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It’s all right, have a good time.

There’s something special in this screenshot, don’t know how to explain it, sounds like the end of a mission which turned fine, time to go back on the Normandy. He’s kind of relaxed, that half-smile on his lips, he’s looking straight at you, the “photographer”… or Shep taking the photo. ^^

- Think I’m going to make a tpf to have it as a photo in the cabin.
- Yes, I like to see some characters from head to toes ;)
- Going to add other shots of James and Kaidan

Thoth speaks:

The ibis and the ink pot–these are blessed. For as the ibis pecks along the bank for a bit of food, so the scribe searches among his thoughts for some truth to tell. All the work is his to speak, its secrets writ down in his heart from the beginning of time, the gods’ words rising upward through his dark belly, seeking light at the edge of his throat. We are made of god stuff, the explosion of stars, particles of light, molded in the presence of gods. The gods are with us. Their secrets writ only in the scrolls of men’s hearts, the law of creation, death and change inscribed in the blood and seed of man’s love. In the beginning and at the end, the book is opened and we see what in life we are asked to remember.

Hear, then, my words, the ringing of my speech, as the heart and the scroll of this life fall open. Truth is the harvest scythe. What is sown–love or anger or bitterness–that shall be your bread. The corn is no better than its seed, then let what you plant be good. Let your touch on earth be light so that when earth covers you, the clods of dirt fall lightly. The soul of a man forgets nothing. It stands amazed at its own being. The heart beats the rhythm of its life. The lungs breathe the ions of its own vibration. The mind recalls its thoughts. The glands respond to its emotions. The body is a soul’s record. And when a man’s life ends, his body is given back to gods and the gods shall see what use their laws have been. They shall see the deeds its hands have made, the sparks of light its heart set in the world. They shall see whether or not their love, their powers have been wasted, whether the plants it has grown were nourishing or poison. And like the ibis, the gods shall circle about him, hunting for seeds that remain uncultivated, for ideas that lie dormant, thoughts left unexpressed. They shall find new seeds from the plants he has tended. And these shall be planted again in the clay of a new man and he shall be sent back to the world until all the gods have seen fit to create in an is cultivated, and then, in final death, he shall be welcomed home as one of them.

—  Normandi Ellis, Awakening Osiris, pp.54-56

Welp…looks like we should get back to work.

Happy Birthday, Normandy Party Ship. 

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“kick his ass for me.” Mshenko!

I haven’t written mShenko in such a long time, it was fun to get back to it!

John slid into cover with nanoseconds to spare, a spray of bullets grazing the top of his helmet as he slammed into the fallen concrete pillar before him, his forearm taking the brunt of the force.

“Anytime now, Liara!” he yelled over the comms, casting a glance back to the pipe he knew Liara was hiding behind.

“My singularity won’t do anything until you overload their shields, Shepard.” Liara retorted, popping out of cover to return some fire from her SMG and shooting an irritated look in John’s direction before returning to the relative safety of her pipe.

John looked down at his omnitool, flickering haphazardly on his arm, “About that… think I just broke my omnitool.” He heaved a sigh, turning the display off.

Risking the run, Liara burst out of cover and dashed to the block John was sitting behind, gently sliding into place at his side, “So what’s your great plan now?” she snapped, blind-firing above the pillar.

Suddenly, the gunfire stopped and electricity crackled, the Cerberus troops in front of them frozen as energy chained between them, shorting their shields. Kaidan’s voice crackled over the comms, “You’re not the only one with an omnitool, John,” he chuckled, obviously proud of himself for his little display, “Hit ‘em, Liara!”

Standing out of cover, Liara whipped a singularity across the field, drawing the Centurions into the air, helpless as Shepard hurled a warp field at them, triggering an explosion that shook the earth below their feet.

Clear, at least for the moment, John and Liara vaulted over the pillar to survey the damage. Kaidan sauntered over from his cover on the other side of the narrow building, trailing a few meters behind them. “What would you do without me?” Kaidan smirked as John turned around and rolled his eyes.

Closing the distance between them, John wrapped his arm around Kaidan’s waist and pressed a quick kiss to his mouth, tasting the sweat of battle on his lips. “Let’s hope I never have to find out,” John flashed a crooked smile as he locked eyes with Kaidan.

Liara rolled her eyes, clearly impatient, “You can gaze into each other’s eyes later, right now we have to look for the man who organized a strike that killed 200 refugees from Earth.”

The harsh reminder of their mission forced John and Kaidan to separate, taking an awkward step away from each other. John turned to face Liara and began walking forward again, ready to move on.

“Shit,” he heard from behind and he turned to see Kaidan holding his forehead in the palm of his hand, slowly running back through his hair until it clasped the crown of his head.

“Kaidan, what’s wrong?” John’s voice stayed low but concern echoed through his shaky vowels and weak consonants as he ran back to his side.

“It’s noth-”
“It’s not nothing,” John interrupted harshly, his voice raising, hardening. He swallowed, forcing his voice to soften again, “Is it a migraine?”

Kaidan winced as he spoke, “Yeah,” he took a deep breath, mustering energy to speak his next sentence through the pain, “But I can work through it, I have to. This mission is too important.”

“No way. You’re going back to the Normandy,” John said firmly, placing a hand on Kaidan’s shoulder. Seeing Kaidan preparing a rebuttal, “Now, and that’s an order.” He hated pulling the CO card on Kaidan of all people but it was a risk to mission. At least, that’s what John was telling himself to stop him from thinking of Kaidan getting distracted by the pain and missing something in a battle, getting hurt or worse.

Kaidan relented, nodding his head slightly to communicate though it was clearly still painful to even move his head so little.

Liara called Cortez to bring in the shuttle for an evac for Kaidan and to drop another squadmate to replace him as John helped lower Kaidan to the ground so he could rest his head.

“Take my omnitool,” Kaidan mumbled, careful not to move his head or jaw too much.

John cast a quizzical glance down at Kaidan, brow knit and mouth twisted in confusion.

“You broke yours.”

“Ah,” John breathed, understanding now, “Thanks…” he mumbled, reaching down to take Kaidan’s omnitool off his wrist and attach it to his own.

Omnitool in place, John could hear the shuttle descending outside. He crouched beside Kaidan and reached his arms under his body, one under his knees, grapsing his thigh, and the other clutching his chest from under his armpit. “You ready? This’ll hurt.” He warns more than asks, but Kaidan grunts in response anyway, bracing for the pain in his head to intensify and shoot haywire signals all down his body. Heaving the Major off the ground, John sprints to the door of the compound, pushing the door open with his back and stepping out into the cool evening, relishing the breeze wicking away the heat clinging to his body and he can see Kaidan relax a little, not much though, as the cool seems to help his pain a little. The door to the shuttle slides open as it lowers to the ground and Garrus steps out, coming to help John set Kaidan down on the gurney, already prepared in the chassis. Once he’s secured, Garrus steps outside to join Liara and wait for Shepard to join them.

John leans down and kisses Kaidan’s forehead gently, smoothing the sweaty hair clinging to his skin.

“Hey,” Kaidan mumbles, reaching a hand up to grab John’s, “That guy? Kick his ass for me.”

“Do you expect anything less?” John chuckles softly, kissing Kaidan’s lips this time, careful to only brush them so as not to exacerbate any pain. Kaidan forces a smile in response. The corner of John’s lips pull up as he backs away, “Take good care of him, Cortez,” John calls as he steps out of the shuttle.

“Will do, Commander,” Steve calls from the cockpit.

The shuttle takes off and John is left standing on the street of a destroyed city block on some forsaken colony world. Garrus and Liara step up behind him, waiting for orders.

“Alright. Let’s go kill this son of a bitch.”

Everytime I go back on the Normandy & the voice talks about the Commander is on deck and XO Pressly stands relieved I get an image of the Navigator letting out a long breath because he really doesn’t want to be in charge & is always happy when Shepard returns XD



Just a little intermission I decided to make up. They’re supposed to be at the Mess Hall, on another part of the station. I thought it’d be fun to see Garrus try to sarcastically hit on Tali XD

The Rag Doll - Part 9

Modern AU

Ivar x OC

Words: 1.785

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8.

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Vengeance and retribution require a long time; it is the rule.
Charles Dickens.

We were on the jet, me, Frederuna, Harvey and Donna. I was a little anxious, I’ve never been on plane before, and I’m really scared that they’ll do something to me. I trust them, but I trusted Aslaug and Ivar too, and look what happened.

“You’re nervous Thays?” Donna asked me, she’s so kind.

“A little, I’m a worried. I don’t know what’s gonna happen.” I said honestly to her.

“You’re afraid that something will happen, like what happened in the Lothbrok mansion?” She said to me, oh she’s good.

“Yes, now I really don’t have anywhere else to go. I’m officially dead now, right?” I chuckled dryly and she smiled at me.

“Don’t worry, we’ll take great care of you. We can see that you’re a really good person, you have nothing to worry. Harvey and Gisla will be forever grateful that you took care of their mother, me too.” I only nodded in response.

“Thays, we have a history for you. My mother found out that she was pregnant with you after my father died, she left you in a boarding school. You’re were kept a secret to the media, because my mother wanted to protect you.” Harvey said sternly, I nodded in response.

“In the public eye, you’re happy to be with your family. But in reality, you’re not. You blame us, so we will not see each other that much. Aslaug will think that you hate your family, so she will try to use you. But you will use her first.” He sat next to me.

“Okay.” I said to him, this is too much. I don’t think that I can pull this off.

“Rest, we will arrive at the apartment in a few hours.” He patted my shoulder and went to the room where Frederuna was sleeping.

I tried to sleep, thinking about all of this. This seems crazy, lies, plots, lives, God, nothing has boundaries to those people.

Donna woke me up, I didn’t even realized that I was sleeping. When we left the jet, there were black SUV’S waiting for us. We entered them, and we started to move.

Paris is beautiful, I never saw such a beautiful place. But I never had anything else to compare, I never traveled.

We arrived at an apartment, we entered quickly. There was a couple on the couch, they seemed really happy, and they are beautiful, both of them.

“Brother.” The woman hugged Harvey tightly, he only smiled and hugged her back.

“Oh, Donna.” She hugged Donna too, they were so happy.

The man stand up and hugged Harvey and Donna too. They seem really close, it’s nice.

“You are the girl that rescued my mother, and my baby sister now.” She hugged me too, and I hugged her back.

“Gisla.” She said after a while.

Originally posted by thelothbroks

“Gisla, this is your sister now.” Harvey said and I nodded.

“Is good to have you here, we all can talk in my office privately.” The man said and we all followed him.

Once we were inside, the man sat on the chair behind the wood desk. Harvey was on a chair on the other side of the desk, Donna, Gisla and me, were sited on a huge white couch. Gisla was on my left and Donna was on my right.

“Well, now we can more about our plan.” The man said and all of them nodded. Gisla started to rub my arm gently, this is what it feels having a sister?

“I’m Rollo Lothbrok, brother of Ragnar Lothbrok.” He said with authority, he is scary.

Originally posted by lordi1010

“I didn’t know that Ragnar had a brother.” I said and Rollo chuckled.

“No one does, he doesn’t talk about me anymore.” He signed and looked down, he seemed hurt.

“Aslaug made sure of that, she accused me of traitorous acts against my brother and our company. He believed in her and he took everything away from me, I was left with nothing. At the time I was engaged to my lovely wife, and we built something, me, her and Harvey. Me and Harvey are the best lawyers in the world, we have several law firms around worldwide. I tried to open my brother’s eyes regarding Aslaug, but he doesn’t believe in anyone that dares say anything bad about her.” I was so shocked about all of this, Aslaug destroyed many lives.

“But now, we have you. You can act for us, you can be the one that we’ll bring justice to all of us.” Gisla said with hopeful eyes.

“I don’t know if I can do this, all I wanted was to raise my son in piece. I don’t think that I can do that, I’m sorry.” I looked at all of them, but they only looked back at Rollo.

“Your mother died of cancer.” I nodded. “I called the doctor that she was supposed to do her treatment, he said that everything was ready. Ragnar promised the money, but after he went on a trip to England, the money never came and your mother couldn’t do the treatment. What I’m trying to say is, your mother should be alive, Aslaug didn’t gave the money to the doctor on porpuse.” The tears were already falling, no can’t be true.

She’s that mean?

“My mother said that there was little chance of surviving, she didn’t did the treatment because it was pointless. She didn’t want to spend her last days on a hospital.” Gisla hugged me, I like her already, she’s so kind to me.

“Unfortunately, your mother said that to you to make you feel better. She had breast cancer, if she got the treatment, she would be alive now. I’m sorry, but is true, she’s evil. We need to take her away from my brother, before she ruins him. Please, will you help us?” I’m gonna destroy Aslaug.

“I will, we will crush her. She’s going to pay every for every single tear that an innocent person dropped because of her evilness.” Rollo smiled and all of them signed relieved, we could start their plain.

“We tried many times to take her down, but she always saw it coming. She never will suspect you, Antoinette. We are going to use your name for you adapt to it.” I nodded in response, I’m so angry that I don’t trust my words.

“Well, we will only meet at some social events. For the media we will get along, but for the society, you don’t like us. You resent us, because your mother kept you away, and a secret.” I was determined to do everything he said, I will crush Aslaug and Ivar.

They will pay.

“You will go to Normandy, you will study French. You will learn how to behave, how to dress, how to be the daughter of a royal. They will change the way you look, you gonna look like Gisla, your hair, your face, everything. In the mean time, you are going to learn everything about fashion, since Gisla is not interested, so you are the daughter that will take over company. This is the reason you didn’t appear before, is that understood?” Rollo asked, and I was shocked.

“That will take years, I want to do it now.” I said angrily.

Aslaug can’t get away for years.

“I know, but we must have patience, if you say the wrong thing, it’s truly over. We must be careful, you need to be Antoinette. You can’t even doubt that for a second, if there’s any trace of doubt in your mind, she will see right through it.” Rollo explained.

“I will have patience, I will focus on my son, and my classes. I’m Antoinette Grace Francie Occidentale.” I signed and I looked up, no one will never hurt me again, they will never treat me like trash again.

“Yes you are, you will take down that awful woman, and you’re my sister.” Gisla hugged me.

“As for your son, we will say the same history. A man left you when you got pregnant, not to the media of course.” Rollo said.

“Why you and Harvey are doing all of this?” This seems personal to Rollo, not to them.

“Because, my father was going to leave my mother before he died for Aslaug. My mother never found out, Aslaug always wanted to become a royal. When it became clear to her that my father would never take the title of my mother, she left him. After that he became ill and died a few months after, we never told our mother, she already had a fragile health. She would’ve made us orphans, she tried to tell my mother, but we didn’t allow that.” Oh my God, that woman is the fucking devil.

“This is why we’re all doing that, she needs to pay. She needs to be stopped, it’s deeper than you imagine Antoinette. Now tell us everything you know.” Harvey said, I could see that this still makes him angry.

“She had an affair with a man named Harbard, she accused me of stealing her family jewels. Margrethe, Ubbe’s wife, sleeps with the brother, Hvitserk. Floki knows about Harbard, and he said that because of that, Hvitserk and Ubbe fell on the ice, and a friend of the family died because of it. He said that he took care of the situation.” I told them almost everything, I didn’t say that about Ivar’s legs, I couldn’t.

Pretty stupid, right?

“Siggy is dead because of her, I knew it.” Rollo seemed angry.

“Antoinette, we are your family now, you can trust us.” Gisla caressed my hair and kissed my forehead.

“Thank you so much, you have no idea how much this means to me.” I hugged her and she hugged me back.

“Where is our mother?” Gisla asked Harvey after a while.

“She’s still sedated, the doctor said is not good for her having such strong emotions. But she still has her memories, they will come back, don’t worry.” Harvey got up and kissed Gisla in the forehead, he left with Donna right after that.

“Well, go to sleep. Because tomorrow we’re going to Normandy.” Rollo said excited.

“You two are coming? I’m so glad.” I said to them.

“Yes, we we’re only here because of our mother. We live in Normandy, we will help you, us and Aunt Victoria. When we get there, you’re gonna meet our children.” Gisla got up and smiled at me.

“Come on, I will show you your room.” She guided me on the room.

I will get my revenge against Aslaug and Ivar, not matter how long it takes.

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I honestly didn't think I was ever going to find another reactions blog that included Mass Effect characters ever again. Mass Effect companions react to Shepard pulling a prank on them every once in a while.

That was my thoughts as well, that’s partly why I made this blog! - Mod Jade

Garrus: honestly it kind of scared him at first, not that the turian would ever admit that. Pranking isn’t really a cultural thing with turians, so when Shepard first pulled a prank on him, he thought it was some kind of punishment for doing something wrong. Once Shepard explained the concept to him however, he was actually pleased to be on the Commander’s list of friends, even if he didn’t start really retaliating until ME2. If Romanced; same initial reaction, only when he begins to retaliate, he and Shepard tend to up the ante every prank until things get totally out of hand. But it brings them closer together and they laugh about it afterwards.

Ashley: she was not impressed to be pranked by her Commander. Seriously, the great Commander Shepard? This immature? But she does have a lot of sisters, so she sees the fun in it, and usually joins in with the Commander’s pranks on the crew members, even pulls a few on Shepard in revenge. If Romanced; “if you wanted me in bed, you could have asked instead of dousing me with water Shepard!” Ash is always on the look-out for pranks, and Shepard has to be extra-sneaky in order to catch her off guard.

Kaidan: he’s pretty upset by it when it first happens, at BAaT the only pranks ever pulled on him were cruel, not in the spirit of play. Shepard will stop if he asks them to, otherwise he won’t say anything to the Commander about the pranks they pull, just to disappoint them as they wait for a reaction. If Romanced; Shepard loves him, so it couldn’t possibly mean to upset him, he knows that. He starts to see the fun in pranks, and pulls a few of his own against Shepard, but they’re really bad and he gets found it almost immediately. Shepard trains him in the art of pranks, and soon they’re both pranking their squadmates like there’s no tomorrow.

Wrex: Wrex’s first reaction, like with anything, was to see it as a challenge to catch the other off guard. Who the better warrior was depended on how many succesful pranks one pulled, and Wrex was determined to be the winner. It made life on the Normandy a little more chaotic as Wrex vowed to prove himself the best prankster on the ship. 

Liara: like Garrus, she was frightened by the first incident, as she didn’t know enough about humans to know it was just a bit of fun and thought Shepard was angry with her. Shepard explained to her that humans did that among friends, and again the asari misunderstood the concept of pranks and when trying to reciprocate her pranks were a little…wrong. Like putting a dead mouse in Shepard’s desk, and tossing all of Kaidan’s boots out the airlock. Shepard had to sit her down and teach her how good-natured pranks should be. If Romanced; Aprils’ Fools Day is Liara’s favourite human holiday. It’s an annual tradition that she and Shepard pull elaborate and escalating pranks on each other throughout the day, no matter where they are. Liara once sent a package of sticky glitter to Shepard from Thessia, and couldn’t stop laughing when Shepard got her on the vid, covered in glitter even after three weeks. 

Tali: she was angry at first, thinking the act was out of cruelty, and angrily confronted Shepard about their prank. Once she understood the concept though, she didn’t mind so much. She never attempted any pranks of her own. Well, none that you can prove anyway. Tali has an excellent way of getting others to do her bidding for her, leaving a very paranoid Shepard. If Romanced; she thinks it’s sweet, Shepard’s sharing their sense of humour with her and they know they’re close enough that Tali understands that, so she never minds the pranks, even if they scare her sometimes. She still retains her habit of getting others to prank Shepard back in retaliation, especially EDI.

Zaeed: hates it. forever and always. Shepard would be wise to never make an attempt to prank Zaeed again. Not if they value their life. And their favourite rifle.

Legion: seriously doesn’t get it. the idea of doing semi-bad things to people you like confuses him, organics are so weird. Not many pranks successfully work on him anyway, his processors usually alert him to any abnormalities there may be in the AI Core and he’s quick to remove them. 

Grunt: like Wrex he sees it as a challenge. a personal one. Grunt’s too big to go skulking around the Normandy without being noticied, so he saves his pranks for shore leave. they’re usually pretty crazy too, and he usually ends up in lockup for a few hours with Shepard and whoever else he decided to pull pranks on. Grunt loves them, they’re really fun and it’s like a bonding exercise with his krantt for him, it makes him feel like he belongs somewhere for the first time since he left his tank. 

Jack: oh-ho-ho no. you want to dance Shepard? then let’s dance. Jack at first is extremely pissed, she feels disrespected and threatened, and no matter what Shepard tells her she’ll still resent it. Doesn’t stop her from dishing it back though. Shepard and Jack’s pranks are usually on the violent and often dangerous side, and funnily enough it causes them to grow closer. Jack thinks it’s fun, the more dangerous the outcome the better, and appreciates how Shepard can take as much as they dish it out. If Romanced; the pranks take a more…sexual turn. And Jack has a few tricks up her sleeve to gain the upper hand in that regard. Honestly the amount of times Shepard’s clothes have gone ‘missing’ when they go for a shower, or Jack’s wardrobe is replaced with frilly under garments and baby pink dresses is ridiculous.    

Miranda: she honestly hates the idea and thinks it’s so immature, not to mention time-wasting. They’ve got a job to do! Even though she hates the stupid childish behaviour, you better believe she’ll retaliate for her pride if nothing else. If Romanced; the back-and-forth pranks are like a dance of dominance, just which one of us is the best Shepard? who’s more intelligent, quick-witted, creative, and secretive? they turn it into a competition, and they’re especially competitive when they turn their pranks on their squadmates instead of each other.  

Jacob: he’s served in the Alliance, and he’s seen coping mechanisms like this before. Shepard is annoyed with his reaction to their pranks being to suggest they have a talk with Kelly. Shepard quickly loses interest in pranking Jacob, but every now and then Jacob will prank Shepard in little ways; like putting super-glue on their coffee cup, and Shepard will never suspect him. He’ll just be chuckling in the background as they go crazy over finding out who pranked them. If Romanced; he’s caught in the act once, and Shepard realizes Jacob’s actually more into pranking than they believed. In fact his sense of humour is almost on par with theirs, why don’t they show it more often? Jacob usually only pranks Shepard when they’re alone, like in their cabin, he doesn’t make it a public spectacle. But Shepard can’t resist embarrassing Jacob in front of the whole ship.

Kasumi: she loves it, thinks it’s good fun. she never gets caught setting up pranks of her own, and the mystery pranks are always blamed on Shepard by the rest of the crew. Shepard and Kasumi love to mess with each other, replacing their weapon’s ammo with shells of salt, their shampoo with shaving cream, switching the labels on similar-looking foods, etc. the crew usually stay out of the way when those two are on a pranking spree.

Thane: he finds it amusing, he used to play little tricks on Irrikah sometimes, and it’s nice to have something to genuinely smile at. the fact that he’s always so stoic when pranking Shepard back makes it difficult to be caught at it, and honestly just makes it funnier for Shepard. If Romanced; it reminds him of happier times, and it hurts just a little, especially when he lapses into solipsism, but he appreciates the little distractions from the gloomier things in his mind. He appreciates Shepard’s humour too, and is always so smug when a prank against Shepard goes just right. 

Samara: she doesn’t necessarily understand the pranks or their purpose. most of time they don’t affect her, but she makes sure to react accordingly so Shepard is happily satisfied with their work. she finds it cute, it makes her think of her daughters when they were young. so she always indulges Shepard to make them happy.

EDI: “I don’t ‘like’ things the way organics do, but I enjoy the complexity of the challenge that these pranks present. it is…fun.” EDI is eager to learn more about humour and organics- especially human humour at that. EDI really likes to try and set up her own pranks, that are usually so cringeworthy Shepard loves them. Joker often joins in her pranks or gives her new ideas. He regrets that when she becomes EDI’s next prank victim.

James: James can’t get enough of the pranks to be honest, things like that is what makes the Alliance great. But it’s what makes the Normandy crew especially great. He loves to feel that comradeship between the crew members, but he thinks it’s totally awesome to see that level of casualness in his Commander. He’ll always prank them back, they usually involve covering Shepard in various types of substances that are very hard to wash off. Shepard’s involve stealing all his shirts and whistling when he walks around the ship shirtless looking for them.

Javik: primitive bullshit. no thanks.


SUMMARY. She doesn’t fall to her knees, not in front of the colonist and Jacob and Kasumi, but god does she want to; she’s exhausted, and the ache spreads to her bones and she’s too tired to cry anymore but it doesn’t matter, because they’re going to get those colonists — and Kaidan — back if it kills her.
ME2 AU where Kaidan is taken by the Collectors on Horizon.
NOTES. what can i say i enjoy causing my children pain
LINKS. [ ao3 ] [ alyssa’s tag ]

She loses track of how many times she calls out his name.

Out here, in the field, on a mission, it had always been Alenko, or Lieutenant. Never Kaidan, not like it is now as she tears through the colony, checking prefab after empty prefab, searching every chitinous Collector pod she tears open. She can feel Jacob watching her with something that’s not quite pity, and Kasumi offers something that’s almost comfort and nearly understanding — not that it matters, not that Alyssa cares what they say or think about this rare display of complete helplessness, as long as they help her search.

She calls his name out again, voice hoarse and throat straining, and doesn’t think about how many times she’s already called for him.

(She doesn’t think about the last time she was like this — entirely helpless and repeating his name over and over in desperation. Doesn’t think of her back arcing against the bed, of the warmth of his body pressed against her, of the charge of their combined biotics leaving the room wreathed in a blue glow. Doesn’t think of his lips, soft and searching — neck, collarbone, stomach — and the strain in his own voice as he says her name. She doesn’t think about it, and it doesn’t make his absence feel any more acute as she searches.)

They’re running out of thermal clips and Kasumi’s bleeding and there doesn’t seem to be an end to the Collectors. When they finally get the colony defenses online, there’s relief but Alyssa doesn’t share it, not yet; the Collector ship leaves, half the colonists on-board, and she still hasn’t found Kaidan. We’ll keep searching, she tells herself, but as she stands in the middle of the quiet colony and listens as one of the few survivors throws insults and demands at her — they’re gone, he says, and it’s all the Alliance’s fault — she doesn’t argue, and tries not to show the spike of terror that shoots through her when he confirms her fears.

They took her, they took Lilith, he claims, gesturing to the empty sky, and that Alliance soldier. Good riddance.

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