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Roll call, Carylers.


Here’s to hoping Pops gets what he wants

Imagine babysitting with Chris.

A/N: This is based off a prompt from an anonymous request and I think it’s so superbly adorable that I might actually make this the sequel to the ‘Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts’ mini-series. If you’ve read the mini-series, you’ll know the reader is a screen writer and they got married after she drunkenly admitted she was ready for the next step. You can read it here (I’ll link it as soon as I get home) but you don’t have to, this should be able to standalone as its own mini-series. So shall we?

Chris waited by the front door with the stroller and your baby niece in his arms, while you filled Dodger’s food and water bowl and made sure everything in the house that needed to be off and locked was. You were babysitting your eldest brother’s one year old for the week while he and your sister-in-law were out of town. Your parents had been the first choice but Chris begged and pleaded for the opportunity, bugging your brother so much that it finalized his decision to leave Phoebe with the two of you instead.

But Chris’ persistence wasn’t the only reason; your brother said and you quote, “the man’s going to put a baby in you soon, you might as well have some practice.” You laughed but you knew he was right. You had been with Chris for five years now, married only for one but already discussing the possibility of starting a family; a subject you’d unknowingly brought up before you even got proposed to when you were drunk, but since then there had been serious conversations about it.

The only reason the baby making hadn’t started was because of you, you were still unsure and stalling; Chris knew which was why he asked to take care of Phoebe. You didn’t know that but you knew you’d eventually have to stop talking and start doing, you and Chris weren’t getting any younger and both moms from either side were itching for you and Chris to join your siblings in the Parent Club; your two brothers- James, who had a son and a daughter; Scott, who had a daughter; and Chris’ oldest sister- Carly, who had two sons and a daughter.

“Hurry up, Aunt Y/N.” You heard Chris addressing you with a childlike voice to appease your squirming niece. “We’re getting really bored over here and we want to go out. Don’t we, Bumble Bee?” He cooed and bounced her, drawing small giggles from the one year old. “We want to go outside, yes we do.”

“I’m coming,” you called back as you grabbed Phoebe’s diaper bag from the kitchen counter. You checked the contents yet again, unsure if giving Chris the job of stocking it was the right decision. “Chris-” you narrowed your eyes at the small Ziplock of Gummi Bears. “What’s this?” You held it up and his eyes narrowed in confusion at your question.

“A Ziplock of Gummi Bears?”

“I can see that,” you chuckled. “Why did you pack them? Phoebe can’t eat these yet, she’s one.” You told him then realized when he laughed. “You packed them for me, didn’t you?” You asked then chuckled when he nodded. “Well- we’re leaving them behind,” you said and placed the bag on the nearest table. “I don’t need the distraction when we’ve got a ton of Christmas shopping to do, and a child to watch. Trust you to pick the busiest time of the year to offer our babysitting services.”

“Like we’d have any trouble with this angel.” He said then poked her tiny palm with his stubby finger; she wrapped her hand around his finger then laughed when he did. “She’s so adorable,” he told you, brushing her brown locks out of her chubby face. “I am so glad we have her for the week.”

“Don’t speak too soon, my love. Let’s not forget that it’s only been a few hours.” You reminded him as you walked over, tucking the diaper bag in the basket compartment under the stroller. “She’s an angel now ‘cause her daddy just dropped her off. She’s still unaware she’s stuck with us for the week, but once she realizes that- all hell’s going to break loose and you’re going to be wishing you had let Scott and Lexi take her to Mom’s instead.”

“You clearly don’t know how much I like kids,” he defended.

“You clearly don’t know how well I know my niece,” you countered.

“She’s my niece too, Y/N.” He rolled his eyes at you then turned to smile at Phoebe, who was too busy playing with his hand to flash him one of her smiles. “And I love her to bits, which means- she could kick, scream, and cry, and I’d still think she’s perfect.”

“Hold up.” You pulled out your phone from your back pocket and opened the voice recorder app, pressing the red button to start the recording. “I would just like it on the record,” you told him and he chuckled softly. “You know, so that when she does kick, scream, and cry- you can deal with her without complaints.”

“Fine.” He wrapped his free hand around your wrist and pulled your phone closer to his mouth. “Hey Future Chris, Past Chris talking. I’d just like to remind you that we said Phoebe could kick, scream, and cry, and we’d still think she’s perfect. So don’t you dare complain 'cause you know how much we hate it when Y/N gets that smug gleam in her eyes.” He smirked at you and you chuckled. “Don’t worry though, Bumble Bee’s an angel. I’m sure we’ll have a great week with her despite what Y/N says, she’s a pessimist.”

“Shut up,” you laughed and turned off the recording, saving it before slipping your phone back into your back pocket. “Let’s go because we’ve got a lot of Christmas shopping to do and I want to get it done before dinner.”

“Yeah, let’s go!” Chris cheered in a childlike voice, making Phoebe laugh and you smile.

• • • • • • • •

Chris pushed Phoebe in the stroller while you did the shopping, it was the same every year- not the stroller pushing but the you doing the shopping. Every Christmas since you became his significant other, he’d pass the responsibility of shopping for people in his life over to you; he wasn’t bad at it, you were just better and he was just lazy. The only people he shopped for now was you, his mom, and yours because- well, he couldn’t make you buy your own present and he was a huge momma’s boy.

“Oh my God,” you heard Chris gasp and you turned around, smiling when you saw what he had in his hand; it was a little baby reindeer onesie. “Tell me your heart didn’t just melt a little,” he pouted and you chuckled. “We’re definitely getting this.” He said and tossed it in your basket.

“Chris,” you chuckled and pulled it back out. “We don’t need this, Phoebe’s the only baby in the family and- I’m pretty sure she’s already got one of these at home.” You hung it back on the rack but he took it back down, giving you serious puppy dog eyes. “Chris, no.” You laughed. “What are we going to do with that?”

“We’re going to have a baby of our own and dress her or him in it,” he answered and tossed it back in your basket. You sighed but made no effort to take it out, knowing he wouldn’t let up. “We’re already talking about it, Y/N. Collecting cute little outfits and knick-knacks for our future child is the next step.”

“You really need to keep it down,” you chuckled softly as you joined his side. He wrapped an arm around you, pushing the stroller with one hand while the two of you walked down the Baby Clothing’s aisle. “Let’s not forget we’re not normal people, the last thing we need is one of your fan girls overhearing us talking about having babies.”

“I’m pretty sure we’re already going to make the front page walking around with Phoebe,” he chuckled softly and smiled down at Phoebe who was smiling up at her uncle. “A lot of strangers already think she’s our child, won’t be long before someone recognizes us and tweets about it. I think that blonde lady back there felt like she knew me but wasn’t sure.”

“You do look different in person,” you nodded.

“Still, we’re going to get caught eventually,” he said and you rolled your eyes. “We always do,” he reminded you. “How many times have we had to stop to take photos or sign something? Even you, Miss Screen-writer, have had to sign a copy or two of your scripts.”

“Yeah-” you pursed your lips, “how do people just have that on hand? It’s weird,” you said and he chuckled. “But we’re not going to get caught this time, everyone’s too busy shopping to bother with us. And- you and I, we’re going to keep our hats on,” you tugged at his NASA cap and he chuckled. “The most- we pretend to not know what they’re talking about and be a cute little family of three. We are getting a lot of compliments.”

“Here comes one now,” Chris whispered in your ear, beckoning his head at an older couple smiling at the three of you. “Hi there,” he greeted the old lady who was cooing at Phoebe; she looked up at the two of you and smiled, nodding in acknowledgement. “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas,” her husband said with a smile. “You two make a very good looking couple,” he complimented, making both you and Chris smile. “And your daughter is just beautiful, much like your wife. You’re a lucky man,” he nodded at Chris and Chris chuckled softly.

“What’s her name?” The old lady asked.

“Phoebe,” you told her and her smile widened.

“That’s my daughter’s name,” she told you and you smiled. “Your girl is just beautiful, she has your eyes.” You chuckled softly because it wasn’t the first time you’d heard that; Phoebe had your brother’s eyes and you looked a lot like him. “Just one girl?”

“We’re planning for more,” Chris answered before you could tell the lady the baby actually belonged to your brother. “How could we not when the first one turned out so perfect?” He said then smiled at you; you stifled your chuckle but nodded in agreement.

“We hope everything works out for you, you’re a beautiful family.” The old lady complimented then took her husband’s arm. “Merry Christmas,” she said. The couple smiled at your little family of three once more before returning to their own shopping.

“We’re a beautiful family,” Chris repeated, beaming. “What’s that- the eighth one in two hours?” He nudged your arm, grinning like an idiot and making you laugh. “Can we please have a baby of our own now? Like- no more talk, we’ve talked enough. Let’s just have a baby already,” he practically begged.

“Get through this week and we’ll see.”

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I Should Run You a Hot Bath (and Fill it Up with Bubbles)

I guess I am officially hopping on the bandwagon. Here is my idea of a perfect afternoon at the end of a long college day- a bathtub and Bucky. With sexy times and Russian, of course. (I’m tagging you again @eccentric-heartbeats )

Some songs to listen to to get you in the mood: Autumn Leaves by Ed Sheeran and Wake Me Up by Ed Sheeran 

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What do I do?!

Pairing: Derek Morgan x Reader

Word Count: 3549 (I totally did not mean for it to end up this long but it just came to life)

Warning: Language and fluffy love

“Get your ‘go bags’ and wheels up in forty-five minutes.  [Y/N], you and Penelope need to find background on the victims and their families.  We need to know everything we can before we land in Colorado.”  Hotch stood across from you as he gave the last of the assignments for the current case.  

“Yes sir.  We will send everything we find.”  You smiled as you slowly stood from your chair.  Derek slid his arm under yours helping you, scared you would fall.  Everyone else was eyeing you for the same reason.

“Thank you.  Damn that is getting hard to do.”  He grinned kissing your cheek and rubbing your rather large belly.

“Anything for both my baby girls.  Try to behave while I am gone.  Work, then home with your feet up.  Promise me?” You fought against the urge to roll your eyes.  Derek was just trying to keep you and the baby safe, but you were not a child.

“Fine, I promise.  Not that I have much of a choice.  One, I am the size of a house and I can’t move that fast anyway.  Two, you told Garcia to watch me like a hawk.  She is taking that job very seriously.”  He laughed as he put his arm over your shoulder leading you out towards your desk.

“Damn right she is. She loves you and this baby almost as much as I do.  So she will be staying with you at the house for the next few days while we finish the case up.”


“[Y/N]!  I have so much planned for our sleepover!”  Penelope all but jumped up and down as she walked over towards you and your husband.  “I’ve got great movies and we can order from that Thai place you love.  And I am going to make sure your toes are all pretty polished before that baby decides she is ready to make her debut!  It is going to be so much fun.”  Her excitement was adorable.  Penelope had become one of your best friends since you joined the B.A.U. She was the one that pushed Derek to ask you out in the first place.  This sweet little baby growing inside of you would not be here without “Auntie Penelope” as she now dubbed herself.  Therefore, you had to allow her to spoil you.  I would be nice to have your toes painted again and Thai sounded really good about now…

“Just make sure there is time in there enough for me to sleep.  This kid wipes me out fast.”  

You waved goodbye to the team and kissed your husband as they all left for the airport.  This was going to be Derek’s last case where he traveled.  There were only a couple weeks left before you were due and he did not want to be caught in the position of missing the birth.  This case was relatively short and they were expected back in three days.  You spend the rest of the day with Penelope in her office on the computer and on the phone with different people regarding the case.  To say you were sore by the time you left work, was putting it mildly. Everything started to hurt lately. The random leg cramps were the worst of it and was one thing you would not miss about pregnancy.

Derek called to let you know when they had landed and had been texting all afternoon.  You were not sure how he was able to get anything done but he was Derek Morgan so he could probably do it all.  Penelope followed you home and had the food already on its way by the time you walked through your front door.

“Okay what are we watching first?  Star Wars, any of the Marvel movies, Knocked up…”  The look you gave her let her know that the last option was not happening.  “Captain America it is!”

Both of you laughed as you went upstairs to change into something that did not feel so tight. Everything lately was getting to the point it would barely button.  The belly and the boobs were enormous and you were petrified that you would never feel like a normal person again.  JJ had to tell you repeatedly that you would be fine.  Sometimes you listened, other times the hormones took over and you sobbed like a fool.

You stole one of Derek’s t-shirts that was big on him out of the closet and put on the comfy nursing bra you had got from the baby shower.  Those were combined with one of the stretchy maternity shorts JJ had given you. Now you were comfortable and ready for dinner.  Stretching out on the couch Penelope had set you up so that your feet were up to help some of the swelling you now had going on.  The Thai food and the movie were helping relax you.  “Girl what mess do you have going on with this toe polish?”

“What?  I can’t put my shoes on by myself what makes you think I can actually paint my toes.”  The pseudo-stern look she gave you turned into that ray of sunshine smile of hers as she moved to pick out the all the colors she wanted to use.

“Well since I can’t decide what color to pain them I will use all my colors.  You will have the prettiest unicorn rainbow toes.”

“Whatever you want to do Penelope I give you free reign.”  A few minutes later while she was half way finished with the first foot Derek called on FaceTime to see how you were.  When you accepted, you found it was him and Spencer and probably the rest of the group at dinner.

“Hey beautiful how are you holding up?  Garcia treating you right?”  You grinned waving.

“Hey baby, heya Spencer. Yes, Penelope is the best.  I may trade you in for her.  She gets me my favorite food and watches Captain America with me.” Penelope laughed from down by your feet.

“Woman, don’t make me have to put up a fight.  You know I would.  How is my baby girl in there?  She kicking around?”  As you were about to answer Spencer popped into the screen.

“Derek babies move at a minimum of ten to fifteen times per hour on average, even with a typical fetal sleep cycle of a full term child.  The baby, as long as there is no distress, would certainly have moved since we left.  Given that she has also eaten, the baby would be supplied with the glucose from the breakdown of the food causing an increase in fetal activity.”  You snorted trying to hide the laugh.  Spencer pretty much told Derek ‘You’re an idiot, of course the baby moved.’

Derek rolled his eyes before looking back at you.  “Yes she has been moving a lot.  She really liked the noodles.”

“Good.  Rest up I will call you before I go to sleep.”  

“Okay I love you.  Be safe please.  All of you.”  You could hear a chorus of ‘we will’ in the background.

“Love you too.  Night baby.  Night Penelope.”  With that, he ended the call.  Even though he checked on you a lot, you still hated when he was out of town.  Nevertheless, you had Penelope to keep you entertained.  With the movie finished and the living room cleaned up of the sleep over mess, you waddled your way back up the stairs to shower and head to sleep.  Derek texted that they had a break in the case and would be going after a possible suspect.  He would not be able to call until much later.

It was a relatively good sleep; you only got up twice to go to the bathroom.  Both times Penelope came to check to make sure you were all right. Both times you told her to go back to bed you would tell her if anything was wrong.  In the morning, you were up early as you had a craving for a cheese omelet and a cucumber.  Penelope came down all dressed and ready for the morning looking for you as you stood at the counter cutting a cucumber. “What are you doing?”

“Making breakfast?” She laughed as she set her workbag on the kitchen table.

“What do you want for breakfast?  I want to take you out before we have to head in.”

“I want a cheese omelet and cucumber.  Hence why I am cutting this up.  I need it now…”  That caused her to laugh harder.

“Girl you kill me. Cut up your cucumber there and I will take you for the best cheese omelet in the city.”  A bright smile appeared on your face.

“Yay!  They better have milk too because this damn thing is going to give me heart burn.”  That famous Penelope look came over her face as she stared at you.

“Then why are you going to eat it if it is going to cause heart burn?”

“Because I NEED to eat a cucumber.  I am craving it so bad and if I don’t have some, I will think about nothing but the cucumber all day.  So I will take the bad with the good.”  She pushed her glasses up on her nose shaking her head.  You finished the slicing and put it in a little bag to take with you in the car. Penelope had to text Derek while you were distracted.

Your wife is insane.

I know.  But she is cute so I keep her around.  Was the response she quickly received.  He did not even ask to know what the insanity entailed.  He know it was something probably crazy and just chalked it up to the pregnancy.

Breakfast was amazing and you managed to eat the whole thing and a big glass of milk without too much issue. Baby girl in there was dancing a nice little number on your bladder by the time you made it into work.  The rest of the day was similar to the previous. You found information and leads feeding them to the team as quickly and efficiently as you could.  The chair you were not used to sitting in caused a horrible cramping in your back and forced you to have to stand for a little while to try to relieve it.  It did not work so you alternated between sitting and standing.  That just made Penelope crazy with all the movement in her space so you retreated to the conference room so you could take your laptop and would have the room to put your feet up.

By four, you were over it all.  You were uncomfortable and swollen and you were just done.  There was no way to sit or stand in a comfortable position.  Your back was aching in a way it never had before. Nope you were done.  You were going to go home and wait out Derek coming home and this baby to finally show her face.  Picking up your laptop, you walked back to your desk.  Penelope ventured out of the hole of her office looking concerned.

“[Y/N], you okay?  You look like you are going to cry.”  As much as you wanted to hold it all in, the hormones surged forcing you to cry uncontrollably.  

“No I’m not okay.  I’m tired, my back hurts, and I cannot do this anymore.  I need to go home and sleep until this baby decides she is ready to come out.  Which at this rate may be never.”

“Oh honey…”  She pulled you into a tight hug, rubbing your back. “She will come out I promise.  It will be soon.  Come on I will take you home.  Let me call the team and let them know, okay?”  Wiping your face, you nodded.  Penelope let the team know both of you were headed back to the house. Derek was worried and called your phone to check on you.

“[Y/N] what’s the matter? What’s going on?”

“I’m just a mess.  I need a nap and bottle of wine, which I am not allowed to have now.  My back hurts and I am just done.”  

“Let Garcia take you home. I will be home tomorrow night, okay? We will curl up and watch whatever stupid thing is on TV, eating tacos and any weird thing you want to put on them this time.”

“That sounds good.  Taco’s actually sound really good.”

“Good.  Go home and rest baby.  You are worrying me.  Make Penelope stop on the way home for tacos.”  You could hear it in his voice that you were definitely worrying him.  Now you felt guilty.

After a few hour nap on the couch, you woke up feeling a little better.  However, the ache in your back was getting worse.  Maybe the baby was sitting on something wrong.  Whatever it was, hurt.  Penelope was reading a book on the love seat; she looked over when you sat up.  “Feeling better?”

With a short nod, you stood up feeling like an old woman.  “Yeah a bit.  I need something to drink though.”  The steps into the kitchen were slow and deliberate.  That was the only way you could move at this point.  It felt like you had a bowling ball in between your legs.  As you opened the fridge, the baby gave a hard kick and something felt like it popped.  Then warm fluid started to seep through your clothes quickly collecting to a small puddle beneath you on the kitchen floor. “Oh shit…”

“What’s the matter honey?” Penelope got up from the chair and walked towards you.

“Umm I think my water broke…”  Her eyes went wide in panic as she stepped closer.

“Oh no… Derek isn’t here. This wasn’t supposed to happen yet. Derek isn’t here!  What do I do?”  It was almost comical right now how calm you felt given what was about to happen.

“First go grab some towels so we can clean this up.  Then I think I am going to change and get a shower.  If you will call Derek for me that would be great.  And Penelope just breathe.”  She took a long slow breath before going to find the towels.  Sometime in the middle of the shower, you heard your phone ring.  You figured it was Derek but you weren’t getting out to talk to him now.  Exactly two minutes later Penelope came rushing in.

“Are you okay?  Derek is freaking that you didn’t answer the phone.”

“I’m in the shower. Did you tell him that?”

“No…”  You laughed as you rinsed the rest of the conditioner out of your hair.  Thankfully, you had not had any painful contractions yet.  It gave you time to enjoy feeling clean before having to leave for the hospital.  

“Tell him to give me five minutes I will call him.  I just need to get dressed.”

Derek called exactly five minutes later, damn FBI agents and their exact timing, as you slipped on your flip-flops.  “Hello my love.”

“You sound way too calm right now.  Are you in pain?”  He was the one that sounded like a hot mess now.

“Do you want me to freak out too?  Because honestly I am too tired for that.  When will you be home?”  You could hear Hotch in the background though could not hear exactly what he was saying.

“Wheels up in an hour. I can’t leave any sooner than that. Then it’s going to be a four-hour flight.  So minimum of five hours, praying that traffic doesn’t try to keep me longer.  I’m sorry baby I should have stayed home.  I thought we had more time.”  He thought you were upset with him.  Honestly, you loved his devotion to his job and his family. You could not be mad.

“Derek don’t be sorry. Everything will be fine.  Just be safe and I will see you at the hospital. I love you.”  A pain started to roll over your stomach.  It was uncomfortable enough to make you gasp a moment. Well that must be what a contraction is.

“Baby girl what’s the matter?”  Oh yeah Derek was still on the phone.

“I’m okay.  I think it was probably a contraction.”

“Damn… okay.  I will be there as soon as I can, I swear.  Let me see if I can push anyone faster.  I love you, [Y/N].”  He ended the call without receiving the reply.  

It helped Penelope to calm down seeing how calm you were.  She timed the contractions now and encouraged you to breath.  They progressively got more painful during the twenty-minute drive to the hospital.  JJ was not lying when she talked about bad the contractions would get.  They were getting to be pretty nasty by the time you were admitted to the hospital.  Penelope held your hand through all of the pain as she reminded you to breathe slowly. After the IV was placed and the nurses were monitoring the baby the doctor came in to check you.

“Well you are five centimeters dilated.  You are half way there!  I hope you husband is on his way.  I would start thinking about pain options sometime soon before it’s too late.”  You nodded unable to answer as another contraction hit.

“Wow those are really close together now.  [Y/N] what can I do?  I feel so helpless.”  Smiling over at your friend, you squeezed her hand.

“Just keep doing what you are doing.”  She beamed over at you as she scooted closer.  

“Alright well let’s breathe some more then.”

Over the next several hours, the pain had reached a new level of ridiculous.  You had been trying to do without medication but you were on the edge of begging for something.  Penelope had been helping you walk around the room and rocking back and forth with you when the pains were at their worst.  The birthing ball helped for a bit but then you needed to get up and move around once more.  After a while, you could not stand walking around anymore.  Laying on your side was the only position that was tolerable and even then, it was not all that tolerable.  “Where the hell is Derek?  I swear he better be here before she comes.  It’s been forever since he called.”

Penelope frowned as she stepped away to call again.  The last four times she tried, it had gone right to voicemail.  This time though it actually rang.  “Penelope I am almost to the hospital.  Is [Y/N] all right?  I didn’t miss it did I?”

“No, Derek you haven’t missed it.  But you better hurry she is miserable and she needs you.”

You could hear what she was saying but the pain was far too distracting to keep your attention on anything else now.  With the next contraction, something changed.  “Oh oh oh… oh shit… Penelope… I need to push.  Like I really need to push now.”  

“Oh okay honey… Derek hurry the hell up!”  She threw her phone down on her chair and was at your side.  She pushed the call button summoning the nurse to the room.  Relaying the message to the nurse, you were checked and were given the go ahead to start pushing.  That was when the tears started.  You did not want to do this without Derek.  Penelope brushed your hair back over your sweaty forehead as the next contraction started.  It hurt so badly and you could not do anything but push, there was no stopping it. You grunted and pushed down with everything you could.

A knock at the door pulled the nurses attention.  “Mrs. Morgan your husband is here…”

“He better get his ass in here now, if he misses his daughter’s birth I swear to God he is going to live with Spencer.”  Your voice sounded foreign and almost demonic in your ears.  There was a collective laugh as Derek barged through the door.

“Baby I’m here.  I’m here.”  Penelope moved to the other side of the bed to take your other hand as Derek kissed your forehead.  

“Good because this kid needs to get out of me.  Please can I push?  I really want to push.”  Thirty minutes later Callie Morgan took her first breath and stole the hearts of her parents and Auntie Penelope.  There were many tears as she was placed on your chest and as she cried letting everyone know of her dislike for the cold outside world.  Two hours after lots of cuddling of your daughter, you and Penelope were both passed out.  You still in your hospital bed and her on the couch.  It had been a long day for you both.  Derek stood holding Callie talking quietly to her as the rest of the team came in the room.

There were words of congratulations and how beautiful she was.  Everyone agreed how much she looked like you.  They did not stay long, wanting to give the new family their time alone and you the rest you needed.  Derek sat back in his chair just staring down at her in his arms.  He kicked himself for almost missing the most important thing in the world.  Now that she was here and you were sleeping comfortably close by he let himself relax and enjoy the start of the best time of his life.

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Monsta X as Yanderes

WHOA! We did not expect so many people to enjoy our yandere reactions so much ! So many of you requested yandere MX so here you guys go ! :-)

* again, if you don’t know what a Yandere is, it a character whom is in love to the point of obsession towards the main character. They start off innocent at first appearing sweet and kind to their S/O, but then escalate into someone who is hostile and or violent towards whomever comes between their loved one and them.

*WARNING: this ver. Is a little more violent than the last once again

Shownu: The Over-Protective Type; He always wanted to protect you no matter what. He was quiet around others, sometimes even cold but around you he was all smiles. He loved seeing you every chance he got and was nothing but kind to you always making sure that you had what you needed and that didn’t include problems. He hated seeing you in distress or upset and tried everything he could to help you out in anyway he could, even if it meant himself getting hurt or losing sleep, he just wanted to be of use to you ,even if unit meant his health would deteriorate. Seeing you happy in the end was all that mattered to him.

      “I’ll do whatever it takes to keep that smile on your face Y/N”

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In Yandere Mode: if it was one thing he hated, it was bullies. And the thing he hated more than that was seeing you being bullied. He would just not stand for it.  Once he saw that man put his hands on you, the only color he would see was the color red. He would go over there throwing him off of you and to the floor where he beat him over and over again until you pulled him off. Once he felt your touch, he would quickly snap out of it. He looked over at you, tears running down his face, as he leaned into you grabbing at your dress, pleading for your forgiveness for acting so violently in front of you.

    “I’m so sorry Y/N ! I didn’t mean to lose control like that,please understand”

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Wonho; The Seductive Type; if it was one thing this boy was best at, it was charming his way into your heart. Because he was the most popular amongst all the women, the thought of him liking you, even the thought of being obsessed with you, never did cross your mind. But as the days went by you noticed him becoming closer to you, putting all his attention on you, ignoring everyone else around him. The only person he looked at was you and he had hoped you did the same for him. He wanted you to know that you were his and only his and would constantly flirt with you, weather it be him coming up behind you and whispering sweet nothings in your ear, or even a slight touch of your curves, letting his hand “accidentally” touch your lower back or more

    “Y/N, just you yourself ,makes me go crazy, I want you and all of you”

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In Yandere Mode: if its one thing he didn’t allow, it was someone pulling a fast one on the person he desired most,even if he wasn’t in a relationship with them. Whenever he saw how the man leaned against the wall and you, trapping you in place he would get in his way, protecting you before he could lean any further into you and shove him away. He would then threaten that if he didn’t leave he would see the true meaning of evil.

    “Now if you know what’s good for you I suggest you leave,before I lose my temper!”

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Hyungwon: The Quiet But Dangerous Type; around others he was seen as the golden child. A good seed, teachers pet, a shining star. So around everyone he had a good reputation. You two were inseperable from day one. Though others thought you weren’t the best for him he thought differently. He loved you more than anything, and he knew if he had you he didn’t care about anyone or anything else. You were his life, you were his world. Around everyone he had a sharp tongue, and would become impatient with whenever others talked to him, but around you he was sugary sweet and loved hearing you talk. To him you were like his most favorite song that he could listen to over and over again. He made his life all about you and did all he could to make you happpy, even if it meant sacrificing his own happiness, or others..

    “Ahhh Y/N how was your day today ? No I’m not tired its okay, I love hearing your voice, it gives me strength.”

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In Yandere Mode; he just couldn’t stand all the rumors about you. He hated it whenever someone had something nasty to say about you, it boiled his blood whenever he heard girls gossiping about how you were this or that, and he hated it even more when the boys thought this and that about you. It was one thing for them to talk about you but once he saw you being physically harassed he would become violent immediately, telling you to run away, for he didn’t want you to see this terrible side of him, because for you he wanted to just as perfect as you were to him.

   "Now should I break your hands for grabbing at my Y/N or your mouth for saying such rude things about her?“

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Jooheon: The hotheaded sweetie type; this boy was nothing but smiles and giggles around you. He loved hearing you laugh so he always tried to make you laugh, even if it made him look crazy. For him, your happiness was his first priority, so he did all he could to make you happy. If he had to work or go to class he would skip it just to go be with you, even if you told him that you wanted alone to yourself, he would still be there, sending you text message after text message asking you to come over or asking for permission to go over, if you didn’t reply right away he would call you over and over again until you picked up, and by the end of all of that he would just simply go over to wherever he thought you would be at.

    "I just want to talk to you 24/7 Y/N is that so bad?”

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In Yandere Mode: If he got the feeling off being ignored or neglect from you he would become irritated, walking around I’m a daze, pushing and shoving away people who walked passed him. He would become hot headed, being pissed off at the world. He didn’t care about anything else, the only thing on his mind was you. Where are you? Were you eating enough? Were you getting enough sleep ? All these questions consumed him as he became more and more angry. The only thing that could ever calm him down was …you.

    “Dammit Y/N what the hell is taking so long? Can’t you see how bad it hurts me whenever you avoid me like this?!”

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Kihyun: The Obsessive Romantic Type;  the only thing this boy was crazy about was you. He loved everything about you, your cute eyes, the way your hair fell perfectly into place, the way your smile made him blush, the way your laugh made him laugh. He just never got enough of you. You made him coming back for more. He spent the days writing songs about you, then later serenading you in the middle of the night outside your house. He brought you a cup of coffee in the morning and lunch from your favorite resturaunt and would try to cook dinner for you. He never got tired of you, or being around you. He would always tell you how much he loved you and hoped that one day soon you would say yes to becoming his wife and to having his children. Some days you would become shy and embarrassed by all he said but he didn’t care, he thought you were cute when you blushed by his antics.

    “Ohhhh my soon to be wife is so so pretty. We are going to make the prettiest babies too !”

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In Yandere Mode: he hated the thought of someone stealing you away from him, it made him go crazy. He couldn’t hide away his violent tendencies whenever he saw the random stranger trying to pick you up. He went from 0 to 100 as he slammed him to the ground then picked you up bridal style nuzzling you neck softly.

    “Don’t worry my queen, your ‘hero’ is here to save you from evil again.”

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Minhyuk:The innocent and Clingy Type: wherever you went he was sure to follow. He always latched onto you, weather it be holding your hand, his arms wrapped around your waist, or his arm tangled with yours.no matter what he didn’t want to be apart from, you,ever. During your time together he would shower you in compliments left and right, he loved hearing your giggles so he would tickle you here and there smiling slyly, and living the way your face lit up whenever you blushed he would sneak kisses over to you on your cheek. He wanted to always be with you, even if it meant distantimg himself from everyone and the world, it didn’t matter to him. As long as he had you, that’s all he wanted and needed.

    “Ahhhhhhh~ Y/N you are too cute! You seem to get cuter day by day every time I see you !

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In Yandere Mode: whenever you two fought that was when he would hit his lowest point. He couldn’t understand why you would ever be ,mad at him ,let alone avoid him for a few days, it just made no sense. To him you were all he wanted so didn’t you want the same? He would watch you from, afar, as his smile slowly faded whenever he saw you out with friends, laughing and smiling away. He would become upset and hurt, as he thought of them as terrible people for stealing away your happiness from him., but more importantly, you. He loved you so much, and he thought why couldn’t you see that?

     "Y/N can’t you hear my heart breaking when you’re away! It yearns for you, you’re all it ever knows…..”

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I.M: The Submissive Boy Next Door Type; it was no surprise that when you met Changkyun for the first time he was nothing but smiles and kindness. He was nothing but polite when you first met giving you that sweet smile of his, but behind closed doors you found out he was in love with you, to the point of pure obsession. At first it started off as him constantly coming over trying to strike up a conversation about everything and anything just to have the chance to see you, then after a while you caught him watching you from, his bedroom window as he peeked into yours from across the way watching your movements. He wanted you to know that he always adored you from day one and now that he had you were he wanted you he was never going to let you go.

   "I really do love you Y//N I hope one day you will see that"

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In Yandere Mode: as soon as he saw that boy who was studying with you that day leave your house again he had had enough. He couldn’t stand around watching you and another man become intimate alone and secretively. It hurt the deepest part of his heart and soul seeing you flaunt over someone such as him. As soon he he knew you were alone he crept to the backyard where you were and caught you off guard by throwing his hands on the side of you, once you turned around , trapping you against the wall as he gave you a devilish smirk.

    “ I’ll make sure that my name is the only name you’ll remember after I’m done with you.”

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Needy - Sehun Smut

What do you mean no asked for sehun smut?


It’s been so long since you had your boyfriend next to you. He’s been so busy lately promoting and practicing, he’s usually at the company building.

But now he’s finally getting a little time off. But instead of spending time with you, he went to sleep. You understand he’s tired, so it’s not a problem.

So now you’re here, watching him sleep beside you at 1 in the morning. His face was beautifully flawless, his hair unstyled and incredibly soft against your fingers as you touched it.

The only problem was, having him beside you finally after so long made you incredibly aroused. You watched his bare chest rise and fall in his sleep.

You let out a soft whimper, feeling your panties stick to you from the wetness that seeped through them. He was so close to you yet he wasn’t there to help you.

Feeling your constant shifting and soft whimpers, Sehun slowly opened his eyes. They were cloudy and hazy with sleep as he peered at you, blinking slowly.

“What’s the matter, baby?” He asked, his voice impossibly husky from sleep.

“Sehunnie…” You whined, biting your lip.

It seemed to click in his mind as a small smirk came to his lips, he propped himself up on one elbow.

“Are you feeling needy, baby girl?” You quickly nodded.

“Come on, come get on oppa’s lap…” He whispered, gripping your hips to help you onto him. You could already feel him becoming hard against your bum.

“Oh kitten, you’re so wet…I can feel you through your panties.” He smiled, leaning up and pressing his lips against yours, his lips so soft and warm against yours you couldn’t help but moan.

“Please Oppa…I need you…”

He licked his lips as he watched you discard your ruined panties. He gave a slow nod, groaning when you pulled his hard cock from the confines of his boxers.

Your clit rubbed deliciously against your clit and you whined out his name, earning a groan from him.

“Hurry baby.” He growled, giving a soft slap to your thigh making you squeak.

You listen yourself up and sunk down quickly onto his cock. Not eating a second, you quickly began to ride him. His cock stretched you so deliciously, touching every spot that had your writhing on top of the beautiful man beneath you. Sehuns hands run up your body to cup your breasts in his hands, paying special attention to the pink nipples atop them.

“Shit, you’re so wet…you’re making such a mess babygirl.” He licked his lips, watching his cock disappear inside of your tight cunt.

“Ah Sehunnie…I’m coming…” You cried, tossing your hair back.

He watched your hand reach down to rub at your swollen, sensitive clit. He could feel your walls clenching him so deliciously.

“Yeah? You gonna cum for me baby? Go on kitten, make this pretty little pussy cum on my cock, give me that sweet cum…oh fuck yeah…” His own cries mixed in with yours as he came with you, your pussy milking him so deliciously he began to shudder from the force of his orgasm.

As you came down and cuddled into his chest, which vibrated from his laughter.

“What?” You pouted down at him.

“You just woke me up because you were horny.” He laughed, rolling you off of him so he could curl up and laugh. “Is my dick that good babe?”

“Shut up!” You whined, smacking him before he pulled you to his chest and planted a sweet, passionate kiss against your lips.

“Can we sleep now?”


Have some smut to get you through your day


You know, they never did specify who “He” was in “Not what HE Seems” or even which Stan wasn’t who he seemed to be.

Could have been Stanley OR Stanford.

That said your idea is horrifying and I hope it doesn’t come to pass because HOW DARE YOU THINK THAT THOUGHT.

For the reference benefit of everyone else, click here.

March 9th, 2014. This is my elementary school graduation shirt from 2002. Scary.