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Hi, your stuff is great!! Can you do a shinee at the club? Thank you!!!

hullos bebs! let’s see shinee get down ….. down, down, down, view (tbh i know that’s not the lyrics but i can’t stop myself) 


  • his motions are pretty limited to shuffling around with a drink in his hand
  • but after a few (many, like so many) drinks………………………….did you know onew can twerk 
  • you can’t look away, take it in. take in onew in all his glory 
  • key has it all on video too and posts it in the group chat very often (onew: I AM NEVER DRINKING. AGAIN.)
  • absolutely knows that his body is going to be destroyed tomorrow but yolo
  • sweating a lot bc it’s hot af in the club and he is wearing a sweater 
  • can’t find his drink or man


  • sitting at a booth with nursing a whiskey and bobbing his head to the music
  • *thinking to himself* i probably look so aesthetic rn 
  • when the members pull him out of his corner to dance, becomes kim wiggly, inventor of the wiggle
  • the lights are blinding him tbh 
  • weaving through the crowd: “yes hello drunk people, just trying to find the bathroom” 
  • does exaggerated versions of taemin’s bom bom boms 


  • his body rolls could kill a man 
  • went up to the dj booth to request a song, becomes the dj (”hello my lil freaks HOW YOU DOING TONIGHT!!?!”) 
  • smokey eye on point and holy shit he looks fkin unreal under flashing lights
  • he knows it too and smirks at people gaping at him 
  • and then on the dance floor he does shit like that super ultra power shuffling from 321, limbs flailing, kim kibum doesn’t give a flying fuck he’s gonna have a GOOD TIME


  • whispers SHINEE’S BACK when they enter (onew: we’ve never been to this club before / minho: can you just? / onew: you can’t lie to the fans minho can’t do that)
  • yells v loudly when they put on juju on that beat
  • moves his arms a lot even when not dabbing 
  • apologizing all night bc he keeps bumping into people 
  • orders several bottles of champagne with sparklers!!!!!! bc going out and having fun with friends is a celebration and they’re going to celebrate dammit


  • drifts away from the group a lot bc lee taemin is meant to be solo 
  • befriends all the bouncers and bathroom attendant (his name was steve and they took a picture together he’ll upload it if he ever gets an insta) 
  • TEARING UP the dance floor 
  • he’s all sweaty limbs and he’s smiling so brightly!!! bc wow he’s just cutting loose and just moving completely to the rhythm 
  • people made a circle so he could have more space and are just standing around him watching bc he’s just so fluid 
  • is his pelvis in anyway connected to his body???? how does it move like that 
  • needs to drink water asap
A shawol commented on YT her interpretation of the MV  & i think its so great.

“Basically Shinee are tired and exhausted from their Idol life. A fan approaches the van (she tells minho about their plan to help shinee “escape” by PRETENDING to kidnap them). At 0:11 the girl only puts the kidnapping mask on AFTER Minho has seen her face. At 0:12 you can see her whisper to Minho what the plan is. He doesn’t resist. He wants to go. They all do.

The girls get into the van and hide. Then they ‘pretend’ to chloroform shinee to make it LOOk like a kidnap to fool the media outside the van (paparazzi). At 0:15 You can see how the girls are not really touching the cloths to shinee’s faces (because they’re not actually doing it), and how shinee are not resisting either (because they want to go with the girls).

The rest of the Mv is shinee partying and playing around/ having fun like normal people get to.
At 0:51 when they are in the store buying drinks, they see themselves on TV. To prevent themselves from being recognized by other people in the store, they run out of the store and go to the girls’ hide out (0:57)!
The girls are clearly shawols as we can see by this room: 1:09

At 1:25 Jonghyun pushes a camera away because they don’t want to get caught. They are enjoying their freedom (you can see his bitter expression)

And here 1:29 , a police car sees them (I assume the cops are searching for shinee who were 'kidnapped’). Once Shinee see the cops, they run away because they don’t want to be brought back to their idol life. They’re having too much fun right now.

At 1:44 Jonghyun, Minho, and Key go clubbing with some of the girls, while Onew and Taemin (1:59) go swimming with the other girls.

At 2:11 some guy (an asshole) grabs one of the fans at the club against her will. Minho gets pissed off and shoves this guy away 2:13. And they guy gets angry and smashes a beer bottle against Minho’s head 2:15. The girl then takes Minho to the bathroom to check on him to see if he’s alright 2:20.

After they finish playing around, all of them break into a new hideout: 2:40 which looks like an abandoned bar. Here they drink and party some more 2:44

You can see Key teaching one of the shawols how to do a dance: 2:47

Then Shinee 'perform’ View for the girls: 2:50(but this time they are happy to be performing)2:58 too
See? happy to perform for the shawols: 3:06

Then of course the sirens sound at 3:08because the police finally found them. Which is why Taemin looks so upset.

During a recent interview, Taemin said something along the lines of: “I used to want Shinee to be very popular… but now I just to be able to make good memories as Shinee.” And Shinee said that for this comeback, they wanted to do a more 'fun’ song that could connect with Shawols more, rather than another intense performance. I think that’s what the MV is trying to show. Shinee are happy performing for the Shawols, and being close to them. They don’t care about the fame that much. they just want to have fun performing, and have fun with the shawols too.
That;s my interpretation.”

from -KITTYshinee.