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Hey uh, doodledrawsthings, I dunno much about these boys except they seem to be super adorable…

but I would love to know more! 

robogreaser  asked:

How would you feel about drawing a cyberpunk/robot Zahhak? I feel like your style would lend itself really well to mecha and metal things.

Due to a manufacturing error, heavy artillery android, serial code 3QU-1U5 was produced with an exceedingly large surplus of strength.

(In a most unusual turn of events, this same defect was observed in both H0R-U55 and prototype 3XP-47R-1473. I question what caused this abundance of strongmen?)


-Dr. S.Cratch

(part 1, 2, 34)

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anonymous asked:

i know Roach did a Chuck/Dutch fusion but tbh i'm so thirsty and i want More? it's too late for more Art Science (lol at that tag) but if it's not too much to ask if you could try to do your version?

I WILL DO MY BEST.  It’s been a while since I saw Roach’s cutie last, so if I just try really hard not to think about her design, hopefully I can avoid ripping it off!  >:O  OKAY.

Dutch and Chuck are both kind of weird personalities because Dutch is The Quiet One until he’s pissed off and Chuck is The Anxious One until he has the means to fight??  So I could see those levelling each other out, OR he’s quiet and intellectual and anxious until he EXPLODES and then LASER-GUIDED RAGE.  >:I ????

Regardless!  Here’s a tall, smart, artsy sweetheart.  Builds cars with one pair of hands and then programs their software with the other.  I tried to figure out a compromise between my cyborg headcanons and Dutch’s art and got cyborg light-painty fingers!

  • He wanted four arms but only got two so he built himself another pair.
  • His fingers and palm are RGB additive, the better for light painting move over Thomas Kinkade, actual Painter Of Light coming through
  • The eye on his hat changes colors.  ((So do his actual eyes probably, not that you can ever see them!))

Also!  After I was done drawing these I went back to Roach’s Dutch+Chuck fusion to see what hers looked like again because he’s super cute, and then I Made An Attempt.

He Cute! >o<



So, simple character studies of these guys! It started with a desire to colour Rhys’ shirt and ended up being this. Also, I might not be able to ever replicate that face I made for Rhys but it looks good here so eehh

They are a little messy at some places but goddammit, I’m still kinda proud for not giving up half way through. Yay me!

But here ya go, TftBl art again! I hate Rhys’ shoes but love his stripes and Vaughn is a perfect, buff baby. Also, copy+paste is a friend!






Cowboy Android.

This scene is actually a very good representation of one of the (many) reasons that I love The Aquabats! Super Show! so much. The writing is simply put, amazing. When they reference another TV show or movie, the references work off of the set/plot in a way that adds to the joke, but remains funny if you have no clue what is being referenced. They do not just scream pop culture reference at your face with the assumption that you will find it funny (The Big Bang Theory does this a lot).  If you have seen A Fistful of Dollars (or even Back to the Future 3- which references the same scene), then you understand the joke as a reference and you will have a little bit deeper appreciation for it. However, if you have never seen either of those movies, you will still find the scene funny because the jokes and dialogue all work within the Western setting that they have presented. And, because Crash. That’s just hilarious.