go normandy!

It’s all right, have a good time.

There’s something special in this screenshot, don’t know how to explain it, sounds like the end of a mission which turned fine, time to go back on the Normandy. He’s kind of relaxed, that half-smile on his lips, he’s looking straight at you, the “photographer”… or Shep taking the photo. ^^

- Think I’m going to make a tpf to have it as a photo in the cabin.
- Yes, I like to see some characters from head to toes ;)
- Going to add other shots of James and Kaidan


Welp…looks like we should get back to work.

Happy Birthday, Normandy Party Ship. 



Just a little intermission I decided to make up. They’re supposed to be at the Mess Hall, on another part of the station. I thought it’d be fun to see Garrus try to sarcastically hit on Tali XD

So I leave for military training in 3 weeks. I have state and AP tests in 9 days, and have to make arrangements for everything in my life (house, pets, yard, job) to function without me until October. (Let’s not even get started on the mountain of grading).

Somehow the Fitzsimmons obsessed World War II history nerd in me just got hit with a bug to write an epic WW2 era Fitzsimmons AU about a brilliant awkward heroic soldier serving in the Glasgow Highlanders and an equally brilliant Peggy Carter-esque Jemma Simmons serving in the S.O.E. So many plot bunnies and ideas. Now all I want to do is write, research, and plan…

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Headcanon: The surviving Normandy crew go the Earth to celebrate at Kaidan’s place (since he’s clearly loaded and has more than enough room). A few hours in to the festivities they all realize Grunt is missing. He went looking for a moose to wrestle.

Rebound: Chapter 7 - March

Guess who finally updated?!

This chapter is a bit more romantic than the others have been so far, and happier too!

• Grantaire and Combeferre go to the Normandy Mansion

• Jehan starts playing Monty at his own game

• Valjean gives Cosette some perspective on her relationship with Bahorel

• Courf and Marius FINALLY get their heads out of their arses

• Enjolras is sick of being the group’s Agony Guru


so i’m picking up from where i left off last night, just finished the citadel mission, have sidequests to do, etc

i’m going through the normandy to talk to people, i wander up front to talk to joker and edi, all seems well

and then joker makes a comment about how kaidan decided not to come on board


shepard: “what’s that?”

joker: “someone giving you the respect you deserve.”