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For those of you who don’t know, NF (the guy Louis tweeted about) is a rapper who raps about his depression, how being famous/well known isn’t all that people think it is, his past/losing his mom to drug addiction, the toll it takes on him to be a public figure for people to look up to/admire, and so much more. I think him and Louis would have really great conversations tbh

I Have An Important Question!

Does anyone ever hug Obi-Wan on screen? 

Like… ever?

Do we have proof that a sentient being with at least two arms has reached out with warmth and gladness in their heart and embraced our poor beleagured Ginger Space Peanut?

And, no, a giant monster trying to squeeze him to death does not count. 

Catching fainting duchesses or padawans or whoever else does not count . Nor does running towards him and grasping his arms to make sure they are firm and muscular. 

Or that, you know, he’s still alive.


- are you with me?

- to the end of the line.

rebelcaptain captain america fulcrum au

Unsettled by the monotony of the clones and the unreliability of the Jedi, the Republic assign top scientist Galen Erso with a mission: find a better solider to fight for them in the Clone Wars. Aided with his knowledge of kyber crystals’ ability to enhance a user’s best and worst traits, he turns his own daughter Jyn Erso and army-reject Cassian Andor into the first members of the Supersolider program. 

Both soldiers forge a friendship in the grey area they share in the Clone Wars: the Ersos who raised her in the shadows of the Republic, and the Andors who raised him in the light of the Separatists. Their bond grows stronger as they become the Republic’s greatest, and most secret, weapons in the Clone Wars.

It doesn’t last. A mission goes wrong and Jyn is presumed dead while Cassian is trapped in a ice floe on Fest.

A decade and a half later, the Rebellion welcomes Cassian back into the galaxy. Having found to his disappointment - but not surprise - that the Republic is now the Empire, Cassian, now christened Captain Fulcrum, fights for freedom on the side of the Rebellion while adjusting to a galaxy where the war is over and has not yet begun.

He’s tasked with figuring out what the Empire’s most lethal weapon, Operation Stardust, is, while also tracking down the shadowy figure responsible for the deaths of the Rebellions’ most prominent figures - an assassin that matches him step for step. 

Cassian’s shocked to discover that Operation Stardust is a person, not a machine, and that person is the assassin he’s looking for - who is none other than Jyn, who was rescued by the Empire. Jyn, on the other hand, only sees Captain Fulcrum as another target, her memories of their time together erased and overwritten by Imperial reconditioning. 

Will Cassian be able to bring her back and defeat the Empire? Or will he have to choose one victory over the other? 

me @ everyone

I look forward to the day when I will forget why I loved you so much. I will forget what made someone who had such cheap talk worth loving. I will forget what made me love someone who only ever took from me and never gave, who only ever cared about himself and never took my feelings into consideration. I will forget why I was so attached to someone who always secretly looked for someone else in me. I will forget why I loved someone who threw away everything we had in the heat of the moment and treated me like a stranger immediately afterwards. I will forget the feeling of the pain I felt and still feel now, but remember strictly memories and facts of what happened and it’ll all be okay.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write

hi! i thought i was too late for this but turns out i’m not so i’m brook and i make the worst gifs on the planet. i don’t feel comfortable showing my face so here’s my first gif (that actually wORKS) and my last gif and some amazingly talented gif makers

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throwback to 2011:
jaejoong in hawaiʻi (for mahalo)

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Would you say you fall in the “more Rick fan” or “more Michonne fan” camp? Or do you like them both equally?

I’m definitely pretty equal on them. Michonne has a slight edge by default, just because she’s a black woman (and she’s also never pissed me off for a full season, lol), but I have such a huge spot in my heart for Rick because I started this story with him. So I always wanna protect them both at all costs.


Sugar, We’re Going Down by sunsetmog and anonymous (Nick/Louis, chapter 1/5, 25k of ~125k)

At 37, Nick has everything he could possibly want in life: huge success in business, a Bachelor of the Year award hanging in his toilet, piles of money, and a rather odd little habit of visiting a cafe with terrible service on his way into the office every morning.

Piles more content notes through at AO3, but do send me an ask if you have any questions. Key tags: sugar daddy / daddy kink / age difference / rl au. The draft is pretty much complete as it’s been written a LONG TIME (2014) but I’ll editing and posting over the next week or two weeks dependent on time/betas. 

Sugar, We’re Going Down

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You know what's good? The way Viktor's eyes become increasingly softer over the episodes and his absolutely smitten look every time he looks at Yuuri. I swoon.

this is my favourite thing in the world ;;;; this and the same with yuuri! ;; ♥♥♥