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Request: Hi! In response to your GoT post: Would you please write one where reader is the bastard of…. you pick? She’s engaged to be Jon’s queen but it anxious about being a good queen to her people and protecting them from the storm until Jon consoles her, reminding her that he never planned to be King. A somewhat glimmer of light emerging from the darkness type story.

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: I already wrote the GOT request thing, but this was a really sweet and cute idea and you requested it, so here you go!

Pairing: Jon x Reader

Warnings: none.

Originally posted by winterfellskingdom

Jon had a choice, a choice of many, but for some reason he’d chosen you. You hadn’t even really been a choice, more of a back-up option but nonetheless he’d chosen you. The day he’d done so, the words he’d said, had done nothing short of shocking you. You’d been stunned frozen, when his eyes found yours and he called your name. The newly appointed King in the North had chosen you, Y/N Snow, a bastard child of the Mormont’s, to be his queen.

Maybe he’d chosen you because you shared his distaste of being named a bastard. Maybe he thought you two would bond because of similar pasts. Or maybe he plain didn’t care and he saw you sulking in the back and it reminded him of something you’d never understand. You weren’t complaining, your new appointed role wasn’t a curse, it’d give you the respect you always wish you had. And from what you heard, Jon was the least bit cruel or unkind, a little quiet maybe to those he didn’t know but that did not mean he would treat you unjust. 

And it wasn’t a crime to marry such an attractive man. What worried you more was that all your life you’d never been thrust upon such a role. You were a bastard, who roamed the halls of your home serving others. You were only half of a highborn so that though you knew of how one should act, you’d never done it yourself.

This was all new, and as you stared at your new room you made the note that any room you’d ever had was never this big or luxurious. It was the first time you’d seen your new room, as it was the day of your wedding. It’d been nothing special, you’d shared your vows and then you’d been rushed off to your room. Jon hadn’t come in, so you had the room to yourself, to let yourself think. Honestly you didn’t want him to come in, with the white walkers coming, the wedding had to happen quick. To quick for you to actually learn anything about your new husband.

Your eyes fell to the silver ring on your finger in wonder. Never in your life did you think you’d be married, let alone married to a king. Everything had happened so quick, you hadn’t even had the time to think about any of it. But now it was rushing in, all too quick and your mind felt foggy. You felt sick almost and you felt hot, hotter than you should. You briskly took off your cloak in panic, taking a seat on the bed you’d now sleep in and placed your head in your hands in despair.

After a moment of silence, you heard the door open and it softly be shut. You didn’t have to look up to know it was Jon, and though you knew you should greet your husband, you found that you just couldn’t. At least you couldn’t until he called your name; “Y/N?”

Something snapped within you, and you stood up quicker than ever before. Your hands respectively falling to your side, and you bowed your head; “M’Lord.” 

You heard a light chuckle, almost foreign and with bafflement you looked up, catching the eyes of Jon. His eyes were crinkled in amusement as he composed himself. “If we are to be husband and wife, Y/N, there is no need for such formalities.” He explained to you, and you flushed with embarrassment. You found yourself shaking, scared that you’d mess everything up.

“I apologize My-, Jon.” You whispered, and he nodded. You stayed standing, watching him as he took off his own cloak, setting it carefully upon a chair. Your eyes watch his every movement, learning even just a little bit about who he was. When he walked over to your bed, you stared up at him until he signalled you to sit down with him. You sat, falling next to him. The both of you were so close you could feel his warmth radiate off of him, and you could feel his upper arm brush against your own.

“Are you pleased, Y/N?” Jon asked, and you turned your head upwards to look at him. You figured you should’ve just lied to him, as you did not need to worry him with such little matters, but something in his eyes compelled you to say how you were truly feeling.

“Honestly, Jon,” the name was hard to say. You felt as if you had to force it off your own tongue. “Though I am pleased to be your wife, I worry.”


“That I will be unfit as your wife. I-I know nothing of being a proper lady,” you whispered. You clutched your hands together, your left hand fingering the ring you held on your right. You found that you could not take your eyes off the ring, and when you stared at it, you could not describe what you felt. Jon did not respond, instead remained silent almost just knowing that you had more to say. “I worry that I will fail as a queen and that I will not being able to protect your people from the storm that comes.” 

Suddenly a hand came before your own eyes, falling on your clutched ones. Your opened your mouth in shock as Jon enclosed his hands around your own. “Our people.” He claimed, nodding when you turned to him. Suddenly he smiled lightly; “do you know why I chose you, Y/N?”

“No, I was wondering that myself.” You respond honestly.

“I loved a girl once, possibly I still do.” You imagined that these words should have stung you, or at least gained a reaction from you. But they didn’t, instead you found it admirable that Jon was putting such trust in you, which was something that you’d pray for before your wedding. “You remind me of her. When I saw you behind all those women, I found I could only focus on you. You’re very attractive, Y/N, but that is not why I chose you. I know you be a bastard, and I could see power behind your eyes that needed help to just shine through.” 

You felt yourself stunned upon his words, and you could not find the words to respond with. Instead you continued to stare at his dark eyes in admiration. “I was never meant to be King either. But I imagine that together we will be able to lead our people.” You felt your lips lift as you smiled brightly up at him.

“Thank you, Jon.”

“It is no problem, Y/N.” Jon nodded, and you expected him to let go of your hand but he didn’t. Instead he held on tighter as he let his eyes wander around the room, you followed suit, basking in the north beauty the room offered. “This was my father’s room, I was never allowed in it before.”

“I am sorry, Jon. About what happened to your father. About what happened to all of your family.” You apologize softly, pity radiating off you as you watch him look around fondly.

“I only hope I will make him proud.” He mumbles, so quiet you almost don’t hear it. But you do. You swallow all nervousness you held, this man had just been there for you, consoling you in your time of need. As his wife, you knew it was your duty to return the favour.

“I know you will.”

oh-jepthefranto  asked:

Hi there, Looking at Sansa in new trailer it gives me vibe that it will be parallel with scene where LF tried to kiss her, she refused & walkaway. But this time (I'm a bit tinfoily here.) Jon try to kiss her (he succeeded) & sansa who is shocked and confused with her feeling, decide to walkaway but this time jon doesn't even try to stop her from walking away like LF did in season 6. That's probably why she looks a bit sad and wanting to look back as we seen in the trailer. What do u think?

I already wrote why I think symbolically it makes sense as a Jon/Sansa confession~*~ scene here. And here I explained the Cat/Ned parallels of being sad Ned/Jon is going south even when you think he must.

However I will note while before I thought it was odd they would execute/sacrifice LF in the Godswood, I was reminded that the First Men used to give human sacrifices to the Old Gods by feeding them to weirwood trees. Seeing as ghost is compared to a weirwood tree, maybe this implies ghost will eat/kill LF, like @thenedfur has suggested to me. I mean, I’d be down for that!

Your theory makes sense though! It’s one thing I think could happen! :)


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