go on rami!

Hokay So.

For as problematic as the WWF and WWE have been and continue to be, they hire a huge amount of women, indigenous people, and POC.  When they fuck up, they do try their best.  But you wanna know something?

Its not the WWE who are the sick fucks.

Its the white male fans.  Smarks and racist sick fucks.  The people who boo and cuss Roman Reigns and threaten his family when his whole thing is being a man of honour who loves his family most?  WHITE MEN.

The people who support Brock Lesnar even when he fails drug tests consistently (and Roman gets crucified on live TV for his one and only failed test in 10 years), doesn’t follow company safety codes, actualfacts HURTS other entertainers?  WHITE MEN.

The people who give Sami Zayn, a Syrian-Canadian Muslim serious about showing a strong positive representation of faith, unending streams of racist tweets, cruel jeers, and yet more threats?  WHITE MEN.

The people who buy the “genetically superior” schtick for Charlotte Flair while simultaneously ignoring the strong ladies of colour beating the everloving shit out of her (AP English hint: they’re tearing down the idea of genetic superiority)?  WHITE MEN.

The future of the WWE is colourful and diverse because the people who fund the damned thing with their money are colourful and diverse, young and old, all genders, all religions.

They’re not perfect.  They fuck up a lot.

But white men, check yourselves.  You might be powerful now behind your computers and in your seats, but there is a reckoning for those among you who are cruel, who are bullies, who are racists, sexists, deists, and nationalists.  

Enjoy the ride, fuckstains.

riding rami

when it comes to his favorite positions – rami loves all of them, but if he had to choose it would be you riding him. especially when he comes to you, laying in bed reading something in the late evening, tired and maybe even a little sleepy, but has some tension in his body and just wants to have some sensual sex. he might put some prince album on first, letting the beautiful sounds softly fill the background creating relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

and then he comes to you. after taking his clothes off, rami carefully crawls on bed toward you, then reaching to softly kiss you mumbly asking how was your day. then he goes on to kiss your neck and suck on your sweet spot while tugging on your sleeping atire. he kisses almost all of the exposed skin mumbling how much he loves the bodyparts and how beautiful they are.

depending on a day, he sometimes goes on to teasingly caress your inner thighs untill you‘re asking him to do „something“ and he does. he works his fingers, first massaging your clit, still talking about how amazing you are, he might insert a finger or too, not rushing anywhere and taking his time. slowly. that‘s his key word when it comes to soft and sensual nights like this. he doesn‘t let you come though, but encourages to ride him

when you finally position yourself on top of him, almost trembling with sexual desire, he still insists on you taking it slow. rami doesn‘t let you rush. he takes his hard cock in his hand, rubbing your dripping wet core, making both of your let out a sigh. and he teases your clit and teases himself, until you take control and slip his dick into your throbbing pussy while both of you moan

you think you take control though. even with you on top, he still controls your movements not letting you go too quick. he likes to enjoy the whole experience of being able to see your face and hear the sound you‘re making and also, feel and see your body tremble and react to him. it makes him enjoy sex even more. so when he finally lets you and himself go quicker, his mouth starts spilling with all this filth. he praises on how good you are, how good you are for him and how good you look when you fuck yourself on his cock and how wet you are for him and he praises you, especially when you come. even though he is caught up in his own orgasm, he still stutters how great you are

after coming down from the high, he still manages to praise you and mumbling into your ear how much he adores while leaving little kisses all over your face making you giggle