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premiering the music video on a show before the song is even out means:

–people are going to want to buy it but can’t

–people are going to want to preorder it but can’t (lmao)

–there will be audio/video recordings of the song up on youtube before louis’ team can release the song, and these will likely show up first for a while on any search of the song on youtube

–basically, louis’ first day sales are fucked

Enjoltaire Highschool Teachers AU
  • Enjolras is the Economics and Social Sciences teacher in a Parisian highschool
  • Grantaire is the new Visual Arts teacher who’s replacing the old one who retired
  • Some classrooms, including Enjolras’, are being renovated, so they give Enjolras a room in the Humanities part of the high school, which is right below Grantaire’s classroom
  • On the second day of class, Enjolras gets interrupted by Mozart’s Queen of the Night, which is HARD to ignore, but he resumes his lesson like nothing happened, though classical music keeps playing from the ceiling
  • At lunch that day, he sits with his teaching buddies and someone he hasn’t met before sitting between Joly (Biology) and Bossuet (English)
  • “Some asshole was blasting music through the walls, what the fuck, who does that?”
  • “Oh that was me. I’m the new Visual Arts teacher. Local Asshole, apparently”
  • Grantaire likes to play music, anything from classical to metal to pop during his classes, to inspire his students and immerse them in art of every kind.
  • Enjolras can’t stand it. He’s pretty cool as a teacher, goes on rants and makes learning easy for students, but music is REALLY distracting. His new colleague really pisses him off
  • Plus they have to do a damn project together about advertisement and marketing to heighten their students’ critical thinking about society and all
  • Long story short, Enjolras thought he’d hate working with Grantaire but… it’s actually… really fun to work with him? He always has unexpected, outside the box ideas? It’s refreshing? As hell?
  • They end up kissing in the art room during break and stammer through the first minutes of their next clases because their minds are elsewhere
Superhero AUs #16

Girl Power (in honour of Wonder Woman)

- ‘I love how you wear full body armour, not like those other slutty female heroes’ AU
- ‘Look, jackass. They’re invulnerable, I’m not. Their thighs look great in fishnets, but mine look like easy targets. It’s about practicality, not promiscuity, and you can fuck right off’ AU

- ‘No, no, this isn’t right. You can’t defeat me, you’re supposed to be the damsel-’
- ‘-in distress? Honey, it doesn’t look like I’m the one in distress here’ AU

- ‘Aren’t stilettos kinda impractical to fight it? Sexy, but impractical.’ AU
- ‘Not if I never go hand to hand, and besides, they serve the dual purpose of making my ass look great and taking out men’s eyes’ AU

- ‘I’m the world’s greatest assassin. You would be wise to fear me’ AU
- ‘Oh bless your cotton socks, it’s so cute that you think you scare me. I’m a mother, and you just threatened my kids; it’s you who should be scared’ AU

- ‘Blood makes great lipstick’ AU
- ‘…I really don’t want to know how you know that’ AU

- ‘Yeah, I got kicked out of the hero league. Apparently wearing a rainbow cape for Pride Month violates the ‘no personal life information shall be shared while in costume’ rule’ AU
- ‘…I’m a supervillain and even I think that’s evil’ AU

- ‘I hate her and she hates me but for god’s sake next time the media labels our war a ‘catfight’ I will not stop her from tearing down your offices and setting you all on fire’ AU
- ‘For once we agree on something’ AU

- ‘I’m a villain and you’re a hero…but I like you and you say that you like me back. So…what does that make us?’ AU
- ‘Lesbians’ AU


I could open up the sky
and I could give you my devotion
until the end of time