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The sad, quiet little look Kylo Ren and Finn exchange at the beginning of TFA is one of the most important points of the film. But it goes mostly unnoticed by fans and critics.

Kylo knows, in that moment, that Finn can’t be trusted. That’s he’s not a killer. And Kylo tells Hux later, with 100% accuracy, that he knows fine well Finn was the stormtrooper who helped Poe escape.

So why didn’t Kylo say anything at the Jakku massacre? Why not just kill Finn on the spot? Or tell on him to Phasma and Hux?

Because that last little bit of humanity he had got to him. He let it slide (temporarily). He let Finn go.

But it’s not just about Kylo, it’s about Finn: Because he looked right back at that guy and realized: “Well, I’m not a hero, but I’m not that, either.” It sets up Finn’s character motivation in the movie.

Seriously: Watch that scene again. It’s rather crucial to understanding the whole thing. 

My Thoughts...

Guys I’m starting to get this feeling that 10k is going to kill Murphy in the season finale. I mean they’ve been playing up the fact that 10k wanted to kill Murphy ever since what he did to Cassandra. Like you can see the hatred in his eyes every time he looks at Murphy and the mind controlling thing can’t take that away. As much as I’m hating Murphy right now for what he’s doing to 10k I don’t want him to die. But seriously, I cant be the only person getting this feeling. It’s like 10k’s mission is no longer to kill 10 thousand zombies, but it’s to kill Murphy, and that’s not going to go down well. And just wondering, is 10k turning blue or is he just really dirty I seriously can’t tell. 

can we just talk about


in like

six years? the way harvey looks at mike has literally never changed. seriously.

day one (i mean shit this first one is after like ten fucking minutes)


i mean i don’t know about you guys but quite frankly i am offended and actually feeling a little attacked by gabriel macht and his fucking face 

like how affectionate can one man look for someone else and there are actually people who think harvey doesn’t love mike


imagine your life being that simple and care-free, what do you think they do with their spare time??? when it isn’t consumed w/ thoughts about how much harvey specter loves mike ross????

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Omg!!! Congrats on 900 hun!! You truly deserve it <3 And about those headcanons, literally any Bones/reader idea you've got c:

Hey darlin’! Thank you so much <3 I’m gonna go ahead and do some general BonesxReader HCs for ya:

- Bones honestly never thought he’d feel like this ever again. After Jocelyn, that was it for him. He wasn’t interested in getting attached seriously to anyone.

- It was just a one-night stand, to begin with. You weren’t really into a serious relationship either, particularly not with the grumpiest guy on the ship, but when you woke up and looked at him still sleeping next to you, something clicked.

- For Leonard it clicked when you were on an away mission. You were in a position where he had to drag you out of a building that was about to be overrun, but you were inches from accomplishing your mission. When he got you back to the ship he yelled at you on and off for doing something reckless and stupid. He realized that he was making his closing arguments while holding your hands.

- Months later here he was, watching you as he got dressed for work, wondering how in hell he got lucky enough to find someone like you all the way out here.

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Sadly I think the Jedi Order probably has rules against putting vids of their knights and masters up on the holonet - perhaps it could give away potential weaknesses to enemies, or just invasion of privacy? but reporters, reporters could have vids of Obi-Wan in action. People are torn between 'wow, look at him go' and 'omg, this guy is nuts, did we seriously choose him as chancellor?' (The Jedi Council are wondering why they thought Anakin was the extra one).

ps. I really love your Chancellor Kenobi fic.

I don’t really see why the Order would have rules against putting vids of someone doing work in the public spaces of the Temple on the holonet. I mean, I doubt it’s a thing that happens often anyway, so it wouldn’t really be seen as much of a problem anyway.

Besides, watching someone do a kata or a friendly sparring match probably isn’t going to give that much information to the enemies. Sure, filming a strategy meeting is gonna be straight up forbidden, but I don’t think anyone would do that anyway.

Re: reporters, lol I mean, yeah, there are probably news vids and interviews flying around too, for sure.

Thank you! I’m glad you like it.

Preference 10: How You First Met


“Girl…help meeeee.” I hurriedly texted my best friend y/bff/n while sitting uncomfortably on a Starbucks couch.

I think this guy is checking me out and I don’t know what to doooooo”

Seriously, a guy just across me is looking at me head to foot. He was currently drinking, what–, a Chai Latte and surrounded with three other boys. I wasn’t really into these kind of things, like, those things were the guy checks you out and then he winks and you wink at him as well and then you bite your lip and then he signals you to come over so you make a move by going up to him while swaying your hips and then sitting on his lap then you ask him if he wants something to eat but then he refuses because he would most likely to eat you instea–


From: y/bff/n
“Oh…poor wittle y/n, scared to go up to boys…I bet he’s cute.”

I rolled my eyes. I mean, he’s kinda cute with his gray knitted beanie on his fluffy soft hair and stuff– *bzzz-bzzz*

From: y/bff/n
You can go up to him, ya know. No one’s really stopping you y/n. And I bet you like him too. You’re just not admitting it because you want to keep this ‘innocent’ personality still in you. Cmon girl, go get him.”

To: y/bff/n
“I mean…sure I guess. I’ll try. But don’t laugh at me if I mess up something!”

Without thinking furthermore, I stood up, stuffed my phone into my purse and–UGGHF

I was being pushed back into the couch.

Excuse m–oh.”

“What took you so long? I’ve been sending you these signs  that I’m interested in you and you still don’t get it?” He chuckles, he reached out his hands and I slowly accepted it, “m’Connor, by the way.”

“Uh…yeah, sorry, well um…h-hi! I’m Y/N.”


Well would you look at that.
How am I now supposed to go back to my apartment when– “

Great. So now people are looking at me like I’m deadass dumb.

I mumbled a little ‘sorry’ and kinda walked into a nearby restaurant. I was so pissed that I actually thought I was walking inside my apartment already. I lazily sat on the chair in a booth and settled myself on it. I let out a deep sigh and cursed, “Fu***ing rain.”

“Uh…excuse me miss?”

I nearly jumped the soul out of me. I wasn’t alone in this booth. “Who…what…I thought I was… wait.” I let out a stressful sigh. I can’t even look at this person on how ashamed I was. It’s even a guy, oh god. “Look,” I said while my head was resting at the palm of both of my hands. “Sorry for invading your, probably peaceful time here until I just showed up. Sorry for cursing, sorry for just–”

“No, no, stop. It’s alright.”

Without me noticing (which is probably what he wanted me to do), he grabbed both of my hand in his and took it away from my face. I looked up at him, and already saw his sparkling brown eyes fixed on mine. He sweetly smiled like nothing just happened. “You shouldn’t really be swearing too much in this place. Look at how quiet it is in here.”  He softly said. I turned my head to look around, and he was correct. Everything’s quite peaceful right now. I let out a little laugh, “Yeah..uh, well, you’re correct then.”

Then there was this silence between just the two of us. He was still staring at me and I was still staring at him. None of us had a problem with it, as well. “Your eyes are gorgeous.” he suddenly spoke. My eyes widen as the words repeated over and over my head. Yours are beautiful as–

Yours are beautiful as well.” 

Just mentally slapped myself.

The guy chuckled, noticing what just happened. He lifted his hand on the table for me to shake, “I’m Brad, by the way.”


“Would you believe it that we just gave each other compliments without even knowing what each other’s names were?” He said while scoffing. 

I replied, “Would you believe that I just sat here in this table like no one was here and just cursed in front of your face?” He laughed in response which made me laugh as well. This is gonna be a fresh start, isn’t it?


You were interviewing The Vamps. 

The Vamps.

You were such a big fan of them, and you were also there from the beginning. You watched their covers, went to their gigs and concerts, and you also got some merchandise from them as well. But of course, you didn’t worse them today because you thought It’ll be awkward. 

As the boys stepped into the white room with four leather chairs, you immediately stood up and walked over to them (without squealing in front of their faces).

“Good morning boys! My name is Y/N and I’ll be interviewing you today…if you don’t mind.” You tried to say smartly, but you were only wearing a grey sweater and skinny jeans…so not very approving to the ‘tried to say smartly” thing. Good thing the crew actually approved you wearing it. 

In surprise, they also greeted you happily and excitedly, like they really want to be interviewed at 10:00 AM. Plus, they’ve been interviewed three times today.

The interview was going on pretty smoothly and nicely. You asked them about their up coming album, their single ‘All Night’, and you kinda played some little games as well. But you couldn’t help but think why was Tristan keep looking at you? You scoffed on what you just thought. Of course they were all looking at you, because you’re the interviewer for god’s sake. But with him is…different. He was staring at you top to bottom, more like he’s checking you out (keep in mind that you were just wearing a sweatshirt and skinny jeans). 

When he was the one answering your question, he was deeply looking at your soul…more like. You were trying to avoid his gaze, but sometimes he catchers you looking at him, which made him smirk every time. Is this really happening right now?

“Thanks guys for spending a little time with us!” You finally said after the camera turned off and the interview was finished. “Thank you for having us!” Tristan said first, before any of the boys, with a wink.  Tristan Evans just winked at me.

After you all said your goodbyes and thanks, you escorted them outside the room and held the door open for them. Tristan was so close to you that you were afraid that he can feel you breathe heavily. He placed his lips close to your ears before saying, 

“We just went to three different interviews earlier, with three different interviewers. But I think I should ask you a question now. 

Hang out with me?”


Aloha Daniel.”

Well aloha to you too, Oliver Vance.”

Okay, I now regret saying that. Oliver Vance alone sounds terrible.”

Agreed. What’s up?”

Oh right, so me and the boys are gonna go shopping today (not the girly kind of ‘shopping’). Wanna join? We’re gonna pick out a new guitar for Bradley as well.

James sighed. It was one of those days again.

Ugh, can’t rn dude. I’m in the place.”

Seriously dude. You keep going to that place like you’re some kind of a little schoolgirl! Nah, just kidding. You can do whatever you want. See you soon then.”

I was really expecting that you’ll say that, haha. ttyl.”


This wan’t really the first time he’d turn them down. James really just liked to, sometimes, go on a place where he can be quiet and without people bothering him too much. This guy’s a cheesy one, and he isn’t afraid to show it either.

As he stepped into his local library, he wrote his name and signed on a paper which has a sign above saying Sign In Here and greeted Mrs. Menchavez, the librarian. “G’morning Mrs. Menchavez.” James half whispered. The library was so freakishly quiet that you can hear someone tapping his nails on a wooden table. “Good morning to you too, James. Fourth time this week, eh?” James chuckled, “No regrets.”

“Do you have any new books today? Kinda running out on my list.” 

“Oh, yeah! We do have some new stuff. It was just delivered earlier this morning. I thought you’ll like it.” Mrs. Menchavez gave him a book which was called *open to interpretation*. “Thank you! I’ve heard things about this one, actually. I’ll be heading now.” “Okay, enjoy the book!” As he was about to go to his usual spot, Mrs. Menchavez grabbed his arm and pulled him back. “Mrs. Menchavez what are you–’

“I wanna tell you something, 

See that girl over there?” She pointed over the corner of the room. My eyes landed to this girl, wearing a plain white tee, tucked in a black skater skirt, black ankle boots, and a  pair of black reading glasses which frames her whole eye-area. “Yeah…she’s really pretty.” I whispered. After I said that I mentally slapped myself. I hope Mrs. Menchavez didn’t hear it–

“She’s new here in the library–” Phew.

–and since everyone knows each other well here, I wanted you two to get along as well.” My heart just jumped in excitement.

“Sure, yeah! I’ll go.”


Your POV

“Good morning Ms. You don’t  mind if I sit right here, yeah?” A male’s voice suddenly spoke which made me jump a little. I placed down my book at my lap, but still didn’t look at who was speaking. “Y-yeah.” 

Why did my voice cracked. Now it will be even more awkward for me to look at him.

The guy now sat at the seat in front of me and now I was really getting curious. So i slowly lifted my head up, to meet a pair of ocean eyes, quiff hair, and a sweet, breath-taking smile. “I’m James, nice to meet you.”


“So you’re new to this place?” ‘James’ said as he mentioned the library while looking around. “Yeah, I actually didn’t know there was a library here just a few blocks from my home.” I started to get comfortable with this person. He seems very kind and genuine…and very handsome as well, ngl.

You know what, good thing I ditched my friends just to be here.” You were a bit shocked. Normally guys would probably choose to go hang out with his friends rather than going to a library. “What?! Why?” You said while smiling with a bit of laughter here and there. Then he didn’t answer my question for a moment. He just smiled at me.

“Because…” He began,

“Because…what?” I said impatiently.

“Because then I won’t have the chance to meet you.” 


Anyways guys I watched Moana at the theaters a while back and literally died thx. 

Check out my other preferences as well! xx

Brooklyn Beckham imagine

Anonymous (2 in one)

Let’s just say today was the most embarrassing day of my life. Brooklyn Beckham and I were in a …well we’re friends with benefits basically. Today we happened to be at his house, on his bed making out. I was straddling him while his hands slowly crept up my shirt.

We were both starting to get into it when all of a sudden the door flys open revealing Romeo and Cruz. Brooklyn practically pushed me off the bed because he was so scared.

“Now that doesn’t look like studying.” Romeo said with a smirk as he crossed his arms.

“Beat it guys.” Brooklyn said angrily, trying to discreetly hid his issue with a pillow.

“Romeo, didn’t they tell Mum that they were JUST FRIENDS and ONLY STUDYING!” Cruz asked with a laugh.

“Seriously, what’s it going to take to get you brats to leave.”

“Well yanno, there is this game I’m wanting to buy.” Romeo started to say.

“Hm, I don’t know what I want yet, but I’m sure about 20 dollars will do.” Cruz added.

“Fine here.” Brooklyn grabbed his wallet off the night stand and throw forty dollars at them. “Now get out and leave us alone.”

“Alright! You two be safe now. ” they called as they ran out.

I was burning up with embarrassment. But apparently that didn’t bother Brooklyn because he pulled me back on him and resumed what was started.

Brooklyn flipped us over so he was on top and started to slowly grind down. Not even a full ten minutes later did the door open.

“Damn it! Didn’t I tell you brats to- MUM! DAD!” He yelled jumping back.

“Brooklyn. What are you thinking?” David asked crossing his arms. “You both can come down stairs if you want to ‘study’” he said before turning around not wanting to deal with that at the moment. “We’ll talk later.”

His mom looked disappointed. “Be safe…and smart please.”

“Mum! We were only kissing!”

“I know but. Still.” With that she followed her husband downstairs.

“I can’t believe them! After they made me pay.”

“Actually big bro, you paid us to leave not tell.” Romeo said with a smug look.

At that point I was totally humiliated. “I think it’s time I go…” I mumbled while I grabbed my stuff.

“I’m so sorry for that…”

“It’s fine..just next time…we’ll go to my house.” I gave him a quick kiss before turning to leave. I could feel his eyes on my back side as I started to walk away.

EXO’s Reaction to Another Man Flirting With You

Thank you, Anon, for your request! I hope it’s okay that I just generalized the request, instead of using the specific “trainee.”♥

Baekhyun: A pout would instantly form on Baekhyun’s lips. He’d sit back and shake his head, complaining about the situation to anyone who would listen to him. He’d be judging the other person pretty harshly, but wouldn’t be likely to actually say something to them. “Does he seriously think he’s good enough for Y/N?

Chanyeol: Chanyeol would have trouble hiding his distaste for what was going on. He’d have an unhappy look on his face as he watched the guy run his hand up your arm casually. Any time your gaze happened to lock with Chanyeol’s, he’d try to force himself to smile, but it would be pretty obvious that it’s not his usual, beaming grin.

Chen: Chen would be another one who would have no problem with showing his dislike for the situation, but he’d be slightly more vocal about it. He’d ensure he was by your side, rolling his eyes, while the guy threw cheesy pick-up lines at you. Chen would have a clever response waiting for each and every thing that flew from the other man’s lips, purposely giving him a hard time.

D.O: Kyungsoo would watch the scene from afar, his eyes completely fixed on the two of you. He would love nothing more than to step in between you and the other guy, but he’d know that meant revealing his feelings for you, and he wouldn’t be absolutely sure that he was ready for that yet. So he’d settle for a silent glare sent towards the guy every time you weren’t looking.

Kai: Kai would put himself in the middle of your conversation, being sure to keep a large grin on his face and hoping the guy would tone down his efforts if he was present. He wouldn’t show his distaste for it all, since he wouldn’t want you to think he was a bad guy.

Kris: Kris would make sure he was close by you, in case the other man ended up making you uncomfortable. He’d be ready to whisk you away from the situation if need be, but in the meantime, he’d settle for sending harsh looks at him whenever his back was turned and forcing some semblance of a smile when their eyes met.

Lay: You would have been in the middle of a conversation with Lay when the other man approached you to ask for your number. Not wanting to be rude himself, Lay wouldn’t say anything, but it would be clear by the look on his face that he was none too impressed by the man’s actions.

Luhan: Luhan would complain about the situation from afar, but he’d be speaking in a loud, clear voice, knowing that you’d be able to overhear him. “Oh, please! Y/N can do so much better than that guy.”

Sehun: Sehun is an absolute pro at ensnaring other people’s attention. He’d reel you in with a cute smile and make sure that you were paying attention only to him, and not the other man. He would do it so subtly, that you wouldn’t even know that he really just didn’t want you talking to the other guy.

Suho: Suho would be appalled at some of the lines the guy was throwing at you, and even more appalled at the fact that they had seemed to be working on you. Secretly, he’d wish that he had used those lines on you instead. He’d give you both weird looks, before turning to anyone who’d listen. “Can you believe this nonsense?”

Tao: Tao would be very blunt when it came to how he felt about the situation. Not necessarily on purpose, but he just wouldn’t be able to control himself. “What kind of pick-up line is that?”

Xiumin: Xiumin would stand close by, with a rather intimidating aura surrounding him as he stared down the other man. The guy would eventually feel awkward enough to leave, at which point you’d turn your attention to Xiumin, but he would act like he had no idea what happened. “Huh, I wonder what came over him. Strange guy.”



(This was an effing nightmare to try and translate, holy crap…)

Yura Ha approaches Team Bam in order to make a deal with them. Kun isn’t buying it. Yes. Good.  Don’t let them go, Kun.  Don’t let them take Wangnan and Miseng, damn it.

1) Kun’s “I’m going to fuck you up” face.  

Seriously, he looks so great here, especially with his expression in that last panel.  And you can’t exactly blame him for taking back the deal (since, well, he’s right) because he’s been screwed over way too many times by these guys and he is NOT letting it happen again–even for you, Bam.

2) Speaking of Bam, the fact that he still trusts their word really shows how precious he is.

How many times has this guy been betrayed so cruelly and he’s still nowhere near being the jaded that Kun is? Or the bitter that anyone else would be, for that matter?  Argh.  It’s heartbreaking.  STOP TRYING TO HURT BAM, DAMN IT.

Getting to know SHINee World
I saw this floating around and I love it so much, so I’m going to do it!

01: How did you get into SHINee?
I watched To The Beautiful You and was mesmerized with Minho’s spectacular tan skin (like, seriously, he could not have more beautiful skin in that show!!!). I looked him up and saw he was in a kpop group called SHINee (yes, I laughed at their name…) and then couldn’t forget about them and watched Your Number and this sure is a deep deep hole I’ve fallen into…

02: Your favorite member in SHINee is?

03: Bias wrecker anyone?
The other 4 kill me, no particular bias wrecker. 

04: Your favorite SHINee OTP (if you have one)
I’m kind of thinking OnHo, but seriously all the pairings are so perfect!

05: Is there a SHINee ship you don’t like?
Nope! All are so good!!

06: The SHINee member you think is most easily shipped
Maybe Minho… or Jonghyun…

07: Your favorite Korean song by SHINee
I have 2, Wowow and Tell Me What To Do.

08: Your favorite Japanese song by SHINee
The World Where You Exist and Moon River Waltz.

09: Favorite album
1of1 or ODD or Why So Serious? - the Misconceptions of Me…. I cannot pick!

10: Your favorite live performance
Girls Girls Girls, or Like a Fire, or Rainy Blue, or Evil (Tokyo Dome), or Spoiler (SHINee World 3), or LOVE…. I literally cannot pick…

11: First SHINee MV you saw
Your Number (performance version)

12: Your first impression of SHINee
“dumb name, but they’re super cute and dang their voices!!!”

13: Is there a SHINee member that recently impressed you?
Taemin and Key. Taemin has had me incredibly proud this past year and Key has had me incredibly emotional! 

14: The SHINee member you think has changed the most over the years

15: The SHINee member you think has changed the least
No, they’ve all changed a lot… None of them are anywhere near being who they were at debut. To say that one has changed “the least” would feel like a disservice to them, all of who work so hard to better themselves every day.

16: Your favorite SHINee MV
Nope… Maybe Married to the Music, View, and (and I don’t care what anyone says about this, it’s so cute and fun!!!) Boys Meet U. 1000 Days, Always By Your Side ALWAYS makes me cry, though, and I love it, too!

17: Your favorite SHINee lyric
“Even if I met as many people as there are stars in the sky, the one shining the brightest, that star is you.” -Moon River Waltz

18: The SHINee member you think has the best face

19: The SHINee member you think has the best body

20: The SHINee member you think has the best personality
No, they all have great personalities, that’s why they’ve worked so well together all this time and how they are still so close.

21: A SHINee picture that makes you smile

22: A SHINee picture that makes you nostalgic

23: Your favorite quote by someone in SHINee
“You’re always my hope. Don’t forget that.” -Minho’s message to Shawols.

24: A picture of your bias with someone else you like in another group

25: Have you seen SHINee live?
Yes at the fanmeet in Chicago and at KCON LA!

26: Do you have a favorite variety show moment?
Either any member on Running Man, or on Weekly Idol where they danced Replay to U Go Girl (lee hyori)

27: How would you describe SHINee in three words?
Changed my life.

28: Which SHINee video would you show to someone who has never heard of them before?

29. Is there a memory in connection to SHINee that you will always treasure?
Watching them perform at KCON LA with my friend (who was supposed to go with us to Chicago but couldn’t last minute) and looking over to see him just have tears streaming down his face because of how happy he was and how he never thought that moment would happen for him! (SHINee making dreams come true!)

30: If you could tell SHINee anything you wanted…what would that be?
I always wonder if they would KNOW, like really know, that when we say we love them, that we want them to be healthy and happy and well rested, that we genuinely mean it. Eat well. Don’t diet too much, because even though having a nice body is fine, being happy and healthy is so so much better. Get enough sleep. Don’t worry that we will forget you or that we have to be entertained 24/7. You need to take care of yourself first. Because happy you makes us happy!

(I’m gonna tag a few people just because I love you guys! @aegyo-shinee @marstheredplanet @jinki-bunny @ultrakdramamama @minhoandthebabes)

Face Painting

(I’m so sorry for the emotionless title.. xD) ANYWAYS

Thanks Anon For the request! I Hope you enjoy it ^^
Taehyung (V) x Reader
Type: Fluff..????????

     You were Volunteering at the year round festival in Korea. You were put in the middle of the part for the kids section You volunteered because you thought “Why Not?” Besides, it looked really good on your resume.
     While finishing up a tiger on one of the kids’ face you looked up to catch a breath, and in the process saw what seemed to be a bunch of goofballs messing around. You could hear them all the way from your table.
“Namjoonie~ Can we get our faces painted?” The brown haired one asked. “Seriously Tae?” He sighed, “You go ahead, we’ll sit at the table over there, the guys are getting hungry”
He smiled and you saw him excitedly come over, his fluffy hair bouncing up and down as he came up to you. You looked up at the handsome, attractive man standing in front of you, you didn’t deny it, you were checking him out. His lanky yet muscular body tight against a white shirt. But while you were checking out his figure, so were the group of girls working with you.
“He’s pretty hot” one of the girls said.

“Yeah, I wish he came to my table. But.. he’s a bit childish to want to get his face painted at his age.”
You thought to yourself. You snapped back into reality when the man tapped your shoulder. You hesitantly looked up into his brown eyes. “Do you mind if I sit?” He asked. “S-Sure” You said, trying to get your thoughts back together. “What would you like?”

Taehyung POV:
Sure you were a complete stranger to him, but he was checking you out as well. You were half the reason on why he actually came to the table. He wanted to talk to you. He wanted to figure out if you were more than just a pretty face. Realizing he hadn’t answered your question, he got a bit flustered at his thoughts. “Anything is fine. You can do whatever you like.”
“Hmm.. Okay” She said Smiling.
Man.. She has a really cute smile.

Your POV:
You decided to draw an alien on the side of his face, along with a star beside his eye. You picked up the brush and dipped it into the paint. You could feel his eyes concentrated on you and your hands. Flustered by his intense gaze, you rested your hand on his cheek, slowly forming the shape of a star beside his eye. Damn… he has a soft face for a guy..
You didn’t know why, but it felt like there was a weird tension in the atmosphere. You continued painting anyway.

Taehyung POV:
She has soft hands… He thought to himself
He had a weird feeling develop inside of him. It wasn’t lust, nor like, but it felt like there was something he should be doing. He looked around the place, but his eyes rested on your sitting figure. He was trying to stop himself from looking at your chest that was peeking through your V-neck shirt. So instead, he studied your figure. He studied how perfect your figure was, it was what he thought his dream girl would look like. Next, he looked at your hair. Silky, smooth, touchable.
No Taehyung! Don’t think like this!
He gulped down his small feeling of arousal. Next, of course, he studied your face. Your natural glow that made you look flawless. The shade of lipstick he loved on all women that could rock it. Including you. Which made him focus on your lips. Oh how he wanted to pull you into a kiss right there and then. Lust was taking over him, but knowing that you would most likely just push him off, he held himself back. He kept staring at your lips. Thinking of all the things you were capable of doing with them.

Your POV:
You had already finished the drawing on his face around 2 minutes ago, but you couldn’t let him go because of the intense stare he was giving you. Checking you up and down. You realized his eyes were on your lips and you couldn’t help but stare at his. A few seconds of what seemed like hours of staring, you shook your head and put your hands on your face, cooling it from the thoughts you were having. “Umm.. Excuse me..?” You waved your hand in front of his eyes. He snapped back into reality, “Sorry, what?”
“Umm.. I’m done” You didn’t dare tell him that you were actually done 5 minutes ago but just ended up staring at him.
“O-Oh! Uh.. Thank you!” He said happily. He was about to speak again when he heard his friends’ voices. He whipped around in the chair. “Tae! Let’s Go! Stop flirting!” a muscular one in a tank top said. Taehyung stuck his tongue out at them and turned back to you. He abruptly took your arm and took the paintbrush, starting to stroke digits on your arm. Once he was done, he got up, “Call me.. And thanks!” He said waving goodbye. You waved back and smiled at the 10 digits on your arm.

Hope you liked ^^ I don’t know if he was supposed to be your bf or not, but I don’t think he was supposed to be (Sorry if it was)

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so I just went christmas shopping and I

  • bought my bestie the best present ever
  • met half of my school (including my crush) and they all wanted to chat for hours
  • was nearly crushed to death
  • nearly choked to death because there were 12 people in that tiny lift as it got stuck for half an hour
  • finally found that David Tennant film I’ve been looking for
  • took the wrong train and ended up in the middle of nowhere
  • had an officer returning my wallet two times, because someone kept stealing it
  • found the ‘accidentally published fanfiction’ section in my local bookshop ( seriously, it was called ‘dear sherlock holmes’, and it’s about a 17-year old sherlock falling in love with a 16-year old female moriarty)
  • heard people talking about hamilton  and using the phrase ‘that little shit’
  • had to witness a massive amount of horrible dad jokes
  • met a lot of superpotterlocked whoviphans , ‘cause christmas shopping is the only time of the year where their rare species is forced to interact with the outside world
  • had people ‘accidentally’ brushing my boobs way to often
  • literally died from very little oxygen and crushing

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Would you kindly ask Cindy out? Make sure it's a good date!


Noctis walks up to Cindy a seriously heavy blush on his face. “Hey, Cindy! Look so now that the regalia is the type F I was hoping to…yknow take you on a flight in it? And maybe go fishing later?” Noctis could feel the blush completely across his face, oh gods he hopes she doesn’t say no the guys would never let him live it down.

EXO-K (Jealous) Reaction of you dating someone [UPDATED]

I had to reupload because damn, mobile sucks XD

Credits to the owners of these GIFs :)

Suho: *Can’t contain the feels* WHYY??

Baekhyun: No. Just. No. Seriously? Ugh.

Chanyeol: He’s not even that handsome as I am. Look, he can’t even rap fast. What a loser. Y/N picked the wrong guy. Psh.

D.O: *Satansoo Mode Activated* You see this number? I’m going to triple this up to curse this guy. MWAHAHAHAHA! (Get it? Triple 6? Lol I’m sorry for this. Don’t take this joke seriously XD)

Kai: *Smirks* Pfft. I’m still hotter than him. No need to worry.

Sehun: *GIF explains it all*

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( Oooh man - the big bad guy NiGHTS has to go up against. )

( Making NiGHTS and the others for the sake of evil… and then just going after them all the time when they try and help people dreaming? What the heck is wrong with this guy? )

( … At least he makes up for it with his hilarious design. Seriously, his eyes are on his hand. Picking things up must be a nightmare for that guy. And just imagine him clapping - oof. Maybe he’s just getting revenge on all the kids who’d make fun of him for the way he looks. It’d be hard to blame him, really. )

iwa-chan hcs

in honor of that oikawa headcanon post that got 748 notes (seriously holy fuck) have some iwa-chan hcs:

  • that kid who willingly goes on father son bonding trips
  • probably has one or two younger brothers who look up to him 
  • gets along really well with oikawa’s nephew takeru 
  • baseball is his second fav sport
  • certified Soccer Mom 
  • that super healthy kid who snacks on bell peppers instead of potato chips seriously wtf 
  • unnaturally photogenic 
  • was recruited by every sports team at aobajousai at some point 
  • probably class rep 
  • would be class pres but he’s too busy with volleyball 
  • good at school but the Worst Tutor Ever 
  • very protective of shy/quiet people 
  • tries to make everyone feel included 
  • that guy who will go out of his way to walk someone home if he deems it unsafe despite his house being the opposite way
  • is not very active on social media but still has more followers than oikawa haha loser
  • that kid who turns his head 180 degrees when he hears someone say dog
  • never goes into another person’s house without some kind of gift, even if it’s oikawa’s house despite going there every day
  • old people love him (little kids too)
  • a family man
  • lil bit shy when it comes to flirting 
  • decent driver aside from the fact that he gets road rage too easily
  • momma’s boy 
  • has a lot of confidence in himself, but does not bode well when he fails at something
theflamesthesword replied to your post “i read a stucky fic that was similar and had Bucky and Steve playing a…”

but consider: gay chicken amongst the recruits with Roxy being so damn done with these foolish boys and Eggsy and Charlie are champs and end up kissing bc both are cocky lil shits.

Digby, the rich blonde guy, would get real close, but Eggsy’s steely seriousness would make him all flustered, like “this is just a game, mate, you don’t have to be so serious” and Eggsy’s like  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But then Charlie’s like, “I’ll have a go.” They get real close, Eggsy standing a half head shorter, having to look up at Charlie, deathly serious, jaw clenched. Charlie smirks down at him, refusing to lower his head so Eggsy is basically looking up his nose. Eggsy moves in a little closer, their toes are past each other, chests pressed against each other, noses sliding against each other, lips a hair’s breadth apart, neither breathing. 

Now it’s Eggsy’s turn to smirk as he can feel Charlie tense, tightness coming into the corners of his mouth. Eggsy breathes out through his nose to watch Charlie wince a little. 

“Scared, Hesketh?” Eggsy whispers so no one but Charlie can hear him. The light exhale on the TH at the end of his name makes Charlie shiver involuntarily. No one in the room is breathing.

Then Charlie flashes forward, hands coming to either side of Eggsy’s jaw as he crashes their mouths together, teeth cutting Eggsy’s lip as it gets caught between them, their kiss completely uncoordinated. Every other recruit lets out a little gasp. No one was quite prepared for this level of commitment to gay chicken. 

Charlie comes up for air after what feels like an eternity, and shoves Eggsy away from him, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand, glaring. Eggsy swaggers backwards, licking the blood from his lip, and throws a wink at Charlie.

“See, Hesketh? Nothing to be scared of. Everyone wants a piece of Eggsy once in a while.”

I saw this sketch before at the end of one of the Haikyuu!! chapters and I loved it so much, so I re-drew it and colored it in.

Shut up, Kageyama, you know you like seeing him do his cute roll ;P

So, I logged onto tumblr today to see some amazing stuff:

Seriously guys. I love you so much. Yay for 91 followers!!! I hope it keeps on going!!! Extra thanks to my newest follower gingerthewallflower for your awesome support and the amazing mysecretfanmoments who I can’t believe is actually looking at my work, I’m so honored ^^

Obedience {PJM}

Chapter Ten

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader x Jimin (mentions of Sejeong)

Synopsis: Taehyung is fed up, and confesses. Jimin realizes something and reveals something.

Author’s Note: OMG this is getting insane omgomgmog

Warnings: Cursing

Word Count: 1116

Originally posted by lethargicmin

“Taehyung, wait!” You grab his arm before he could leave. “There’s no way you could stop me from leaving, ___.”

“That’s fine, it’s just, you wouldn’t lie to me, would you?”

Taehyung drew his brows together as he looked at you. “You seriously think I would make up that entire story, and for what?” You shrugged.

“I don’t know, because you don’t like him, I guess?” You saw him getting angrier and you let go of his arm to let him leave. You looked at him quizzically when he didn’t budge. “You are really accusing me of lying? What, do you think I care that much if you guys are fucking or not? I just wanted you to see how much of an idiot you are being. You’re falling for a guy who won’t let me near you, but somehow let his drunken friend slip passed him take you upstairs and rape you. But now, he has his little girlfriend around, and it’s like you’re invisible.”

Taehyung’s words felt like daggers going straight into your heart, but they were the truth. All of the apologizing, all of the time he was “looking after you”, all of the times you thought he cared, was all some sick attempt to get into your pants.

“Okay.” Was all you said as you continued washing clothes. You could see Taehyung lingering from the corner of your eye. “Aren’t you quitting?”

“Aren’t you quitting?” He returned the question and you looked at him. “I can’t leave because I don’t want what happened with Jungkook to happen again.”

Taehyung groaned loudly. It’s as if everything he had just said went through one ear and out the other. “You. Are. Not. Safe. Here.”

“So what? Am I safer anywhere else?” That finally shut Taehyung up.

He finally understood. You were afraid of anyone else. “Okay, well. I guess this is goodbye.”

Your heart sunk. You were probably never going to see him again. You pulled him closer to you and hugged him tightly. “I’m sorry Taehyung.”

“I love you.”

You pulled back to look at him. Tears were streaming down his face. “I love you, but I can’t stay here and watch you get hurt. I just can’t bring myself to do it.” You felt yourself crying too. You felt like your lips were glued shut. You couldn’t say it back.

“I love you, goodbye.” He had said it three times, yet you couldn’t say it once.

He walked out of the Laundry room slowly. “I-”

Taehyung whipped his head towards your direction. “I’m so sorry.”~

Taehyung had quit, and Jimin had doubled your workload. You found yourself moping around and not talking to anyone. You only said a simple “yes master” once in a while. He had told you to call Sejeong master, too. She protested, but he insisted.

You were numb at this point, so you just said “yes master” and went on with you life.

You stopped eating again. If you were honest, whenever Taehyung was here, and you were both on good terms, he distracted you from anything bad that has happened in the last two months. He was your sunshine. But now all of your days were cloudy and dark.

Thanks to a rain cloud named Jimin. It was like Taehyung was trying to brighten up your day, then Jimin would roll along and cover him up, just to rain Sejeong all over you.

Everything Jimin talked about was just Sejeong, Sejeong, Sejeong, and more Sejeong. You were sick and tired of hearing his toxic voice. Any time he initiated conversation, you just stayed quiet.

“I mean, her smile is so beautiful, right?”

“Yes, master.”

“___-ah. You sound like a robot.” You ignored him and continued loading the dishwasher. “Why have you been so quiet recently? And why haven’t you been eating? Sejeong told me that ever since Taehyung le-”

“Why do you care.” You voice was monotone, and it didn’t really sound like a question. You weren’t curious. You just wanted him to leave you alone.

You didn’t look at him once. You just kept loading the dishwasher. Since when were there so many dishes.

“Stop unloading the damn dishwasher!” You obeyed, but you still didn’t look at him.

“Look at me!”

You clenched your fists. Turn to look at him. “What is wrong.” It was less of a question and more of a demand. “I’m fine, master.” You tried your hardest not to pull an attitude, because once you started, you’d never stop.

“Something’s wrong. You can tell me.”

You stood still with your jaw clenched. “Is it Sejeong?” With that question, you exploded.


(Jimin Focus)

It was obviously because of Sejeong. Before Sejeong came, she would talk to him, no problem.

He only got with her because of publicity. There were rumors being spread by god-knows-who that Jimin was dating his maid. He had to get rid of them by dating the talented and beautiful Kim Sejeong.

People went crazy after Jimin publicized their relationship. #Semin was trending on Twitter. “The handsome businessman Park Jimin is now confirmed to be in a relationship with the beautiful singer Kim Sejeong, not his maid.”

The news about it was everywhere and Jimin was satisfied, but whoever started the rumor was in his house, so he couldn’t drop the act when he got home. Pictures & videos of Jimin and Sejeong not even interacting when at home would surface and it would be ugly.

But the main culprit was now out of his house and he could act normal inside his own home. It wasn’t entirely cold-hearted because Sejeong was in on it too. People were calling her lonely, so she needed a cover-up, too. They both shared to each other about how they weren’t the dating type, but needed to get the paparazzi off their back.

“I’m not actually in a relationship with Sejeong. We faked it to get rid of some problems with the paparazzi.”

Jimin searched her expression for anything negative, but instead he saw something click inside her mind. Like he just realized something.

A/N: Hmmmm…. does Reader have a plan? Also, Jimin u don’t listen like she just said it wasn’t about Sejeong, yet, you’re like “Oh DUHHH it must be Sejeong!” like man can you not? Please