go normandy!


Welp…looks like we should get back to work.

Happy Birthday, Normandy Party Ship. 



Just a little intermission I decided to make up. They’re supposed to be at the Mess Hall, on another part of the station. I thought it’d be fun to see Garrus try to sarcastically hit on Tali XD

Headcanon: The surviving Normandy crew go the Earth to celebrate at Kaidan’s place (since he’s clearly loaded and has more than enough room). A few hours in to the festivities they all realize Grunt is missing. He went looking for a moose to wrestle.

a WIP of something i might not finish in time, so here u go - the Normandy crew attempt to celebrate Halloween! It goes less successfully than Shepard hoped, and the party is shut down when EDI tries to scare Joker “for humourous purposes”

(not shown: Shepard dressed up as the Illusive man, downing shots)

james’ outfit choice based on this screenshot by @justshepardthings: (i couldnt find the original link, sorry)

Pokemon Go on the Normandy (ME1 Edition)
  • Joker: hacked himself into the beta, set up a tracker and won't stop taking the ship through """necessary detours""" to catch the pokemon scattered across the galaxy. unquestioned champion of the Normandy's mess hall gym. Team Instinct and Damn Proud
  • Shepard: absolutely determined to complete her pokedex as soon as humanly possible-- won't abide any cheating on her ship. all her pokemon are nicknamed after various Normandy crewmembers with very thoughtful and loving explanations why when you ask her. rescinds her No Cheating rule to let Joker location spoof off of her omnitool while she's on missions to help him hatch eggs. Team Valor
  • Garrus: scoffed at it the whole time Joker was playing the beta, but the second Shepard got into it, he was hooked. jury-rigged the game to work on his visor overlaid with Joker's tracker and several other convenience apps of his own making. inexplicably HORRIBLE at throwing pokeballs. freaks out every time he sees a magikarp because he's determined to get his Gyrados. joined Team Mystic without realizing that Shepard was on Valor and wants to switch teams
  • Tali: was actually invited into the beta, unlike Joker, but was pretty casual about the whole affair. more interested in tracking the server states and tech updates than anything. has the most ridiculous luck with hatching eggs. her strongest pokemon is a Vileplume. Team Instinct, helps Joker hold down the mess hall gym
  • Ashley: picked up the app at Shepard's request, plays really casually, but is a master at throwing curveballs. joined Valor just to spite Joker, who wouldn't stop pestering her to join Instinct
  • Kaidan: wasn't super into it when he joined at first, but it's growing on him. Shepard has started bringing him on missions a lot more often lately because he seems to be a good luck charm for spawning Dratini. Team Mystic (he and Garrus have bonded while planning raids on Joker and Tali's gym)
  • Wrex: don't ever speak to me and my eight thousand zubat sons ever again. hasn't even bothered to join a team because he's too amused by everyone on the crew arguing over which one he'll join

made philippinized bioware babes for our org’s artjam. I was actually planning to philippinize the entire inquisition inner circle but that can wait I guess

I’ll probably go and open a redbubble or something like that but for now have a thing

(No real spoilers for Star Wars The Force Awakens but I talk about important characters)

Honestly ever since I saw Star Wars The Force Awakens I’ve been thinking of a way to do a sort of crossover/fusion universe with Mass Effect but I just didn’t know how. The issue was that I didn’t want it done like “Shepard is Rey in this AU” or something like that because Rey is Rey, Shepard is Shepard. Like Rey has her own story, and she’s AMAZING, and she doesn’t need someone to erase her role in her own story. Same for others like Leia, Finn, Poe, Luke, etc.
So before them all, and even before Anakin:
-Joker as a pilot hired by the Jedi Council
-They need Joker to fly one of their Jedi, Shepard, to a remote planet where something sinister is happening (a jedi, Nihlus Kryik, has been there and now he’s reported missing)
-They give Shepard and Joker the Normandy to go. They both fall in love with the ship
-The Normandy comes with a droid named EDI
-Shepard has to take two soldiers with them: Ashley and Kaidan
-When they arrive on the planet they meet with smuggler Urdnot Wrex
-Who just saved Tali'Zorah from being killed by the agents of the Shadow Broker
-Tali'Zorah warns them that a scientist, Liara T'soni, has been captured by a former Jedi turned Sith
-That sith is Saren Arterius
-Who is under the influence of someone more powerful and more sinister, his master Darth Sovereign
-They save Liara and manage to somehow leave the planet with another person who helped them: Garrus Vakarian, who knows Saren and was chasing after him.
-They report to the Jedi Council and inform them that Nihlus Kryik has been killed by Saren
-The Council decides Shepard has to go after Saren and find out who Sovereign really is
None of it really makes sense, because you’re losing the First Contact War history, but it’s actually kind of funny to picture the Citadel Council as a Jedi Council, or you know, our ME councilors next to Mace Windu or Yoda.