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so lotor and his gang are all “half-breeds”

they’re probably together for a reason, and the reason is likely to be that they’re all half-breeds. if lotor gained their loyalty by playing to their similarities as half-galra, we’re bound to see some interesting interactions between him and keith

that said, please imagine lotor trying to manipulate keith, perhaps throughout s3 or s4 (depending on when he learns keith is half-galra), trying to turn him against team voltron. imagine lotor promising keith to show him his mother, show him his heritage, in exchange for his loyalty

imagine keith, lost and confused after shiro’s disappearance, fighting against lotor but still feeling the nearly insurmountable pull to learn more about himself and his family. knowing he should ignore lotor, knowing he’s lying, but still struggling to resist the temptation

imagine the stress and the weight of leadership breaking keith, and there being no one there to pick up his pieces

Have a silly headcanon

 After Yuuri wins gold at Pyeongchang. (Because he’s winning gold at pyeongchang and you can’t convince me otherwise. 😛)  Both Viktor and Yuuri get invited to the Children’s Television Workshop (in a world where Sesame Street never ran into funding issues and would never end up behind a pay wall) to talk healthy eating and exercise and sports and to teach Big Bird to “skate”.

When they get there there is a lot of talking, and they introduce Viktor and Yuuri to the kids and the puppeteers they’ll be working with.  One of whom will be the version of “Big Bird” learning to skate.  It’s a skater that both Yuuri and Viktor know from various ice shows and has been working with Disney on Ice.  This is a one time thing.

Viktor being Viktor talks to the writers and wants them to try and squeeze in a small scene so he can give Bert and Ernie high fives because having gay role models is cool!  And because Viktor is Viktor they of course agree.

Most of the time they’re there is sort of improv just talking to the kids about how Yuuri (and Viktor – yeah right) have to eat all sorts of healthy foods in order to be healthy enough to skate.  and they teach a little jumping exercise because what kids don’t love jumping and then they teach the kids and “Big Bird” to skate.  (This part is actually filmed the next day at an outdoor rink (because global warming isn’t a thing in my happy yoi world, ok?) and it’s still cold enough).

When they’re leaving, Viktor gets this stupid sloppy sappy grin on his face and is all  "That was fun.  I want to do it.“  

Yuuri having no idea what Viktor is talking about is all "Disney on Ice?  I mean if you really want to.  You’d make a fantastic prince.”

Viktor is just AGHAST because how could Yuuri not realize that wasn’t what he was talking about at all.“Yuuuuuuri” he’d say and wrap his arms around Yuuri’s shoulders.  "No.  No.  No.  I want to do that.  Be surrounded by kids and Makka and a puppy or two!“

This of course opens Viktor up to teasing when Yuuri finally “gets it” and he says “So you want to teach kids and overgrown puppets skating… there are plenty of kids everywhere but I don’t know where we’ll find overgrown puppets.”


When they’re settled into their chartered car and heading back to the airport so they can get back to the rink and training before Worlds, Yuuri quietly says “you know, back in her twenties, when Mari decided she didn’t want kids or a relationship or anything, she went and had some eggs harvested just in case I wanted a family and, well,,… yeah.”

Viktor is totally overcome and throws himself at Yuuri and the driver in the front really wishes he had one of those tinted privacy screens because he gets an EYEFUL, and spend the rest of the drive to the airport tomato red.

This is all thanks to the fact that the goat is watching some vintage sesame street and Ernie bought Bert a puppy and then @shemakesmeforget forced me to write this.  FORCED ME, I say…

  • me: I love Yoonbum, he is so cute, and pure, my cinnamon roll, my son and..
  • someone: HE ISNT a good PERSON AND iNNocENT, He Is A sTaLker aND HE KILLED JIEUN.
  • me: and the water is wet and some people need to shup the fuck up and let me be happy with my son.
behind the curtains

Remus and Sirius don’t know what’s developing between them. It takes sharing a bed to set them down the path of understanding what their feelings really are.

A/N: for @saladtsar, you’re amazing and i’m sorry this took forever to write


They were sixteen the first night Sirius crawled into his bed. Remus had slept with him before, but James and Peter had been there too. The way their limbs would tangle on the floor beside the fire at the Potter house as they try to stay up late scheming and eventually fall asleep was one of Remus’ favorite things. But this already felt different than that and Remus tried really hard to convince himself that it was fine.

Sirius rested his head on his chest. “Did I wake you?”

“Nah, s’fine,” he murmured in return. He remained perfectly still, fighting the urge to raise a hand and gently run his fingers through his friend’s hair.



“I don’t want to leave.”

Remus didn’t have to ask what he meant. Their fifth year was finally over. Tomorrow they would all get back on the trains and go home for the summer. Remus’ chest had been aching all week at the thought of being separated from his friends. At the thought of having to spend the summer moons in the basement of his home instead of with them. James had promised they would make it work so that at least one of them could spend every moon with him. Guilt gripped him as he realized he had spent so much time worried that his friends wouldn’t really be able to help him that he had forgotten about what they might need too.

“It’ll be okay.” This time he pulled Sirius closer to him. He could feel the other boy’s heart pounding and told himself it was nerves over the return home. It couldn’t be for the same reason his own was beating a mile a minute.

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