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I “accidentally” emailed my entire church choir information about why Autism Speaks is bad, why they shouldn’t light it up blue and what Autism Speaks does with their money. I also “accidentally” mentioned what #REDInstead is while I was at it.

I already got one reply back from a new choir member who said she had no idea how awful they were. She’s pulling her support of them immediately, she’s telling her daughter to pull her support too, and she’s going to buy some red outfits for April.


The use of “whoops” is meant to be playful sarcasm.

Dear Daddies Long Legs

[In answer to this, this and this] [And also thisthis and this]


I wish you hadn’t insisted that I stayed overnight at the infirmary, if not for my sake, then for yours. Don’t think I didn’t noticed how tensed you were earlier.

I am grateful that you sneaked in my robe however. I know it is simply a trick of the mind, but I would swear it smells like home. If I can’t sleep in your arms tonight, then this is definitely the next best thing.

I know I can’t possibly be missing you as much you did me these past few weeks, especially since I can distinctly remember hearing your voice during my coma. I haven’t the faintest idea what you said except probably the usual insults on my foolishness, but you should know I tried hard to wake up to return the kind words.

I had thought reading the letters you and Eggsy left for me would help me fight the homesickness I was feeling, but if anything it made it worse.

Though, I am glad to know that neither of you were completely alone. You deal better with your worries when you have someone to fuss about and Eggsy deserves someone that will look out for him at all times. Not that I am implying any favoritism or such nonsense. I’ve known for year that your ‘caring’ is a strict hand.

Which is exactly what I and the boy need. I indulge myself too much and would spoil him rotten if given half the chance. And if he’s doing better than when I first met him, Eggsy does like to wallow in defeatism…

I cannot talk for Eggsy, but I know I strive to please you, which is a hard thing to do. If it hadn’t been for you, I fear there would have been trials for the Galahad position many years ago. There aren’t that many things left in my life worth returning to. I start feeling my age and

Well, this took a maudlin turn I wasn’t expecting. I blame whatever drugs in my system. And if there are none, then whatever aftereffects of my ordeal.

But talking about things worth returning to, I think we need a good discussion as soon as possible. Some things are too precious and private to be laid out on paper. And you are entirely right. I would never let you navigate anything alone if I can help it.

Always yours,

My dear Eggsy,

I wanted to commend you once again for all your hard work. Considering the situation, you could have let my little misadventure distract you into making errors, but you showed a dedication worthy of seasoned spy in all your assigned tasks. I am very proud of you for your achievements, knowing how much of your free time you passed at my bedside.

I also wanted to thank you for keeping company to Merlin during that time. He is much too proud a man to admit it himself, but he needs someone to remind him there is a world outside those walls, especially in such times.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find out you had elected to continue our correspondence and that my lack of response didn’t discourage you. It is… Gratifying to know you feel safe in my presence and I hope I will never give you cause to feel otherwise.

I look forward to working with you. There isn’t much missions that necessitate two agents, but new Knights are traditionally paired with the agent that proposed them for a time. There is after all a world of difference between training and the field. But I have no doubts you will do as brilliantly there as you do here.

I know there is no longer any need to keep up the correspondence, what with you getting top marks in that course a bit before I woke up and how we can now have two-sided discussion since I am conscious again, but if you were amenable to it, I’d lo like for us to continue.

Those letters are a nice change to bills and coded secrets that have made up my quotidian for so long. I fear Merlin and I have long since fallen out of the habit of writing to each other, even if I do think we are slowly picking it up again.

Some things are worth being immortalised on paper after all.

With all my affection,

(Dear Daddies Long Legs is a on-going collab story/rp that I have the pleasure to write with @insanereddragon and @trekkiepirate)

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Hi nice to meet you~ can I have some hcs of Revali and Sidon reaction if s/o give them a kiss?

Reactions to a kiss

-Has the largest smile on his face
-Immediately peppers your face with kisses as well
-If you kiss him in front of his Father or any of the elders, then he may go slightly red and be a little embarressed but still loves it

-He’s so awkward about it the first time
-Tries to act cocky about it but his bright red face gives him away
-Slightly annoyed because he can’t kiss you back but nuzzles you with his beak instead

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Drabble: Inuchiyo x You with Drunk In Love! :d

Even as we headed through the gates and started on our way to the onsen, I was still in shock that Toshiie had actually pulled off a lie; to make us able to go alone.

Even though we are nothing more than childhood friends, I realize how intimate this trip actually is. The thought of it alone makes my face go red. I really hope Toshiie didn’t see.

A little while into our journey I spoke up “I’m glad that you were able to convince them we were meeting my mother and Yahiko. I’m surprised you were able to pull it off. though. I was sure he’d send Hideyoshi along anyway. But at least he can keep Mitsunari calm since he won’t have any absence, no?”

“That may be.. but it was the only option. That stupid monkey bastard..” Toshiie stops himself “No it was the easiest answer. If you say I am a brother it’s easy to say meeting family. Plus he’d get in the way of..” Again with him stopping mid-sentence, I turn to him, only to see his cheeks and ears bright red.

.I wonder if he feels the same. I try hard to keep my thoughts at bay as we make our way to the onsen. Lucky to beat out the rain that soon comes after we’ve settled into our room. After we’ve looked at the storm ensuing outside we settle to the table to eat our food.

“Oh look, there is even some sake. Luckily Keiji isn’t here” I laugh at my own joke as I pour both of us a cup. “As if I’d ever let Keiji have sake around you”

Wow, okay. I really need to not jump to him doing that because he feels the same. Man.. How many cups of this have I even had? My mind keeps it thoughts going rampant as we continue to eat. We have simple back and forth talks, but it feels as if the room and everything has grown much heavier. Man. It has to be the sake..or maybe the journey. It must have been one of those. Just as my mind goes on another tangent Toshiie spoke up. “It seems as the storm has settled we can head to the hot springs once we’ve finished. I’ll head out first so that you can change”

“Thanks, Inuchiyo”

“Why..you know my name is Toshiie. You just as bad as that monkey bastard…Plus you are the year of the dog too..why do you say it like that?..”

“Inu-I mean Toshiie. I am sorry. but go on and head out so I can change”

Once he had left I finally realized that I was in love with Toshiie. To calm my nerves I took a few more gulps of sake and headed towards the women’s side of the springs. I settled in and let myself relax in the water, well, at least I tried too. Being the only woman on that side and the silence made my head start going back to Toshiie, so I decided to head over to his side. I looked around before I snuck over. Seeing that he two was alone I slid towards him in the water “Inu-chiyo it’s very peaceful here isn’t it?”

Toshiie, who hadn’t acknowledged my presence until now spun around eyes wide. “Deanna, this is the men’s side you shouldn’t be here” He continues on, scolding me and I realize I had to tell him.  But Toshiie I know I’ve said in the past that you were taking over as my father or that I saw you as a brother but it’s changed. I still see you as family but as MY family.A family I want with you can’t you see that.
“But Toshiie I needed to tell you that-”
I was cut off by Toshiie groaning in pain. I was going to question what was wrong until I felt it too.
“Ow, Toshiie, I still need to talk to you, I wanted to say that..”
“It can wait let’s go back to our room”

Toshiie led me out of the water and made sure no one saw us leave the water together and got us back to our room.

“So what was is you wanted to tell me”

For some reason, my nerves were shaking.Maybe the sake has worn off with the nerves. Instead of answering, I pour the both of us some sake.

After we had both gotten drunk I decided to tell him what I had started saying earlier.

“I love you, Tosh-*hiccup* Toshiie”

Toshiie looked at me quickly. before his brows scrunched up and he scowled. “Yeah yeah I’m like a brother, I know. You told the monkey bastard that-”

“No” Oops I didn’t mean to shout but Toshiie let me finish anyway. “ I LOVE you. I want the next time you come home for it to be coming to me, as MY family.”

“Deanna, we are-”

“No. Listen to me! I want you to be MY family”

Finally, as if the emphasis had finally clicked to him he smiled and inched himself closer and closer until he was touching out noses. “I love you, too, Deanna”

Out of happiness we both laughed and held each other until we fell asleep.

The next morning we headed back to Oda and we kind of didn’t want to. Since we wouldn’t have as much time together. But we did make it back in one piece. After making dinner for the men Hideyoshi met up with me. “So did the dog act well in front of your mother?” Shit. Oh yeah…Toshiie got us alone by saying we were meeting family there. “Toshiie is always a gentleman. We met so he could ask my mother’s permission.” Even though he wouldn’t have to.

“Congratulations. But make to tell me if he ever hurt you, though, I’ll make him regret it”

Once he walks off the others start to leave the hall. I see Toshiie head out wth Katsuie who smiles towards me. I guess Toshiie told him. But it seems we’ve been accepted and that’s all I could ask for.

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Best coffee shops to go to?

oh hm.. red rocket at greenwood and danforth, the sidekick at queen and greenwood and boxcar social is p nice at queen and boulton. sonic cafe has a secluded upstairs part and it’s at cecil and spadina. all of these are pretty white tho.. both sumach and broadview espresso are nice too (but their matcha latte isn’t v good) oh and 808 social bar is cute. if anyone knows of poc owned cafes in t.o hmu

And I see colors when I hear your voice
Grab your wings, they’re putting gravity on trial
I see colors, I don’t hear the noise
Because we’re only flying for awhile

non black kpop fan: I’m shook, this is so lit, *adds AF to everything especially when it makes no sense*, my weave has been snatched!!, omg this member is such a fuckboy, throwin shade, hella this hella that, finna, my idol can twerk! this dance is so turnt, ON FLEEK, boiiiiii