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Mafia BTS taking the blame when you get arrested

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Their wife/husband get arrested and takes the fall for them.

Sorry, not sorry for the angst, loooool. Enjoy!

Jin: You had helped Jin on a mission but you didn’t completely cover all your evidence. When the police showed up at your apartment, Jin immediately took over. 

“Officer, you’re mistaken. She was here at the night I committed the crime, I’m the man you want." 

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Yoongi: Yoongi knew that you had messed up big time with the recent deal he conducted when Namjoon called him into his office. But he couldn’t let you go to jail.

"Jagi, I want you to go to the bank the and get in the emergency account. You’re gonna bail me out.” *pardon those subtitles*

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Hoseok: You and Hobi pulled through the mission together, yet you were the only one who was convicted. Of course Hobi couldn’t let you go to jail alone.

“Officer, I was there the night as well. It’s not fair if she is punished alone.”

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Namjoon: Namjoon knew that you wouldn’t be able to survive in jail on your own so before the police could get to you, he told you to call Jin for protection and go do his office and hide immediately.

“Also don’t forget to the boys what happened. You’re in charge until I get out." 

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Jimin: It was Jimin’s mistake that landed you in the holding cell in the county jail. You were oblivious to what was going on, but you were filled with relief when you saw Jimin. Until he opened his mouth.

"It was my mistake officer, I killed the man. This woman is innocent.”

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Taehyung: You were playing with your little baby when the police showed up at your door. You had been convicted of murder, but you couldn’t believe your eyes when Tae showed up in the front yard covered in blood.

“O-officers, I’m the one responsible." 

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Jungkook: You knew that you were going to jail. The news reports that you had seen showed all the evidence pointed to you, but you were confused and panicked when you saw Jungkook’s mug shot on the TV. You called Namjoon immediately and you were a crying mess.

"He couldn’t stand the fact of you without him in hell, so he took the blame for you." 

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'didn’t follow or visit the account'. Uh, that's bs and you know it. You said you dm'd the person. Ring a bell? You might want to look through your posts to familiarise yourself with what you have said, given your obvious memory loss.

Yeah I didn’t never in the history of ever go the Instagram account called bs_no. I was describing my general fandom experience. So like I hang out on twitter and follow certain accounts and there are some accounts I don’t literally follow but I visit them regularly to see what they are tweeting. Same with other social media platforms. My social media activity didn’t include following the account or visiting it to see if it had posted anything new that day or any general interest in checking up on the account to see what it was up to. I don’t like those sorts of accounts. They really aren’t my cup of tea. I did message the account once when ppl said it was me. I shared the deets right here on Tumblr! I also looked at it a few times when I saw it discussed. You can parse my words any way you like but I used the English language properly to describe my behavior.
For example, in the morning I workout/yoga (or hit snooze), shower, have coffee, check up on things on SM, have a smoothie, get my kids off to school and go to work. I don’t watch tv in the mornings. It’s true. I don’t watch tv in the mornings. Have I ever watched tv in the mornings? Yes! Maybe two or three times this year. Did I lie when I said I don’t watch tv in the mornings? Nope. It’s not my general routine or interest.
You just misread it. There is no lie.

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Hey, quick warning! Verizon is taking ownership of Tumblr and is going to shut down blogs without a Gmail account, so for those without it please change the email you're using!

Thank you very much for the warning!! I’ve got a gmail account so it’s no problem for me. I’ll spread this to friends!

Guess who wants everyone to shut the hell up with the Killing Stalking hate. Stop calling Koogi a perverted fujoshi for creating this manwha. She’s not garbage, and she is not glorifying this relationship. If you’re going to hate on accounts that love Killing Stalking, like me, please don’t be a pussy and hide behind anons. The anonymous option was not meant for you to insult and bash people. So, get a life and quit complaining about it.

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I'm sorry who's this pathetic sad sap hurting on my boi's, there is no way that this anon is going to troll such a pure gold account like this one. I will let my fan girl claws come out and I'll destroy them like wolverine! They must be protected because they are the ones who deserve the most love. This anon can fight me because I'll take them downtown real quick and show them how perfect and amazing each and every single one of these characters are amazing and sexy. So 👏🏻 fite 👏🏻me 👏🏻m8t

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You guys are barking at the wrong tree. It was definitely not Nipuna, who ran those accounts, we can all swear to it. Actually, if you have at least some kind of honor, you should apologize. The owner was a shipper, but someone who hasn't been in your field of vision at all. There are many of them, not just the few you seem to tattle about all day.

Beat a dead horse much, anon? I haven’t named anyone as the owner of that troll account. The lie that Nip told about never going to that account was exposed because of her previous post about DMing bs_no. Your ask Infers there are many more shipper trolls? Well there certainly are many more IG accounts and Twitter accounts that bully MacKenzie and harsass Sam over her. Thanks for confirming what I already knew - shipper trolls are numerous.

I’m still waiting for the names of some IG accounts that harass shippers so I can report them.

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How many people do you think can sign onto one vlive acc? I've done a thing where I've made a second acc with BVS2 on it for the ARMYs who cant afford it. (I dont wanna let the $30 I spent on it to go to waste too :p

One account is allowed to sign in to up to 5 different devices. Any other issues about sharing an account I’m not sure.

Though why’d you spent $30 the bv2 package is only around $15?

My fever is 103° and the only reason I’m coherent is because I took my medication today despite being super sick but you know that’s a good thing because that means I’m able to leave a eligible will. 

In any case if I, Maximilian Alexander, were to die of sickness and for not going to a hospital when I should have, I will leave my AO3 account to @en-el-espanol-de-la-rae. Both my main blog and all of my other blogs will be given to @kool-aid68. My epicmafia throne will be shared between @axoioti and @bobthebobking. Vivi gets my sarcasm. Not tagging you bc you change your fucking blog every other week. Also I would probably have to leave my guinea pigs to my mom but I don’t trust them with her sometimes so if any of y’all will volunteer,,,, that’d be great.

ok I don’t think I’m missing anything but if I am, tell me.

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How do you like reset but with religion?

And I mean like not switching just renewal after not doing anything             

I usually just pick up some of my favorite practices from when I was more involved and then do my best to start adding more as I go along. Join a group if you can to keep you accountable. Experiment with new things. If you start to feel overwhelmed or like you’re going to stop practicing again, don’t be afraid to drop some activities in order to maintain focus on those that are core to your faith. And don’t wallow when you’ve dropped the ball, just pick it back up and try again.

I’m going to post the NSFW redraw on my NSFW account, just to be safe.
I dunno what else to do??
It’s weird cause I can see NSFW art on nsfw blogs but for some reason it won’t appear when I post it myself

someone had this url a long time before i did, but they lost it when this blue hell website started pulling urls from dead accounts.

someday, they might go looking for their own content…and instead find a mountain of gay shit and screencaps

aka excellent content 👌

#2 Chit Chat

Me: Can everyone give my Father a Happy Early Birthday, His Birthday is on this Friday. & I’m Glad Im still alive without you guys as my followers i would be Sad & Lonely But My father & You guys kept my day going. Thank You. Yes this is My Character Account, But i’m gonna make my own Tumblr account

Day 1 - Amsterdam

9:30 a.m. — Arrive in Amsterdam. I made it from the plane to the exit in less than 10 minutes. The taxi line was super long so I connected to wifi and got an Uber to my hotel. On business trips I get to expense taxis, transportation, hotel, and I get €65/day for dinner and snacks. I expense it and get reimbursed within a week of returning. I get to rack up miles on my credit card, and then when I get home my bank account looks good cuz I go the whole week without really spending my own money. Win, win, win! €28.81 ($32.70), expensed. 

10:00 a.m. — Make it to the hotel, I got the same room I stayed in last time. Travel tip: Request a corner room, they’re usually bigger and have more windows. Another good option, request a handicapped room if they have extra. They’re ginormous if you don’t mind accessibility features in the bathroom. Hotels usually have way more handicapped rooms than they ever use so it’s okay, you wouldn’t be stealing it from someone who needs it or anything. €822 ($928) for 5 nights, expensed.

1 p.m. — Head to the office. I take the metro 2 stops. The subway in Amsterdam is so efficient compared to the NYC MTA…well, everything is more efficient than the MTA. Trains come every two minutes or so, and people can take the subway without the fear of potentially getting trapped underground in a tunnel for 2 hours, or being the victim of a train derailment, or sitting on the platform in a piss-soaked station waiting for a delayed train for 45 minutes…unlike in NYC. I put €20 on my metro card last time I was here. €1.13 ($1.28), expensed. 

1:30 p.m. — Arrive at the office, say hi to colleagues, head upstairs to the coffee shop in the office to get my much anticipated pain au chocolat and latte. The company subsidizes the coffeeshop making everything super cheap. A flavored latte is €0.60 and a pastry is €1. My company would pay, but I always pay for my coffee here with change and I don’t feel like waiting around for my receipt. €1.60 ($1.81)

3 p.m. — Get another coffee. Jetlag sucks. €0.60 ($0.68)

5 p.m. — Leave the office and go get dinner with a coworker. There’s an Indonesian place near the office that we like going to. My coworker expenses it. €40 ($45) for two people.

6 p.m. — After dinner we head back to the hotel. Usually I like walking back when its nice outside in the evening, but my coworker has a suitcase so we take the subway. €1.13 ($1.28), expensed. 

8 p.m. — “Coffee” €11 ($12.50)

8:05 p.m. — On my way back to the hotel I stop by a grocery store and buy some blackberries and grapes. The blackberries were grown in the Netherlands and they’re GINORMOUS. I love it. €6 ($6.80), expensed.

9:30 p.m. — It’s still bright outside, the sun hasn’t set yet. My jet lagged body is so confused.

1 a.m. — Shut the blackout curtains in my room and sleep! 

Daily total: €13 (€899 will be expensed)

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