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Characters: Kim Hanbin (BI, iKon), You (Reader/OC), Lee Hayi, Heeyun (YG Dancer, Your friend), other iKon members

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Length: 2,305 words

Plot:   You became very upset on how close Hanbin and Hayi are getting in the past few days to the point that he is starting to ignore you already.

A/N I modified the scenario a bit so I hope @bomsenpai would still like it!


“HANBIN!” You shouted on the quiet hallway as you see your boyfriend get out of the studio.  He turned around and his eyes grew wide when he spotted you on the corner of the hallway.

“What are you doing here?  YG and the hyungs might see you!”  He warned you but you kept your foot on the ground with your arms crossed on your chest.

“Are you really worried about them, or you are worried that Lee Hayi might see you with me?”  

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The Godfather of South Korean hip-hop: Gill

Man behind the Distinct sharp, high toned flow: Mad Clown

Return of the season 3’s star producer: Dok2

CEO of Illionaire records: The Quiett

The king of the underground and mainstream: 😍 Simon Dominic 😍

Hip hop scene’s trend setter: Gray

The most unique musician of this generation: Zion.T

Well-made hip-hop producer: Kush