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i always find those fics where they’re like “x character has to ask bruce if they can date a batkid” weird like,, as if bruce could actually stop his kids from dating who they want lmao

As someone who actually used to listen to The Barenaked Ladies, I am slightly disappointed that there aren’t more Sanvers edits with their lyrics.

“When you try to see the world
Beyond your front door
Take your time is the way I rhyme gonna make you smile” - Pinch Me

“The odds are that we will probably be alright
Odds are we gonna be alright, odds are we gonna be alright tonight” - Odds Are

“Isn’t it beautiful to see two people so much in love?
Bare naked as two virgins hand in hand, and hand in hand in love” - Be My Yoko Ono

“Call it impulsive, call it compulsive
You can call it insane, oh oh
But when I’m surrounded I just can’t stop” - Brian Wilson

Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am home again
Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am whole again

Remus Lupin & Sirius Black, Gryffindor common room, 1977

fashionable bfs


“I will come as the rain.
I will come as the first snowfall.
I will beg the Heavens
to let me do just that.

calming playlist ✨

waltz of the flowers // tchaikovsky 

valse sentimentale // tchaikovsky

moon river // audrey hepburn

la vie en rose // edith piaf

claire de lune // debussy

moonlight serenade // glenn miller

dream a little dream of me // ella fitzgerald

cant help falling in love // hailey reinhart

count every star // the ravens

l-o-v-e // nat king cole

somewhere tonight // beach house


I would just like you all to know

That I cried while drawing this part

And we’re not done just yet! There’s still one more left to go, coming along later…

–Dogs of Future Past–


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2017 is the year of the hustle

Its time to get that education, make more money, budget and SAVE THAT MONEY, and most importantly look good while doing it


okay so this got out of hand but anyway


would you like to save your game? ♡