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A thread about millennials and stories (sorry for all the typos I was fueled by too much emotion to type well)

The death of Finnick was, devastating…Him screaming in pain and then his last scream were he yells “Katniss” was the end of me.


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I just want to take a moment to thank Suzanne Collins for explicitly putting the line “I know this would have happened anyway” in Mockingjay. Thank you for just blatantly stating this to declare that Katniss didn’t “settle” for Peeta nor would she have ended up with Gale without the games or prim’s death and that no matter what universe or what circumstances, Peeta was, is, and always will be the one.

“if i’m not supposed to ship it, then why’d they go and make it so deliciously shippable?” - an informative lecture and powerpoint presentation by me

Why a chapter of WtM takes so ridiculously long to write:

I decide that Katniss is going to sing an adorable German children’s song to Peeta, but I’m an enormous nerd and therefore not happy with the immediately accessible English translations (remember when I found out Füchslein means “little vixen”?) so I put the lyrics word-by-word into Google Translate and tweak the English version, debating whether or not I care if it rhymes and if I should tweak it still more to fit Panem/Everlark/etc.

[And yes, I could ask for help from a German speaker on Tumblr, but this feels like one of those things I need to wrestle through on my own, like a tricky riddle or a word problem… :P]

Case in point: “Alle meine Täubchen…

Translation: “All my doves…” 
Me: (whose knowledge of German is limited to growing up Lutheran and singing some art songs and sacred choral pieces in college) Doesn’t “chen” as a suffix usually mean “little”?
*seeks second opinion*
Google Translate: Täubchen = pigeon
Me: Um, no.
*types “translate Täubchen” into the search bar*
Google Search Result: “And Hansel answered: “I’m saying goodbye to my little dove on the roof." 

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Lazytown Annual Hunger Games

So I felt the need to do this. it was a horrible need. there aren’t enough lazytown characters to fill all 12 districts so I added some blues clues and a rudolph the rednose reindeer as well as a few of the actual hunger games characters. 

lets see what Hunger Games Simulator (renamed Lazytown Sports Festival) ends up with shall we? 

Millford didn’t last long, as expected. Trixie though? dissapointed. 

so no one in Blues Clues made it. neither did Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer. what’s santa going to do now? 

of course Bessie injures herself. aw, Stefan. that’s right memedad, you build that shack. 

STINGY!!!!!!!!! (and there go Katniss and Peeta- wait oh no Ziggy why were you following them poor baby)

omg the Stefans unite 

aw Ziggy and his hero died the same day

starting to feel really bad for Little Sportacus not gonna lie. 

AGAIN Bessie?! 



aw Stefan just wants to cook in peace. 

Bessie’s getting her game on omg. 

A moment of silence for the ship that never sailed. 

well you killed everyone else Bessie how the hell did this change anything 

Stingy drowns- are you kidding me?! 

I really want Stefan to be the survivor

Stefan I thought you already made a sha-


somehow Robbie dying accidentally eating toxic food doesn’t surprise me at all. 

*horns toot sadly*


Jives no she’s going to get you next


For: @justdreamstars

Imagine: Getting caught in the woods with Gale for the night.

**Note: for the sake of this imagine we’re just going to say that Katniss and Gale never really went hunting together, and I’m also going to make up a few things that didn’t actually happen in the books so just go with it.** 

You tiptoe behind a tree, careful not to make a single sound. Bow and arrow in hand, you target it towards the deer, just before you can pierce through the creature with your arrow, it falls dead. What the hell. You walk over to it to investigatebut you are stopped by a familiar, manly voice, “What do you think you’re doing?” Gale Hawthorne. 

“Oh no, oh hell no. You are not taking credit for that, I’ve been stalking that deer for almost 15 minutes now, I cornered it, and you are not taking it!” You warn as he steps closer. Gale was your hunting rival; you were two out of the three only people who ever dared coming into these woods to hunt for game. You two were friends, but more often than not, you and Gale would end up fighting for the same animal. However, this deer was yours. 

“But I killed it Y/N,” he smirks. You’re not going to lie, Gale is attractive, but that doesn’t stop you from fighting him every chance you get. 

“Gale I’m serious this time, you’re not getting that deer.”

“You say that every time sweetheart.”

You push him, “Don’t call me that.”

“Sorry sweetheart,” He teasee again, “Now quit whining Y/N, we’re gonna be late!” Every evening at around 8:00 the peacekeepers would turn on the electricity in the fence, if you didn’t get out before that, you’d be stuck in the woods for the night. But you weren’t going to let Gale just take your deer. 

“Alright then go, you don’t want to get stuck, so go. I’ll bring the deer.”

Gale sighs, “Alright Y/N you caught it, I killed it, we’ll both take it back and spilt whatever we get for it.”

“Fine,” You breathe. 

The two of you pick up the deer and carry it towards the fence, once you’re close enough, you hear the gentle buzz coming from it, “We’re too late, the electricity had been turned on.”

“Thanks for letting me know Captain Obvious,” You say rolling your eyes. 

“Get back into the woods before we get seen in here, we’ll find some where to camp out for the night." 

Once you’ve settled down and got a small fire going, Gale sits close to you, putting his arm around your waist, "I guess out of all the people I could have gotten stuck with, I got lucky.”

You look at him surprised and he just smiles back before turning his attention towards the fire. 

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