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Pokemon GO: Things to keep with you!

Pokemon GO is finally available. If you plan on playing for an extended period of time, especially if you’re not traveling by car that day, it’s probably best if you have a bag with you. My experience with location-based games has taught me to be prepared and I wish to pass this knowledge onto you; I’ve compiled a list of suggestions of things to keep with you!

Be mindful of the season, possible weather conditions, terrain, and any medical conditions you might have. Pack accordingly.

Here’s suggestions of things to keep on-hand:

  • Water and/or refillable water bottles
  • Portable battery extenders
  • A light snack such as a pack of crackers or a nutrition bar
  • Some sort of energy supplement (energy shot, caffeine pill, etc)
  • Adhesive bandages / minor first-aid kit
  • Over-the-counter painkillers
  • Any prescriptions of yours you may need, including epi-pens
  • Sunscreen and/or sunburn relief gel
  • Bug repellent
  • A pen
  • Sunglasses
  • A miniature umbrella
  • A light jacket, scarf, shawl or other warmth-providing garment
  • Disposable hand warmers
  • A multi-tool/swiss army knife
  • Extra deodorant
  • A small face towel and/or moist towelettes
  • Collapsible reusable bags
  • Flashlight, if your phone cannot be used as one
  • Appropriate safety gear for the place you’re going to
  • For bikers: enough change to refill your tires with air and bike lubricant
  • For people bringing pets: a portable water bowl and appropriate food amounts
  • Nighttime players: reflective gear and/or blinking lights if you’re not playing in a well-lit area

Of course, these are just suggestions. Take what you feel is appropriate for your plans.


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Tony x reader


A.n:I’m so sorry to who whoever requested this I know it’s WAY over do but I hope you enjoy it.


“Oh Tony.” You sang out for him “Where are you?”

“I’m in the lab.” He called out,with that you quickly made your way into the lab.

“What are you doing?” You asked and sat next to Steve.

“I’m working on Bucky’s arm.” Tony didn’t look away from his arm.

“Why?” You rested your head against Steve’s shoulder.

“Because it’s having manufacturing problems.” He mumbled.

“Why? What’s wrong? Is it going to fall off?” By now you knew that you had annoyed him but he never really told you anything, he just went with it.

“No it’s not going to fall off and I don’t know, that’s what I’m trying to figure out.” Tony finally looked up at you. “Are you going to the party later on?” He asked.

“Yeah I will,are you guys going?” You stood straight up now.

“We will see you there doll.” Bucky smirked at you, suddenly there was a spark coming from Bucky’s arm “Ow, what the fuck Stark.”

“Sorry.” But he was nowhere near sorry.

“I’m going to get ready now.” You got up and headed to your door.

“Save me a dance.” Tony yelled at you.

“Will do!” You yelled back, and left.

“So what’s wrong with Bucky’s arm?” Steve asked.

“Will you shut up.”


“Where is your girlfriend?” Nat teased Tony.

“Who?” Tony asked as he took a swing of his drink.

“C’mon Tony don’t even pretend.”Clint yelled over his shoulder while he played darts.

“I don’t know what your talking about.” He mumbled.

“Hey guys.” You made your way to the group.

“Y/n, doll you look amazing.” Bucky kissed your cheek.

“Thank you, as do you.” You smiled at him.”Tony,what’s your special for the night?”

“Sit,it’s a special just for you.” He stood up from his seat and let you sit there.”Here you go.” Tony handed you the drink and kissed your temple “Enjoy.”

“Thank you.” You took a sip but before you could even say anything to him the men were are gone.

“So how is he?” Wanda smirked at you.

“Who?” You asked.

“Tony, who else.” Nat leaned against the bar.

“Well he looks good, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“C’mon bro just spill it.”Maria spoke up.

“It’s obvious just say it.”Nat added.

“If you guys know why don’t you just say it already.”You told them as you took a sip of your drink.

“Because it’s better if you just say it.”Wanda whinned.

“Fine, I think that Tony fucking Stark is cute and I might have a slight crush on him.” You gushed.

The girls then squealed like they were school girls.

“I don’t think it’s slight but okay.”Nat smirked.

“Keep it down will you.” You looked around trying to find the men to which your luck they were huddled around playing darts and laughing,well mostly at a blushing Tony.

“C’mon it’s not like they can here us.”Maria teased.

“Or can they.” Wanada smirked,which only made your eye’s widen “I’m teasing,but you never know with Stark he’s always coming up with crazy things. Maybe he bugged the whole tower.”

Which only got you thinking since you always talked to your self out loud,a bad habit that you had.

“Don’t be so worried girl.”Maria gave you a little shove.

“Shall we dance?” Wanda asked trying to get you distracted.

“Yes.” You drowned the drink and poured a shot for the four of you.

“No thank you.” Maria declined which surprised the three of you “Ted is drinking and I have to keep myself sober.”

“The architecture?” You asked.

“Yeah, I decided to give him a chance.” She shrugged her shoulder and just like that you headed to the dance floor.

It had been around hour that the five ,Wanda,Nat,Maria,Ted and yourself,had been dancing and everyone was having fun. Then the Dj said he was going to play something slow.

“Dance with us.” Nat extended one of her hand since one was holding Wanda’s already.

“I think I’m just going to let you two dance.” As you were turned round you bumped into Tony. “Oh sorry.” You were startled.

“It’s fine I get that a lot.” He flashed you his award winning smile. “So how about that dance?” He extended his hand out.

“I would love to.” You smiled at him and grabbed his hand.

“You know she’s right.” Tony spoke up after a couple of seconds.

“Who is?” You laid your head comfortably on Tony’s shoulder.

“Wanda,who else.”By just saying that you knew that he had a smirk playing on his lips.

You felt yourself get red but continued on “Well you mind telling me what she’s right? She’s a brilliant young girl.”

“I have eyes and ears everywhere.” He spined you around “ And lucky for me I got to hear that you might have a thing for me.” Tony looked down at you.

“Well I guess I can’t deny it.”

“No you can’t.” He leaned down closer.

“What about you?” You whispered.


“How do you feel about me?”

“I think I might have a thing for you.” By now you’re lips were so closed together every time anyone of you would talk your lips touched.

“So are you going to do anything about?

”Meet me in the lobby tomorrow morning at ten, bring a bag with a spare change and a dress for a nice dinner.”

“Great.” You couldn’t take it anymore so you closed the very small space that was between the two of you.

Oh man was that one of the best kiss you’ve ever had. There were sparks,you’ve never felt sparks before it was a whole new thing. It was hot and steamy but yet it was still sweet and gentle.

“Okay I’m going to need you two to get a room or your going to have to kick everyone out.” Clint interrupted the two of you.

“Then what the hell are you all still doing here?” Tony exclaimed.

“Tony.” You gave him a little shove.

“Ugh fine.” He rolled his eyes. “But hey I just got a date with the hottest girl.” Tony picked you up and gave you a kiss, while the rest of the team cheered you on.

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Andriel R, please! Love your writing

R. A deafening sound.

Ever since Neil knew his life was going to extend past his first year at Palmetto, he yearned to play Court. He didn’t care how long it took him to get there, or what color medal would be hanging off his neck, but he knew that one day, he would be at the Olympics.

Never in his wildest dreams did he think he would be here with both Andrew and Kevin, and as the clock counted down to zero, Neil realized that they could actually get gold.

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Yoga Poses that Help Build Muscles for Inversions By: Sunny Yogi

For inversions, arm and core strength are really important.  Here are some of my favorite poses that I like to incorporate into my practice that help strengthen my body up for inversions.  

I am not a certified yoga teacher and these poses are just based off of my experience. 

Downward Facing Dog: This pose is great for building up muscle in the arms and shoulders.  You can also do 3 legged downward dog to add a stretch in the legs. 

Dolphin Pose: This pose is great for shoulders and triceps.  This is also a great prep pose for forearm stands. 

Chaturanga: I incorporate a lot of these into my practice. Chaturanga’s are great for arm and core strength.  You could do a three legged chaturanga if you want to give yourself a little challenge :) 

Plank: A great pose for building strength in the core.  You can go on your forearms too, if you want. 

Side Plank Pose: Good for the core and obliques!  You can go on your forearms or play around with you leg placement. 

Extended Side Angle Pose: I like to challenge myself by raising both of my arms so only my core is working here.  You can clasp your hands in front of you or make them into an “L” shape.  

Warrior III: This pose is great for the core and for balance.  Your hands can be out in front of you, beside you, in a prayer position, or clasped behind you. 

Boat Pose: This is great for the core.  I like to fold down to the ground (until I’m like 2 inches from the ground) and hold it there for 3-4 breaths.  You can also incorporate crunches into this pose! 

Crow Pose: Arm balances are really great for gaining strength in the core AND the arms.  

Other tips:  Another thing I find that really builds core muscles is going slow and having a lot of control in transitions.  Next time you practice, really practice controlling yourself and moving slowly into each pose.  

Good luck! And please be patient. Results don’t show up right away.  If you start getting discouraged, smile and tell yourself that you can do it! :) 

I really hope the new animal crossing isn’t on wii u. Not only do I not own a wii u, but if it does come out on it, I won’t be able to take my town with me wherever I go, like on long road trips or vacations. I like the fact I have a portable escape in uncomfortable situations. Sigh. If only Nintendo will release which platform the new game will come out on.


You guys asked for an extended remix. Here ya go

They Played Us Like A Damn Fiddle [Extended] (F1NG3RS MGSV Bitch Remix) (by F1NG3RSMUSIC)

world unknown (1/22)

summary: Emma signs up to be a test subject for a “guaranteed true love match”. The kicker is that she can’t see her match until their wedding day. The moment she sees him for the first time, she knows she’s doomed. 

word count: ~3500

also found on: ff.net


wedding day. emma’s hotel room, NYC.

Emma Swan is nervous.

Her fingers are trembling and her stomach is churning. She can’t keep any food down if she even wanted to and she keeps turning on her phone to check the time.

“Emma, it’s still ten fifteen,” Mary Margaret says to her, reaching out to take both of her hands as she leans down to be eye to eye with her. “And you, my dear, need to be getting ready.”

She takes a deep breath and nods.

“Right. Wedding. Marriage. Today.” Emma huffs a breath. “Why did I ever let you talk me into going to see what this experiment was all about?”

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Pokemon GO: Things to keep with you!

Pokemon GO is finally available. If you plan on playing for an extended period of time, especially if you’re not traveling by car that day, it’s probably best if you have a bag with you. My experience with location-based games has taught me to be prepared and I wish to pass this knowledge onto you; I’ve compiled a list of suggestions of things to keep with you!

Be mindful of the season, possible weather conditions, terrain, and any medical conditions you might have. Pack accordingly.

Here’s suggestions of things to keep on-hand:

  • 37 condoms for risque encounters
  • A full bag of cat litter
  • a propane tank
  • The Bible
  • A car battery
  • An xray machine
  • Two bottles of vodka
  • Your Sophomore yearbook
  • The ashes of your late grandmother
  • The entire British Royal Navy
  • Febreze
  • A jar of premium cashew butter
  • A velvet bag full of assorted gemstones
  • 1857 Swedish Treskilling Yellow Stamp
  • A box set of every season of ER
  • Your favorite plushie (In case you get stressed!)
  • The sins of your forefathers
  • A compass
  • Nighttime players: An MP3 player (Or other audio device) with a Nickelback album (I suggest “All The Right Reasons”!)

Of course, these are just suggestions. Take what you feel is appropriate for your plans.

Feel Better - Luke Hemmings

So, I’m sick and I wrote this in about 2 hours because this was something I thought of. Sorry if it sucks, but It I needed it. Someone send me a Luke Hemmings. Please. -Kaeley

“Ouch.” You screeched after poking yourself in the eye with your mascara wand. You quickly rubbed your eye in an attempt to make it feel like it wasn’t just stabbed. Being extra careful this time, you finished your mascara and moved to add a touch of powder to your nose to hide its pink color. You began applying it, but nothing was covering up the pinkness of your skin. “Ah-coo!” You sneezed for the umpteenth time that day. “Ah, fuck it.” You muttered before throwing your brush down.

You were sick to say the least. All last night, and now today you’d been coughing, sneezing, and had a massive headache. When you turned your head to fast, you felt lightheaded. Plus, getting up was a hassle. You were super weak and needed to lean against as desk or an armchair to pull yourself up.

As much as you weren’t physically ready to perform tonight, you wanted to. As the boys’ opening act, you always performed. All of tour you hadn’t missed a show, and you didn’t plan on missing it tonight. Seeing you miserable, Luke volunteered to go pick up some over the counter medications for you to take in hopes of making you feel better.

“(Y/N), I brought some advil, cough syrup, tissues, ice cream, a box of spoons since you might need those…” Luke trailed off as he walked into your dressing room. “Wow, you look rough.” You were in your dressed up in your stage clothes, but your red nose, bloodshot eyes, and pale skin told him that the stage wasn’t where you belonged tonight.

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So after my little incident tonight in which a man outside the Dunkin Donuts tried to lure me into his car for a ride while I was out hatching my eggs and visiting the few Pokestops downtown I’d just like to offer a friendly reminder that if you’re going out on an extended walk while playing Pokemon Go to

  • Let someone know where you will be going beforehand
  • Touch in every once in a while to let someone know that you are safe
  • And if you feel nervous about anything, it is a good idea to duck into the nearest gas station/store/restaurant where there will be other people until you feel that it’s safe

Stay safe out there people
A Pretty Trap (One Shot)

TITLE: A Pretty Trap

CHAPTER NUMBER/ONE SHOT: Part of a one-shot series.

AUTHOR: tartanroyaltea


GENRE Romance/fluff/angst

FIC SUMMARY: Emily joins her new ‘friend’ Tom Hiddleston for a night out on the town. What could possibly go wrong?

RATING: T/M (for swearing only, and my paranoia)

AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Thank you for the feedback on the first one shot, it was greatly appreciated! This is another part of the one-shot series I am writing. The time line is a jumble at the minute, and I do apologise. This piece will act as the second part of the series, I’m still working on the all-important ‘first meeting’ between Tom and Emily. Feel free to message me, as always :)


December 13th- 15th 2013

Tom invited me to a ‘Christmas do’, not as a date (I don’t think…we never clarified) but as a companion of sorts. I didn’t want to go, at all. I am not good in social situations, particularly social situations where I don’t know anyone (aside from Tom, who I had known for a grand total of six days) because, I will inevitably try to cure my awkwardness with heinous amounts of alcohol and ultimately make a fool of myself. And then spend the following day cursing alcohol, food and everything under (and including) the Sun.

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what is EP

an EP is like a mini album (stands for extended play) with roughly 5 songs and I’m going in like May or June to get one done so I can get something professional out there and it’s like 2000 dollars so I’m trying to save up money