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*whispers* hey, @ nintendo — how about animal crossing for the switch 👀

that’d be a big game changer 👀👀👀

leftyxii  asked:

Hi! What general guidelines do you use for drawing people? And do you have an Instagram? Thanks!

 So, I suck at teaching, I always will suck (which is why I don’t have a patreon lol) but I can show you what rules I play by a that I learned early on about drawing people. For me, the focus is always on the face, because at some point during my high-school art adventures I wanted to be a serious portrait artist, so my main focus from 14-18 was learning it’s rules before breaking them! Once you have the basics down, anything is possible so long as you have patience and the will to keep practicing! 

When people ask me about drawing people, I assume its just trying to figure out faces, so click the link to the most basic tutorials that I used from time to time as a reminder to what rules to follow :3 

Basic Face Tutorial 

Basic Face Tutorial 2

Also yes, I have instagram where I actually post my doodle progress in my story before I post anything ;D Anyone on instagram sees my latest project before I actually post it lol I record videos, progress shots and boomerangs of them :3 


The meme of the century: By BTS’ V & Monsta X's Chae Hyungwon

here is a loving hugging bear for those who are struggling now.

❤     ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ      ❤

Adrien and Plagg at school
  • Adrien: I envy you, Plagg - you were able to see Ladybug's face.
  • Plagg *sweating*: Naaaah... It wasn't anything special... She just has...
  • *Marinette walks past*
  • Plagg *TRIGGERED*: ...one of THESE faces...!!

hompf !

hey i just wanted to say that if you’re already scraping by to make ends meet, the holidays are really hard. and that puts pressure on you and on your whole family. and if there’s one thing i hope you know it’s that you don’t need to prove you love someone by buying them something. i know we all want to get the people we care about really fancy things. but i’m okay if you get me like a smooth rock you found by the ocean. i know it’s true of other people, too. i’d rather you hand me a diy picture frame from popsicle sticks than something you had to go into debt to buy, and i think any person who’s worth their socks will tell you the same thing. and on that note? everybody loves socks, and they’re pretty cheap. yes, it’d be great if you and i stumbled on enough money to actually afford things. but love, i’ve learned, isn’t about the buying.

and on that note? for those of you out there who find the holidays a particularly dark time… i hope you know there will always be someone willing to open the door for you. even when it feels like there’s no one. even if that door is a window you have to crawl through. 

and for those of us who have more than we need, i hope we open those doors. if you notice someone who is going to be alone during the holidays, or who is usually depressed but for no apparent reason seems markedly happy and is giving away their things, please invite them over. hang out with them, no matter how awkward it is. sudden cleaning and long notes about how much they love you are also signs of suicide. with recent changes in insurance, it’s increasingly harder to find mental health care, so help a friend out (and maybe even yourself!) by figuring out who still takes the insurance offered so we can all give ourselves the gift of coping mechanisms, the gift that keeps on giving.

i hope you all are happy and safe this season!

Habby Borth @croixmeridies u babby!! I heard u like these uhhh Horse Bugs