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dating Sebastian Stan would include

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- Eating takeout nearly every night

- Watching random documentaries

- Being space/NASA nerds

- Going to galleries and museums and exhibitions

- Him trying to impress you while working out (and when he’s not working out)

- “Seb stop flexing we’re in a museum.”

- You learning Romanian/if you’re multilingual he’ll learn your language

- Dirty !! talk !!

- Him doing push ups on top of you and giving your little kisses everytime adfhdusj

- Speaking Romanian when he’s angry

- Taking photos of each other ALL. THE. TIME.

- Posting them on Instagram with cheesy captions that everyone finds sickeningly cute

- Dinner with the Marvel squad

- Being each-others no.1 supporters

- “Hey Seb, Mission Report, December 16th, 1991.”
“Why am I dating you.”

- Messy hair twins

- Going to conventions

- (If you’re a brunette) You getting shorter hair and him making jokes that you look like Bucky

- Emergency dance parties

- “Forget Tony’s parents, I wish I was dead.”

- “Seb, no.” “Seb, YES.”

- Giving each other constant reassurance

- Him being handsy

- Netflix and chill (let’s be real)

- ^ But also watching every show on the damn site

- Being actual couple goals

- Lingering kisses

- Gentle but rough

- Back rubs (giving and receiving.)

- Being in a group chat with Seb, Anthony, Chris, Lizzie, Scarlet and RDJ (and so on)

- Being completely and utterly devoted to each other

- Stealing his shirts

- Finally understanding what people mean when they say their significant other is their best friend

America: NASA is my actual lover.

Russia:… NASA is a privately owned company.

America: And I’m a talking land mass. What’s your point? 

I think people forget how big space actually is.

Like, those exoplanets in the Trappist-1 system that have been discovered are ~39 light years away, right? Doesn’t sound that far away? Well, if you were to travel in NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft at over 32,000mph, it would still take you…800,000 years to get there!

Unpack your suitcases, folks. You’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

Successful Spacewalk Thanks to the NASA Village!

Jack Fischer and I returning to the airlock after the successful removal and replacement of one of the key external computers which had failed.  What an amazing effort was required by the ground team to come up with a solution, and complete the spacewalk in less than 3 days after the failure! 

I think NASA’s problem-solving approach is an exceptional one.  No one on our team ever says the problem is insolvable, instead we attack the problem with all our resources and come up with a solution or a work around.  I think NASA’s motto should be “Making Hard Things Look Easy”, because so few people will ever know the effort required to make huge problems “disappear.”

Another 100 Random RP Starters

- does include some swearing; feel free to edit when sending in an ask to fit character’s speech

  • “No. No, no, no. Don’t you dare try to pin the blame on me.”
  • “Did you even bother to think about the consequences?”
  • “Listen here you useless paperclip!”
  • “Meerkats are murderous little bastards.”
  • “For the record, I hate everything.”
  • “Do you even remember me?”
  • “Did you know the guy who wrote Sherlock Holmes may have killed a man?”
  • “I’m going to join NASA and fling myself into the sun.”
  • “I hope you know what you’re getting into.”
  • “Please don’t. Just… don’t.”

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At tour of nasa
  • Nasa employee: Any questions?
  • Me: Do aliens exist?
  • Employee: *nervously* um any other questions?
  • Employee: Next we'll head over to our Moon exhibit
  • Me: Do aliens know we exist.
  • Employee: *looking at watch* Oh boy would ya look at the time.
  • Employee: And over here we have a fresh pile of moon rocks brought here last month by Rover-51
  • Me: so like, what do the aliens use these for?
  • Employee: well, personally I like to use them for cosmetic reasons
  • Me: what
  • Employee: *face mask starts to peel off revealing a layer of green skin* what

NASA is going live in minutes announcing their new astronaut class! 

2pm EDT (18:00 GMT)

UPDATE: The Program has ended but you can check out additional interviews on this channel at 4:30pm EDT (20:30 GMT)

All events are done! Congrats to the new class

  • NASA: We've discovered seven new exoplanets!
  • People: Yawn. Add 'em to the pile.
  • NASA: They're all Earthlike! They might have liquid water and life!
  • People: But they're probably all spread out all over.
  • NASA: Nope! Seven Earthlike planets, all orbiting the same star.
  • People: Okay, sure, but that star's probably halfway across the universe.
  • NASA: Only 40 light years! We could send and receive communications in a human lifetime!
  • People: Wow, that is kind of cool. Let's start communicating! Let's send a probe! Hell, I'll volunteer to get on the generation ship if it means leaving this nightmare hellscape.
  • NASA: We'll start figuring out the message.
  • People: This almost sounds too good to be true! By the way, what star did you say they orbit?
  • NASA: Trappist-1.
  • People: Trappist-1.
  • NASA: That's right.
  • People: The improbably large set of Earthlike planets orbiting a single star at such a distance that they might all be capable of harboring life, close enough to Earth that we could maybe send messages or visit, orbits a star named "Trappist-1."
  • NASA: That's right! I'm gonna start beaming out the message.
  • People: What could possibly go wrong?

*sneaks into nasa where they have been sending radio messages to possible alien life*

*quickly types out message to the 7 habitibal planets we just found that reads; Hello, if this is the Vulcans, please do not make formal first contact if u get here while the evil orange peel is in office, he may start the mirrorverse… But pls take me with u if you do visit…*

*sets it on loop so that hopefully they will pick it up before they arrive*

*Is removed by Nasa who go to erase the message but instead adds: Pls tell us how to make warp drive so we can escape too*