go on jer!

((Jeremy and Michael are having a duel to see who has the stronger avatar. For the moment it looks like Jeremy has won the upper hand, he has Michael pinned and is about to deal the final blow to win but then Michael’s eyes go half-lidded, a dopey smile comes onto his face and a red flush spreads across his cheeks and he says, dreamily, “I love you”

Jeremy is totally caught off guard, immediately his face goes bright pink and his mouth drops open. Michael takes the opportunity and deftly flips them over before holding his staff to Jeremy’s throat, raising his eyebrows and giving him the smuggest grin.

Ny0, after realizing he’d been tricked, holds his hands up in surrender. Then he glares at Ehm half-heartedly and mumbles, “You cheated”

And then Michael smartly responds with, “All’s fair in love and war, babe”))

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Is that... an african grey parrot I see in the background

M: It’s Squip.

J: He’s a rescue so he was named before I got him. He also knows some, er, questionable words and phrases from his last home..

E: He’s loud…

“It’s ghosts, michael, ghosts”

“Yeah okay sure jer”


“Are you trembling? No?” 

Not sure if this is here already, but here’s Papito just being himself.

((I started thinking about how Jeremy comes to terms with his feelings for Michael and then I started literally crying because it’s such a bittersweet moment like? He’s just sitting there watching a video feed of Michael at a tournament whispering “I love you. I love you. I love you” over and over until he breaks down crying and sobbing and saying “I miss you, Ehm, I miss you, I want to see you” and it hurts so much since he knows how badly he hurt Michael and he’s so terrified that they’ll never be friends again but he wants to see him so much!! But he’s too scared to approach him about the matter and just watches and pines from afar…

Just ughh my heart these boys wreck me))

Break A Leg

Anon asked: Boyf riends injury fic plz??, because every body loves those

Hope you like it!! Remember you can always ask for a redo if you don’t!!

Let’s get into it!!!

One of the cutest things about Jeremy was probably that rush of nervous/excitement he always got before going up on stage. He would bounce around in costume and pace the room and pump himself up. Under his breath he mumbled “I got this” over and over again, his hands balled into fists at his side. Every now and then he would fix his costume and turn to face Michael, then ask him “do I got this?”

And Michael would always say the same thing, “You got this man”

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BMC Orphan AU

Heck my dudes I’m supposed to be studying rn BUT I really wanted to share with you this random lil AU @justpidgance and I came up with.

Basically, Jeremy’s parents die or leave him or something when he was very young (Like 4-5 ish). But before they go, they get him to take a Squip, in the hopes that at least somebody will be there to take care of their son.

Below the cut is a copy-paste dump of ideas we had. Enjoy!

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Could you possibly do a Jeremy x reader soulmate AU where they can't see colors until they touch and it's really fluffy and it's a time line of their relationship and they get married and have kids and grow old together?? Thank you!

u said have kids so its a female reader ik i usually write gender neutral stuff im soRRY

oh and i didnt rly have any ideas for how i wanted this to start so lol enjoy

my masterlist!

Warnings: expensive headphones, swears (OBVIOUSLY), jer is rude to bb michael :(, mikey talks abt SUCKING DICK, and thats it i think??

Word count: 1,815

Jeremy muttered curse words under his breath as he watched Rich rub the back of his neck, flustered at the adorable reaction Michael gave him. Rich had gifted a large bouquet of flowers for Michael, who expressed his gratitude by peppering his boyfriend with kisses.

After saying goodbye he sat back down next to Jeremy and didn’t notice his state “Jeremy, aren’t these flowers so pretty? God, Rich is just the nicest guy and-”

“I wouldn’t know, I can’t fucking see them,” Jeremy pouted.

Now Michael knew what’s going on, “Oh, listen, Jer, you know you’re basically my brother, but you gotta stop sulking every time you see a happy couple!”

“Oh, shit, sorry. Did I offend you? I didn’t realize you’re so deep on Rich’s dick you can’t even be sensitive towards your best friend’s feelings anymore,” Jeremy snapped.

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If you'd ever be so kind, head canon list: first party after the squip-ccident, Michael is invited this time and doesn't have to crash it

Uhm you are speaking my language anon c-c-c-cmon

-it was a summer pool party at Jenna’s house, and they were all discussing it at the lunch table when Brooke asked what day worked best for Michael

-you will not understand the complete shock Michael had when he was asked that. “Wait..I’m invited?”

-everyone was instantly all up to be like “of course!! We love you dude you GOTTA come”

-Michael isn’t even a big party person but that made him so happy that he just had to go

-the Friday before the party he was at Jeremy’s as Jeremy got ready. He was still dating Christine at the time.

-while Jeremy compared two shirts to each other Michael was pacing the room freaking out

-“dude I’m telling you this party is gonna be hella horrible like it’s gonna be a tornado- a hurricane with no eye- the final boss of Kill All People that we can’t beat” “why are you so freaked out about this? It’ll be fun” “uh because at the last party I ended up hating myself in the bathroom!!”

-Jeremy hadn’t known and Michael didn’t mean to spill that little bit, Jeremy was shookth “…what?”


- Michael then went to go and pick up Christine with Jeremy. Michael instantly knew it’d be a bad day when he saw Jeremy move to the back of the car to sit with Christine

-god Christine and Jeremy are both big dorks, they played heathers the whole way to Jenna’s, screaming the lyrics

-Michael didn’t sing along

-it got a little better at the party, especially because Rich was trying to see if he could crush a beer can against his head.

-he can’t

-Jake was probably the only one not screaming. He went around and had casual conversation with everyone while he drank.

-Chloe and Brooke were wearing matching bikinis, and throwing water at each other in the pool

-Jenna fucking destroyed them with a canon ball though. Go Jenna bb

-Michael kept telling himself that this party was different because well…Jeremy’s not an ass anymore. And he knew Rich probably brought Mountain Dew red anyway

-…and it kinda hurt that whenever he tried to talk to Jeremy he was ignored in favor of Christine.

-but Christine then left to change into her bathing suit.

-Rich ran by with Jake on his shoulders “WE’RE DOING CHICKEN FIGHT RIGHT NOW FUCKASS LETS GO” “but I-” “NOW!!!!”

-unsurprisingly Jeremy sucks at chicken fights, his little noodle arms were not about to take down athletic master Jake

-speaking of Jeremy, he went with paceman shorts and a long t-shirt. Mostly to hide his electrocution scars. Michael was very shy at first, but he ended up going in a bathing suit that wasn’t girly but covered up, it looked like his binder.

-when Jeremy fell into the pool he was laughing so hard he choked on pool water

-Christine was clapping for them “go jer! Go Michael!! I believe in you”

-no one else believed

- they got out the pool and Michael went to talk to jer “so that was pretty-” “hey Christine! Did you see that! Rich cheated I’m telling you!”

-he couldn’t take being ignored anymore so he grabbed a beer and went to the bathroom.

-Jake and Jenna sent a text asking if he was ok, and he just ignored them

-Jeremy low key opened the door without knocking because he was drunk and instantly sobered up when he saw Michael crying

-this time was way different. He sat with him and comforted him until he was comfortable enough to go back, even offering to take him home.

-Michael spilled all his fears and then Jeremy admitted that he was really nervous as well. He didn’t like seeing Chloe drunk after..Halloween, and he knows he was a compete ass that night

-when they came out everyone was super worried and it basically became a circle of everyone admitted they were freaked out

- Jake and rich cuz of the fire, Chloe and Brooke because of the cheating, Christine because she had to hear about Jake having make up sex, and Jenna because she didn’t like everyone being all hurt

-“…wow we’re all pretty fucked us aren’t we?” “…what do we do now?” “Wanna play strip poker?” “We’re in bathing suits Rich.”

-instead they just…let loose. Jenna spent weeks cleaning the house but honestly they all needed it

-they end the day by burning all their school stuff, then using the fire for s'mores

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Headcannon that the boyf riends loose a bet to Rich and Jake and they have to wear real slutty bikinis to a public beach for a few hours. Bonus: The gals are just there snap-chatting the entire freaking thing.

ajskdkd bonus bonus michael ROCKS IT bc listen. if he can’t get out of doing it he’s going to be goofy and rock it
triple bonus: the captions on the snapchats aren’t mean, it’s actually really sweet stuff like jenna’s is like “LOOK AT MIKE GO 👏👏👏” and christine is cheerin jer on bc jeremy is blushing wildly

Going to target Jer-Bear with this one!

New Jersey blizzards aren’t too uncommon, but despite that, they are a nuisance in every shape and form. The wind outside whips snow around into a frightening slant that covers every surface almost instantly. It’s blinding, freezing, and incredibly dangerous.

So, of course Jeremy is sneaking out the front door to dare the ten-minute walk to Michael’s house.

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anonymous asked:

Writing prompt/request: mICHAEL BAKING AND REMINDING JEREMY TO EAT (Also you're amazing ily)

this is definately not what you asked for but it just, went in its own direction ok

Michael dropped the recipe book on the counter, watching the dust jump into the air. The orange cover was torn and faded, but he could still make out the words “All-American Cookbook”.

Jeremy glanced at the book, and then at Michael. “Please don’t tell me this was your idea,” he said. “I can’t cook.”

“You don’t have to be able to cook,” Michael said.

Jeremy frowned. “But it’s a cookbook,” he said. “What’s it for?”

“You just have to be able to pass me ingredients,” he said. “I’m baking.”

Jeremy rolled his eyes.


“Jeremy, you’re telling me you don’t know which one is baking soda,” Michael said. “They’re labeled. For fuck’s sake.” But he was still grinning.

It had been an hour, and Michael was working on a third batch. The sun was low in the kitchen window, washing everything in a warm, golden glow. The scent of warm cookies wafted through the house. Any of this would usually have had Jeremy snoring like a three-year-old, but he’d eaten enough cookie dough to make a horse throw up.

“Which one is it?” he asked. He grabbed a random box. “This?”

Michael snorted. “No,” he said, “it’s –” he grabbed a smaller box. “This!” He jerked the box forward, and baking soda flew through the air. It seemed to hang suspended in the air for a moment, glinting in the dimming sunlight, before crashing down on Jeremy’s head.

Michael chuckled. Powder dusted the bridge of Jeremy’s nose and the top of his head. Adorable, he thought, and then shook his head to clear his thoughts. Jeremy stuck his hand in the bag of flour and grabbed a handful. He flung it at Michael’s head, and watched in satisfaction as it splattered the front of his jacket and glasses.

Michael wiped off his glasses, grinning. “You’re going down, Jer.”

Jeremy felt laughter well up in his chest, and struggled to say, “I think you have a little something right there,” before doubling over, giggling like a little kid.

“I noticed,” Michael said wryly. Without warning, he grabbed Jeremy and slung him over his shoulder. Jeremy squeaked and struggled, but Michael was an unstoppable force. He carried Jeremy over to the couch and moved to dump him onto it.

In a moment of what Jeremy could only call striking brilliance, he held on to the back of  Michael’s neck and dragged him down on top of him.

Michael’s breath caught in his throat. Jeremy’s face was only inches from his. He swallowed.

Jeremy’s breath came fast and shallow. He felt himself turn red.

The next thing he knew, his lips were pressed to his best friend’s.

anonymous asked:

scrememes, do you have an hc for the smol dyed-hair babs?

mmmm kinda..? I haven’t put too much thought to it but-

He likes wine…. a lot- he’s pissed all the time -like me- bc squip jer can get annoying.

He hates going outside; he hates the sun so much, he would fite it if he could. He hates smol screaming children- he would kick them to the sun if he could. (He hates a lot of things if you haven’t noticed) 

He’s smart academic wise, but he has no street smarts- he took drugs from some random stranger,, there that’s an example. 

He’ll blame all the stupid stuff he does on being drunk, tired, or pissed.

Oh! He also likes sweaters- he lives in those things mann. Unless it’s really hot- another reason why he hates the sun even though he doesn’t go out much.

mutecrows  asked:

Okay but Jeremy & Soft Squip go grocery shopping and as theyre going around the store Jer is silently talking to them as they convey the grocery list and complain about some of the unhealthy snacks Jer picks up and in the middle of the refrigerated section they accidentally slip into reality when trying to point out the milk Mr Heere usually buys and there are jusT SUDDEN SCREAMS AT THEIR APPEARANCE ANd Jer is just head in hands like jfc dad blease how have you not gotten this under control yet

its a glitch nobody is willing to fix

Fish Out of Water [michael m. x reader] pt.3

i didn’t expect to do a part three but here we are, babes.

warning: uh nothing rly. like there’s smoochin. swearing. 

     Why were you always awake at three in the morning? It felt like that was when the world decided was the perfect time to crack open questions and let them slip into your mind, letting self-doubt infiltrate or letting the weirdest of questions make you question anything and everything. As if someone had decided three in the morning was the perfect time to send a shock through you, forcing you awake and forcing your mind to wander anywhere but toward sleep. Did you ever subject anyone else to your nightly wonders? No - Michael deserved sleep and Wes would have thrown a pillow and somehow managed to nail you in the face and Isaac would have kicked and turned back over, telling whatever ghost was in his room to fuck off because he didn’t have time for that shit. So you invested in a little journal that you’d find - and shirk off any schoolwork that still needed to be done that you could have been doing at three in the morning - and scribble in, whether it be thoughts or doodles that varied in quality, until something finally flipped in your mind that sleep was a necessity rather than a want. 

     So the journal was shoved into your bedside table or under your pillow or under the mattress or anywhere and everywhere you could hide it from the prying eyes of Wes or Isaac or your parents or Michael - the last of which you trusted enough that he wouldn’t invade your privacy without good reason - and you’d sleep through the next three hours before Wes would start pounding at your door. If you were lucky, you were up and aware and at least somewhat awake without him having to come in and slowly nudge you closer and closer off of the bed - if the day was bad enough, you’d actually fall off. But Wes, being the good older brother he was, would sometimes greet you with your favorite drink as incentive to get your ass up.

     And then there was Michael. Michael who you adored and yearned for his touch sometimes and Michael who you wanted nothing more than to curl up with your head in his lap as you tried to grasp at the lost bit of sleep during your lunch break and Michael who was worried because you weren’t getting enough sleep. It was sweet. He was sweet. But there was only one thing stopping you from the first two, since nothing could truly stop Michael’s worrying over you: the two of you hadn’t said shit to the rest of the group. Honestly, it was decided the night you two first kissed - which was now barely two weeks ago - that this relationship would be kept a secret, just to begin with. So it was kept secret from the group, with the exception of Jeremy - who was told because he was Michael’s best friend and you could trust him.

     Plus the time he’d walked in on the two of you making out probably gave it away.

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im a different anon so imma change things up *smooches jerm*

M: Do you want the hands
M: Cause you can get these hands
M: I don’t go down as easy as Jer, I’m used to fights, I run my mouth too often not to be

All the Clinginess, Part 2

Warnings: Swearing, teen pregnancy
Word Count: 2166
Part 1 | Part 3

Your period was late. Like one month late. You knew what that possibly meant and you were bracing yourself for death—by both your parents and by Michael’s. Speaking of your handsome, caramel-skinned boyfriend, how were you supposed to tell him. As you paced back and forth across your room, you thought of how to tell him. You ran scenarios through your head as you talked to yourself. “Oh yeah, hey, Michael, I’m pregnant!” you mumbled angrily to yourself.

Having enough of your annoying pacing, you plopped yourself onto your bed and picked up your phone. You needed to talk to someone, so you decided to text Jeremy.

To: Jeremy 
Hey, Jer, can you talk for minute?

You sighed and waited for a reply from you and Michael’s shared best friend. Within a few brief seconds, Jeremy answered.

From: Jeremy
Yeah, course I can. What do you wanna talk about, (y/n)?

Taking in a really deep breath, you sent an answer.

To: Jeremy
Can I call you? It’s urgent and it involves Michael

Not even two seconds after you had sent that to him, Jeremy called you. You picked it up and laughed nervously, “Hello?”

“What happened?! Why does urgency involve Michael? Did he hurt you?” the taller geek immediately interrogated you.

You genuinely laughed at his interrogation before you dispelled those worries, “No, no. It’s nothing like that, Jer. But it is really fucking serious. Jeremy, I think I’m…” you looked around, as if making sure your parents were not listening, then you whisper into the phone, “I think I’m pregnant, with his kid, of course.”

Jeremy audibly gasped into the phone and said, “(Y/n)… are you being serious or you joking?”

Combing a hand through your hair, you chuckled mirthlessly, “Jer… I really wish I was fucking kidding, but I’m not. My period is a month late…”

“Uhh… I don’t really know what to say, (y/n). Just tell him, I’m sure he will be excited about it, although he will also be really terrified, but his excitement will overpower his terror,” Jeremy advised. He hummed as if answering someone else and then he said, “Oh, Christine just asked me if you have taken a pregnancy test yet?”

You shook your head, “No I haven’t, I’ve just thought it was stress from y’know that really big test we had two months ago.”

You heard shifting and immediately Jeremy’s girlfriend, Christine, began speaking, “(Y/n), you need to take a pregnancy test to make sure. I agree, it could be stress, because you missing it the first month that now you’re stressing which can either be delaying your period further or possibly hurting the growing baby. I can go with you tomorrow to get a pregnancy test if you want me to.”

“Christine, you’re an angel, I would appreciate that so much,” you whispered into the phone.

You could hear the smile in Christine’s voice as she answered, “I try to help a friend in need. I could also come over to your house and spend the night so we can go first thing in the morning, if you want.”

A relieved sigh left your lips as you spoke, “Christine, that would be a blessing. I’ll go ask my mom if you can come over for the night.”

“Okay, you have my number, and if you don’t, just ask Jeremy for it and text me your address. I’ll come over once me and Jeremy finish hanging out.”

“Okay, thanks so much Christine,” you thanked from the bottom of your heart.

“You’re welcome, (y/n/n).”

Christine made it over to your house last night and you two talked more-so than you ever had before this whole situation. She made you feel like everything would be alright, whether you were pregnant or not, and that Michael would be excited if you were pregnant. You were happy for this situation, if only to get closer to Christine. After all, she had been dating Jeremy and you barely talked to her until now. “You are fucking amazing, Christine, thank you so fucking much for taking time away from you and Jer’s time for me—who may not even be pregnant,” you said, smiling gently at the girl in front of you.

Touching your hand, Christine said to you, “(Y/n), it’s alright, you weren’t taking away any time from me and Jeremy spending time together. You need some help and literally, the only help that you had was one guy. A guy who barely knew how to talk to a girl who wasn’t you before he got Squipped.”

Chuckling, you answered, “Yeah, I know, it would’ve been really bad if I kept asking for advice from him.”

“Exactly. Now, first thing in the morning, we’re getting you a pregnancy test,” she said.

Nodding, you agreed, “Yeah… I’m actually really scared, Christine…”

“That’s only logical. You’re a seventeen year old girl, a junior in high school and you could possibly be pregnant. So, yeah, I can understand that you’re scared.” You laughed nervously. Only time could tell if you were pregnant and tomorrow you would know.

The next day, Christine drove you to the nearest store to buy a pregnancy test. It was super awkward when you bought the damned thing, but once it was done, you ran out to Christine’s car and asked her to take her home. She agreed and took you back to your house. Once you got home, you ran upstairs to your bathroom, clutching the store bag to your chest. Upon entering your bathroom, Christine following behind, you ripped open the package and read the directions. “Pee on the stick, put the cap back on and wait two to ten minutes for the results,” you read the directions. You took out a stick and did as the directions said. Christine was there for moral support.

You waited the full ten minutes, to ensure the results was as accurate as possible. The result was what you feared most of all—a positive pregnancy test. Your heart sank into your stomach and you covered your mouth. “C-christine… I-I’m…” you sniffled.

She saw the test and immediately gave you a hug. “Oh, (y/n), it’s going to be okay. Now, you need to tell Michael and your parents and his, too. You won’t be able to keep this from any of them. Especially when you start showing and having the infamous cravings,” she said as she stroked your soft, (h/c) hair.

You softly cried into her chest. You definitely were not ready to be a mother, even if you were pregnant with the guy of your dreams’ child. After all, you two were only juniors in fucking high school for fuck’s sake. “I-I know I need to tell M-Michael…” you cried, “…b-but how w-will I?”

“Text him and tell him to come over, that it’s super important,” Christine suggested.

Pulling away from comforting touch of your new close friend, you nodded. “Y-yeah, o-okay,” you said and pulled out your phone.

To: Mellby
Hey~ Michael~ can you come over? like now?

A few moments later, your caramel-skinned boyfriend answered you.

From: Mellby
Right now? I’m about to get stoned in my basement right now, honestly

You roll your eyes in slight annoyance. Michael was, like, always getting stoned in his basement (of course that was an over-exaggeration, but he did like to do that). You sent your answer.

To: Mellby
Michael Mell, get your ass over here, pronto! This is really fucking important! This is about US! Can you wait to get stoned for a bit? For me?

Oh, that got a quick and simple answer out of him.

From: Mellby
I’m on my way, babe

You looked up from your phone and Christine smiled at you. “Everything will be fine, (y/n). If anyone can handle a teen pregnancy, it would be you and Michael. You two are, like, the cutest couple at school,” she said with a grin.

“T-thanks, Christine,” you said, wiping tears from your eyes. “I-I guess I’ll let you go back to Jer now… after all, Michael is on his way over here.”

“Hey, at least it’s a Saturday and not a Sunday, (y/n). You don’t have to deal with this and go to school afterwards,” she said, trying to cheer you up.

You did smile at what she said. “Yeah, that’s a fucking good god damn thing! Now, I’ll see you Monday, Christine. I should walk you downstairs,” you said.

“Yeah, you don’t have to, (y/n), but I would like it,” she answered. You smiled and you walked Christine to your door. You gave her a huge hug at the door after she opened it. Whispering many, many, many thanks into her ear, you pulled away and bid her a goodbye and a friendly be safe driving.

Michael pulled into your driveway and sprinted into your house. When he asked your mother where you were, she told him you were in your room. He sprinted up the stairs and bursted into your room, panting and looking worried. “(Y-y/n)! What is it?! Why did I have to come over here?”

You were sitting on your bed, your body crunched up against the headboard, knees pressed against your chest as your arms were wrapped around them. “Hey, Mikey,” you muttered quietly.

Noticing your state of being, Michael made his way over to your bed and sat down beside you. “Babe, what’s wrong? Why have you been crying?” he asked you, placing a hand on your knee.

“I’m afraid to tell you…” you mumbled, not looking him in the eyes.

He started stroking your knee in a comforting way as he spoke in a soothing voice, “(Y/n/n), you called me over here for something important. Please tell me what it is. You aren’t breaking up with me, are you? Because that would explain why you’ve been crying.”

You laughed weakly and answered him, “Michael, don’t be stupid… I could never even think of breaking up with you. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted and so much more…” your voice broke and you continued, “…I’m just afraid to tell you what I need to tell you. Because I’m afraid you’ll be the one leaving me.”

Michael leaned towards you and using his other hand, he moved your head to look at him. You saw the small, sweet, worried and most importantly, loving smile that graced his lips. He continued to lean forward until your foreheads touched gently and then he said, “(Y/n), there is nothing in this world that could make me leave you. I pro—”

“You won’t say that when you know,” you cried.

“Then try me. (Y/n), tell me what you need to tell me,” he insisted, bringing the hand on your cheek upwards to whip a tear from your cheek.

You looked into Michael’s chocolate orbs and you sighed, bracing for him to just leave you as you finally uttered, “…I’m pregnant, Michael…”

Everything stopped. Michael’s breathing, your breathing, the world just stopped. You squeezed your eyes shut and braced for the closing of your bedroom door, Michael walking out of your life forever. You retired yourself to that fate without even thinking of any other possibility.

But instead of the sound of your bed creaking and your door closing, you heard Michael ask on bated breath, “Are you sure?”

You nodded, tears stinging your eyes and you held up your positive pregnancy test. Leaving him take it from your hand, you begin almost sobbing, “There, read it and weep, Mellby. I’m so fucking sorry, Michael! I never meant for this to happen! I understand if you want to break up with me and never see me agai—”

Michael stopped you by whipping away the tears and kissing your lips for a brief moment. After he pulled away from the kiss, he said, “Oh, (y/n/n), you’re a dork if you think I would ever leave you. This wasn’t all your fault. This is my fault just as much as it yours, but I will be here for you. You’re my girl and I’m your geek, that won’t change.”

“M-Michael…” you choked out. You were comforted by his words and before he knew it, you pushed him into your bed, hugging him. Without thinking, you started crying into his chest. “I-I love you so f-fu-fucking much, Michael!” you sobbed.

He stroked your hair as he held you close to him. “I love you too, (y/n). My gorgeous girlfriend,” he said as he moved from stroking your hair to rubbing your back. You better believe that this geek was about to get ten times as clingy to you than he already was for the past several months. “We’ll have to tell our parents, babe,” he said. You nodded that you knew that already.