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I am one such an individual, and last night I was super pumped to try this concealer. Out of curiosity I read the ingredients and saw something called arachidyl behenate.

Anything with the root “arachi” such as “arachis oil” is probably peanut related. And, sure enough, I did some research and arachidyl behenate is peanut-derived. Which is the story of how I nearly smushed a deadly food allergen into my skin.

There’s a report here from last year that seems to indicate that some food allergens are neutralized when processed for cosmetics, but I’m not sure that applies for peanuts. And at any rate, they did indicate there was still a risk of a reaction if such proteins weren’t processed properly.

Now, I’m gonna say it outright - I’m not one hundred percent sure that a heavily processed peanut-derived chemical such as arachidyl behenate will cause a reaction. I’ve worn a lot of makeup over the years without checking the ingredients, so I could have easily used a product containing it without knowing. Still, better safe than sorry.

Alternate names for peanut products (anything with the prefix “arachi-” should be considered suspect):

beer nuts, earth nuts, goobers, groundnuts, groundnut oil, hypogaeic acid, katchung oil, mandelonas

A full list can be found here, another cosmetic-specific one here.

Here’s some articles on the subject:





Stay safe, guys, and please signal boost for any peanut-allergic followers you might have!

Why Are Robots Being Mean To Me??: The Game


starting on some lord of the files for my lit classes next year📓☕️🌿

quick tips for lit students

1. print the PDF of your lit;
I don’t know how many of you guys already do this and I’m just the idiot who never figured it out (which is probably the case) but PDFs are so helpful.
I’ve been trying to squeeze in all my notes in class into the tiny spaces of my lit books for the past 2 years; writing on the PDF is just so much easier.

2. Look for teacher’s guides online!
yes it does sound a little like cheating; but this is one of the best things I’ve discovered so far. the themes that your Teachers will be most likely exploring would be in those guides, so try your best to follow them as closely as possible.

hoped that helped-even just a little!

99% sure this is what Calum’s grad photo would look like

9 things Percy and Annabeth haven’t told each other (Percabeth)

She knows the exact way his breathing shifts in the space between waking and sleep. He always inhales that little bit too fast. Even when he’s pretending her nightmares haven’t woken him up.

He intentionally gives her space, even though everything in him screams out to be near her.Percy knows his myths as well as any halfblood, knows what obsession leads to. They are not going to become a tragedy.

He scares her. She’s not afraid of him, but for him. Percy was never supposed to be a thing of darkness, but it might happen anyway. She doesn’t tell him. She doesn’t want to put the thought in his head.

The thought is in his head. He’ll talk to her about it one day. But not now. She has enough to worry about now.

There is something terrifying about knowing a boy would literally go to hell and back for you.

She’s kind of picky about her food? Like. She pretends she isn’t, but Percy knows. He never says anything, but he’s totally going to laugh when she has to eat pickles at some fancy dinner party because she never said she hates them. Pride is one hell of a fatal flaw.

His hair is a mess. She loves it. She never says it because - how do you even say that? ‘Oh, keep your hair looking like you just came off a wind-swept beach please, as a favour for me’.

So his girlfriend is gorgeous. Obviously. But there’s just - he really likes her neck? He never says it because - how do you even say that? ‘Oh, your legs are amazing and I love the way you can knock a guy out with a single punch, but your neck, yeah that’s the stuff’.

She knows about the neck thing. There’s a reason one curl is always ‘artfully escaping’ whenever she sweeps her hair up.

The gods are afraid of them.