go mack


This is brilliant but sadly not mine 😂😂😀 @aralnoza @comedyfan2013 @ngo2013 @dailyngo

also like dont think about how macks going to feel so guilty about this. dont think about him going to jemma and doing that Mack Cry™ apologizing for leaving Fitz alone. dont think about jemma tearing up too and hugging Mack like this little tiny scientist full of such love for everyone she cares about and mack hugging her back then crying together but then jemma just goes

“i don’t blame you. i would never blame you. and i’m never going to give up– i’m going to get him back.”

“we. we are going to get him back.”

its enough to make jemma smile, even just for a moment.

(its a nice reminder that shes not really alone anymore)

come back for me

summary: when the first child arrives, jinyoung isnt as prepared as he wants to be. he thinks that, when the others turn up, he might be a little more prepared. somehow, it isnt the case.

im weak for gotbang. and witches. and foster care/adoption/kids au. sue me. this is one of the most self-indulgent things Ive ever written. this is also first time posting this on tumblr. and writing bts. this is gonna be a long fic, i hope you come along for the ride. its also 90% fluff so.

fight me.

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