go min go!!

prompt: trc/teen wolf crossover - stiles and derek at one of kavinsky’s substance parties, having the time of their lives under the glow of the neon lights. suggested by @yourlovelyalpha

(aka a perfect excuse for me to attempt blacklight coloring, it was fun, 10/10 would/will do again)

  • Namjoon: I'm nervous. What if Jin says no?
  • Yoongi: That seems like something only a wimp would say.
  • Namjoon: Are you saying that I'm a wimp?
  • Yoongi: I'm not saying that at all!
  • Namjoon: Oh...
  • Yoongi: I'm implying it. But if it makes you feel better, I can say it directly.
  • Namjoon: No thanks.

happy or angry? 


Brazilian ARMY setting the example 👏👏👏

I love things like this. It makes me cry, because Reflection is so fucking




It’s hard not to sympathize with the self hate when everyone has their lows.

I love that they chant back, “We love you!”
Everything he says “I wish I could love myself” to me it’s just… 
And his voice after hearing it, I just;;
Namjoon deserves so much. 

All of BTS does. 

And I love this because it’s showing that not all fans are going to be hectic or harmful or just too much. BTS deserves the fucking world, and hell if we as ARMYs don’t give it to them. They’ve worked so hard guys. We know that. That’s why making barriers so they don’t get hurt makes a difference. We know what’s happened in the past. We as international ARMY as Korean ARMY cannot continue to let these things happen. We have to continue to protect them rather than hurting them, and we must continue to just all our show them the love they deserve. Show them that we, as a fan base should not be hated.

we need change (by RM and Wale)

After all, we are not an ARMY without our beloved Bangtan. 

 -fan cam by strawberry-