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Nobody understands Silvy :(

jk, he just likes to do that type of jokes kjsdglfd

Based in a real life conversation/activity I had in a art group. The AfterDeath family was just too perfect for this xD It was something like this:

Geno- A friend, Goth- Me (I drew Mint. My little nightmare), Shino/Sorell- Random people, Raven- Another friend and Silver- Another friend. He just loves Tumblr’s dark humour akjdnlks

I was supposed to finish this yesterday but… I had to study and then I got distracted watching Boku no Hero Academy x’D sorry!

Now credits!

Geno- @loverofpiggies 

Shino- @blue-kohina

Raven- @ask-the-gothfamily

Sorell- @ivywolf777 (This is my first time drawing him. I hope I didn’t messed it up x’d)

Goth/Stick Cat- @nekophy

Silver- Me

Richie: Eds

Richie: Eds, do you know what this shirt is made of?

Eddie: it’s a polyester-cotton blend. i am allergic to polyester, please stay away from me.


Richie: boyfriend material

According to Cass: Mini Witch Kits & Travel Altars


A mini witch kit or travel altar is exactly what it sounds like. It is a collection of small supplies put into a small container for the purpose of carrying them around, or easy hiding and storage.


As a secret witch, I use it instead of a large altar to do spell work in. It’s easily hidden and most of the time I just carry it around with me to classes. Lots of witches choose to use a mini witch kit to go away with them on holiday, others may use a travel kit in a dorm if they don’t have much space. Some witches want something to carry around with them for on the go spellwork.

At this point, you’re probably asking well why not a big altar? The answers are as varied as the witches who use them. I like a mini kit to carry with me, Sam likes one so they don’t purchase as many things, Ripple keeps one because he’s in a dorm and has no space, and the answers are endless. Mini altars can be used for so many things, nearly everyone has a use for one even if it’s just a pad of paper and a pen.


Mini doesn’t mean super tiny. I keep my altar in an Altoids tin, it’s packed but it serves my purpose. Other witches use shoe boxes which are a bit less conspicuous or decorative boxes, I’ve even seen picnic baskets as a mini altar! You aren’t limited to boxes though, you can keep them in a makeup pouch, or a jar, or even a spare pencil case.


Honestly, the options are ENDLESS. I don’t like liquids because I’m scared they will spill but here’s a quick list. In your mini altar you can include: crystals, herbs, vials of things, mini spell bottles, powders(properly sealed of course), bells, feathers, sigils, tea lights/candles, birthday candles, tea bags, matches, mini besoms/brooms, sticks, paper, pens, pendulums, pendulum boards, mini ouija boards and planchette, coins, jewelry, pocket knife, scissors, salt, journals, essential oils, castanets, keys, mini wands, runes, small bones, ribbon, dice, mini tarot cards, thread, items to represent the elements, and items to represent your deities.


Now we get to the fun part if you’re including things like bones, and feathers, and previously animal bits, please make sure you have obtained these legally. It is illegal in some areas to possess certain bones and certain feathers. Please make sure your herbs and organic materials are dried properly, they will rot and they will stink. On that note, please take care that light and heat sensitive items are stored properly (I’m looking at you, matches.) If you include a knife, be sure you are of proper age and are legally carrying it in your area.


In my lil’ altar I have:

  • Some small pieces of paper - for sigils or paper crafting/origami magic
  • White yarn - for knot magic
  • Thread in a few colors - for color correspondences in knot magic, and tying to candles for color correspondences
  • Matches - for the candle
  • Salt - for cleansing (and salting fries)
  • A jar of lavender buds
  • A school productivity spell jar (tutorial coming soon)
  • Candle - for candle magic
  • Striker - for matches
  • Clear Quartz - for cleansing, and channeling energy

Check ya later!
SassMaster, a Very Prickly Cactus, and Super Fox
Find them @thestudiouswitch

Yesterday I saw the Silm fandom get referenced to in another post (completely irrelevant to the fandom), and I realized that we’re never addressed by anyone as the Tolkien fandom, not even by ourselves. And then I realized that it’s with good reason:

You wouldn’t know who the heck you’re talking about.

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I would love some Tenko and Himiko Art!!! They are my favs and I feel like they are so under appreciated but they look so good in your style !! c:

the girls!!

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Part 3 of Lachesism! Lance

that’s right guys, there’s a part 3. I can’t believe how much support this has been getting, thank you guys! You’re all so nice ❤❤

You can read Part One here and Part Two here

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 “Why can’t you just let me feel useful for once?”

Lance fled the room, angrily wiping his face as he ran, searching for the comfort of his lion. He ignored the calls of his teammates, ignored the feelings of fear, regret and pity that radiated off of them. 

He ignored everything but the purrs of his lion.

Lance understood why Blue had let them in, she hadn’t wanted him to keep his powers a secret in the first place. Blue was just worried (understandably, he was learning how to make emotions into solid objects) and he could never angry at her for long. Once he reached his hangar, he locked it for good measure and changed the password for good measure, before finally taking a deep breath of air and staring at his lion.  

“Well that was certainly a shit show, right Blue?” Lance laughed breathlessly, a slight tremor in his voice. He began walking over to her, placing a hand on her paw once he reached her. “It didn’t exactly go how I thought it would.” Blue hummed her agreement in his mind, comforting his anxious thoughts. A slight smile graced his face before changing into a grimace.

“But…to be honest Blue, I never thought they’d be angry at me. I knew they’d be upset but that pissed,” Lance let out a sigh,”It was a little much.” Sensing her paladins discomfort, Blue opened her mouth and let Lance inside. He made his way through his lion slowly, gliding a hand across the wall as he walked. “It hurt, Blue. It hurt a lot. They looked so, so afraid of me.” He paused for a moment, his fingers slowly curling into a fist. He could still feel the emotions rolling off his teammates like waves, each beckoning him to take a dive into the abyss that was feelings.  “A-Am I scary Blue? …Am I monster?”

No, my paladin, you are no monster.

“Then what am I Blue? I’m not a hero, I’m not a Paladin of Voltron, and I’m not even sure I’m completely human at this point!” Lance cried out, sliding down against the wall. “T-These powers Blue, what do they mean?” He began to curl into himself, tears on the brink of falling out. He shoved the palms of his hands against his eyes, trying to stop the tears from overflowing. The negative emotions he usually kept on lockdown were drowning him, they were clawing up his throat and bubbling out as harsh sobs. “What am I?”

You are my paladin, the Blue lion spoke, her words wrapping around Lance’s mind like a blanket, protecting him from the negative emotions in him. You are precious, you are unique and you are wonderful. Blue tried to focus all the love she had for her paladin into her words, sending him as much warmth as she could.

Lance refused to believe her and Blue fought to keep that blanket around him, tightening its bounds around his mind. You are my paladin. 

“You deserve better than me Blue.” The coils grew tighter, dark matter beginning to form around Lance. You are my paladin. 


She could hear the shouts of her paladin’s teammates from within her hangar, each shouting for Lance. But her paladin needed rest, he needed these negative emotions gone from his mind so he could be happy. She would heal him. She would protect him. She would be there for her paladin like he was there for her. Sending a quick sorry to Black, Blue protected her paladin the best way she could. You are my cub. 

All Lance could see was black.

“Are you an idiot?! Who says that to the obviously emotionally unstable guy?” Pidge shouted, “Who gave you the right to speak to him that way? Tell me Keith, who?”

“That’s enough Pidge,” Shiro chided.

“Um excuse me? Keith just made a magical Lance who could do some crazy things have a mental breakdown and run off!” She yelled. 

“And I’m sorry about that! But what Lance did was wrong and he needed to know that!” Keith argued through clenched teeth. 

“And what you did was wrong as well! We could have that discussion when he wasn’t a fidgety, anxious mess! But nooo, Keith has to open his big fat mouth and ruin-”

“I said that’s enough Pidge,” Shiro interrupted, “Pidge is correct Keith, you shouldn’t have said that. But Lance also shouldn’t have done what he did, however that did not need to be discussed yet.” Keith looked away angrily, a frown set on his face.  

Shiro sighed, deciding to let him be for now,”Hunk, do you and Pidge want to go check on Lance? I need to talk to Allura about what just happened.” All he got was a nod in response before the two walked out of the room in silence, Pidge sending a glare on their way out. 

Once the room was empty Shiro sent one last glance at Keith,”You’re going to have to apologize for what happened.”

“I know.”

“Because it wasn’t right.”

“I know.”

“And you need to learn-”

“I know Shiro, god,” Keith growled.

“Fine, be that way, but I expect an apology for Lance when I return. You disappointed me today Keith, you’re better than this.” He left it at that before exiting the room, hearing Keith sigh on his way out. 

His entire head was going to be white by the end of today.

ahh sorry it’s a bit short guys! if i wrote anymore it would end up being 3k words :) , hope you liked it though!

Hold Me Tight | Pt. 1

( can you trust me? )

Part 1 | Part 2

Anonymous requested: Hwarang AU + Royalty/Servant AU
Pairing: Taehyung | Reader
Genre: Angst/Fluff; Royalty AU + Soulmate AU (in which you know they’re your soulmate when you touch them for the first time + share extreme physical sensation after you meet)
Word Count: 5,930
Author’s Note: The original request… did not call for a Soulmate AU but I thought to myself hey what would make this more interesting and 10x more painful and thus, this concept was born. I actually got around to watching some of Hwarang before writing this, so I feel a little more qualified for this—but you don’t need to have previous knowledge of the show before reading this. Thank you @cheymint for dealing with my initial worry over the world building, I hope this satisfies!

Summary: Kim Taehyung is expected to spend the rest of his life within the company of nobility after joining the ranks of the kingdom’s newest royal guard. He anticipates alot of new experiences, new people… but the spark of a touch more powerful than anything before in his life is definitely not one of them—from the shadows of maids and housekeepers nonetheless.


The morning greeting comes has it always does within the household: a pounding fist against his headboard as the blanket is ripped off Taehyung’s body. His natural instinct is always the same, which is to curl in upon himself as he lets out the faintest groan of dissatisfaction. “Must you always do that hyung?” The boy inquires, barely offering a side glance to the culprit of his current state of further exhaustion.

Standing above him with the edges of the blanket curled up underneath fingers, Kim Namjoon grins wickedly, already dressed in his robes for the morning lessons. “You know that without me, you’d be late to all your lessons. So step on it. Or do I have to call in Hoseok to help—?”

“No, no, it’s fine. I’m up,” Taehyung interjects, internally cringing at the thought of Hoseok being called in for assistance in trying to get him out of bed. The boy may have been older than both himself and Namjoon, but more often than not had the tendency to act like a child and Taehyung did not wish to start the day with Hoseok jumping on his bed.

Namjoon laughs at that, throwing the blanket off to the side. “Hurry up alright? You know Master Wooreuk won’t be happy to see you late again.”

“Yeah, yeah, I got it,” Taehyung dismisses with a wave, sliding to the front of the bed just as Namjoon slides open the door separating the bedroom with the long hallway before his footsteps become the only thing he can hear along the Hwarang household. With a grunt, Taehyung straightens up, laying out his robes for the morning lesson as he gets to work dressing.

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