go on an andventure

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I saw the post "describe yourself in anon" and I would like to try it as well ^_^" Im 19. y. o., capricorn (24th of december), female, Im normally blond, but i usually dye my hair blue or smthing like that. i have hair cut above my shoulders, the down half of my hair shaved but you wouldnt notice it at first sight. I love drawing, going on andventures (literally, i would go anywhere in the world), anime and playing videogames as well. I dont like judging people but i judge myself a lot~ :)

ayy i love capricorns + neat hair colors ?? i used to dye my hair all sorts of colors (it’s been red, pink, blue, black, etc), your hair sounds badass imo !

i love anime + videogames !! i haven’t been on many adventures but tbh i’d go anywhere too if someone asked ?? (and same! i’m v harsh on myself, yet i try to treat everyone else as carefully and kindly as i can.)

mm Heck yeah date me now !!

describe yourself on anon and i’ll tell you if i’d date you


I am. 

I am thinking of the bi and pan kids out there who think they are freaks. Who think being attracted to multiple genders is wrong and maybe even sinful. Who don’t know what to do with their feelings. Who just saw two awesome bi ladies of colour going on andventure together, holding hands and staring into each others eyes. Who never ever ever see someone like them on tv, except for that moment.

I am thinking of the queer children.