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Luke’s gum falling out of his mouth like the 3 year old he is

If I live to see the seven wonders
I’ll make a path to the rainbow’s end
I’ll never live to match the beauty again
The rainbow’s end

I needed to draw this just before bed after Fleetwood Mac came on ok. I feel like Ricardo has so many odd old things from Earth Lob would eventually find some funny typical tourist trinkets of his and pretend he’s actually been there until he actually gets to go for real.

Lob and AU belong to @spinetrick and @stanchez-sloppy-seconds

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Hello wonderful, could I get 2d comforting his s/o? Not like after a panic attack or a break down. Just like the soft crying and feeling horrible. Like Something happened that ruined their day or just made them sad and done for the rest of the day.

A/N: yes of course, my dear. if you’re feeling down, message me and i’ll try my best to cheer you up with shitty deep fried memes and aggressive advice given to me from college text books.

2D taps his knuckles on the familiar hard wood in front of him, stepping back as he waits for his response. He looks down at his new shoes, turning his heel a bit as he examines them. He secretly hopes you would take the time to notice that he’d put on the pair you got for him during your afternoon together today. The  brief thought of you fabricates more and he spends a few minutes staring down at his shoes while thinking of you, almost completely forgetting that the door hadn’t been opened yet. With a quick shake of his head, he looks up and knocks again, this time quieter hoping not to disturb you if you were still getting ready.

A few more minutes pass and he thinks to knock again, but his hand freezes when he hears the door unlock. He sees your hand appear from behind it as it opens slowly.You don’t meet his eyes as you step out, locking the door behind you. When you turn around to face him, he notices your eyes blinking rapidly but before he can question it you greet him, “Hey.”

“Hey,” he says as his hand finds yours, “Everything alrigh-”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m fine. You ready to go?” you say quickly. 

He stares down at you for a moment, your eyes are focused in front of you and your hands twitch in his. You don’t say anything though you feel his eyes boring into the side of your head.

“Okay…” his voice is wary but the two of you continue on anyway.

The first few minutes of your date is spent wandering aimlessly through the park. 2D wasn’t sure where to take you as he had planned originally to go to the planetarium, but given your low spirits, he began to consider taking you somewhere else instead. He brought up a few options listen with the planetarium being his original one, but you shot them down and agreed to go to the planetarium. 

Your silence had made him a bit uncomfortable as you walked alongside him through various exhibits. He’d panicked when he lost you a few times, only to find you in the same spot he’d left you before, staring down at the descriptions of every model. When he asked if something was wrong, you dismissed him kindly or changed the subject completely, the strain in your voice only concerning him more. Afraid he might irritate you, he stopped asking and the two of you concluded the day sat in a large auditorium as you looked up at the projections above you. 2D allowed himself to be memorized by the show, opened mouthed and wide eyed like the children around him. He turned his head as he watched a comet pass over him, disappearing completely into the darkness. His eyes traveled down next to him and his smile faded upon your appearance. You stared off into nothing in front of you, your eyes completely dull and heavy lidded.

When the show finished, 2D gave into your unchanging indifference and settled on ending the date early. 

The two of you walk closer to your door, any conversation nonexistent. Once you reach your home, your hand detaches from his as you retrieve your key in your bag. Neither of you say anything as he watches you open your door. You turn around to say goodbye, hugging him very briefly. You close the door behind you, looking down when you notice the tip of his shoe caught in the door frame. It was then that you’d finally noticed he was wearing the shoes you bought him.

Your eyes hesitantly meet his as he pulls the door open again, “I’m not going until you tell me what’s wrong.”

You look down as you lean on the door frame, hiding most of your face behind it, “Nothings wrong…”


You close your eyes and rest your cheek on the door frame, your shoulder and arm being the only thing visible to him as he waits. When he notices your shoulders shaking, he steps inside, turning on the light next to him as he approaches you. He brings his hand on your back and you retreat into his chest, arms wrapping around his thin form as you bury your face into his shirt. He feels the material dampen against his skin, and his arms quickly hold your form against his as he realizes what’s happening. A large hand slowly rubs uneven circles on your upper back, the other holding the back of your head carefully; occasionally caressing your hair.

Not sure how else to comfort you, he waits until your quiet sobbing subsides, holding you against him until your tear stained face peeks up from his chest. His heart breaks upon seeing your face contorted with sadness. He brings his hand up slowly, his thumb wipes away the wetness under your eyes as he gazes into them sympathetically. You close your eyes when he pressed his lips to yours tenderly. His breath is hot against your lips as he asks, “Tell me,” his voice shaking a bit.

You end up explaining your reasoning to your grief to him in your bed. He lays across from you as you face him, his hand occasionally reaching up to your face as he wipes away any tears that dare to fall from your eyes. The gesture is sweet and assuring, but he does it mainly because he can’t stand to see you that way. Once you finish, he advises you in the best way he can, choosing his words carefully as you were a bit sensitive from your explanation. He holds you for a while, resting his head atop yours as his hand runs through your hair comfortingly.

When you tell him that you’re feeling better, he offers to further brighten your mood with some good old fashioned comfort food and a movie on the couch, to which you happily oblige.

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one of those nights where saru and i have stuff we wanna do alone (draw, make stuff, read, browse tumblr, listen to music, just be alone in general) but we keep getting into Deep Conversations about everything and next thing you know its 1:30am and we’re like shit… i love talking to you so much ♥

ppl are lighting fireworks for the May 2-4 weekend but imma just pretend they’re celebrating BTS’s success instead

Regret:  “ a feeling of sadness about something sad or wrong or about a mistake that you have made, and a wish that it could have been different and better”


ok y’all sorry to shitpost but um can we just appreciate that every white mccree is Officially Banned Forever (Always Been but ya know)

Allura: Don’t push me. As a princess, I’m well-versed in politics. I’ve honed my ability to zero in on a person’s greatest insecurity. 

Lance: Oh, I’m real scared, Allura. Whatcha gonna do?

Allura: Eyebrows. (walks aways)

Keith: Eyebrows? Like that’s gonna make you…


30 day otp challenge | day 2: on a date


Today’s prompt was moon and stars and I’m such a sap I’m such a sap