go into record store buys books

get lost. take that train. read for hours so time passes faster. talk with strangers. say hello to dogs. walk down streets you’ve never been to before. look up to the sky. go to coffee shops. tell that barista that you think her shirt is cute. take pictures with your polaroid camera. buy post cards. ask random people what their mantra is. go into that hipster looking vinyl shop and support the owner by buying a record by his favorite band. laugh with people you’ve just met. exchange numbers. ask for book recommendations. buy that book in the book store right around the corner. take the bus to a park. watch the sunset. remember that you are loved. take the train back home. hang the polaroids up your wall. continue exploring and learning. learn to love life.

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When we talk about bookshops in today’s world, it’s a place we purchase books. However, Miss Lee’s bookshop in S1E5 Raisins and Almonds has a “lending index”, which is used to record the book’s lending history. It’s unclear whether she actually sells books too, but it’s obvious that her bookshop functions as a library or book rental shop.

It reminds me of the “租書店” I used to frequent when I was growing up in Taiwan. This is how Wikipedia describes it, “In Taiwan, it is a store that buys the books and rents them to customers to get the profit.” You may ask, why not just go to the local libraries? Well, for one, those shops are conveniently located near the residential areas or schools. Also, the book collection is primarily pop culture related (like comics, martial art novels, sci-fi, etc.), which are not always available in the local libraries. Last but not least, they rent them for such cheap price that it’s totally worth the money for books you don’t intend to keep.

My sister and I spent a great deal of time in those shops after school. We learned that if you got to know the owners well enough, they would let you sit there and read for free when you ran out of allowances at the end of the month and couldn’t afford the rental fees. We even had a girlhood dream to someday open such shop together so that we would never run out of books to read. The dream was never realized, and those shops no longer occupy every corner of the neighborhoods. The technology has changed how we acquire, read, and store our reading material, so my girlhood dream is to remain just that, a dream.


p.s. To learn more about such bookshops, search “Kashi-hon” on google (link to Wikipedia here).

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five things you’ll find in my bag:

phone, headphones, sunglasses, lighter, notebook/journal.

five things you’ll find in my bedroom

guitar, art supplies, books/comics,weird and creepy decor, a mess 

five things i’m currently into:

modern architecture, new music (music i’ve never heard), art (painting), learning guitar chords, blur :)

five things i’ve always wanted to do:

travel abroad, learn to play a new instrument, draw digital art properly, have a tattoo,  and have a huge cd and records collection

five things on my to do list:

go to buy stuff for university, finish the songs i’ve been learning, finish my friend’s birthday gift, redecorate my room, finish the book i’ve been reading.

five things that make me happy:

listening to music, painting, go out with my friends, coffee and coffee shops, music stores

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Seventeen’s reaction to you being a bookworm

Anon requested: Seventeens reaction to you being a book worm

S.coups and Jun: Would love that you read but get really jealous when you spend more time with the book then him. He would buy you a library though just to keep you happy but would definitely need lots of affection back.

Jeonghan: You two would have a lot of lazy dates where you just lie around and you read books, but he would make you read to him. He would love these dates the most because he gets to hear your voice plus you’re snuggled against him and hes a sucker for cuddles.

Joshua, Woozi and Dino: Would find it so cute how he can go into the recording studio for an hour and comeback from recording and you’re still sitting there reading the same book, cutely in the corner. Would buy you lots of books. Also like that it keeps you company when he’s busy.

Hoshi and Mingyu: Would die inside when he sees you getting excited over a new book. He would buy you all the books you can read. *Walks past a book store* “Aww comon jagi lets look at more books” because when you’re happy, hes happy.

Wonwoo: Marry you!!! Would literally give you all his books and lists of recommendations. It would give him another reason to just love you more then he already does. Love going book shopping or discussing books together. Crying over books together.

DK: Same as Hoshi would literally blind you with his smile because he cant get over how cute you are. Finds it really endearing at how emotional you get with books, whether its happy or sad. Loves it when you read to him.

The8: Steals you books cuz hes a thug. Finds it super cute and is generally interested in what you read, always pays attention to what books you like so he can buy you them. Surprises you with signed books from the author. When you get tired of reading, he would read you books instead.

Seungkwan and Vernon : Loves how much you love books and finds it really attractive but wants more attention so hides your books and tells you he will personally read them to you if you cuddle with him. Then he buys you a library.

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i'm going to la, what are some vinyl records stores in la that you would recommend? i've been to amoeba but thats pretty much it. i just started collecting and have a long list of albums to buy.


-Vacation Vinyl (harder stuff)

-Hi-Fidelity (lots of soul)

-Headline Records (punk shop)

-Jackknife Records & Tapes (great little shop, good finds)

-Rockaway Records ( A little pricey, but tons of hard to find stuff)

-Origami Vinyl (Great for newer indie stuff)

-Mono Records (Good for used rock)

-Gimme Gimme Records (Great Jazz/Blues section, good indie stuff)

-Lolipop Records (Tiny shop with a good punk section)

-Permanent Records (Great punk, 60’s rock stuff)

-Wombelton Records (Expensive, hard to find import stuff)

-Mount Analog (More electronica than other stuff, beautiful shop)

-The Last Book Store (Just go, it’s one of the coolest places in LA)

-Burger Records ( Lots of Punk and Indie, good deals on stuff!)

-Fingerprints (Long Beach staple.)

-Record Surplus (overwhelming, mostly older stuff)

One of the reasons I don’t get the Evils of Piracy thing is because “supporting the artists” falls apart under basically any scrutiny. Like. Maybe this is just because I’ve never had a HUGE amount of money, but I’ve gotten a lot of stuff from second hand stores, used book sales, yard sales, that kinda thing. And when you’re buying a stack of records from a used music sale, or a bunch of cds from the 90s from some guy on the street, you’re not “supporting the artists.” But that action is ok, because you’re still going through this ritualized motion of moving physical objects around in space–move cash objects in one direction, move records in another, make them exchange places, wow, how magical. From the standpoint of “supporting the artist” it’s a meaningless action though.

And that’s of course why we’re seeing this move toward rentals as the way in which we engage art–art is leased to us, not owned by us. That’s why Apple can and will destroy your entire music collection then basically lend it to you as long as you subscribe to their service.

But that’s a technological development. What we haven’t seen is a moral crusade against yard sales. And the fact that we haven’t really demonstrates how hollow the moral argument is. If it was truly a moral issue there would be consistency in the crusade. But it’s not a moral issue. It’s not an ethical issue. It’s an issue of capitalism being broken.

Mafumafu: “With Valentine’s Day approaching, just when I was thinking of going with a phrase like “I felt blessed buying chocolate at the convenience store and receiving it from the store clerk today”, I saw “2/14 - A full day of recording at the studio” written in my schedule book. I can’t even make a joke about (Valentine’s Day).”


My Doctor: How I Found Him the Long Way Around

A lot of people say that their first Doctor is “their Doctor”. That wasn’t the case for me. It took almost 25 years to find my Doctor.

When I had turned thirteen, my family moved from our home in a small town to a house in an even smaller small town. To have cable TV in the late 80s to early 90s was difficult to obtain when you were poor & living in the boonies. A small farm house in the sticks was unlikely to get that kind of luxury. So we were stuck with the Big 3 plus one – ABC, NBC, CBS (if the weather wasn’t too bad) and PBS.

My dad usually controlled the TV when he arrived from work, but Mom would take back the remote once he went to bed. She would watch the British comedy block with us on PBS, but on Friday nights at 10pm she would let my little brother & I have a treat by staying up late to watch Doctor Who. It was a ritual for us. At 10pm Jack Horkheimer Star Gazer would come on and this would signal that in five minutes time Doctor Who would start.

Unlike most UK viewers that originally watched Doctor Who when it aired, I didn’t see the Doctors in any kind of serialized order. We watched the omnibus versions of the Doctor’s adventures – which was fabulous for a kid trying to stay up two to three hours past their bedtime. I started out with Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor while he engaged the Silurians, then I would see him fight his way out of a miniscope with Jo Grant in Carnival of Monsters the following week. Next I would see William Hartnell traveling to discover the Keys of Marinus, then a week later I would watch as Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor and Leela do battle with a killer dummy and a rodent of unusual size. In my mind, the Doctor was just like James Bond. I didn’t know about regeneration. I knew he had different faces & it was just accepted. At the time Pertwee was my favorite of the Doctors, but I enjoyed all of them to varying degrees. I had yet to find my Doctor.

Then came Logopolis and my world was torn apart & rebuilt again.

I watched Tom Baker climb up the radio telescope. I watched him fall. I watched him die. I was shattered. Was this the end? Would there be no more stories? I sat on the floor and watched as he regenerated into the Watcher/Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison). It was astounding. It was mind-bending. It was something I had to learn more about. This was the moment I changed from a kid that enjoyed the show to a Whovian. 

I went to the library, read any book I could that had the slightest blurb about Doctor Who and checked out the novelizations of the show. I’d go to the book store and scan the sci-fi mags for any reference to the series. And I kept watching on Friday nights until the final episode of the series aired on PBS – which just so happened to be Survival

This was the beginning of the drought.

I had started to record a few episodes to re-watch when I heard about the 1989 hiatus. I would save up my lunch money to buy VHS tapes of episodes I hadn’t seen. And I would go to the rental store & rent the only episode of Doctor Who they had when I was really desperate: The Pyramids of Mars. In 1996 the TV Movie came & went. It was lovely. But it was fleeting.

By 2005, I heard the news that the Doctor was returning and I was ready. I found a way to watch Christopher Eccleston’s Nineth Doctor. I loved him, he was dynamic. He was amazing, but he wasn’t my Doctor. I watched him as he regenerated explosively into David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor. Again, he was flirty and nice. I enjoyed him, but he wasn’t my Doctor. And the same went for Matt Smith. He was like a fluffy, big-chinned, excitable puppy, but still… not my Doctor.

Then came The Day of the Doctor.

That was exciting. He looked very intense. I started to wonder what kind of Doctor Peter Capaldi would be?

I watched Series 8 and I enjoyed it. I began to really like his interpretation of the Twelfth Doctor. You could see that the series was setting up a long game for the character’s development. I was interested to see where it was heading. I had almost found my Doctor.

At last, Series 9 came. It was sweeping. It was epic. The stories were dynamic & I watched as Capaldi’s Doctor not only grew but blossomed into an exceptional Doctor. The character was acted in one moment with perfect stillness and subtlety and the next with an over-blown enthusiasm that tried to reach the rafters. I was so close to finding my Doctor.

Then I watched Heaven Sent. There you are! There’s my Doctor. No other previous Doctor could have pulled off that episode. It was tailor made to showcase Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor. I found him! I found him at last!! 

Now that I found him, I needed to go back and re-watch Series 8. Confirm my suspicions. Confirm that I, at last, have found my Doctor. I was able to see the subtle & not-so-subtle cues he gave that informed the audience about his feelings about Clara. I watched as he struggled to find his identity. I watched as slowly, but surely Peter Capaldi stepped into the role, stretched it and made it his own. He became the Doctor.

He became my Doctor.

sasuke going into different book stores and buying those children books that you can record yourself reading them

and every night sakura and sarada listen to sasuke’s voice as he changes his tone to fit the character in the book and it’s one of their favorite routines

then when sarada learns to read, she sends sasuke her favorite book with her voice recorded so he can hear her too. there isn’t a night sasuke doesn’t read that book, just to hear his daughters voice

one night when sarada is silently weeping bc she’s missing her papa, she hugs her giant stuffed panda (one he sent her when she was 4) really tight and for the first time she hears it, his voice saying ‘i love you, sarada’

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Sciles 12.

12: indie bookstore, record store, comic shop, etc. au

“Captain America, huh?” Stiles asked and it seemed to startle the guy a little bit, making him jump and turn to stare at Stiles with big brown eyes. Stiles had been working at the comic book store for three weeks and Mr. Crooked-Jaw-and-Muscly-Arms had come in a total of five times.

He usually came in for only a couple minutes, didn’t linger for very long and this was the first time he looked like he was actually going to buy something. “Yeah. Yeah, he’s kind of my favorite.”

The guy grinned and Stiles kind of really loved how his eyes lit up like all he ever wanted to do was talk about his favorite superhero. “Have you seen the new movie?”

“Of course!” He replied, doing a cute little bounce that he seemed to immediately regret. “I mean, it was good. Great. Amazing. I’m Scott, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you, Scott.” Stiles blinked and bit his lip. “I’m Stiles.”

“Stiles,” He repeated, looking like he was contemplating the name the way everyone did. “I like it.”

“Thanks,” Stiles whispered, almost completely forgetting that he was supposed to be getting paid to work until his manager called him to check someone out. “I, uh, have to–”

“When do you get off?” Scott asked, looking kind of eager and even more nervous. Stiles could barely hold in his excitement when he replied. “An hour.”

“There’s a showing of the new Spiderman movie at 6:30, do you maybe want to go with me?”

“I’d love to.” Stiles was more than excited, and not just because Spiderman happened to be his favorite hero.