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Angeles: Some New Kill

Summary:  Jensen Ackles is infatuated and intrigued with Supernatural’s new recurring guest star from the moment he meets her. It eventually leads to a steamy night in a hotel room during a convention weekend – but Jensen has no idea that Y/N is hiding secrets that have followed her from the moment she signed her first contract.
Part One: Some New Kill
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 1705
Warnings: None. 

A/N: No Jensen in this chapter, but he will be in most if not all chapters going forward. 

Your name: submit What is this?

Your nickname: submit What is this?

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Instinct Part Six

Summary: A lost child appears into your life only to bring you closer Jimin–a man that you’d thought you’d hated once upon a time. Now all you want is to be there for the child, and maybe his father–but only if his mother gets the hell out of the way.

Warnings: Sadness, angst, past shit, drunkness, TRIGGERING SUBJECTS DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE TRIGGERED EASILY. kay. 

Parts: One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Seven /  Eight /  Nine

You ran straight into Jimin’s arms, leaving your bag a few feet away from you in favor of burying your face into his shoulder. He could swung you around in a circle, relishing the feel of you in his arms once again. It was one of those moments where the entire world whispered Finally, one of those moments where the emptiness in his chest filled to contentment.

You were there, you were with him, and he couldn’t be more ecstatic–finally, you had come to Seoul; not just to see him for a short while, but to stay. He was scheduled to debut soon, and since he was going to make a permanent stay, so were you.  Now he could see you off a computer screen, now he could sleep well knowing that you were close, safe, a walk away from him at any time. You’d even managed to snag an apartment nearby his company and a job not too far away from your new place. Life was finally giving him a moment to breathe, and you couldn’t look happier to see him reach out to grasp his dreams with both hands.

“I’m so proud of you.” You tilted your body back in his arms to grasp his face in both of your hands, pulling him down for a quick, chaste kiss.

God, how he missed your kisses.

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The Last Night

Request: Can you make an angst CACW Peter Parker/Spiderman imagine maybe the reader gets injured or dies or something and Peter tries to save of help her. Kinda like Gwen Stacy! Pls pls pls love you writing ur amazing ❤️

girl, i hope you got the tissues like i warned you cuz i was in a hella sad mood when i wrote this. So it might be a little more depressing than i planned. like “i was listening to adele” sad. this is for @honestly–simple i see you babe ;)

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 795-ish

Warnings: blood, depession/guilt topics, death

A/N: look at the warnings, i told you. but no, it doesn’t stop there. heartbroken peter. yeah, ik. The reader has powers like jubilee, where she can create and emit fire-like energy.  anyway. i hope this makes you feel feels :0

“The Last Night”

The day was offensively bright and pleasant.

“We are gathered here today, to celebrate the life and mourn the death of our beloved. I believe that it was God’s plan to…”

Plan. Peter sulked deeper into his black suit, wanting to hide from this. God’s plan, my ass, he thought. There was no way that it could’ve been anyone’s plan to take such a beautiful person like you. It wasn’t anyone’s fucking plan…just his mistake.

He closed his eyes tightly as he relived the pain of seeing you fall into the darkness. He felt the nothingness that he had drowned in when he held your limp body. He heard the sound of the dull thump when your body hit the cement.

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Anonymous asked: Souji as a stray cat the IT adopts?

ANON I’m really sorry I know that wasn’t your exact wording but I’m an idiot and couldn’t get the readmore to work on the initial response so here we go.

Normally I don’t write stuff that just shows up in my inbox when I’m not still actively doing a meme, but I couldn’t resist. I’m sorry, this is probably nothing like what you wanted.

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Subscribe, Chapter 2!

Hey, Maksyl fam!

Since Chapter One got a massive response, I decided to give you all Chapter Two!

(( youarefedorable unsvbtle loveisthewordhateisthebomb hollydollysfavethings chaksforever hayleechristinee renate651 ser-en-dipityyy icedanceroyalty since you all seemed to enjoy Chapter One so much, I wanted to link you to Chapter Two!! Thank you so much for being amazing with your feedback and support.))

I also HAD to give a special shoutout to grumplez because I adore your work with all my heart and I wanted to pay you homage by making a blatant reference to ‘Wet Lace’… I hope you don’t mind, love!

I hope you all love it as much as you liked the first chapter!

Speaking of chapter one, here’s a link to it for those of you who haven’t read it yet!

Keep the feedback coming, guys; it inspires me! Also, if there’s anything specific you’d like to see in this AU, send me a scene and I’ll try to incorporate it in some way!

I incorporated a suggestion given to me by youarefedorable in this one… Let the fanfic reading commence!

Alright, fam.

Now let’s see how everyone’s two favorite YouTubers are doing!


By the time it had taken her to get to his flat, (which, by the way, took a lot shorter to travel to than her stupid GPS had said,) Meryl was about 30 minutes early for their so-called ‘filming date.’

The apartment flat seemed extremely elegant. It had a winding cobblestone walkway leading towards the entrance. The ground floor of the building, which Meryl supposed was the lobby, had thick glass paneling in place of walls.

This architectural design, of course, enabled her to see straight inside the main level.

What she saw looked absolutely beautiful.

A sea of people bustled about the lobby. Five chandeliers glittered overhead, providing the lobby with soft glimmers of luminescence. The floors and (from what she could see) the help desks were made of white marble.

The formality of it made Meryl feel kind of underdressed.

Just then, her phone buzzed to life in her lap, startling her out of her awe-induced reverie.

One new Twitter notification from one @MaksimC.

“@MaksimC: Hey, guys! @Meryl_Davis and I are doing our collabs today. For her video, we have decided to do Truth or Dare. Send in your questions and challenges using the hashtag #MaksylCollab !”

She rose a confused eyebrow. They hadn’t previously discussed video ideas…

“@troyesivan: #MaksylCollab I dare you two to get married. Seriously. Do it.”

She laughed, retweeting the comment. She had been expecting it.

“@Tyler_Oakley: @troyesivan, exactly, Troye. E-X-A-C-T-L-Y. #TroylerAreWaitingForTheMaksylMarriage”

Meryl’s phone pinged again. She had a feeling she knew who was behind this particular notification.

She glanced down at her DMs and proved her suspicions correct.

One new DM from one @MaksimC.

“Hey, babe. I know I’m telling you a little bit late but I thought it’d be cool if we chose each other’s video subjects. Thoughts?”

She quickly typed back a reply, hoping it matched his usual tone: “Late is right! No worries, though; I’m planning payback. Your overall cuteness will not get you a free pass.”

Ping. His reply sprung up on her screen moments after she sent hers.

“First of all, I highly doubt you could find anything that could make me uncomfortable enough for it to constitute as payback. Sorry—”

Oh, she couldn’t, could she?

Challenge accepted.

She continued reading his message.

“Second of all, I am not cute. You may find me attractive, or devastatingly sexy, but cute? Not an option, princess.”

She scoffed, amused. “Yeah, yeah, teddy bear. One more thing–‘Maksyl??’”

“Refusing to acknowledge the fact that you just referred to me as a teddy bear…According to the internet, Maksyl is our ship name. Yeah, it’s a thing. I mean, I knew we’d look good together, but I didn’t think people would start SHIPPING us just yet.”

Meryl couldn’t agree more. People were shipping them already?

Before the two had really met?

She knew they talked about each other a lot in their videos but come on.


Hold up.

She could use that information to her advantage.

Maks doesn’t think I can give him legitimate payback, huh? We’ll see about that.

A quick search for ‘Maksyl fanfic’ on Google produced perhaps about 20 results, all of which linked her to a website called ‘Tumblr.’

She found herself scrolling through the ‘Maksyl fanfic’ tag for a few moments and read through a couple of fics.

Unsurprisingly, the amount of fanfics was limited–even the authors labeled Maksyl as their ‘crack ship’ (whatever that meant)–but Meryl had to admit, the few pieces of fiction that she had read were amazing.

But they’re all so sweet. How can I possibly get back at him with cute stories?

All of a sudden, she came across a warning she didn’t recognize.

Smut warning…What the heck is smut?

“Wet Lace by grumplez,” she muttered to herself, “Sounds like a fic where ‘Maksyl’ have a wedding on a rainy day. What could possibly be so bad about that?”

She continued thinking that way until she got up to the first risqué bit.

She squealed in shock…but nevertheless found herself reading onwards, intrigued by the way the author had written her character.

As she continued reading, however, the story got more detailed and more inappropriate.

‘They had already made love,’” she read out loud, “‘now it was time to—’”

She dropped her iPhone as if it were burning through her skin.

“Oh my God,” she exclaimed, still in shock.

Then, it dawned upon her.

“Oh my God,” she slowly spoke again, the beginnings of a diabolical smile creeping its way onto her face.

She replied to Maks, immediately informing him that she definitely had his video idea ready, but that it was to be a surprise.

And what a surprise it would be.

He wanted payback? Something to make him uncomfortable? She had just the thing.

She officially decided that he was going to read a few pieces of Maksyl smut out loud.

To his followers.

On camera.

She would read whatever her character said in the fics, and he would read his lines. They would take turns narrating it.

She pictured the embarrassment on his face.

He probably wouldn’t be able to get past the first few lines without blushing.


Oh, Maks had no idea what he’s just gotten himself into.

Meryl glanced at her car’s digital clock.

She still had 25 minutes to go before she was due to meet up with Maks.

She didn’t want to show up to the flat so early, especially unannounced.

What if, when she got there, he was just getting out of the shower or something?

Not that I’d mind seeing Maks in nothing but a towel…

Stop it! The smut is getting to my head. He’s not my celebrity crush anymore—he’s my collab partner. I’m filming with him all day already. It’ll be an even longer day if I can’t keep my fricking hormones in check.

Meryl shook her head, wondering what she should do for the next half hour.

Maybe I should go to the bakery and pick up some cookies? I want to make a good first impression, even if I’ll purposely ruin it later with my idea…

She opened a new tab on her phone and did a search for the closest bakery to Maks’ flat.

She grinned victoriously at the ‘.2 miles away’ bolded beneath the first result.

To Kimmy’s Bakery it is.

Plugging the address into her GPS, Meryl took off.




It was time.

Box of freshly-baked cookies in hand, Meryl stepped out of her car door and shut it with the heel of her foot. Her heart was practically in her throat.

The sun was beating down on the top of her head as she walked up the cobblestone pathway to Maksim’s flat. God, I need to calm down.

She hopped from one stone to another on the uneven walkway, a little game she’d devised to distract her nerves.

She made sure to keep the box of cookies wrapped tightly in her arms throughout her game, however; she didn’t want the cookies to break into pieces before she even made it to his flat.

When the cobblestone pathway ended, all that remained was Meryl, her nerves, and the one-pound box of baked goods.

She figured she would get her camera out of her car’s trunk after she brought in the cookies. (Food, as always, was her first priority.)

She stepped inside the flat’s entrance and tried not to gawk too much at the beauty of the lobby. She walked over to one of the front desks, trying to look as sophisticated as possible.

The woman at the front desk smiled politely at her. “Hello, is there anything I can help you with, miss?”

Meryl nodded. “Hi, I’m looking for—”

“Me?” A deep voice behind her sounded.

She whirled around and oh my God.

Maksim-fricking-C was standing right before her, a huge smile lighting up his face.

She turned her head back to the woman at the front desk, agreeing, “—him. Thank you, though!”

She turned back to Maksim, her smile wide enough to match his.

“Hi,” she chirped excitedly.

“Hi, ‘MerBear,’” he laughed back, opening his arms for her. She paused, unsure whether he meant to hug her or if it was just a ‘ta-da’ gesture.

“I’m a hugger,” he clarified.

“Oh! Okay, me too,” she nodded, laughing.

Meryl practically bounded into his arms, wrapping her own around his neck. Throughout it all, however, she somehow managed to keep the cookies safely in her hands.

“It’s nice to meet you,” she grinned against his chest, and he duly chuckled at her enthusiasm.

She tried to ignore the giddiness she felt when his arms tugged her closer.

“Trust me, the pleasure’s all mine,” he returned, pulling away slightly.

He seems like such a sweetheart. I almost feel bad for the payback… Almost.

“Oh! I brought cookies,” she offered sheepishly, raising the box.

His eyebrows shot up. “Food on our first filming date? And here I’d thought you had already won my heart!”

Meryl felt her cheeks heat up.

No. Stop that. Keep it cool.

“They’re so you don’t hate me after we do your video,” she joked.

“Ooh, consider me intrigued,” he winked down at her.

“Prepare for complete, utter payback, Chmerkovskiy,” she grinned up at him.

Then, her real reason for bringing the cookies, “I actually brought them because I wanted your brother to get a good impression of me.”

“Ah, I see how it is. You’re after my brother?” He feigned outrage, clasping a hand over his heart.

“No, that’s not it,” Meryl hurriedly assured him. “Family’s just really important to me. I know that yours is a big part of your life, too. And if I’m going to become a part of your life, no matter how small or insignificant the part I play may be, I really do want to make a good impression on the people who matter the most to you.”

Any pretense of joking had vanished from his face entirely. He had a softer look about him now.

“Well,” he spoke after a moment’s pause, “I’m sure my family will love you.”

He took her hand. “Now come on; my flat’s on the third floor.”

She followed him to the elevator.




Maksim swung his door open, leading Meryl inside his flat.

“My brother doesn’t know you were coming over,” he quietly explained.

“Val,” he called out, “I want you to meet someone important.”

The young man Meryl recognized to be Maks’ brother sauntered out of a room further inside the flat.

“Is it that ‘MerBear’ girl you always say you’re going to marry?” Val called back, his tone joking.

Maks froze next to her at Val’s words. Meryl shot him an amused look, then turned back to Val, who had just entered the room.

Val’s eyes widened almost comically as they landed on Meryl.

“Holy shit, it is!” he grinned, surprise and disbelief evident on his face.

“She’s even more beautiful in the flesh! How the hell did you get that one to come here, Maks?”

Val stopped in front of Meryl.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, gorgeous,” he took her hand gently in his, pressing a soft kiss to the top of her hand.

Meryl smiled at the gesture.

“It’s so nice to meet you too, Val,” she promptly agreed.

Maks seemed to unfreeze at the exchange, slinging an arm around Meryl’s shoulders.

“Right. Well, now that we’re all acquainted, Meryl and I are going to go film our videos.” He interjected.

Val ran a hand over his face in mock anguish.

“But what am I going to do? I’m bored just lying around here all day,” he moaned.

“Meryl brought cookies. You can start eating them,” Maks, frustrated, thrust the box of cookies at Val.

Val seemed to take the hint.

He casually took the box from Maks’ hands and spun around towards Meryl.

“You, my dear, are a keeper,” Val winked at her.

“Ви чули, що, брат? нічого дурного не роблять. Ця дівчина є зберігачем,” he nudged Maks’ shoulder, then began to walk to the kitchen.

“What’d he say?” Meryl smiled at the heat rising to Maks’ cheeks. Yes, embarrassment suited him, which meant his video was going to be fun.

“He asked if I heard him say you were special, and he told me not to do anything stupid to mess it up. He said you were a definite keeper,” Maks muttered.

Meryl threw her head back in a full-on laugh. “Val, I love you already. Please make a cameo in one of our videos!” She called out.

Val poked his head out from the kitchen doorway, a half-eaten cookie already in his hand.

“Will do,” he grinned, crumbs falling out of his mouth as he spoke.

Maks brought a hand to his face in distress.



They decided to do Meryl’s video first.

“Hey, guys! What’s up—Maks, you have to say it with me,” Meryl whined.

“No,” Maks argued, “I will not join in on your little intro. It’s way too cutesy for me.”

“Please? Do it for my amazing subscribers,” she frowned.

“No,” he insisted, tugging slightly at the ends of his hair.

“Pretty please?” She exhaled, jutting her lower lip out in a pout.

“Oh, no—don’t look at me like that,” Maks frowned, putting one of his hands over her face and covering it completely.

Meryl let out a muffled ‘hey,’ which he laughed at.

He stopped laughing when he felt something wet and slimy run across his palm.

Maks pulled his hand away in disgust.

“Did you… Did you just lick me?” He asked, incredulity coloring his tone.

“It got you to take your overly-large hand away from my face, didn’t it?” She giggled gleefully.

“Overly-large? My hand is not overly-large! It’s average-sized. You are the one with the tiny face,” Maks defended.

“I’m not that tiny,” Meryl put her hands on her hips.

“Oh yes, you are,” he retorted.

“You’re just trying to change the topic so you can get out of doing the intro!” She swatted his arm again.

“And the violence never stops,” Maks quipped.

“Do the intro,” Meryl firmly stated.

Maks let out a defeated sigh. “Ugh. Fine.”

“Yay! Okay. Beginning the video in 3, 2, 1.”

“Hey guys! What’s up?” The duo said in unison.

“It’s MerBear here, and today I have a very special guest..” She swept an arm to indicate the man next to her.

“MaksimC,” he said, over-exaggerating the excitement in his voice. He even used jazz hands.

Meryl gave him a pointed look and he backed down.

“MaksimC,” he said again, raising his arms in surrender.

Meryl nodded her head, facing the camera again.

“Yay! Today, we’re going to play a little game called Truth or Dare…”

anonymous asked:

Hey, i loved reading red thread OMG. May I ask what are some of your favourite taekook fanfics?

Hi Anon,

I’m so, so sorry because I’m so, so late with replying. I’ve just been terribly busy. I’ve been running around Australia looking for farm work in order to be able to apply for a second year visa but I think I found it. ^^

God, there are so many lovely Taekook fanfics out there. I’m almost scared to answer this question because I’m sure I’ll forget some that I absolutely love. But here’s a list of some fics I actually reread from time to time because they make my heart hurt in the nicest of ways. Or fics I just found and know I’ll reread in the future. They’re in no particular order and the writers are all amazing, so be sure to check out their other work too! ^^

We’ll find a way to make it right by fitzgarbage

I read this one recently and was blown away. It’s funny how the characters can have such a different background as the people they’re based on and yet be so spot on in characterization. Jeongguk feels like how I see Jeongguk and Taehyung feels like how I see Taehyung and together they make magic on the page. Or the writer did.

maybe we’re all just fools by airplanewishes  @limitlesslullabies

I’m a sucker for smut but I didn’t miss it in this one. It’s still pure perfection. The slow-burn is just glorious and the fact that there’s so much focus on Jeongguk’s friends, family and school makes for wonderful world building. It’s those details that make it real.

photographs with sepia-toned loving by taeberi (exordia)  @taeberi

I remember finding this fic and reading it all in one go. I thought about this fic for days afterwards because the buildup was so sweet and so perfectly executed and the tension just dripped of the screen with every word and there might have been one or two tears at the end. Not mine of course. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

King of the Library, Knight of His Trade by madigraye  @homoterrors

This author always knows how to bring the fun. I’m so excited for the second chapter of chase ‘em  but that story isn’t finished yet, so I went for another all-time favourite. Taehyung is just the right side of silly (and so is Jeongguk because we all know he’s just slightly more of a closeted adorkable) but they’re sensitive and multi-faceted too and that just makes it a wonderful read.

Pour Up (Drank) by mindheist  @nikkmonoxyls

One of my favourite authors and this just proves why. The characters never felt more real and every word just has meaning and purpose.  I think the entire fandom shed a little tear at the end.

bruises only make me want it more by nikkumeul  @nikkmonoxyls

I feel so self-indulgent when I read this. And the fact that you know the supposed background story, that you can see the video, just makes it feel even more real and easy to get lost in. And Do You Even Yak? just gives me life.

my church offers no absolutes by astringxnt

Sometimes you just read a fic and think it’s better than 75% of the books you have read and this fic is one those rare gems. I don’t know what else there’s to say. It’s painfully gorgeous.

i ache to remember (the taste of sparks on your tongue) by tranquaos   @tranquaos

First of all, kudos to whomever sent in the prompt, because this premise is amazing. Extra kudos to Trish because she took it to the next level and wrote a beautiful fic. Writing is hard enough as it is but it becomes just that much harder when it’s set in the non!au/idol verse because you can’t take as many liberties with characterization and plot. But sometimes you just read one of those gems and think ‘yes, this could happen. I could picture this occurring behind closed doors outside of the public’s eye’, and it just becomes magnificent to lose yourself in the story.

I feel safe in the 5 a.m. light (love in my arms and the sun in my eyes) by JemKay  @galaxyfxn

Whenever people tell you I might read this fic once a week, they’re lying, obviously. I don’t have internet connection every week. So yeah, that’s that. But seriously, I read this one probably more than I should because I really admire the characterization and the writing style.

i’ll be a man (of you, you, you, babe) by monsterplaza (aesthesiae)  @nikkmonoxyls

I had so much trouble picking between this and revolt of the #cyberwarriors but this one had Jeongguk with a tattoo in a hilarious place and do I even need to say more? I love Taehyung in this piece and I don’t understand how Jeongguk ever mustered the willpower to resist him for that long.

Something To Do With Hands by lethallergic  @lethallergic

Another non!au/idol verse. I love lethallergic’s work but this recent one is my new favourite. It hurts in the best possible way and I love the way Taehyung and Jeongguk are portrayed as multifaceted people with dreams, ambitions, and feelings and how these intermingle during the awkward process of growing up. They’re idols but at the same time it could just be you or me because everyone struggles at times regardless of what you do or where you’re from.

Purple Constellations by Lili95276  @taekook-is-life

This fic is so hard to describe for me. When I read it, I sometimes literally become breathless, struck by the somewhat macabre beauty of this piece. I want to take Jeongguk and Taehyung in this story and shake them silly until they come to their senses. But somehow I can relate to both of them and the beautiful prose just sucks me back in every time. A little warning, do take the tags seriously because the content can be triggering to some. I’m saying a little prayer each night for things to turn out all right for Jeongguk and Taehyung.

Don’t Let Your Love Go To Waste by krscnl

I’m sure everyone knows this one and for good reason. You read the first chapter and it will leave you wrecked and then you read the second chapter and you’ll never recover. You’ll never recover. It’s that good.

pick me up, buttercup by vppa  @vppax

Some people hate soulmate!aus but I have a secret weakness for it and reading them is my guilty pleasure. This one is my favourite soulmate!au because it’s light and fluffy and it makes my day sunny again whenever I’m feeling down.

Surrender by bulletproof_bad_wolf  @bulletproof-bad-wolf

This one caught me of guard. It’s a short piece but reading it felt like a punch to the gut and so much is conveyed in so little words. I love the writing style and symbolism in this piece. For something more lighthearted, you have to check out her other fics because a lot of them are so funny.

Like Honey and Grenadine by bazooka  @uziregar

One of my favourite BTS fanfic writers and now comes the first Taekook fanfic and it just has me squealing so loudly that I almost can’t talk anymore. So I’m adding it even though it isn’t finished because I love ALL her fics so far and I’m sure this one won’t be different.

I’m sure you’ve read several of these already but I guess they’re popular for a reason, right? ;) And as you may, or may not have noticed, I’m a sucker for College!AUs and smut. I suppose the first bit is because I can relate to it (having just graduated) and the second bit is because of…because of reasons, all right, just reasons, geez, stop it with the third degree already. XD I also enjoy non!au/ idol verse stories but only when executed well and that’s rare.

Once again, sorry for the late reply but I hope you’ll have fun (re)reading!

XOXO Mirre

anonymous asked:

Olicity prompt: While in Vegas for a mission, Felicity runs into a casino where she has been banned. Oliver and Diggle do not take kindly to her being manhandled by security.

AN: Thank you so much for the prompt!! I do hope you all enjoy it!

“You guys really did not have to come with me.” Felicity told them as she walked two steps ahead of Oliver and Diggle.

Both men walked on either side of her, their dark colored t-shirts and stoic struts gaining the glances of the all too eager women on the sidewalk. Felicity just shook her head, knowing the information that those women didn’t.

Both of these men were happily taken – one of them by her.

“You’ve said that five times already.” Oliver told her as he tried to catch up to her. “What is the big deal if we tag along?”

Felicity paused in the middle of the concrete slab, the Nevada sun beating down on her overexposed skin. Living in cooler, damper, less sun filled climates since she left for college had definitely changed her tolerance to the sun, and the heat. She was sure going to be regretting this trip tomorrow.

The entire trip, not just the one leading up to Caesar’s Palace where her mother worked, had been a disaster in the making. She should have known better than to fall for her mother’s coughing on the phone. Her pleas for Felicity to come spend time with her, and nurse her back to health should have been suspect.

Donna Smoak had never been sick a day in her life, she told Oliver on her last trip to Starling. Daily exercise (pole dancing classes) and vitamin c (mimosas counted, right?) were her miracles.

But then Donna told Felicity that if she didn’t come home, her doctor wasn’t going to let her leave the hospital, and Felicity had jumped on the first flight she could find. She was halfway to the airport when she remembered she had to tell Oliver and have Jerry cancel all her meetings.

When Felicity arrived at the airport in Vegas Donna had been waiting at baggage claim, a large pink sign with a delicate scroll of Felicity Smoak, CEO written across it. That was when Felicity realized that for the first time since she was five years old and her mother tricked her into eating brussel sprouts that she had been duped by her mother.

“Well you weren’t going to come here unless I tricked you.” Donna told her with no remorse and a tight squeeze. “Besides, now you can take that vacation you’ve been saying you needed.”

Felicity had rolled her eyes at her well-intentioned mother.

“See.” Donna shrugged. “Win-win.”

It had taken Felicity the entire drive back to her mother’s apartment for her to relay the information to Oliver, who had only LOLed as his response. But by the next morning, he and Diggle both were standing on Donna’s doorstep with bags in their hands.

“You two boys didn’t have to come all this way!” Donna exclaimed as she ushered them into the small two bedroom. “Felicity didn’t tell me you were coming, but hey, the more the merrier.”

“Well, I just wanted to surprise Felicity on her vacation.” Oliver told them, to which Felicity mouthed back a ‘thank you.’

“I actually have to work.” John told both women. “I’m doing some informational research on Vegas security companies for my new job.”

Donna smiled even wider before pulling Felicity closer to her side. “Well you can ask Felicity all about those companies. She was banned by security from most of the casinos on the strip before she was twelve.”

Felicity winced while Oliver and Diggle just shot her an impressed smirk and nod.

“Hacking?” Oliver asked, even though Felicity knew the implication should have been left as such.

“They shouldn’t have had such crappy firewalls.” Felicity shrugged. “If anything, I did them a favor.”

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The Portrait Creator

Modern World 101 for pirates 
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Despite her grumbling and constant jabs Emma secretly loved the fact that Killian had gotten close to her father. She thought they could both use a friend and each had proven himself perfect for the role.

That did not mean that she was immune to bounds of jealousy.

“Do you ever get a little…” Emma trailed off, losing her nerve as Snow lifted her gaze from her brother’s sleeping form and looked at her expectantly.

“A little…?” prompted her mother after a few seconds of silence.

“No, nothing. Forget it!” she waved her hand, focusing on her fries again.

“Sweetie, you can ask me anything,” pressed her mother, giving her a gentle smile and waiting patiently.

Emma let out a sigh. She loved her mother even if she pushed a little too hard sometimes. But considering that she couldn’t discuss this with either Killian or David, she might as well make use of her willingness to listen.

Even when Emma was being absolutely ridiculous.

“Well,” she got two fries on her fork and started swirling them around in her ketchup just so that she didn’t have to look at the brunette while embarrassing herself. “You know how David and Killian are really close?”

The sheriff glanced up to find her mother giving her a small nod and keeping her face neutral, even though it looked like that was costing her a bit of an effort.

“And I’m really glad, don’t get me wrong!” hurried on Emma before shifting her attention back to the mess of ketchup and potato she had made. “But… sometimes… they seem really close, you know?”

Snow furrowed her eyebrows and Emma hurried on to explain, embarrassment already painted all over her cheeks.

“I don’t mean like… close close. You know, like… Oh God,” she buried her head in her hand, groaning in mortification and wishing more than anything that she could just erase the last five minutes. “I mean like sharing things with each other that they don’t share with anybody else. Even…  us… you know?”

Thankfully, her mother looked more amused than anything else, her eyes flashing with concealed laugher.

“Emma, are you asking me if I get jealous of Killian?”

Emma groaned again, rolling her eyes and stuffing her mouth aggressively.

“Fine!” she exclaimed, half-chewed fries almost flying all over the table as she grumbled and glared at her mother. “Just forget it!”

“Because if you are,” continued Snow as if she hadn’t even spoken. “The answer is Hell yes!”

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