hurt yourself and was aching in pain. But when he opened the door, he was much surprised.

Hoshi, “Hey (Y/N)-”

There he saw through the thin see through shower curtain, was you touching your body and moaning to yourself. And just as he had calmed down, he got excited once again. Not realising he was in there, you still continued on, until he spoke.

Hoshi, “(Y/N)?”

You froze in place and slowly slipped your fingers out. Covering your body and gulping, you stuttered your words.

“Y-Yes Hoshi?”

Hoshi, “What are you doing?…”

“T-That’s what I s-should be asking you! W-What are you doing in here?!”

Hoshi, “It’s my house.”

“I mean why are you in the bathroom while I’m in here!?”

Hoshi, “Well…I have to take a shower too ya know.”

“You can’t take a shower while I’m still in here!”

Hoshi, “Come on (Y/N), it’ll be fun! Although….it seems your already having fun without me~”

He had you right on the spot. You hated when he teased you like this because both of you knew you are always a total mess when your embarrassed. And right now your face was as red as a stop-light.

“S-Shut up!! I wasn’t don’t anything!”

Hoshi, “Oh really? Didn’t look like that to me. Why don’t you let me join in the fun too~”

You exclaimed, “W-W-What?! No way! A-And I wasn’t doing anything…so leave me alone!”

Hoshi, “Aw come on (Y/N), I need to take a shower too~”, he pouted

“No. Way.”

Hoshi paused but then spoke with a sigh, “Then I guess I have no choice.”


You heard shuffling from behind the curtain but couldn’t see what he was doing. But you soon found out when the curtain was pulled back and you felt someone behind you.

“H-Hoshi, what are you doing…”

Hoshi, “I told you I have to take a shower too remember? And I was bored out there without you with me…”

Your face grew even more red at his words. Even though this shower is a bit spacious, you still couldn’t move with the idea you might see something. Or feel something.

Hoshi, “Hey (Y/N)”

“Y-Yes!? Y-Yeah?”

Hoshi, “I need to wash my hair.”

You remembered that you were under the showerhead and slowly shifted to the side.

“O-Oh yeah..right.”

You both tried moving but you swore you felt something graze your bottom. And although you didn’t know for sure what it was, you had a pretty good idea of what it could be. Hoshi washed his hair and the rest of his body without a word, and you didn’t say anything at all either. Hoshi couldn’t stand it anymore and broke the silence.

Hoshi, “(Y/N)”


Hoshi turned to your backside and said, “Look at me.”


Hoshi, “Look at me.”


Hoshi gave a frown and pounded his hands on the wall on both sides of your shoulders. You flinched a bit but did not look at him.

In a low voice he spoke, “Look at me (Y/N).”


Hoshi came close to your ear a growled, “Turn around and look at me (Y/N).”

You felt like a statue. You couldn’t move. You didn’t know what to do and didn’t know what Hoshi would do. One things for sure, he took you by surprise.

Hoshi then started to nibble at your ear and lick along the side. You gave an exclamation of surprise and pleasure, and bit you lip. He continued down to your neck biting and licking in various motions. He suddenly bit down hard on your neck and sucked on it. You moaned loudly and knew it would leave a mark tomorrow morning, yet you still didn’t pull away. You felt him put his hand your hips and felt him pull his hot wet body against yours. Feeling something poking your backside, you for sure knew what it was without a doubt.

Hoshi brought one of his hands up your body as one came lower and lower down your stomach. One was now placed on your breast and the other teased at your core. Then all at once his hands began to get to work.


He massaged your breast and kneaded your tip like dough. Whilst the other had gone deep inside you, in and out sending shocks all through your body. Although you had done this just before think how Hoshi would do it, you never expected him to be like this. So easing yet rough, and all so sexy. You groaned with pleasure and curled your fingers. You were itching to touch him, but in this position all you could do was let him play with your body.

He turned you head to face him and kissed you passionately. You melted into the kiss and without even noticing, he started to bend your body downwards. You felt him slip in another finger and moaned through your teeth. But just as it went it, it came out. Hoshi parted from your lips and without warning, he plunged himself inside you. You gave a slight yelp from the sudden pain but soon eased into it and started to roll your hips along his. He growled but thrusted inside you only deeper.

“Ha…ha…ah (Y/N)…”

He panted heavy breaths on your neck and suddenly started pushing in and out of you. First he went slow but then picked up his pace and the sound of the running water and your wet bodies being slapped against each other filled the room. You felt yourself about to release and you knew Hoshi had to pull out of you before you came.

“H-Hoshi…I’m about t-to…”

Just in time he pulled out of you and you came just as he left you. A sigh escaped your mouth and standing straight up, you turned towards Hoshi. Both of you were panting for air and you looked into each other’s eyes.

In between breaths Hoshi said, “So uh…I like you.”

“Yea…I kinda got that already…”

You pointed at his still standing erection and gave small laugh with a smirk. He gave a laugh himself and scratched the back of his head. When finished laughing, you looked up to him, wrapped your arms around his neck, and pecked his lips.

“I like you too Hoshi. But let’s finish this another time okay? When we’re a bit more prepared.”

Hoshi, “Promise?”


Fallout 4 Sentence Meme.

I’ve been crazy obsessed with this game, and got bored enough to make a sentence meme out of it. There is SO much dialogue in this game that I’m sure I missed HUNDREDS of really good quotes. But yeah, this is a pretty long one, so most of it is hiding underneath the cut. Most quotes are from companions bc they are the best. I’ll probably end up making a part 2 to this if I decide to gather up more quotes. 

  • “War never changes.”
  • “I can’t wait for the world to end!”
  • “I’ll find who did this. And I’ll get [ name ] back. I promise." 
  • "I’m calling it right here. This world can officially bite my ass.”
  • “I woke up, and the world still sucks. Today’s been great.”
  • “It was just me and a thousand guinea pigs. They turned… carnivorous." 
  • "Here’s your story: ‘local man/woman says "no”.  
  • “Oh, I woke up here. Just me, my underwear, and regret.”
  • “[ name ]! It’s me, your old pal, Shamus / Marie McFuckYourself!”
  • “Next time I have to watch someone’s life story, I want popcorn.”
  • “God damn it, you mercenary mother fucker, Where. Is. My. Son/Daughter?!" 
  • “In a hundred years, when I die, I hope I go to hell just so I can kill you all over again.”
  • "Ready to fuck some shit up?”
  • “As long as it doesn’t involve petroleum jelly and rubber gloves, I’m ready.”
  • “Uh, I’m here to pick up an order. Two large pepperonis and a calzone. Name is 'Fuck You’.”
  • “Look dumb ass, that’s not how baseball was played.”
  • “Drink. Some. Water.”
  • “You think I inject myself with all that shit and drink myself drunk because I’m a "tough gal/guy?”“
  • "Heh. I dunno. Seemed quite the performance from where I was standin’.”
  • “Rather be off murdering a pint, but this’ll do.”
  • “We’d move faster if you’d keep your eyes on the road and off my arse.”
  • “Only thing better'n gettin’ pissed is pickin’ a fight. Am I right?”
  • “Aww, and here I thought you wanted to snuggle. ”
  • “How can something this beautiful exist in such a fucked up world?”

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Twenty Things That Animal Crossing Needs

  1. The option to be an animal. The ability to be the mayor was one of the biggest changes in the Animal Crossing series, but if the creators want to sell more games, they might want to give this option as well.
  2. More interaction with villagers. It would be nice if you could decide what to talk about with villagers and participate in the conversation more to create more interaction instead of a one-sided conversation. After you finish the tutorial in New Leaf, villagers rarely invite you over or play hide and seek with you. This should also be changed, and there should be more things you can do with your villagers.
  3. More species, such as chinchillas, red pandas, foxes, sea otters, Fennec foxes, leopards, and such. You can probably think of many species that you wish were included. It would also be nice to have the special character types as villagers, such as raccoon, skunk, hedgehog, and giraffes.
  4. Cuter villagers. There are a lot of cute villagers, but the majority of them that you can get are hideous. There are also many species that have little to no cute villagers, such as the tiger, which is very sad because tigers are very cute in real life.
  5. The option to allow others to edit QR code patterns. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could allow other players to edit your QR code patterns and still get some credit for it, such as saying “Created by Garrett, Edited by Elena.” I got my sewing machine yesterday and I’ve already wanted to edit QR patterns many times, usually just minor things.
  6. More villagers in each town. The maximum amount of villagers in New Leaf is ten, but wouldn’t it be nice to at least have fifteen? There are so many villagers that I would like to have in my town, but ten is not enough slots, and my town still feels empty with only ten villagers.
  7. Cuter lions. Self explanatory.
  8. More villagers in general. There are quite a bit of species, but there are not very many in each species, and back to number four, there are sometimes hardly any cute villagers of one species.
  9. Kill the sea bass. Once again, self explanatory.
  10. Get rid of grass erosion. If not, at least make it extremely hard to erode grass and easier for grass to grow back. Although it isn’t as devastating in New Leaf as it was in City Folk, it can still destroy your town. In City Folk, my entire town was dirt and I never ran.
  11. The ability to tax villagers. Although I don’t think you should be able to spend the money on personal items, it would be nice to at least have a little money to spend on the town itself.
  12. Villagers should pitch in more to Public Works Projects. Seriously, you have to make 95% of the bells if you want the project to be finished within a month. It really seems like the villagers don’t care at all about the town.
  13. More Ordinances, and the ability to set more than one at a time. There are only four ordinances, and you could easily have your town instate multiple at a time. If this option was available, it would make sense to make ordinances cost more money, but at least you could be able to have a beautiful town at the same time as a town where the shops stay open later. It would also be nice to have more than four ordinances.
  14. Villagers that can hate you as much as you hate them. Once you’re rude to another villager, such as hitting them with a net or pushing them, they should be able to do similar things to the player to make the game more interesting. Even if they couldn’t hit the player or push them, it would still be nice to make them at least act rude towards the player unless you act nicely towards them.
  15. A notebook that keeps track of other villagers and upcoming events. Sometimes it’s hard to remember what other villagers want or what big events will be coming up, so it would be nice to have a notebook that automatically keeps track of information about the upcoming events and your villagers, such as their relationship with you and items they have requested. It would also be nice to set reminders in the notebook or just write things down.
  16. Create your own events. As mayor, you should be able to organize villagers on specific dates and times and host parties at your own house, or simply invite a specific villager over when you want to.
  17. Make normal villagers a little less boring. Please. I like them, but they bore me to death sometimes.
  18. A bigger, more customizable town and more Public Works Projects. The option to choose one of four towns is amazing, but it seems that villages are so small that you can’t add very many Public Works Projects. On that note, there should also be more of them, such as a sculpture of the mayor or a villager of choice, a swing set that you can swing in with another villager and the option to push another villager or be pushed by them, a seesaw that you can also go on with other villagers, a slide that you can go down with other villagers, tables that can have benches around them which could also open up the ability to have lunch with other villagers, more waterworks, and such.
  19. Make customizable pants, shoes, and socks. Really, it’s not that hard to grasp.
  20. More exterior decorations and designs. There isn’t a very wide selection of exterior house decor. There could be cute little brick houses, ranches, palaces, modern houses that aren’t hideous, etc.

That’s all I have right now, but there’s a lot more that I could think of. Reblog or like this if you agree with at least some of these ideas, and tell me more of yours because I want to make another post. I’ll include your name next to the idea in that post as well.

Thank you for reading! :)

Vague Implications and Seesaw Oscillations Part 15


It’s 2 AM, feel special! (Not really, I never sleep. But you are still special! I could be contemplating the idiocy of flesh-colored bandaid selections at the local pharmacy right now. Did you know that apparently selling only one shade is completely acceptable?)

Much [thank and smooching] to this fic’s beta and my favorite of all hoomans, who left late for brunch to speed-beta this chapter. Everybody go give her glitter right now.

Hartbig AU, SFW, 1,300 words. Lies and deception. Previous parts can be found on my FIC PAGE which I think I probably forgot to update… Le sigh. I will. I 100% will. Look. I’m not even attaching part 14. That’s how much I will.


Part 15: Marks

“Yeah, um, yes, thanks, that would be good. I’ve got the last meetups for the movie these next few of days though. Are you free tonight?”

“Yeah, of course. Wait, are you going to be able to make that dinner Thursday?”



“The dinner? That I helped organize, you said you’d come too?“

Can you really call a ‘little black dress’ stylish casual?

The way it hugs Grace’s ass is definitely anything but casual.

It’s tight. Tight enough, that Hannah can tell Grace is wearing heels, without ever having even remotely looked at her feet.

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EXO react to babysitting with you

Xiumin: When meeting the little girl in your charge, he immediately gets down on her level to introduce himself. “If I’m not mistaken, you’re the princess that your unnie said was going to be visiting today. I‘m pleased to make your acquaintance, your highness.” He bows to her, all ready to play.

Luhan: At snack time, he sits down with the little boy the two of you are babysitting, drinking all of his own milk in front of the child when he balks at drinking it. “But it’s really yummy. And it makes you stronger, handsomer, and taller, just like gege.”

Kris: Taking the little girl to the pond near your house, he helps her learn how to skip stones, both of them spending more time just throwing rocks into the water to see which one can make the biggest sploosh. When they get splashed by a rock she threw, he laughs. “Okay. Okay. You win!”

Suho: At first, he’s a little awkward around the small child, unsure of what he understands and what games a child that age can play. But once they get better acquainted, he enjoys the time with you and the little boy, carrying him around to keep you from getting tired.

Lay: Being very careful with the baby you two are babysitting , he always supports the little one’s head, though you’ve told him several times that he’s old enough to hold up his own head. He uses this time to have just as much fun with you, helping the baby to dance to EXO songs as he sings in a baby voice.

Baekhyun: He and the little boy you’re babysitting immediately click, Baekyun’s endless energy and the toddler’s feed off of each other and they go running around the house together, leaving you to be the enforcer. “Nap? We don’t want a nap! Snack first!”

Chen: While you hold the baby girl on your lap, bouncing her lightly to try to get her to stop crying after her parents leave, he sits in front of her, playing peekaboo, which gradually makes her whimpers turn to giggles as she claps her hands. “There, it’s not so bad with Uncle and Auntie, is it?”

Chanyeol: When the three of you walk over to the nearby park, Yeol walks at the small boy’s pace, holding onto his hand so he doesn’t stumble. “When we get to the park, we can go on the swings, and the slide, and the seesaw!” They both get impatient and Chanyeol picks him up to get there faster.

D.O: Before the little girl’s nap time, he sits her on his lap, singing her a lullaby, glancing up at you with a soft smile every once in a while as she drifts off to sleep. He speaks quietly once he’s sure she’s asleep. “I don’t think I can set her down without her waking up again…”

Tao: It is so easy for him to get sucked into little girl world, trying to do her hair (and failing so you have to redo it), doing a runway fashion show in the living room with both of you, and even doing her nails with some of your nail polish. “You’re going to be the cutest little girl in the world when we’re done!”

Kai: He’s quickly to connect with the little boy you’re babysitting, always playing along with games and making him laugh. He went into this thinking of it as a test run to show you how great he’d be as a dad, but ends up having a lot of fun, even dying dramatically on command. “Jagi! Avenge my death! I’ve been slain!”

Sehun: “They’re like Dumbo ears, see?” He flaps the ear flaps on his hat, making an elephant noise. They were a little awkward at first, but after a while, she goes running to him to play ‘rocketship’, shrieking in laughter whenever he spins her around or dips her upside down.

- Admin J

Clara vs Control

For Moffat Appreciation Week: Favourite thing about Series 9

Clara has always had a very strong relationship with control. In Series 7 it was becoming more comfortable with and talented at using it, and in Series 8 we saw her in full flight and all the good and bad that came with it. Series 9, however, showed us the times when even Clara Oswald has to fight to be in control, and she didn’t always succeed. 

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Vague Implications and Seesaw oscillations Part 10

A/N: AHH. It has arrived!

Thankies to Jenna a.k.a. le wise beta and general wonderful human who is [thusly very great and also hi.]

Part 1: ProloguePart 2: Very BluePart 3: Crystal BluePart 4: Freckled BluePart 5: Rain CloudsPart 6: Confused LipsPart 7: Feverish LipsPart 8: Hurt Part 9: Flushed Cheek (FIC PAGE #STILL SPOON. JENNA, MAKE ME DO IT)


Part 10: Intimate

And the next day when Hannah texts her a cartoon shit, Grace indeed hopes that nothing is weird anymore. And so the next time they crash together on the sofa bed, Grace remains decidedly awake, as Tyler snores next to Hannah. And when Hannah drifts to sleep, on her back this time, and her head falls to the side towards Grace, Grace scoots over until she can feel Hannah’s warmth through the thin fabric of her shirt. She studies her peaceful expression, and prominent collarbones and the defined curve of her lip, wondering why the thing she seems to want to do most, is to put her face close to Hannah’s face, and breathe her in, and touch skin and feel warmth. She lies there and feels, for a long moment, before nuzzling her face into a soft, flushed cheek.


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get to know me meme — [1/?] favorite movies: Jurassic Park

↳ “You know, the first attraction I ever built when I came down south from Scotland? It was a flea circus. Petticoat lane. Really quite wonderful. We had a wee trapeze and a merry-go….carousel and a seesaw. They all moved, motorized of course, but people would say they could see the fleas. “Oh, I see the fleas mummy! Can’t you see the fleas?”. Clown fleas and high wire fleas and fleas on parade….but with this place, I wanted to show them something that wasn’t an illusion. Something that was real, something that they could see and touch. An aim not devoid of merit.”

Watch on captioningresource.tumblr.com


[p1: You wanna go to the park and ride the seesaw?
p2: What?? No??
p1: Yeah! Neither! (laughs) 
(quietly) fuck!] 


One of the best examples of a lever is a teeter-totter, or seesaw. Let’s say you and a friend decide to hop on. If you both weigh about the same, you can totter back and forth pretty easily. But what happens if your friend weighs more? Suddenly, you’re stuck up in the air. 

Fortunately, you probably know what to do. Just move back on the seesaw, and down you go. This may seem simple and intuitive, but what you’re actually doing is using a lever to lift a weight that would otherwise be too heavy. This lever is one type of what we call simple machines, basic devices that reduce the amount of energy required for a task by cleverly applying the basic laws of physics.

Every lever consists of three main components: the effort arm, the resistance arm, and the fulcrum. In this case, your weight is the effort force, while your friend’s weight provides the resistance force. 

From the TED-Ed Lesson The mighty mathematics of the lever - Andy Peterson and Zack Patterson

Animation by The Moving Company Animation Studio

Words of encouragement

KuroKen drabble for eicinic, based on her art here on twitter.

I hope you enjoy, gingin ♡

They are soft, the whispers flowing over his lips.

Kenma doesn’t look up. Instead, he traces his finger over Kuroo’s collar bone, curls his other hand loosely and presses his fist against his chest.

There’s always been something fragile under Kuroo’s physique, under the strong bones, lean muscles and flexible limbs.

Somehow, Kuroo reminds him of a glass ball in a bouncy castle, and whenever he deflates Kenma anxiously awaits the moment he breaks.

So now he presses up against him, covers the cracks with his skin and wishes he could seep into him. It’s not hard to imagine, after so many years the lines between them have gotten messy, curving in and out and hooking them into each other like puzzle pieces.

They’re holding each other up, down, both grounded and off the floor, like an upside down seesaw constantly coming on and going off balance. So when Kuroo threatens to drift off, Kenma roots himself for both of them the same way Kuroo catches Kenma before he even stumbles.

He doesn’t say it’s okay, because he knows it’s not, and he’s too uncertain to promise it’ll be better sometime soon.

Instead, he leans into the fingers crooked under his chin, closes his eyes for a moment when lips brush his forehead, ignores the way Kuroo is trying to make him look up, ignores his own urge to kiss those lips.

He wants to press their mouths together. It would be so easy to lose themselves in the heat, the passion, the mind-numbing pleasure that they can both create for the other without having to think about how.

But what Kuroo needs right now is a different kind of warmth between them, a slide of skin-on-skin that’s softer, slower - a reminder of who they are, what they are, where they are.

A reassurance rather than a quick fix. An encouragement instead a push forward.

So Kenma tells him what he does know, writes the words into his skin with every press of his fingertips, lets Kuroo know that he is here, he’s not going anywhere, he’ll be right there along with him.

And because it might not be always, he doesn’t say it will, but he promises Kuroo, over and over again, that he wishes for an eternity anyway.