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“Karen killed Wesley, and I think about what it must be like to deal with that. And for her to see this man who is actually doing the same thing, and if he’s a monster, then she’s a monster. But if he’s a hero, maybe she’s a hero.” 
                                        – Deborah Ann Woll

It’s almost as if she just wants to go to the gym

Bloomin’ Empire Colouring Page by RelaxFFS on Etsy

Chill out with your favourite galactic fascist regime!

Print-ready if you’re a coloured pencil connoisseur but also ideal for use in mobile colouring apps :)

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For once you’d managed to convince Draco to come over to your common room for once rather than his. You were a Gryffindor and he was a Slytherin mean you guys were nearly opposites but, but you always did feel he was the one for you. Now, after six years of crushing hed finally managed to get the guts to ask you out. RIght at this moment you sat on the couch in the Gryffindor common room just looking into Draco’s grey stormy eyes. You could tell by the look on his face that he very much didn’t enjoy the moment between you two and you were almost certain it was about the place that you two were in.

 "Draco?“ You asked worriedly you always hated it when he looked this way. 

 "I’m fine.” He said knowing by your tone that you were worried. He looked away from the fireplace at you forcing a smile not wanting to upset you anymore. You shook your head seeing right through him as if he was glass. 

 "You really do hate it here don’t you?“ You asked he smiled nervously chuckling. 

 "But I love you?” He said hoping that you would drop the question, he didn’t want you to be mad. You sighed looking away from him, you weren’t mad you just though it was a little foolish that that a person could get so upset over something so little. “Its just im worried.” He explained putting his hand under your chin turning your head to look at you. 

 "About what?“ You asked not bothering to try not to smile as he pulled your face closer to his. "Someone’s going to see us." 

 "Why, are you ashamed of me?” You joked, Draco didn’t seem to figure that out though.

 "No, no! Of course not, it’s just none of your friends like me, and I don’t need them knowing.“ He said getting more quiet each word. "I couldn’t live without you.”


oml thank you at @any-draco-malfoy-on-that-thing for helping my sorry ass out. If you guys like HP stuff go t her page cause she is an amazing person and I love her so much. 

there is a girl named @wednesdayshambles
and her poetry consistently rambles
and here is the thing
she likes stephen king
So her words go on through the pages of college-ruled three-hole punched notebook paper, and she doesn’t know that the things living in her attic have their very own notebook, where they only write Sarah Sarah Sarah Sarah Sarah over and over and over again with their inky tongue, temporarily forgetting they have their new camera which they could use in new obsessive wonderfully terrible ways; and even their tattoos know that we wish her words were more like Ramsey Campbell’s.

her poetry does not. i suppose this ended up more a king dig than anything else. again, if you want me to be horrible to you, message me.

Breathe Me

A/n : I was asked to write a fic based on the song Breathe me by Sia. It being mental health month I thought I would right a piece on depression . I tried to do something a bit experimental and I really hope you all like it. 

Beat read by @lostdreamsanddeadroses also if ya like cute edits go to her page she has a 100 follower celebration <3

Disclaimer : A lot of sad depressing thoughts, Mentions of self harm


Security breach. The Enemy has taken over.

Status updated: Camera’s have been snowed, line of vision lost.

Cannot make out incoming objects, sense of direction hazy.

They’ve taken the control panels.

Sensory receptors have been numbed we cannot detect signals.

We are sinking captain.

Wait.. we’re getting a signal .


Facial recognition.

Fair skin, hawk eyes, furrowed brows and worry lines.

At ease, it’s a friendly.

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oh, yeah, my dad got married like a month ago. totally forgot. just now seeing pictures of it on facebook.

speaking from the point of view of a person whose parents were married and living together for the first 18 years of his life….. this is fucking weird.

oh man, i have a stepmom now.


miraculouslykawaii  asked:

could i have any general dating ut alphys headcannons?

((Aww cutie dino/drake HCs))

She is addicted to Amazon. Seriously, her wish list and save for later are like ten pages long and going.

She has her own tumblr, and stalks all the Mew Mew Kissy Cutie headcannon blogs.

Once on the surface, her shyness starts to ebb a bit as she realizes just how many people love anime too. She is a vet con goer now and has a bucket list of cons she now has to attend.

-Her new best buddy is Little Debbie. Seriously, where have Nutty Bars and Swiss Rolls been all her life?!

-She loves Mystic Messenger almost as much as MMKC.

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같은 한국인으로서 이런 블로그를 만든 너가 참 한심하다. 솔직히 쪽팔린다. 어떻게 올리버를 항상 비하하고 괴롭히는 여자를 그렇게 좋아하냐? 사과도 제대로 한적 없고... 물롤 로렐도 완벽하진 않지만 (그리고 나도 로리버가 딱히 좋은건 아니지만) 올리시티를 좋아하는 너가 참 한심하다. 그리고 내가 이런말을 했다고 또 피해의식으로 '어머 로렐팬이 나를 공격했어!!'라고 말하지마, 나는 그저 니가 우리 한국인을 이렇게 쪽팔리게 만드는게 굉장히 거슬려. 이런 쓰레기 블로그하는대신에 영어나 배워라 공부나해 니 영어 왜 이렇게 못하노

They not just attack me. they call a fiction couple and a fandom (REAL PERSONS) “cancer” as a joke. like if cancer was nothing!!They intimidate women’s for fun! and that’s is disgusting. I don’t like Laurel. and sorry if you like her. but She’s not going to be in my page.Accept it and move on. AND I don’t care if my English is not “REALLY GOOD” At least I try because i love this show and I want to share the things i make with this fandom. 


Girl Who Was Called ‘Ugly’ After Donating Hair To Cancer Patients Gets Major Support From Internet

A few snips at the hair salon turned Jetta Fosberg’s selfless act into a school nightmare.

After the 10-year-old Ohio girl cut and donated 14 inches of her hair to Wigs for Kids, an organization that supports children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments, she started being bullied at school, her mom told WHIO News in Dayton.

For what happened with the bullies from Jetta’s school go here. 

To show support for Jetta, “like” her anti-bullying page on Facebook.

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I hope everyone doesn't forget to go on CP's IG page and like her posts. She's at a million followers and a lot of her posts I would think should have more likes. But who knows, maybe some don't like her new posts.

I don’t think everyone who follows her knows every time she makes a new post.


I’m not dead! And I remembered to post something!
These are doodles based on the Sonic Skyline AU, which was created by one of my favorite tumblr artists, the amazing @drawloverlala!
If you like this style and this AU, go to her page and check out more of this! If you like my work and would like to ask me to draw something, hit me up here! And if you want to commission something, then contact me at 1699e284@gmail.com, and we’ll go from there! Until next time, peace ✌🏿️

At first this drawing was only about Kukuri and her friend whose name I always forget but then Neko too

I love Neko and I love drawing Neko

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tumblr user 34auston👀👀

Nadia is so gorgeous and I love seeing her face all over my dash whenever she posts it. Like hockey players who? Id rather see her face 💕 such a sweetheart to absolutely everyone on here and i love that about her. She’s such a new blog but her content is unreal, like sometimes I actually find myself going through like 15 pages of her blog. Stay beautiful <3

// send me a tumblr url and ill tell you what I think of them!

The Formation World Tour: My Experience

** This is long*** 

This turned into some type of review and change, sorry. But because everyone has asked here it is. If anyone is up for pit tips also, I’m more than open to another post too. Sorry for errors this was done on an iPad. 

This Friday I was more than blessed to attend Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour in Edmonton. To say that it was a life-changing moment in my life would be an understatement, and to find the words to describe how beautiful this experience was would fail to come to me.

Now, this was my very first Beyoncé concert, I know, I know, what? And why? Mainly because either I was out of the country or traveling when she was on tour, or life happened and we all know how awful that can be. I’m actually glad that this was my first concert, because not only is it remarkable to see how Beyoncé has evolved over the course of her career, but how she’s also evolved as a person is so incredibly beautiful. In comparison to her previous concerts, this one was quite different. This was a concert I knew going in and going over now has drawn out emotions I didn’t know I was fully ready to feel, nor truly understand.

Like every one of you who have or are going to attend one or more of Queen Bey’s concerts, you know how much the anticipation is extremely overwhelming. That rush you get when she announces a new tour, the emotions of fear, anxiety, excitement and euphoria felt all at once. Because we all know this is not “just some pop concert”, it’s a journey, a story, an experience that can only be felt by attending. If this in itself is not overwhelming just think about the costumes she’ll wear? The hair styles? The choreography, songs, set lists, intros, stage set up, words of wisdom, etc is enough to cause heart palpitations. Then it hits you like a load of bricks. Today is the day I see the Beyoncé. Giselle. Knowles. Carter. I’m going to physically be feet away from someone I adore and am proud of beyond what any words could express. And through this all you don’t even know what to do or say to yourself.

Being in the pit was honestly like being in a whole new universe. The energy that surrounds you is a beautiful mix of excitement, anxiousness and love for no one else but Beyoncé. And though they were a few people who don’t feel the same or are that were quite stuck up, those who were genuinely there for the right reasons knew that love should be expressed outwards and inwards. It honestly brigs me to tears writing this because the people I met in the pit and who I soon became friends with had such beautiful souls. They felt like family or to better phrase it like being home. Though the weather was absolutely awful, they’re warmth spoke volumes. With that came a kindness you don’t find in every day life and on top of that they all came together to make sure that me as a short person had the best place to stand to see clearly. What type of kindness? With that came a love so strong for people I would only get to spend two hours with and I would not trade that feeling for a single dime.

Although it was subzero outside, and little flakes of snow were falling. All was forgotten once Beyoncé came out. She exudes confidence that without a spotlight she would still be the centre of anyone’s attention. Beyoncé is unapologetically proud of who she is and what she wants in life it literally seeps from every step she takes. From the moment she stepped on stage she radiated an energy towards the crowd that makes everyone and I mean everyone go wild. Watching her first few moments on stage is like watching the pages of a book reveal a story you never want to end. A story that shows personal growth, self love, and an evolution of what it means to be a proud black woman. The haters don’t matter, the negativity doesn’t matter, the struggles of life don’t matter because in that moment all that matters is Beyoncé. 

I don’t want to ruin any surprises or the set list for many of you, but please when you see the Queen. Please, please, please, put the phone down and be in the moment, be present, be hyped, be there.

I am at the point where listening to Beyoncé is now almost like hearing something completely different. And I know y'all are tired of reading this and want me to get to the “good stuff”, but it’s important to understand that even with those moments I experienced, we all appreciate the woman that Beyoncé is and is still becoming. 

I will admit I was star struck by Beyoncé. For one she was much tinier in person than in photos or videos, and she was much, much more gorgeous too. Her smile could make the coldest of hearts melt, her laugh is adorable, and even during her costume changes she snuck in a few moments to either blow a kiss, wave or simply smile. What hit me more than touching her hand, or her touching my towel, was the fact that even in the cold where she was wearing less than anyone in the stadium during her break in “All Night”, she was genuinely concerned about my sister and I. Taking those few seconds to point at us and ask “are you okay?” more than once is still hard for me to grasp. While she was freezing and performing in the cold her concern in that moment was if we were okay, if that isn’t a sign of how genuine she is as a person, I honestly don’t know what is. As for her hands, they were so soft, gentle, and of course equal to how freezing mine were. I melted in that moment. At the end of “Halo”, before she left the stage she finished off on the right side (the pit I was in) to hold a few more hands, and graciously grab a few more people’s towels (mine included, until someone threw theirs and she let go..). Blew us a kiss and ran to the other side even in the pouring rain to spread more of her love to the other side, said her goodbyes, and that was the end of the show.

As I look back on the concert, the friends I came to make, and the beauty that is Beyoncé. I realize that the production of this concert down to every last detail is incomparable to any concert past or present. The visuals, choreography, costumes, dancers, lighting, and consistency were astonishing. A key example of how hard Bey works and her never ending perseverance to strive towards her passions. That is why Beyoncé is a true entertainer because you know her heart and soul goes into anything she places her name on (Lemonade, being another example).

As much as I hate to admit it, I do get caught up in Beyoncé’s superstardom. I forget that she too is a young black woman. She too is going through life and trying to figure out where she fits in while discovering more of herself through her journey on this earth. She loves deeply, feels vulnerable, she sheds tears and she lives on the same planet where even if you’re Beyoncé people will still hate you because you’re black. Through this all she still manages to give her all on and off stage and it was liberating to watch her unfold who she is with different songs from Dangerously in Love to Lemonade showcasing the different points of her life. To see how these points all define the woman she is today and the journey we all have to make in life, where we keep evolving into the person who not only loves the people who are most important to us, but to also love ourselves the most. Like she said “the most important love in our lives is not the one with others, our families or friends, but ourselves” (that’s roughly what I cam remember, not at all word for word).

It’s awe-inspiring to see how Beyoncé, someone who I’ve come to love mature from her teenage years to the woman she is now. I cannot thank her enough for instilling how important it is to not only love myself, but the people around me who make me a better person. To remember my worth and not settle for less, but also for reminding me the importance of life because without her I may not be alive today. That is something I will never stop thanking her for. Thanking her most of all for being my “saving grace” as cliché as that sounds. So thank you, Beyoncé. 

With that if anyone has any questions, my ask box is always open. I may have missed a few things.