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Photographic work coming out of Iran isn’t necessarily a rarity. But the vast majority of the work is either focused on political photo ops or, when it tries to go beyond that, depictions of anti-Western sentiments (billboards) or just street scenes filled with veiled women or men drinking tea and smoking hookahs. Francesca Manolino’s work is different, though. It is quiet, intimate and poetic. She traveled to Iran and went beyond the usual things we see. In Sight spoke to Manolino to find out how she did this.

Manolino said she was inspired to go to Iran some 10 years ago after seeing the movie “Persepolis.” In college, she studied anthropology, and Farsi calligraphy began to fascinate her. Later, when she was studying for a master’s degree in photography, she became enraptured by the work of the Iranian visual artist, Shirin Neshat. Fast-forward to last year when Manolino began following some Iranian photographers on Instagram.

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@ask-iran has always inspired me to art. And honestly, I’ve always wanted to draw Iran, because she’s gorgeous af and such a great representation of Iran, but I felt my skills were never good enough to represent what is the fire of my inspiration..but..TODAY I SAID TOO BAD AND DID SO ANYWAYS


Oh, bacheh Shirazi, you are perfect whether you are “lazy” or not! Shiraz is a lovely city, the city of Hafez’s tomb, Persepolis, the splendor of Shah Cheragh…be proud! 

((I don’t really plan to do utilize city personifications, bc its not really my sort of thing but, Shiraz seems to be a popular request in my inbox, so here she is!

Shiraz is very laid back and sweet in disposition, and certainly the butt of “lazy shirazi” jokes. Though she’s never offended too badly, she’ll sometimes exaggerate her “laziness” just to tease and frustrate some of the other cities [the North/South Tehran are her favorite to tease, who first appeared on this blog here! North Tehran dyed her hair red this time :p]. Her hair is super curly and wild, but she never fusses too much about it. 

btw, that Isfahan wasn’t drawn by me! it was submitted to me by a follower :) I have yet to design an Isfahan unfortunately!))

TvInsider: Bones Boss Teases Five Major Developments Ahead This Season

Things got a little misty on Bones’ spring premiere Thursday night as Booth (David Boreanaz), Brennan (Emily Deschanel), and company were once again forced to face the grim reality of Sweets’ death. That painful reminder sets a lot in motion, emotionally, for the remainder of the season: “Everything we dealt with in the first half of the year comes to roost,” executive producer Stephen Nathan says. Nathan laid out some of what’s to come in what they call “Season 10.2.0.”

Booth’s gambling addiction will rear its head again

Booth will go undercover in a poker ring to try and solve the murder of one of its regulars. His cockiness where his disease is concerned (“He thinks he’s got it all figured out,” Nathan says) leads to a nasty relapse. “The gambling problem is something we’ve known for 10 years, and we’ve never really explored it,” adds Nathan. “It seemed to be the proper time.”

Booth, Cam (Tamara Taylor), and Arastoo (Pej Vahdat) will be going to Iran

In Episode 19, Arastoo risks his life by going back to his native Iran to help his dying brother, who’s a little healthier than expected when Arastoo arrives. “Then, he’s about to come home, and he doesn’t quite make it,” Nathan hints. Cam, realizing she can’t live without Arastoo, heads over with Booth to rescue him.

Angela (Michaela Conlin) may not be long for the Jeffersonian team

“Angela’s always been a part-time person there, and has always wanted to get on with her life as an artist,” says Nathan. “She doesn’t necessarily want to be around dead bodies all the time, and we’ll be confronting that.”

Hodgins’ (T.J. Thyne) missing fortune will be accounted for

“Accounted for” doesn’t necessarily mean he will be back in the black, but the dangling thread of the now-dead Pelant’s theft of Hodgins’ billions will be wrapped up by season’s end.

Brennan’s father Max (Ryan O'Neal) still has a few secrets left

After 10 years, one would think there wouldn’t be any more skeletons left to unearth in Max’s life. One would be wrong, according to Nathan, and he means that literally: “There’s grave robbing involved.”

Susi's deportation.

So I called our camp photographer today again and told him about the church asylum. But if Susi gets it, he won’t be allowed to leave the ground of the church. Werner told me then that Germany can’t send Susi back cause Iran is not safe (in this case it’s usually the same rule like for the refugees from Iraq, Palestine and Syria - they can’t send them back except they are criminals) so we will just refuse the deportation with a lawyer. Fun fact: Germany offered him money if he’s going back to Iran. So if we refuse they can’t force him to leave. The last option is now the church asylum or I just marry him and I hope we can keep him here. Praying that we will succeed!

it’s painful to hear my grandmother defending acid attacks on women in her city. She has so much internalized misogyny and it’s obviously just how she tells herself that she’s safe (and tries to convince me I’ll be safe if I to go back to iran), by separating women in to groups of good and bad, thinking that only ‘bad’ women get attacked by men and if you just avoid doing bad things, like showing your hair, your legs, being unladylike in public, etc, then you’re safe and no one will bother you. She tells herself public male violence is just a form of ‘justice’ to teach women right vs wrong behavior, and keep women in our place (which the last part is true, if you keep women in fear you keep women compliant)
She classifies me as one of the ”good” women who would never be harmed but she doesn’t even realize that by her own definition I’m bad and I deserve to be harmed, it’s such a massive disconnect. 

It just really gets to me knowing everything my grandmother went through, after everything she has seen literally every single female member of our family go through, all the violence we’ve all faced at the hands of men, she still thinks that if you are harmed by a man it’s because you deserved it, except for her own family, who are the exception. I encounter this sort of thinking all the time when speaking with other victims of male violence and it just really makes me upset seeing just how much women have been conditioned to show more empathy towards the ones that harm us than towards each other

Christian Iranians

“I know we can’t go back to Iran,” said Ali Reza Seyedizadeh, an Iranian traveling with his wife and three children. “We changed our religion to Christianity and people who found out told us to leave if we didn’t want to have problems.”

Idomeni Refugee Camp, Greece  © Diego Cupolo 2015

I will be so good at the military, your head will be spin. But obviously, I’m not meeting these people, I’m not seeing these people. Now, as far what you’re talking about now, I will know every detail, and I will have the right plan, not a plan like this where we’re probably going backwards based on everything that I’m hearing, but we’re probably going backwards, zero respect. We have, we are not a respected country, and certainly as it relates to ISIS and what’s going on, and Iran.

Donald Trump, responding to Hugh Hewitt’s concerns that Trump isn’t familiar with the names of terrorist leaders like Hassan Nasrallah, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi>

That’s a direct quote.

If a female candidate was saying things like this, the media would be focusing on how unintelligent she is – look no further than Sarah Palin. Why isn’t the dominant story about Donald Trump one which is questioning his intelligence?

What does it say about the trans community that they can take a completely valid point, that men who are attracted to and/or date transwomen have nothing to be ashamed of, and get the reasoning so astronomically wrong?

The argument I always hear is that transwomen are women, and so men who date/fuck us are straight and shouldn’t be stigmatized as gay. Setting aside the first half of the argument (spoiler alert: we’re not female in any way), this is another example of how conservative and regressive the trans message tends to be. It reinforces the notion that same-sex attraction is something people should find shameful. And it’s ironic that a group who likes to talk so much about sexual orientation being a spectrum also ends up supporting the status quo of a gay/straight binary with this argument. It reminds me of trans people who go on about Iran being such a progressive country for helping people transition, while conveniently leaving out the fact that homosexuality is still punishable by death there, and that transition often serves as a form of reparative therapy. No wonder there’s a movement to separate the T from the LGB.

Instead of trying desperately to force people into accepting magical trans thinking (and it’s even more wishful thinking to believe this will ever be successful), why don’t we work with the momentum made by the gay rights movement and push to further destigmatize sexuality that strays from hetero? Is the gender racket really so all-important that we can’t do this?

I felt what could be possible with you
Gillian Anderson

A final very shippy audio snippet of Gillian’s own Gillovny RPF(!) from her novel ’ A Vision of Fire’, with the two characters of Caitlin & Ben widely regarded as being based on Gillian & David Duchovny.

This clip relates to the morning after Ben & Caitlin slept together - as Caitlin basically flees the scene to immediately jump on a plane - and Ben is not happy about it. Interesting insight, especially given that D&G currently live on different continents! Again, read by Gillian herself:-

“Ben, listen. Last night I understood - no, I felt what could be possible with you. I felt the ability to hold more with you, to be stronger because it’s more than just me now.”

“Not buying. You’re punching out like I’m an appointment.”

“Please listen –”

“No! I will not help you go to Iran, Caitlin.”

~ A Vision of Fire - Gillian Anderson - Ch 25

Who Needs Diplomacy When You Can Go To War With Iran?

Bernie Sanders is on twitter calling Republicans out and fact checking them, join him as you watch the Republican debates. Bernie Sanders 2016!

Please read.


I spent my entire life dreaming that I would get to go to Iran one day and meet my family and see the country. Last year I was approved for dual Iranian-American citizenship. Next Wednesday, Congress is voting on HR-158, a bill that would discriminate against people like me. It’s openly discriminatory, to the point where members of the House of Representatives retroactively asked for some of the language of the bill to be changed AFTER the bill passed quickly and quietly this past week.

I really don’t understand how something like this can happen. I DO understand on an intellectual level, but on a basic level I can’t wrap my head around it.

People are posting pics of themselves with their passports. Here is mine. It is a huge source of pride for me to be a citizen of both places and now it might affect my life in a negative way. PLEASE call Congress and urge your congressman to vote against the passage of HR-158. This website makes it SO easy and they coach you through what to say. You just have to leave a voicemail.


And share this link on social media if you feel inclined. I don’t know if anything matters but today I feel very powerless so this at least feels active!”

via Mitra Jouhari

Here’s the basic difference between the United States, Russia and Iran: The U.S. wants Syrian President Bashar Assad to go. Russia and Iran, Assad’s allies, want him to stay.

Over the weekend, Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, met with NPR in New York, where he will be attending the United Nations General Assembly. Through an interpreter, Rouhani argued that, where Syria is concerned, the most important issue for everyone is destroying ISIS.

“Perhaps political reform is needed. However, is that today’s priority? We believe that it’s driving out the terrorists,” he tells NPR.

“The issue of stability and security in the region is of utmost importance for us,” he emphasizes. Americans may not like Syria’s government, he says, but Iran needs to prop it up to avoid a dangerous leadership vacuum. If Assad goes now, Rouhani says, extremists will step in.

Iran’s President: ‘Driving Out The Terrorists’ Is Key To Syria’s Future

Photo: Bryan Thomas for NPR