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Day6: dating Jae would include


▪ honestly, if you’re the type to take everything seriously, this sunshine will change your view of life 

▪ always preaching about taking life easy and not over worrying about anything

 ▪ funny thing for him to say bc he’s always internally freaking out every time you smile or even glance towards him 

▪ you and Wonpil constantly teasing him and Brian over their bromance

▪ constantly tweeting some shady shit about you, but making it hella vague so you never know if it’s about you or Wonpil

 ▪ did I mention you and Wonpil are partners in crime when it comes to picking on him?

▪ prank wars are always on between you and Wonpil against jae and his other bf

▪ with Sungjin and Dowoon (not so) silently judging you all

▪ he can’t believe he picked a prankster as a gf, he can never catch a break

▪ sometimes, tho, you’re both really sweet to each other 

▪ not very good with expressing his feelings at first, but he just feels so strongly about you-

▪ so one day all the feelings that were bottled up came out like word vomit 

▪ all you could get out of the confession was “I love you sm ok like I literally never knew how much I needed a person until I met you, bruh, like I’m so in love with your face and everything-”

▪ that was all it took for you to tackle him and kiss the life out of him, RIP jae

▪ back hugs are a must. Will actually make up excuses just to hug you from behind “I saw some lint on your sweater” “ You just looked really cold" 

▪ you always having to initiate kisses, he’s actually very shy when showing some intimacy 

▪ loves playing with your fingers and your hair, especially when you’re telling him about your day and just chilling. He’s sitting there with a stupid grin, listening to your every word 

▪ so so so supportive of everything you do and stand for

▪ your personal cheerleader. Feeling sad? Cheesy memes coming up. Feeling exhausted? Jae’s there in .0002 seconds. Feeling hungry? Jae’s already at your place with chicken wings and soda

 ▪ actually very deep and will talk to you about everything going on in his beautiful mind

▪ not a casual cuddler, but you quickly convinced him otherwise

▪ pls never ever let this chicken nugget go, I promise he’ll treat you like a princess 💖

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Kindergarten, anyone?
I’ve been enjoying watching MatPat and Stephanie play Kindergarten over on GT Live. I doodled some of the characters while watching the stream earlier, and I decided I’d put my favorite one up here.

Nugget is weird, but I love his character and his eccentricities. His little plotline is cute and funny, too.
(edit: he has an askblog now! If you have questions for Nugget, go ask him!!)

Kindergarten is a fascinating game, I may bring a few more doodles from it here in the future, who knows.
I wouldn’t recommend looking into it if you’re sensitive to violence and dark themes though. Kindergarten is very, VERY violent and filled to the brim with dark themes so… uh…yeah. But anyway, here is my nugget son.

So I guess we’re making this public…six weeks three days with a heart beat going strong as of yesterday, which puts miscarriage risk low enough that we feel comfortable sharing. :)

This is why I’ve been an exhausted wreck the last few weeks. Meds are through the first trimester, but if this goes like last time I’ll feel pretty normal second trimester.

This is also why we’re suddenly doing a whole mess of house renovation. Gotta move the potato out of the nursery. :)

We call it nugget. Or tadpole. Or the fucking vampire. Updates as stuff happens…ideally hardly any, if everything goes smoothly…