go imogen your poots that way

I was actually nervous because of how many times that’s happened where someone will say, “We think your hair should be this way” and it’s like “no, no, no, what are you doing? Why?” People don’t go see … We’re watching real people up there on the screen because that’s why we’re so drawn in to understanding what any of us is doing here on earth. And, it’s actually extremely boring to look at perfection. It’s very boring and so … You don’t want to have, like, a completely flawless complexion, which is like ten layers of makeup. You want to see sweat and you want to see reality.

You always want to keep working on things that you’re crazy about, and keep being able to do this job. I think you learn so much with each film, develop your tape, and take a chance on the direction you want to go in, because a bunch of people push you in a bunch of different ways in any line of work. I just would like to continue working on things that I find very fulfilling and satiating.