go marriage equality

Dear Prime Minister Trumble,

Please take the hint if you have only 640 viewers on Facebook live and they’re ALL hate watching it might be time to give up.

FFS just go and legislate Marriage Equality already!

Love, Australia

“Because we shouldn’t have to”:  The Straightwashing of Mystique and a Call to Arms for Femslash in the XMCU

Okay, so I want to open this post by saying that I’m gonna get critical.  On the eve of the US release of X-Men: Apocalypse, I feel that this needs to be said, so I am gonna say it. 

The X-movies need to stop straightwashing Mystique.  Additionally, the fandom needs to stop letting them. 

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Do all of you remember this post from Twitter of this guy and Jennifer Lee made one year and a half ago? I’m sure you do. Well, what I can say about it is that, now that Frozen 2 is officially confirmed, make more sense now. And it makes even more sense if you read this part from this interview made by MTV to Chris Buck: “We have two very strong female leads in ’Frozen,” Buck said. “We will keep that going in the next one. We will tackle other issues that, I think, are out there today that boys and girls, men and women, are dealing with.” “I think we’re very aware of what is happening in society,” he added. “I don’t think any of us take [them] lightly, even though they can be very funny and entertaining, the messages that our movies have and the influence they can have on young people. When the kids [watch] them, they watch them over and over again, and if we don’t have a decent message in there, I think we’ve missed an opportunity.” Is Chris Buck referring to LGBT community? Reading some comments of this interview, it could be possible. The issues that boys, girls, men and women are dealing with, are the issues because of their homosexuality? The awareness of what is happening in society, is the marriage equality that is happening step by step all over the world (marriage equality in USA happened almost two months ago)? I really hope this. Frozen 2 will probably come out in 2018, there are other 3 years to come and there will certainly be some changes in them. Maybe other same-sex marriages in other countries, maybe more acceptance in the world. Let’s pray for the first queer Disney princess/queen to happen.

Raise your hand if you're genuinely terrified of the homophobia and bigotry that the plebiscite will bring out in people
Marriage equality is kind of like the Hanukkah of LGBT+ rights. It’s important because everybody knows what it is so you can use it at the forefront of the movement, and it’s a happy holiday–but if you understand the Jewish religion you also know it’s not the most important holiday. It’s just the most well-known. Now two people of the same gender can get married, but they can still get kicked out of their apartment building for being married, which means there’s a hell of a lot of work to do.
—  my sister, just now

harry is out there celebrating with all of us for this glorious moment in american history and he’s not even american it’s just another reason why he’s the most precious being in all the land

Gay marriage is legal in the USA!

I know this has nothing to do with Fairy Tail, but I don’t care.  I have to express my overwhelming happiness over this Supreme Court ruling!

This is something to celebrate, something to finally be proud of for my country. Hopefully, this is the start of new direction for the US - a new path of equality and civil rights for EVERYONE.

God, I’m just really happy - I feel like I’m going to cry! 

OH MY GOD I am so incredibly overwhelmed and excited and happy and thankful that this has finally happened!!!! I am not a particularly patriotic person, but I feel like today I can finally be proud of my country. Because today, gay marriage must be recognized in all 50 United States of America. 

My parents, after being together for 27 years, got married one year ago exactly, and this is the best anniversary present they never thought they’d get to see.