go motion animation


Hey I finally got around to uploading this!

My monster walk for motion, rich with minty peppermint ladies and wiggly cakes.


Here’s that special project I mentioned I was working on a while back. It’s a fan cut of a 1985 documentary called “Dinosaur!”, animated by Phil Tippett, with footage from a couple of other films, as well as new sound and music added in and the narration removed. I just finished it about an hour ago. It took practically forever to make this. Enjoy everyone!

-eagle screeches in background-


Idina Menzel sang “LET IT GO” at the 2014 Academy Awards.

FROZEN won BEST ANIMATED FEATURE FILM at this year’s #Oscars.

Congrats, Disney Animation! 


Scenes from a Halloween tips video I was tasked to do for one of my internships ^^  Happy Halloween!