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All Roads Lead to the same Castle: Pt: 3, Betrayals and Treasons

My meandering reactions to s.7 and predictions for s.8/endgame continue. Originally I was only going to write 3 parts to this series. There are going to be at least 2 more. :-) You can read the first parts here –> Pt. 1, Pt. 2

In these different parts, some of my theories and predictions may be in conflict with one and other. Eventually, I will try to clean it all up. These thoughts are evolving over time. Here I get into more detail about Dany’s 3 treasons. 

Before we start, I’ve been seeing a lot of ink spilled or should I say words typed about the Undercover Lover (UCL) Jon theory. I  pretty much put forward a version of the theory even before season 7 started. Read my thoughts here on the Trust Issues that Sansa-Jon-Dany may/will have. 

To me, UCL!Jon is the same as political!Jon or sacrificial!Jon. The only difference is the coordination. And we do know from the actor himself that Jon is manipulating (in a kind way) someone in s.7.

In my earlier posts in this series, I talked about how the show was unclear about when Arya and Sansa began to move against Littlefinger. In the script, it was very late in the game. In the show, it could’ve happened minutes after Arya returned to Winterfell or hours before they killed Littlefinger. Most likely we’ll never have a clear answer on this.

The same could very well happen between Jon and Daenerys. Assuming Jon moves against her at some point in s.8. Which he may not do at all…who knows everyone could get together and fight the undead happily united for 5 episodes…and then go kill Cersei in the finale…Or it could be Dany that strikes first and moves against Jon perceiving a betrayal is on its way. But this post isn’t about those theories.

book!Dany, as we know, is paranoid about betrayals and treasons. She is haunted by the prophecy told to her in the House of the Undying that she will know three treasons, “once for blood, once for gold and once for love". show!Dany was also a bit hung up on betrayals in s.7. She threatened Varys and questioned Tyrion’s loyalty.

Dany believes the first and second treasons have happened. The first being Mirri Maz Duur. Who betrayed her by using blood magic to return Khal Drogo but only to a catatonic state. 

The second treason being either Jorah Mormont or Brown Ben Plumm. The knight sold her secrets to the crown in exchange for exoneration for his past crimes. And Brown Ben Plumm switched sides in Mereen to fight with the Yunkai against Dany.

Aside from Brown Ben’s treason, Mirri and Jorah’s happened before the prophecy in the House of the Undying.

What if Dany’s betrayals have not happened, yet? (Or are in the process of happening in the show…) It is very possible Dany’s treasons are tied to her endgame. 

For blood: In the last post, I put forward the idea that Tyrion could already be betraying her by plotting with Cersei. (I mean really he believes Cersei will stop fighting…come on…). Or he may eventually get fed up with Dany and her burning ways. This could happen if Jaime shows up at Winterfell pledging for the North. Tyrion does love his brother and I don’t believe he will hurt him. book!Jaime has made a pledge never to fight against House Stark or Tully. If the North regrets Dany’s rule then Tyrion could be again torn between his brother and Dany. This time he may choose differently. Tyrion loves being a Lannister. And remember ‘A Lannister always pays his debts.’

If ‘for blood’ is not about family but blood magic. Then Varys could be the betrayer. Blood magic was used on him as a child and there are theories that he is a Blackfyre, a line of Targaryen bastards. He may decide to leave Dany to her own demise. (This is more likely in the books with the fAegon story happening.)

For gold: This treason is going to be different in the books and the show. Aegon aka Young Griff aka fAegon could be her treason for gold. He is being sent to meet her and instead hires the Golden Company to start invading Westeros. Essentially betraying Dany without her even knowing it. In the show, this parallels Cersei’s lie to Dany and Jon that she would agree to a cease-fire and help them in the Great War. Instead, unknown to Dany, she has hired the Golden Company to come to Westeros and fight. Remember Dany also burned lots of food and tried to burn the gold being sent from Highgarden to King’s Landing. 

The above being said, it is still also likely that someone is going to get paid in gold to commit an act of treason against Dany. Bronn perhaps? TINFOIL ALERT: Tyrion pays Bronn to try and off Dany or one of her dragons. <–that’s a good one. ;-)

For love: The third treason, a treason for love, has definitely not happened anywhere in show or book yet. It will be Jon. Should I repeat this for the folks in the back? It will be Jon.

A treason for love is just that. The person you are with or think you are with falls in love, sleeps with, etc. etc. someone else. Treasons for love are common themes in folklore and stories. It would be just like GRRM to play with this theme.

One quote I unearthed on the subject as a trope stated, “A woman’s sacrifice of family, country, position, and reputation for the sake of love, and the abandonment by the man for which she has given up everything she holds dear”. Except in our story, Dany is not the one giving up family, country, position, and reputation. That is Jon. Dany for her part has had to put her ambition on hold. She retains her position, her reputation. Jon is in the vulnerable position at least we as the audience perceive him to be.

There is a meta by @sneakystarks that recently put forward the idea that the Sansa-Jon-Dany triangle will reenact Sansa-Littlefinger-Lysa triangle. Read it here

This is a great theory. Jon is acting much as Littlefinger did. Appearing to be in the weaker position but ultimately manipulating the person (Lysa/Dany) in power. When that person threatens the true object of their desire (Sansa). Well, that’s it, the person is toast. This theory could explain why we have been show!Jon’s violent reactions to men/people who he sees as dangerous to Sansa. Perhaps the most violent reaction is yet to come? It could come when Jon no longer has anything to lose.

Jon has given up his kingdom and Dany will still abandon the Great War when the other treasons (Cersei’s and Tyrion’s or Varys’) come to light. Jon after learning his parentage will have lost everything (family, country, position, reputation). What will Sansa do? She will be there at Winterfell. She will be there when Jon needs her. And at this point, their love romantic or familial will be realized in some form. Whether it comes about because she comforts him when he is low, because there will be a political need to prevent the North from outright crowning her Queen and bringing dragon fire down upon themselves, or because Dany directly threatens Sansa, we can’t say. I believe at some point, Dany will threaten Sansa, the Starks, and/or the North. Jon will have to choose and he will always choose his Stark family.

A treason for love means someone Dany is in love with has to be in love and/or act on their love for someone else. There are no two ways around this. In our story, as it is now the only person Dany loves is Jon. The only other woman that Jon has a close relationship with is Sansa.

In the end, show watchers will be shocked by this. Book readers will look back and talk about how they saw it coming all along. 

“Yes, he knew what those eyes meant. He’d been a sailor long enough to know eyes like that; eyes with slits for pupils that glowed like the moon.

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