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A fic where Keith finds Lance alone and crying and panics and turns into a total mom trying to figure out what happened.

Lance just rubs his face and forces a smile and is like ‘no big deal, some aliens, you know they’re weird, am I right?? Ha ha’

And the next scene is Allura and the rest of the Paladins talking in a diplomatic meeting and Keith flying through a fucking window to tackle some alien.

That moment right before you decide to kiss your wife on the live stream.

I’m STILL shook

Some lady on Twitter keeps tweeting at Rian and VF, demanding an apology and clarification for reylo shippers…because apparently fanboys got an apology–better described as backpedaling–from JJ when he said Rey’s parents weren’t in VII.

And I’m just like can you not embarrass me and other fellow shippers in the name of reylo? Please and thank.

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Please I'm begging you don't do anything that can never be changed again please

It’s okay, anon. I would give a much better and more precise warning if that were the case. I’m just… beyond exhausted. There aren’t words to describe the exhaustion.

Gotta love it when the laptop stopped working because it needed an update, and you’ve decided to let it update during lunch, but now it’s THREE (3) HOURS TROIS PUTAIN D'HEURES LATER AND IT STILL HASNT FINISHED


Fuck you fuck you fuck you Windows10 go fuck yourself with broken glass gravel salt and lemon juice you fucking pile of shit

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that post with people discussing queerbaiting - i rly wish faranda would take off but couples aside, it would just be really amazing if any character could show interest in the same sex ? without having to justify anything ? just like todd has been showing interest towards women ? like it would mean The World to me to see a queer character on this kind of show, and i really don't think it would impact whatever story max wants to tell in any way

I totally agree; while we definitely need more cannon relationships, writers also gotta start showing other orientations without it being a huge thing or plot point. AKA start actually normalizing them, not tokenizing. And honestly, it’s so easy. Have someone make an offhand comment that’s not made into a joke, or casually mention a past relationship without any other characters batting an eye. Literally all it takes is one or two lines, and it doesn’t have to have any story relevance whatsoever. Just mention it! And there’s representation! Ta da!

Anyway, I’m hoping Max will at least give us something. (Please, for the love of the Great Green Arkleseizure, Max, give us something.) 

Thanks for the ask, anon! Happy Towel Day! :) 

apparently i got up and went to work for literally no reason today, there were supposed to be several kids at the daycare but all of them apparently decided to stay home?? literally theres gonna be one single kid and two adults. three, if i wouldve been here. im going home i guess :v

james b. barnes; a headcanon list

i. he’s always arguing in his head. there’s at least three people up in his head, meddling his thought process with a lil spoon. there’s bucky, the old cranky man who coughs up memories from time to time. there’s the asset, who kicks in during red level situations. then there’s james, who’s just trying to buy some damn plums goddammit. 

ii. this causes strange arguments within himself. bucky hates winter. it brings in a cold draft that makes his bones ache, his feet hurt, his nose is always frosted. the asset likes the winter. in fact, as Russian, it’s the only form of weather he knew for a long time. after all, cryo meant sleep right? james just wants plums and you don’t get that shit in winter.

iii. for the record, vodka? horrible. poisonthe soviets weren’t doing themselves a huge favour by making it cheaper than water - it’s just a cheap substitute to pesticide. he prefers bourbon (at least some part of his is still american.) 

iv. he doesn’t sleep. he doesn’t know how to sleep. cryo is the only form of sleep he’s known for close to seventy years and this is the longest he’s been out of it. he doesn’t know how to say it out loud because– it’s so stupid, dammit Barnes.

v. three knives. that’s the minimum he has on his person at all times. he’s perfected the art of sneaking them into public places. ’m sorry officer, prosthetic arm, y’know? sets off the damn scanners always. d’you wanna– yeah? thanks loads, officerworks like magic all the time

vi. that’s a glock in his pocket by the way. no, he’s not happy to see you. 

vii. blame it on the jewish mother but instead of buchanan, superstitions should have been his middle name. He still spits three times whenever someone mentions something horrific. He has a red thread tie around his human arm. He makes sure all the windows and doors are open at least an inch whenever he leaves the house. Let’s just all be glad he let go of the habit of pulling ears whenever someone sneezed.

viii. Masterchef US satisfies the reality drama queen budding inside of him. He secretly binge watches Masterchef Australia and GBBO but no one has to know. and hey, disney movies? so much better than the star spangled man with a plan.

ix. He named his Siri Dorothy, after that girl he almost fell for. We all know who he actually fell for. Off a train. From a mountain. 

x. on your left? yeah steve stole that right out of buck’s vocab. it was his version of watching your six during the war, when captain fucking america somersaulted straight into anything that shouted DANGER DO NOT ENTER with goddamn springs in his step.

Don’t give me hope. Please. Be clear that it’s over. Break my heart. It’s ok. Just don’t give me hope. Don’t string me along, allowing me to develop this false pretense that we might get back together. You know that it’s over, but I don’t. I am an optimist. I am holding onto this thin thread of hope that we might miraculously work things out and end up together again. So, please. Break my heart into a million pieces and be clear that there is nothing left to salvage.

-Hope isn’t always a good thing.



The white wolf!

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Seeing all this stuff about the Alex Tizon discourse is making me wanna throw up. 

Listen. What they did? It’s slavery. We know. We get it.  But it’s not your slavery, it is a product of the broken system which we have been mired in, one which America has been directly complicit in. It’s an unfortunate case, horrifying, not entirely unexpected, but not exactly the norm. The issue here is that foreigners are trying to put words in our mouth and making this discussion about them instead of letting Filipinos process this and have a proper conversation about it without them shutting us down and screaming BUT SLAVERY!!! APOLOGISTS!!! not only that but they’re deliberately misunderstanding our language and honorifics, they are making things out to be something they’re not.

The system is broken. Any Filipino can tell you that. Yelling at us isn’t going to fix it unless you can somehow fix an entire culture with a press of a button and magically remove 400 years of colonialism and oppression, both by foreigners and fellow Filipinos, which has directly contributed to how desperate and helpless our people have become. It just doesn’t work that way.

But what really pisses me off about this? It’s because we’ve already been silenced before. We have been colonized, mistreated, our culture erased and labeled as inferior, our country gutted for resources and labor and this is still happening, just now its happening on more socially acceptable terms. 

Context and the underlying culture does matter, especially when our culture has already been so abused and erased that we have no idea what kind of culture or history we would have had if it hadn’t been beaten out of us by colonizers for 400 years, even the name of our country, our very identity. To this day we still struggle with our identity as a people, with the colonial mentality and nation-wide inferiority complex instilled in us by colonizers.

Keep in mind that every time you yell at us about how culture doesn’t matter, you’re all slavery apologists, without taking into consideration our views, our culture and the system which contributes to this, and how people are still working to correct it despite the fact that progress will likely not come for another 20? 30? years maybe even longer. Progress is slow when you live in a country where every system is designed against you. We are seeing people from a country which oppressed us, attempting to once again erase our narrative and tell us they know better, perhaps then you can forgive us for being wary of foreigners dismissing our culture and views to propagate their own.