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Incredulity // Jughead Smut

Summary: Fred Andrews is the single parent of twins. He walks in on his daughter with her girlfriend in the middle of sex. Following that breakup you got together with your brothers best friend whom doesn’t have experience in sex so you teach your boyfriend. Guess your not the only twin in a forbidden relationship…only one is legal.

Characters: Jughead x Andrews!Reader, Betty x Reader, Kevin Keller, Archie Andrews (mentioned) and Fred Andrews

Words: 3237

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters. I do not own the Comics either. Jughead is NOT asexual in his.

Warnings: Swearing, underage drinking, smut, former same sex relationship,

Author: Caitsy

Tagging: At the bottom

A/N Originally this was going to be a Veronica fic but apparently my subconscious was needy for Jughead.

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Jokes were always made about the Andrews twins, Archie was the boy that got hit by the puberty bus during the summer before sophomore year. You however had came out of the awkward phase a lot early than your twin brother, it was the end of middle school when you hit puberty in the most graceful way.

While Archie incredibly straight, you were bisexual with no real preference to be honest. Nobody believed that you were bisexual, especially your dad because he had never seen you look at a female before. Fred Andrews got a rude awakening when he walked in on Betty Cooper going down on his freshmen aged daughter. Next the whole town found out about the relationship, minus the sexual side, with the knowledge that Betty had been crushing on you. It was purely fun for you and experimental for her so it didn’t cause any problems when she discovered she was only into guys and actually liked your twin. You guys continued to be best friends.

It was amusing when your father walked in on Betty and you because he fumbled through the safe sex talk. He didn’t know much about safe sex between females but he tried his best even if both of you were embarrassed beyond belief. He was happy however that you wouldn’t become the parental nightmare of pregnant teenager.

It was the last day of summer that he caught you with your boyfriend in bed together and getting the shock of his life for the second time. Jughead and you had gotten together at the very end of freshman year. Nobody, even Archie whom knew everything about you, knew about it because there was no real reason that they needed to know. You were a slut by any means, you only had had sex with Betty so you didn’t care if someone found out that Jughead and you were together. The only thing was that you hadn’t gone that far yet.

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kogasaku for @snepdragon​! (๑ơ ₃ ơ)


Eggsy x Reader

“(Y/N) nice to see you… alright babe how you doin’… This is stupid why the heck’s she with an idiot like you?” Eggsy sighed and shrugged his shoulders.

“Eggsy, (Y/N)’s here.” The sound of his Mum broke Eggsy out of his worried fussing and he hurried out to the living room to hurry you away before Gary or Rottweiler could corner you.

“Let’s go.” Eggsy muttered and pulled you out of the flat, taking your hand and jogging down the stairs with you. Some of Rottweiler’s mate hooted at you and you had to hurry between Eggsy and the group as they cackled at him.

“Eggsy come on!” You sighed and he glanced at you before reluctantly throwing an arm over your shoulders.

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BTS - Having a foreign girlfriend who has to return home.

Request: Hi can I request a reaction of bts having a foreigner girlfriend and finding out their girlfriend is leaving back to America forever? Would bts after them? How would they react? Please happy ending. Thank you sooo muchThank you so much for the request!

A/N: So this may of turned out longer than I expected, I wrote two version before this a lot shorter, but tumblr crashed both times, but I’m even more happy with how this turned out :)

Kim Namjoon

You knew that it was all about timing when it came to telling Namjoon that you had to go back home, but this time it wasn’t only for a few days or for a week, it was quite possibly for good and you wasn’t  quite sure on when you would return, or if you’d ever have enough money to giving the money struggles your family were having back home. When you started this relationship, you both accepted the fact that you wouldn’t be able to stay there forever, but when you tried to drop hints recently Namjoon either completely blanked you or changed the subject completely.

The both of you were sat on the couch, cuddled up watching a movie in the comfort of your apartment that you were temporarily renting while you stayed there.

“Namjoon, I have something I need to tell you” you mumbled as you buried your face into his chest. 

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New Girl - Eight

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven // Nine | Ten

3 days ago
Tommy Phantom👻: please come home. 8:46 PM
Tommy Phantom👻: we need to talk. 8:47 PM
Tommy Phantom👻: so, you’re not even going to read my messages? 8:51 PM
Tommy Phantom👻: i’m trying. 10:00 PM

2 days ago
Tommy Phantom👻: i really miss you 4:32 AM
Tommy Phantom👻: when are you coming home? 8:27 AM
Tommy Phantom👻: i stopped by the school, where were you? 12:34 AM
Tommy Phantom👻: i miss yiuo so mucxh… i miss fightuing with you 11:43 PM
Haz🤓: Tom’s drunk. I took his phone away, sorry about that. Miss you. :( 11:45 PM

#TeamJacob, Haz🤓: Lunch today? 9 seconds ago

I smiled at my phone, actually happy to see a message. I typed out a quick ‘when and where?’ and hit send, going back to grading my kids’ short stories. “Hey,” I said, hearing a set of footsteps coming into the room. I looked up at Zendaya, smiling until I saw the distraught look on her face. “What’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing. You have any single guy friends?” My eyebrows furrowed.

“What? What happened to that guy you were seeing? That ‘mystery boy’?” She shook her head and ran her fingers through her hair, she seemed aggravated.

“He’s an asshole and we called it off.” I nodded in understanding, I knew about assholes all too well nowadays.

“Well, Harrison’s single!”

“NO.” She shouted, I flinched from the sound and she immediately apologized. “It’s just, he’s your roommate. It’ll be weird.” She said through gritted teeth. I nodded slowly, not wanting to upset her more. We heard a light knock on the door and turned to see Lizeth, Zendaya’s roommate, come in. “Hey, Lizzy. What’s up?”

“The British boy ask me out,” her Russian accent was very clear, “I go out tonight. What he like?”

“What British boy?” I asked, thinking about Tom.

“The blonde, with blue eyes.”

“Harrison!” I said, slightly relieved. “You’re going out with Harrison?” She nodded. “Well, he’s very nice. So, be nice to him. Okay?” Zendaya rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, Lizzy, he’s a class A gentleman, show him a real good time.” I picked up the sarcastic tone she held and asked Liz if she could give Z and I a minute, she shrugged and left.

“What’s wrong with you?” She shook her head.

“Nothing, let’s talk about you.” She sat on her bed, looking at me as I turned in the desk chair, facing her. “When are you going to talk to Tom? You have to go back home, babe,” I sighed, running my hands over my face. “You have to tell Tom you can’t be with him if he’s still hung up on Lucy.” I nodded. I knew she was right. Tom loved Lucy, and I needed him to tell me directly, to admit it to himself. I heard my phone go off and saw a text from Harrison and Jacob.

#TeamJacob, Haz🤓: Umami burgers, two hours?

Me: sure! see u then, nerds!

“I’m meeting Haz and Jacob for lunch, wanna come with?” Z plastered a strained smile and shook her head. “Are you and Harrison fighting?” She shook her head again. “Alright… I’m gonna talk to Haz and Jacob about what I saw the other day. I feel like they don’t know about Tom and Lucy’s situation as well as they think they do.” Zendaya nodded, getting up and walking over to hug me.

“Love you, kid,” she kissed the top of my head, getting up to go to her closet.

“I’m going to the gym.” My eyebrows furrowed.

“You hate the gym.”

“Yeah, well I want to punch something.”

“Hey!” I ran up to the table and Jacob was the first one to hug me, crushing me in his arms. “Jacob, too. tight!”

“Please come back home,” he begged, “Harrison’s driving me crazy.”

“Me?” Harrison asks incredulously. “You’re driving me insane!” He pried Jacob off me and replaced him with himself. “Please, please come home. You’re the only one who knows how to settle arguments.” He held me at arms length,

“You’re going to be responsible for bailing me out of prison. Can you bail someone out for attempted murder?” I shrugged, laughing. We all sat down and ordered our drinks when the waiter came up to us. “So,” Harrison started.

“When do you think you’ll come home?” Jacob finished.

“I’m coming back tonight, actually.” I nodded at the surprised faces. “I’m gonna talk to Tom, try to work through whatever this friendship is – try to salvage this friendship.”

Friendship? That’s all you want?” I nodded. “What changed? Did you meet someone else within five days?” I shook my head, sighing.

“I, uh, I went back to the apartment three days ago. Both of you were at work, I assumed Tom was home, since it was during the day.” I cleared my throat, pausing when the waiter came back with our drinks and asked if we were ready to order. We all ordered our regular orders and once the waiter left, Jacob nodded toward me. “Well, turns out Tom wasn’t home, so my next guess was the bar. I went down there, and he hadn’t been there except to ask when his shift was – Tony said he was with someone. I assumed it was just another friend. So,” I took a sip of my lemonade, my throat becoming a little dry, “I went back to the apartment to wait for him. I was there for maybe an hour and a half – maybe an hour and forty. Then I heard the front door open, and Tom’s voice. I assumed he was on the phone, so I walked out of my room and headed toward the living room. Except, when I rounded the corner Tom had a guest, and he hadn’t seen me.” I could hear my voice starting to shake, I shook my head and took a deep breath. “He was there with Lucy, and – and it looked a little more than friendly.”

“What do you mean? Tom told us he told Lucy to back off,” I shrugged at Jacob’s comment.

“Maybe he lied – they were hand in hand, walking toward his room, a couple of kisses on the cheek exchanged before I left. I watched from the crack of my room door.” I took another sip of my lemonade.

“That asshole,” Harrison shook his head at Jacob’s comment.

“Come on, Jacob,” Harrison said, “you’re being too nice. He’s a fucking wanker.” I laughed a little. “Are you sure you’re ready to see him? You don’t want us to rough him up a little so he looks wrecked when you guys talk?” I laughed louder this time, shaking my head.

“No, no,” I shrugged, “if you want to rough him up afterward, that’s on you. But, I’d like you there for moral support.” They both nodded, mumbling a chorus of ‘of course’. Our burgers arrived and we started eating. It was silent for a couple minutes, until I remembered Harrison’s date with Lizeth. “Haz! Are you going out with Lizeth tonight?” Jacob choked on his burger and immediately reached for his water.

“What?” Harrison asked. “She’s cute.”

“You’re going out with the crazy Russian?”

“Jacob!” Harrison and I both reprimanded him in unison. “Lizeth’s not crazy! She’s… well, she’s just – oh, hell, she is crazy. Why are you going out with her?” Harrison shrugged.

“Didn’t work out with the other girl I was seeing.”

“What was wrong with her?”

“She didn’t want people to know we were seeing each other.” I shook my head.

“That’s shitty,” Harrison chuckled softly. “No, I’m serious. You’re a catch!”

“Well, thanks.” We finished our food and all went to our cars, all about to head back to the apartment. I picked up my phone before starting the car to type a text to Zendaya.

Me: done with the gym? could use some moral support at the loft.

Not-So-Zen-Daya: didn’t go to the gym, i stepped in and almost threw up from the smell. ended up going to get my nails done. i’m there for ya babe.

I laughed lightly, shaking my head. I put my phone down and almost started the car until I thought of something. I picked up my phone and opened Tom’s messages.

Me: i’m coming home. you’re right, we need to talk.

I put my phone down, started the car and started my way back to the loft.

I opened the door to the loft and my palms grew sweaty when I saw Tom sitting on the couch. He got up when he heard the door open and rushed over to me, hugging me. I wanted to push him off and tell him we weren’t there yet, but he smelled good and I missed him, so I let him. I kept my arms to my side. “(Y/N),” he breathed, pulling away from me.  “I missed you.” I nodded, not saying it back because it would make me not want to say what I was going to say. Zendaya walked in behind me. We both looked at her.

“Holland,” she laughed, shaking her head, “you have a lot of nerve.” Tom looked at her confused, letting a shock expression fall on his face when she threw his arms off of me. I was about to say something, but she continued before I could stop her. “You son of a bitch,” she started taking off her earrings.

“Z,” she ignored me, handing me her hoops.

“I’ve been waiting to do this since she moved in, I knew you were trouble.”

“Zendaya,” I tried again, putting a hand on her shoulder. With her fists raised, she turned to look at me. “Haven’t talked to him yet. I just got here.” Her mouth formed an ‘o’ shape, nodding before laughing lightly.

“I’m just gonna,” she brushed Tom’s shoulder, him looking at her like she was crazy. “See ya!” She rushed toward Harrison’s room, where Jacob and he were. I cleared my throat, putting Z’s earrings down on the table by the door.

“Let’s talk.” I gestured toward the couch, walking toward it and feeling Tom right behind me. We both sat down and looked at each other. I nodded to myself and then took a deep breath, “Tom-.”

“(Y/N), I just want to say – Lucy? She’s out of the picture.” I laughed, no humor behind it.

“Tom, I saw you and her at the apartment a few days ago.” His eyebrows pulled in, a second passing before realization hit him. He tried to say something, but I spoke up before he could justify himself, “I get it. Lucy was here before me, I probably can’t compete with her. But, I don’t want to.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I know… because, we’re just friends. Whatever we thought we had – what we thought we could have – it can’t happen.” I shrugged.

“I’m not with Lucy – I kissed her, yes, but I – I don’t feel anything for her. I don’t feel the way I feel with you with anyone.” He shook his head, reaching for my hand but I retracted it.

“You might believe that, but I need more than words.” I got up from the couch. “I just think we need to be friends… right now, I need you to be my friend.” Tom looked down defeated. He nodded his head.

“If that’s what you need right now, that’s what I’ll be.” I was about to thank him, but he stood up and continued talking. “But, I’m gonna prove it to you. I’ll redeem myself.” I smiled sadly, nodding my head.

“Is it safe?” We looked up, seeing Z, Harrison and Jacob all walking out of Haz’s room. I laughed, nodding.

“It’s safe. Come on out.”

“Good,” Harrison said, fixing his shirt, and bumping his shoulder against Zendaya’s as he made his way toward the door. “I’ve got a date to get to.” I saw Zendaya roll her eyes, and it took everything in me to bite my tongue. I’ll ask her when we’re alone.

“Have fun, Harrison!” We all said goodbye to him as he waved us off. “Alright,” I clapped my hands, “Z, back to yours! I have to get my stuff from there.” She nodded.

“We’ll carpool, I’ll drop you off afterward.” I nodded and walked toward her.

“We’ll be back.” We walked toward the door, the door not completely shut when we heard Tom tell Jacob, “No dude, she was scary. I genuinely thought she was going to hurl me at a wall.” Zendaya winked at me as I shut the door all the way, laughing.

“So,” I said, folding my clothes and putting them in the bag I brought them in.

“So,” Zendaya repeated, bringing me my shower things.

“Why did you and Harrison stop seeing each other?” I asked casually, but I had caught Zendaya off guard anyway, seeing her trip on air from the corner of my eye.

“What?” I rolled my eyes.

“Z, I’m not stupid. You’re obviously annoyed Harrison’s going out with Liz. And if you were just having sex with him, like I already suspected, you wouldn’t be bothered – which means, you like him. What happened?” She sighed, sitting on her bed next to me.

“I didn’t want anyone to know – Harrison’s embarrassing.” I laughed, “I’m serious!”

“He isn’t – he’s just always liked you.” I shrugged, stating the obvious. “He told us you didn’t want to be seen with him.”

“I thought you’d be mad, honestly. He’s too good for me.” I shook my head, putting down the shirt I was folding and putting a hand on her shoulder.

“You’re not giving yourself enough credit. I think you and Haz would be cute. You balance each other out.” Before Zendaya could reply, we heard the front door open. We looked at each other confused.

“Lizeth?” She called out, we heard footsteps and Lizzy appeared at the door.

“You’re back early… how was your date?”

“British boy in hospital.”

What? Liz, what do you mean ‘British boy in hospital’?” She shrugged and walked out.

“Dammit, Liz. What did you do to him?!” We rushed out the door after grabbing the keys.

“See, Liz? Yeah, Harrison’s too nice for Liz.”

We arrived at the hospital sixteen minutes later, and asked for Harrison Osterfield. “Z! (Y/N)!” We heard Jacob, and turned to see him and Tom in the waiting room. We rushed toward them.

“What happened?” They shrugged, a doctor coming out.

“For,” he paused, “Harrison Osterfield?” We rushed toward him. “He’s fine, you can see him.”

“What happened?” Zendaya asked, the doctor gave us a look of sympathy.

“You should let him tell you.” We all rushed toward room 146, seeing Harrison laying down trying to work the TV.

“Haz!” He looked up, his cheeks tinted pink. “What happened?” He mumbled something, but none of us heard him. “What?”

“I broke my penis.” The room went quiet, Jacob’s laughter breaking the silence. We all hushed him, trying to suppress our own laughter.

“What do you mean?” Harrison rolled his eyes.

“Lizeth and I went into the bathroom of the restaurant and tried to bang one out – she put in a little too much bang.” He sighed, pausing, shaking his head. “She broke my penis.” After hearing the story, we all broke out laughing, my hand resting on Tom’s shoulder for support. “Alright, alright, laugh it up, assholes.” Tom looked at me and smiled, I smiled back.

Things felt… normal.

a little less angsty ending and a little more humor. THIS IS ONE OF MY FAV NEW GIRL SCENES

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Just Like Your Mother (Jungkook X Reader) AU

@sanha-ii said:I remembered the request I sent on your old account (thank god) and it was either with yugyeom or jungkook where they’re like the bad influence bad boy and reader takes them to meet the parents and he’s genuinely surprised at how chill her parents are that they’re dating (like they’re making jokes and saying how she’s just like mum cause her dad was the bad boi too in the younger years) ily and hope you’re having a great time♡♡

A/N: I altered it a bit because I misread your request by accident but tbh I loved writing this!! Hope you like reading this as much I enjoyed writng it!! Thanks for your request boo!!

Word Count: 613

Warnings: None

Genre: Fluff

Originally posted by purelyjimin

“I really need to go home Jungkook..”

You sighed, your hands finding their way to his bare chest, tracing over his tattoos. Shaking his head he tightened his grip around your waist and his signature smirk was quickly formed in his lips.

“Too bad then baby doll… Because I’m not letting you go.”

“Jungkook! It’s already late and my parents will be dead worried! I can’t just not return home!”

“I’ll drive you back home tomorrow morning and explain to them okay? Just please..Stay over tonight”

His smug express was replaced within seconds. He stared at you with his puppy eyes, and you couldn’t help but nod smiling lightly. He knew you couldn’t say no to him when he did that. Truth be told, you couldn’t say no to him in general, you loved this boy. I mean who wouldn’t? Every girl loved the idea of dating a bad boy. A bad boy who would be good just for her. That sentence perfectly described your relationship with Jungkook. At first sight, his tattooed body, dark blue hair and pierced lips would give you the impression of a rugged man. A man you wouldn’t want to mess around with. His tall figure and choice of clothing was enough to scare any man that got in his way. He had.. A lot of bad habits let’s say. Like all of us, no human is perfect. But he was a soft nice person deep inside, he just didn’t know how to show his emotions. His soft side was what made you fall for him, despite naturally being attracted to his edgy style.

“Goodnight babygirl, sweet dreams”

“Night~ Jungkook”

You smiled as he kissed your temple and you snuggled closer to him, closing your eyes and slowly drifting to sleep, at the steady sound of his heartbeat.

“Pss.. Jungkook.. wake up! You need to drive me home”

You whispered kissing his cheek softly as you saw him open his eyes and look down at you. You just giggled at his reaction, knowing how grumpy he was when others woke him up. You stood up and fixed your hair, as the male stretched and went to grab his shoes.

Your heart beat faster as the car drove faster and faster, getting closer to your house. Last night you didn’t think much of it but as your mind got clear the idea seemed purely wrong. The fact that you were into a relationship was no secret to your parents but, they didn’t quite knew the type of guy Jungkook was. He pulled over and parked the car in the driveway and you immediately exited the vehicle, keys in hand. Before you even had the chance to put the keys in to unlock the door, it was opened by your parents, their figures irritated.

“Y/N! Why didn’t you call us last night telling us you were going to spend the night somewhere else?”

“And even gave you the idea, you could just sleep at someone else’s house?”

“ It wasn’t Y/N’s fault.. I told her to stay at my place.. Sorry”

Jungkook spoke up, coming from behind you. Your parents stayed quiet for a while observing their daughter’s boyfriend for the first time. A solid minute had passed, what to you felt like a whole century, before your father chuckled.

“Seems like our daughter is into bad boys honey..”

“Just like her mother”

They looked at each other and laughed, as you glanced over at Jungkook who just winked at you. You couldn’t help but sigh in relief. Who knew your parents were that cool..

Someone Special

(pic cr; respectful owner)

You and Kiseok get set up on a date but you tell him you’re not interested cause of his reputation as a player // Part 2

(Requested) // Word Count; 2,258

Simon D x Reader - A/F

a/n; This is my longest one yet, I had a surge of inspiration to write thanks to @ffsjjk - an angel <3

August was coming to an end which meant Autumn would be here and summer would be over. You didn’t mind though, Autumn was a season full of artistic colours and perfect weather. A smile spread across your lips as you thought about the leaves gradually changing colours.

“She smiles!” A voice shouted in triumph. A sigh left your lips as you sneered at the male across from you “It was nothing you said.”

He chuckled at your expression and shook his head “Why do you hate me?” He asked with a cocked eyebrow. His blonde hair sat messily over his forehead, his eyes stared deeply into yours and a smirk lazed effortlessly on his lips.

He was good looking, no doubt about it but he was a player. He had a reputation for pulling three one night stands with three different girls on the same night. Like, how is that possible?

You licked your lips and stared into his dull eyes “You’re a player.” You answered. Another chuckle left his mouth at your response. He was starting to irritate you, you were only here because of Jay. When you told him you were ready to date after being alone for two years he said he’d help you; you just didn’t think he’d set you up with someone who didn’t know the meaning of commitment.

“Why did you agree to come on this date then, Y/n?” He challenged with an amused look on his face. You shrugged your shoulders not letting his question affect you in any way “I guess I just wanted to see why girls were so in love with you.” You smiled innocently as you observed your response hit the smirk off his face.

“Wow, you really don’t like me. Do you?” He urged as he finished his glass of wine. Why did he care so much when he had so many other girls willing to throw themselves at him, you thought to yourself.

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Love Hate Relationship

One Shot

Description: Jungkook was a horrible boyfriend to you. He was mean not very caring but good at pleasing you.You were pretty sure he didn’t give a fuck about you, but when you cheated on him, things turned out to be different.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Cound: 4200k

Warnings: Rough sex, Disgrading names, Dom!Jungkook, Thigh riding,  just filth.

A/N: A short but very effective smutty smut with our Maknae on the streets,God in the sheets.

“Jungkook, I am going home!” You said sighing out loud in annoyance. It’s been four hours since you came over, thinking you’d fuck but you ended up watching him play some game on his computer.

“Fucking stay here and shut up Y/N, it’s important.” He just cussed out, his eyes never leaving the monitor. Jungkook was a fucking piece of shit who treated you badly but his sex game was on point. And before anyone could judge you, it was not just the sex, he was very rarely not rude to you, and when he wasn’t, he was very likable. You were dating him for two years and you didn’t feel like leaving him despite his attitude. You couldn’t imagine what life would be without him so you chose to just ignore his arogance and put up with his shit as soon as he gives you a good dick.But lately, things were getting out of hands. He’d call you to come over, then make you wait for hours for him to come back from his soccer practise, he wouldn’t want to go out, he wouldn’t fuck you, he was really giving you nothing. You were suspecting him in cheating, but when you went through his phone you couldn’t find anything, when you went to his practises, he wouldn’t do anything suspicious. Yes, Jungkook was giving you his phone the moment you wanted it, that’s one of the few good things for you, he wouldn’t keep it in secret, which led your suspicious past.

You rolled your eyes. This was the third time he said that since you were here. Usually you’d just watch some drama on his TV or go talk to his roommate Taehyung who was way kinder than him, but today you were not in the mood.You had a bad day at work and you needed his comfort, you needed him to be gentle to hug you, kiss you and fuck you gently.That’s exactly what you needed but he didn’t seem like he was going to give it to you anytime soon, so you just stood up and walked towards him. “I am leaving. Play your stupid game, I’ll see you tomorrow.” You hissed as you took your bag and leaned closer to him. He tilted his face towards you, trying his best to look at the screen, as he pouted his lips which initiated a kiss. You gave him a peck as he mummbled an “Okay babe,” before returning his attention towards the screen.

You gave him a look before leaving, and even though it lasted a second, hundreds of thoughts passed right through your mind.Yes, you were basically living with him, you were used to his presence, but yet you felt so far away from him, and that didn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. You had good moments but most of them were in the bed, when you two had sex. That’s the only time he showed any interest in you, the only time he looked at you like you were a goddess, and thanks to god that he made you beautiful and sexy. Jungkook was a very very attractive man, he had killer body, he had a nice voice, he had soft lips, everything from his outside was the bomb. People who didn’t know how things between you stood, would say you were the best couple and the hottest couple ever. They’d ship you two hard. And you were, but just in bed. Jungkook was a cold hearted motherfucker and you hated him for that. From the outside he was glowing but he was really rotten from the inside.

“Fucking bastard.” You hissed as soon as you closed the door. “I’ll just leave your pathetic ass if you keep this up.” You continued talking to yourself, letting your anger out in the elevator.You had enough of his shit, and attitude and you were actually considering on leaving him. The thing was that he ruined you emotionally, and leaving him wouldn’t get him to care, you thought. Maybe you had to do something nastier to make him hurt atleast a bit of the pain you had to endure trough those 2 years. All the crying nights, due to his lack of interest in you, all the time he cussed at you, everything you had to endure. You wanted to make him feel hurt atleast for a bit, just to give him a taste of what real pain felt like.

A few days has passed since the last time you saw Jungkook. You were not mad at him anymore, you were more ignorant. You really did have enough of his shit, and you decided to not ruin yourself over him anymore, all you needed was a little push to do the thing you deep down wanted to do, for a while now. You got a call on the morning from Jungkook, him inviting you over tonight. You agreed ofcourse, you missed him, and to be more exact you missed his dick. All you wanted to do today is go to his place, have sex with him and consider if you were going to leave him finally. But first, you needed to get your needs fulfilled.

The day went by fast because your work was stressfull today too. You worked in a company where you had to do so much paperwork, it made your head spin. You hated your job but it paid really well so you didn’t have that much of a choice. Your boss would always make you do extra work, because he tried hitting on you and when you rejected him, he couldn’t take it, so he tried his best to make your life there miserable as fuck. You had woken up early and you were working all day so you were definitely tired. You dragged yourself up the stairs of his apartment complex because the elevator was out of order and you had to walk up 10 floors. Of course it took you a while since you were tired enough. When you reached his apartment you put your keys out and let yourself in, because Jungkook would never come welcome you.

You sighed as you took your heels off, and undid a button or two of your white shirt, that was tucked in your black skin tight skirt. You threw your beg on the couch, and realised that the apartment was pretty quiet and dark. Usually Jungkook would be yelling at the computer or his music would be banging as he did his push-ups or some shit, but today it was unusally quiet. You looked around, and just when you were about to enter his room, your phone started ringing and his name popped up,


“Where are you?” Jungkook spoke.

“I was just about to go into your room, where are you?”

“Oh damn. Well I am going to be late, you can wait or you could go home because I don’t know how long it would take.”

You rolled your eyes, as you breathed out in annoyance, “Jungkook.. we haven’t seen eachother in days, I need to see you today. Don’t you get that?”

“Really?” He teased , which annoyed me ten times more but atleast you knew we were going to fuck, when he came back, he was in the mood.

“I need your bomb ass dick.” You chuckled.

“Atleast two hours Y/N , sorry.”

“Fuck your two hours, I’d just get myself off in your damn bed then!” Too long, I’d be sleeping in two hours.

“Well, do as you wish, I can’t do shit right now.”

“Fuck you Jungkook.” You yelled.

“Yea yea, I gotta go now. Bye.” He rushed you as he hung up on you, and you swear you wanted to throw you phone at the ground in annoyance.

You heard a door open as you saw Taehyung, Jungkook’s roommate exiting his room. You snapped your eyes at his direction as he froze on his place, staring at you confusingly. You smirked as you walked towards him. And that when you made the mistake.A mistake or not you didn’t even feel sorry when you fucked Taehyung against his door. It was that little push you needed to figure out what to do next. That same night, after you had a quick sex with Taehyung, Jungkook didn’t even came home, so you left after getting what you came.

The next day you were once again in Jungkook’s place but this time he was home and again, he was playing his games like usual. You stared at him the whole time wondering how to tell him what you needed to tell him, or if you should just break up. Your tried to catch his attention once or twice as you kissed his neck  but he shrugged it off everytime. You breathed out as you stood up and took a deep breath. It was now or never.

“Jungkook,” you started but he didn’t even acknowleadged you, so you decided that he probably wouldn’t care anyway, so you just spat it out, “I fucked Taehyung yesterday.”

Jungkook stil didn’t move, but you realise he actually, didn’t move. His hands were still, his character was getting attacked as Jungkook just stared at the screen for what seemed like a age. He then slowly spun on his chair around so he could face you, with an expression you had never seen. His eyes were dark, his hands were holding the chair’s arm, like he was about to break them, and more importantly he didn’t seem to give a fuck about his game, which is what shocked you the most. You gulped hard, suddenly feeling nervous due to the lack of response from Jungkook and his intense glare at you, when you finally heard him speak,

“What did you say?”

The shock and anger were more than visible in his eyes. They grew a tone darker, his lips went dry and more importantly his game that was going, and he was actually dying in it just stayed at the background, completely ignored. His eyes were piercing yours and you felt a bit uneasy, but then you reminded yourself why you did what you did.

“It’s all your fault! I am a human being Jungkook, you should have treated me like one!” You raised your hands in the air in defense, getting nervous and angry at the same time. Jungkook’s eyes only grew darker and scarier, he pursed his lips in a thin line, forming a disgust on his face.He stared at your for a second that seemed like a year to you, as you began sweating in anticipation of his answer.

Suddenly Jungkook jumped up from the chair, making you jump in your place, as he grabbed both of your shoulders and pushed you against the door so hard, you whinced in pain, knowing if he was just a bit harded he would have broken a bone in your spine. Even thou you whinced in pain, squeezing your eyes shut both from pain and fear of what he’d do next, you heard him speak, but his voice was deeper than the devil, you could hear the spite and anger in his low husky tone,

“You horny slut,” he began as you slowly opened your eyes and looked at him, to see him actually smirking, even thou it was a twisted smirk that was scaring the shit out of you, “you deserve to be kicked out like the fucking bitch you are, but I am not that rude,” yea sure, you thought.

“No, you are even more rude,” you spoke back, which wasn’t much to his liking at the moment.

“Shut the fuck up,” he began as his left hand let go of your arm and wrapped around your throat but instead of choking you, like you thought he would do, he just held you gently in place, “I’m going to teach you a lesson, for cheating on your boyfriend.”

He was beyond mad. You could see that.Seeing him flip like, meant like he cared about you, which made your heart flutter. So he did give a fuck about you and who you fuck, and that formed a little smile on your face. He was so sexy at the moment that you couldn’t refuse looking at him. You hoped he’d tie you up and fuck you like a little bad bitch,but little did you know.

“Are you jealous?” You raised your hand and put in on the side of his neck, slightly pulling him closer to you.He left out a chuckle before he slightly tightened the grip on your throat,“I am beyond furious, I am ready to go to the other room and beat Taehyung to death, but it’s not his fault that you are a little, needy, horny bitch.” he moved closer to your face, his lips barely touching yours as he spoke,“ I want to dump your trashy ass for what you did, but that pussy is mine and only mine, it can never be anyone else’s, do you understand that bitch?”

You nodded eagerly, feeling the arousal you were feeling for a while,water the thin material of your panties.“Yes , yes Jungkook, it’s only yours!” you felt defeated as you felt yourself needy for his touch, for his cock. You felt his cologne hitting you and it almost made your head spin in delight. Jungkook’s scent was something you would never be over at. You felt his breathing in your face, and it was the hottest thing ever. Since he didn’t say anything you leaned in and locked your lips with his but in a response he pushed your throat back, pulling you away from him,“Fuck no. You don’t get to kiss me now, get on your fucking knees.” he ordered as his hand traveled to the back of your hair as he got a grip of your hair, and forced you to go down on your knees.

“Suck my cock, like it’s the last time you’ll get the chance,” he ordered and you nodded, immediately grabbing the hem of his shorts and boxers, as you took his dick out and began leaving worshiping kisses all over his length. It was easy for you because he was already hard, Jungkook was always hard for you, which boosted your ego to the extreme.Jungkook pulled you head backwards as your brought your eyes up to his,“Don’t fucking tease me, suck!” he ordered as he pushed your head closer to his dick, as you wasted no time, being the needy slut you were, you immediately opened your mouth and bobbed down as much as you could. Jungkook’s dick was pretty big so you were not able to take it all in but you took most of it. You heard Jungkook moan when his head hit the back of your throat, and his sinful moan made you so wet you thougth you were already dripping to the floor.

You slowly proped up your head before you slided back down as much as you could. You began sucking his dick in a steady pace, licking it, your saliva running down his length. He hissed and squeezed your hair when he felt really good, and every moan that escaped his mouth made you hornier and hornier, “Fuck, just like that baby, suck my cock,” Jungkook hissed, and upon hearing him use that gentle word for you, you moaned on his dick,which made him twitch in pleasure. He slowly slided his hand to the sides of your neck and you already knew what he was about to do, so you opened your mouth as much as you could, as Jungkook began thrusting his hips back and forth, his head hitting the back of your neck, making you and him moan loudly with each trust.

You had your hands on his firm thighs that were beyond flexed at the moment, and you were dying to ride them at the moment. His thrust became faster and rougher as you knew he was about to cum any second.When you needed to take a breath you dug your nails in his thighs, as he came in your mouth immediately, while pulling his dick out. He waited for every drop of cum to end in your mouth as he smirked, “Swallow.” and you did as you were told. Your mouth was abused and red, your lips trippled their normal size, as Jungkook put his dick back in his pants and placed his hand under your chin, holding it up so he could look you in the eyes as he spoke, “You look so hot after I fucked your mouth, I’d cum on your face if I could. Get up, we are not done!” He said, as you let go of his thighs and proped up on your legs as they wobbled at the weakness of your knees.

He grabbed your arm for support or whatever, as he pulled you to the bed, where he sat and forced you down on his lap. The moment you sat, you jumped on him, kissing his mouth like crazy, immediately rubbing your drenched pussy against his bulge. He kissed you for a second before pulling away smirking,“Slow down, you are –”

“Please Jungkook, kiss me, touch me, fuck me!I need you so bad!” You bascially cried out loud in his face, not letting go of you hold of him , at the back of his neck. Jungkook smirked as he placed his hand over your clothed pussy and felt how wet you were immediately ,“Fuck you are dripping,” he commented as he slowly rubbed your slit with two fingers, making you moan, before he grabbed your waist and adjusted you so you were sitting on his thigh as he spoke, “Come on, cum on my thigh and if I like it I may fuck you.”

I closed your eyes as you hips rolled up his thigh as he flexed it and increased your sensation as you immediately let out a needy moan of his name, and began rubbing yourself against him, moaning every two seconds. He placed his hands on your ass as he gave it a firm squeeze before he helped your grind on his thigh, as he pushed you even further to the naked skin on his thighs, since his shorts went up to his crotch almost. You could feel his skin burning in hear, and with the heat of your drenched pussy you were so near to cumming you could feel it. You burried your face in the crook of Jungkook’s neck, when you kept moaning and panting his name, your hips never stopping grinding.

“Fuck, you sound so needy.. you fucking cunt, you are dying for me to fuck you, aren’t you?” He spoke as you cried out a muffed “yes” and he chuckled, tightening the grip on your ass.You felt the wave hitting you as you whined loudly, “I’m cumming, oh my god, I am..” as you felt it hit you like a storm, wetting your pantied to the point were they were more than dripping, as you felt how your fluids leaked down on Jungkook’s thigh to the soft material of his sheets.

You stood there for a brief second breathing heavily, trying to collect your thoughts as much as you could. Just then you felt Jungkook’s arms wrap around your waist as he actually hugged you. Your eyes widened as you felt him hugging you, since you couldn’t remember the last time he even hugged you as you immediealy  spoke, “I love you, you fucking bastard, I fucking love you.” As you hugged him back even tighter.

“I know,” he responded quietly, which to you meant he loved you too, because he’d never tell you that anyway so you smiled, as you felt him standing up a bit before he turned around and threw you on the bed, immediately getting himself between your legs, “One "I love you” won’t cut it thou.“ he said in a serious tone, as he grabbed your panties and basically ripped them off of your legs, as he placed one of his fingers inside of you immediately, as you grabbed the sheets in response, moaning out loud. "Nah, scratch that.” he spoke , as you felt him taking out his finger, and before you could ask what was he doing, you felt him pushing his dick inside of you to the fullest, moving your whole body upwards as he settled himself inside of you. Both of you moaned at the feeling, as Jungkook placed both of his hands by the sides of your head for support as he fixated his eyes on yours, and began rolling his hips in and out of you slowly but deeply.

You stared at him, your mouth constantly open due to the strong feeling of joy you felt between your legs, but his piercing eyes were arousing you even more. He was staring at you with a different stare, a hungry yet apologetic look, and you knew he was upset you cheated on him,but now, you were fnally upset and actually sorry too. You hated that you did what you did, but in the end maybe that was the turning point your relationship had to meet. You wrapped your arms around his head again pulling him in for a kiss. A kiss, he finally responded to. His hips began thrusting harder into you, the hunry kiss lighting both of you on fire, it was a kiss like never before, it was a kiss like the one you’d have when you haven’t been intimate for weeks, it was a “I fucking missed you kiss” and it was beyond amazing.

When your lips finally parted Jungkook  panting , and you breathing hard, his tempo was getting sloppier faster and harder, as you knew his release was coming, but so did yours. “Jungkook, yes, just like that!” you moaned out loud ,as he hissed in response. Suddenly he pulled himself out, and before you could ask why, he spun you around, your face now facing the bed, as he lifted up your hips and slammed his cock in you from behind. You basically yelled at how fast and rough he thrusted, and you were sure the whole building fucking heard you yelling.

“Shut the fuck up, you are gonna wake my neighbours,” Jungkook hissed as he held your hips and thrusted in you harder and harder. You could feel your orgasm knocking on the door again, and you felt Jungkook getting even harder and bigger and you knew he was about to cum any second. You felt him hovering over your back, as he grabbed your hair and pulled your hair backwards, as he spoke into your ear in a low and seductive voice, “Come on baby girl, cum all over my cock.” which was more than enought to push you over the edge. You came with a loud whine of his name , as he kept thrusting inside of you until he came too , filling you up to the fullest with his cum.

A few seconds later you both collapsed on the matress, trying your best to collect your breaths. None of you spoke for a minute or two, as you slowly propped up and laid on top of Jungkook, “Baby-,” you began but you were quickly cut off ,as Jungkook spun around making you the one on the bottom, as he held your wrists to the sides of your head, pinning them down to the matress as he spoke in his usual but still breathless voice,

“You are only mine, is that clear enough Y/N?”

“Yes,” you nodded as you smiled,

“If you ever do that again, I’ll make you regret it, and I won’t be this gentle.”

“Never again.” You shook your head, the smile on your face growing bigger.

Jungkook’s serious face suddenly softened as he let out a barely visible smile, but you caught it immediately, and it made your heart melt, Jungkook rarely smiled at you and this time you saw it as clear as water. He slowly collapsed on you again, letting out a deep sigh in the crook of your neck, before rolling to the side next to you,

“I probably died 25 times , but atleast it was worthy. I had to claim back what’s mine.” He spoke as you snapped your head at him, grinning like a kid. You stared at him for a second before , shooting a question you rarely asked but never got the answer, “Jungkook, do you love me?”

Jungkook froze upon hearing your question, his eyes fixated on the ceiling as he remained silent for a while. You could hear your heart beating in your ears, your whole body anticipating the answer that you so much wanted to hear, even thou a big part of you knew it was not going to work again. You used that time, after an amazing sex like that to bring him to say it but he’d never fall for it, he’d just brush the question off, that’s why the next two words made your heart stop,

“I do.”

New Girl - Nine

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“A wedding?” I pulled the invite off the fridge.

“Yes!” Jacob exclaimed, running into the kitchen. He sat down on the stool next to Tom and Harrison, Zendaya was looking through the fridge. “Harrison, when do you get that penis cast off?”

“It’s not a cast!”

“It’s a hardened mold around your penis to prevent you from moving it, what else do you want us to call it?” Tom asked, shaking his head.

“You don’t have to call it anything! Stop thinking about my penis, idiots.” Their bickering continued while Zendaya and I rolled our eyes.

“Hey!” She called, gaining their attention as they quieted down. “Whose wedding is this?” She gestured toward the invite in my hand.

“Don’t know. Friend of a cousin’s friend? We got it in the mail and it just reminded me of what we’re all lacking-,” Jacob was interrupted.

“And, what’s that genius?” Jacob knocked his hand against Harrison’s thigh, moving him in his chair slightly. “asshole.”

“We’re all lacking sex, you dumbass. We’re going to this wedding to get laid – to pick someone up. None of us are going home alone.” Jacob and Harrison high-fived, and I glanced toward Tom to catch his reaction. He was smiling, shaking his head at the other two boys. His head lifted and his eyes met mine, but I dropped my gaze immediately.

“Well,” I cleared my throat, “Saturday? You in?” I looked at Zendaya and she shrugged.

“Why not? These losers and you are kind of the only people I can tolerate in LA. So, if you’re going, I’m there with you, babe.” I looked back at Tom to see him still looking at me. It had been three months since I asked Tom to show me he liked me instead of telling me, and he hasn’t – maybe he gave up. Maybe I should, too. I smiled and faced Zendaya again, nodding.

“Looks like we’re in boys. No one goes home alone.” The boys yelled in triumph, beginning to talk about if we’d carpool, should we all get dressed together, Jacob smacking Harrison for asking such a stupid question considering all of us, basically also including Z, lived here. Tom had gotten off the stool he was sitting on and started to walk away from the conversation, me being the only one who noticed. I managed to slip away and follow him when Harrison started to tell Jacob that he’d be able to score more girls than him and Zendaya pitting them against each other and making bets.

“Tom?” I called out, once we were both out of ear shot. He had almost made it inside his room.

“What’s up?” I shrugged, looking down at my feet while my hands locked together in front of me.

“This isn’t weird, right?” He cocked his head to the side, confused. “I mean, us trying to score a night with someone else? It’s just – it’s been three months…” Tom shook his head, shuffling on his feet as his weight shifted from leaning on his right leg to his left.

“No, no it’s fine. You’re a free woman, you can do what you want. Same with me. Uh – the free part, not the woman.” We both let out a soft laugh, our gazes meeting each other.

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Precious girl being precious :3

Just did a quick thing, sorry if I’m not on or posting anything for a bit. The nerves in my neck/shoulder are messed up causing really bad headaches, so it hurts to look at a screen for long lol. And on top of that, Irma is gonna be hitting us, so we may not have power for a bit :/

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Trini has to cancel a date to watch her brothers and Kim comes over to babysit too and they are Domestic to the max

A/N: I tried to not make it too long! But seriously…my Trimberly feels are real.

“Mom, please.”

“I’m sorry, Trinity.” Marie sighs, and Trini rolls her eyes at her full name. “Your father and I rarely get a night to ourselves, and the boys are too young to stay home by themselves.”

“I made these plans with Kim two weeks ago!” Trini exclaims as she throws her arms up in annoyance.

Marie glances at her daughter and arches an eyebrow, “I’m sure you can reschedule your outing with your…friend.”

Trini flinches at how easily her mother dodges calling Kimberly her girlfriend; Trini has been out to her parents for four months, and her mother still hasn’t accepted it. With a hard sigh, Trini watches her mother and wonders how they grew so far apart; she used to cry when her mother so much as went to the grocery store, and now they’re a million miles apart.

“You’re unbelievable.” Trini mumbles.

She doesn’t stick around to hear what her mom has to say, she isn’t in the mood for another lecture. Instead she sulks off to her room and grabs her phone to cancel her date with Kimberly. Of course she’s bummed they’ll be missing out on their movie, but her little brothers are a huge part of her heart and an evening with them doesn’t sound half bad.

“Trini, mami says you’re staying home and playing with us!” Alec exclaims as he races into his sister’s room. “Will you play superheroes with us? I’ll let you borrow my cape and mask!”

Trini smiles and moves to ruffle her brother’s soft hair, “Superheroes sounds like a great idea. Go grab Mateo and your cape.”

Alec leaves with a whoop and Trini laughs; maybe a night with them is worth missing out on date night.


“Blast off!”

Trini laughs as she watches her six-year-old brother rush through the living room with a cape on his shoulders and messy curls piled on his head. With a loud yell, Mateo crosses the room only to stumble over his footing and land with a hard thud that brought a belly laugh from his twin who bounced on the couch cushions.

“Man down! I repeat, we have a man down! Captain Trini to the rescue!” Trini exclaims as she moves to scoop her little brother into her arms. “Are you okay, bud? You fell pretty hard.”

“S’okay. Not a single ouchie.” Mateo shrugs as he turns his head to press a wet kiss to his sister’s cheek.

The sound of the doorbell causes Trini to frown as she sets Mateo back on his feet and watches him as he moves to throw himself over the couch arm. With a shake of her head, Trini leaves the comfort of the living room and hurries to pull the front door open. All at once, her eyes go wide before she quickly slams the door.


“What are you doing here?” Trini demands as she presses her back to the door. “Did you get my text?”

A soft laugh sounds from the opposite side of the door, “I did. I thought I could come over and help with the boys. We haven’t really had a chance to hang out lately, and I miss you.”

Trini fights her smile as she reaches up to pull off her mask before she turns to open the door once more. Kimberly flashes her a smile that sends a flutter of butterflies through her before she steps into the house and drops a quick kiss to her girlfriend’s messy dark locks. Trini sighs softly as she watches Kimberly strip from her jacket; she constantly wonders how someone like her ended up with someone as good as Kimberly Hart.

“You took off your mask,” Kimberly notes as she steps into Trini’s space. “I’ve gotta say, you make a pretty sexy superhero. I’m really liking the cape.”

“Oh?” Trini smirks as she arches her head while watching as Kimberly’s gaze drops to her lips. “Is it doing something for you, Hart?”

“Oh, totally.”


Kimberly jumps away from Trini in time to brace herself for the two balls of energy that collide with her legs. A smile crosses her lips as she crouches down and opens her arms to the twins who eagerly pile onto her. Trini stands there with a heart so warm she’s almost afraid it’ll burn a hole straight through her chest; Kimberly was so good with the boys.

“Kimmy, did you come to play?” Mateo asks with a curious expression as he pulls away from her neck. “Are you gonna come help me with my puzzle?”

Alec huffs as he curls into Kimberly, “No! She’s gonna help me with my puzzle.”

“How about I help both of you?”

Both boys give a cheer as they latch onto Kimberly and begin to pull her down the hallway to their room. Trini follows behind with a small smile and she peeks into the room to watch as the boys pull out their dinosaur puzzles that Kimberly always seems to get stuck building whenever she comes over. But she never complains, she just does as the boys ask and she does it with a smile on her face.

“Are you going to come help?” Kimberly teases as she looks over her shoulder at her girlfriend.

Trini tilts her head slowly, “I was actually going to go make dinner for you nerds. Mac and cheese sound okay?”

“Nerds?” Kimberly repeats as she lifts her eyebrows and turns to the boys. “Did you guys hear what your sister called us? She called us nerds.”

Mateo drops his jaw in shock, “She did?”

“She did.” Kimberly nods with wide eyes.

“Tickle time?” Alec asks in a soft voice.

“What? No. No, it is not tickle time.” Trini frowns as she backs away hesitantly. “I was only joking so you three stay exactly where you are, got it?”

“Tickle time!” Kimberly yells.

Trini squeals loudly as her little brothers clamber to their feet and run towards her with their hands out. With a burst of speed, Trini hurries through the house only to trip over one of Mateo’s toys and hit the ground with a groan. Without missing a beat, bodies pile on her and Trini goes breathless as fingers dig into her sides while Kimberly pins her legs to the floor and the boys work at her stomach.

“No! No more!” Trini pleads.

“More!” Alec and Mateo yell.

She isn’t sure how long she squirms, but by the time they relent she is breathless and her stomach hurts. Trini lays there and tries to catch up to reality while the boys and Kimberly trade high fives. With a glare, Trini looks to her little brothers and sees a familiar glint appear in their dork orbs.

“Hey, no family telepathy!” Kimberly whines before she notices them scoot closer. “Wait. No. Don’t do anything you three are going to regret…”

Trini smirks and launches forward, “Get her!”


“Five points if I make it in, right?”

Trini nods and Kimberly sucks in a breath as she narrows her eyes and flicks her wrist; the entire room erupts in cheers when the grape lands perfectly in Trini’s mouth. Mateo claps happily while Alec nods and shovels a spoonful of macaroni and cheese into his mouth. With a dramatic bow, Kimberly leans over to steal a kiss from her girlfriend before they go back to cleaning up the kitchen.

“Tree, how come you and Kimmy kiss?”

Trini stiffens at Alec’s innocent question and she glances to Kimberly with a frantic expression. After she came out to her parents, she was given strict orders to keep it all away from her brothers. With a nervous swallow, Trini turns to face the boys and her heart aches as she looks at the pure innocence in their gazes.

“Because…” Trini trails off before she sucks in a calming breath. “Because I like her. A lot. And when I kiss her, it’s just my way of showing her how much I like her.”

She waits, she expects another question. She expects them to tell her it’s gross, that it’s wrong. They’re so young, and Trini knows they don’t really understand but she’s scared of what her parents will do to her if they find out she told Alec and Mateo about her relationship.



Trini blinks in awe, “Oh?”

“I give you, mami, and papi kisses all the time.” Mateo shrugs as he looks to his twin brother. “I do it to show you how much I like you, too.”

Kimberly chuckles as she wraps her arms around Trini’s waist, “Anyone ever tell you your brothers are wise beyond their little years?”

“No.” Trini admits as she watches the pair fling cheesy noodles at each other. “But I know they are, and now you do too.”



“Wearin’ them!”


“Got ‘em!”

“Awesome. Oh. Teeth?”


“Proof?” Trini demands, and she looks between the boys and watches as they flash bright smiles. “Right on. Alright, you’re good to head off to dreamland.”

Alec collapses back on his pillow with a yawn, “Is Kimmy gonna be here when the sun comes up?”

“No, mijo. She has to go home.” Trini sighs as she moves to flip on their night lights. “I love you. Goodnight.”

“Night, Tree!”

Trini smiles once more at her brothers and slips from the bedroom. She hears their whispers and she rolls her eyes when she hears them using their secret twin language. Trini lingers for a moment longer before she moves to the living room where Kimberly lays with the remote in her hand and a scowl on her face.

“They’re down for the count.” Trini yawns as she moves to throw herself on Kimberly who lets out a groan. “How can three hours with two six-year-olds be so fucking exhausting?”

“Babe, we did about a things,” Kimberly reminds her as she shifts so Trini can get comfortable. “I’m sorry for barging in on you guys…”

“Don’t apologize.” Trini cuts in as she moves to hover her lips over Kimberly’s. “I think I speak for the twins too when I say I’m really glad you came.”

Kimberly smiles softly as she sweeps a piece of hair from Trini’s face, “I’m glad I came too.”

With a soft sigh, Trini lowers her head to press a lingering kiss to Kimberly’s lips. No matter how many days that pass, Trini will probably always be amazed that this amazing girl wants her of all people. And she’s going to spend every day that she has making sure Kimberly is as happy as she is.

Voice in the Suit of Wands

Soulmate AU where you don’t know who your soulmate is until you hear them speak.


Rated T for language.


“Ugh…”   Lucy groaned into her folded arms while Mirajane and Cana, who had fast become her friends in the wake of the past few months, respectively patted her head and stared at her exasperatedly. 

“Lucy, this is your fourth time this month that you’ve been here…  You know you can’t push these kinds of things.”  Mira told her gently and Lucy felt her throat clench.  

“You need to get a grip, girl.  We can only do so much.”  Cana sighed and Lucy eyed her scornfully from behind her hair that had fallen over her face.  Cana’s gaze softened a bit and she continued.  “Besides, Mira is right, you really can’t rush this process.  We can only help a little, this is a natural thing.”

“I know, but…”  Lucy groaned again and sighed in defeat.  There she was, in all her hopeless romantic glory, at the ‘Soul’s Destiny’ soulmate locater.  How lame is that?

Soulmates were of prevalence in the world that Lucy lived in.  Lucy spent most of her adult life watching her friends find their soulmates while she was left cheering them lamely on and biting her tongue to keep herself from cursing the ground that her soulmate stood on.  She was twenty three and already decided that she was, in fact, going to die alone.

The only way to know if you have found your soulmate was to hear them speak; it was a different reaction for each pair, so Lucy didn’t entirely know what to expect.  She talked to a lot of people because of this, she was a natural chatter box in the right setting, but still she sat there, alone, in the agency once more. 

She knew that Cana and Mira were just being polite, but she pestered them an awful lot.  The three had become close friends, it was actually one of Lucy’s other friends, Erza, who had introduced her to the duo that ran the agency. Since she had an in, Lucy took full advantage of it and ended up really clicking with the two older girls.

“Trust me on this one, you’ve just got to give it some time.  If you keep thinking about it, it’s going to consume your brain, and that’s not healthy.”  Mira fretted and Lucy lifted her head up to meet their gaze.

“I know, I know, but it’s so hard seeing everyone so happy.  I mean, you have Laxus!  And Cana has Bacchus no matter the fact that their relationship is fueled by alcohol.”

“Hey!  It’s fueled by the love of alcohol.”  Cana intervened and Mira gave her a patronizing glance.  “And the love we have for each other.”

“Either way, I think that it’s just not going to happen.”  Lucy threw her hands up, “Whoever my soulmate is can choke on it.”  Lucy glared at the mahogany desk the two girls were sitting behind.

“You don’t mean that…”  Mira soothed her and Lucy felt like throwing herself on the ground and having an adult fit.

“You’re only twenty three, Lucy, chill.”  Cana pointed out and Lucy felt panic rise in her chest.

Only?!  That’s practically thirty and then I’ll be expected to have kids!  But if I don’t have my soulmate by then, I won’t be able to have kids unless I adopt or have artificial insemination!  And if I don’t do any of that, I’m bound to die an old hag!  I am screwed.”

“Geez, are all writers this dramatic?”  Cana scoffed and Mira looked as though she were biting back a laugh of her own.

“Lucy, Lucy, calm down.  You are not going to die an old hag, you’re way too pretty to be a hag anyways, but that’s not the point.”  Mira patted Lucy’s hands and Lucy tried to steady her breathing.  “Why doesn’t Cana read your cards once more?”

“Aw hell…”  Cana groaned and Lucy started to feel terrible.

“N-no, it’s fine.  I’m just going to go home now.”  Lucy sighed and smiled at the girls.  “You two are great, thanks.”

“Wait!  Let me do one more reading…”  Cana shrugged and pulled out her tarot cards.  There was some magic behind what Mira and Cana did to help people find their soulmates.  Cana had a natural gift for tarot card readings, but she strictly stuck with being a matchmaker.  She didn’t do readings outside of that, like telling people the goods and the bads about their lives.  She didn’t want people to blame her for anything terrible that happened to them, and she also didn’t like seeing something terrible in the cards for someone.  Mira used a special lacrima orb that helped her catch glimpses of what people’s soulmates may look like.  Sometimes it was the color of their eyes or hair, what gender they were, and even what they smelled like, but it was never what their voices sounded like.

“Huh, that’s weird.”  Cana muttered as she flipped over her cards.  It startled Lucy’s thoughts and she quickly flicked her gaze over to the brunette.

“What is it?”  Lucy asked eagerly and Cana frowned down at her cards.

“Well,”  She began, fixing the cards so they were perfectly lined up with one another, “You’ve conjured the ‘Suit of Wands’.”  

“And that means..?”

“It represents the element of fire.  The Suit of Wands tarot is associated with primal energy, much like fire, spirituality, inspiration, that’s good for your writing, determination, strength, intuition, creativity, ambition, and expansion.  The wands can represent the times in your life when things just seem to fit together perfectly, almost uncannily.”  Cana stared down at her cards in wonder, she always looked so full of mystery when she did a reading.  “I think this is an extremely fantastic reading, Lucy.  It’s hard to get the full Suit of Wands to come up in a reading.  I think this is very good.”  

“R-really?”  Lucy’s heart fluttered and Cana broke into a broad smile, nodding. “That’s great!”

“That sounds wonderful, Lucy!  Thank you Cana.”  Mira clasped her hands over her chest and then stood up, disappearing in their back room through the tapestry that hung in the doorway.  “I’d like to take a look in my orb one more time to see if anything ties with Cana’s reading.”  She called and Lucy smiled softly; this was why she came to the girls, they were an amazing team.

Mira hastily returned, biting her bottom lip, her brow creased.  “Well, I did get something.”  Mira started and Lucy found herself leaning in in anticipation.  “I get the feeling that there is a strong relation between your soulmate and one or two people that you know in your life…  But that’s all that I really was able to see.”  Lucy pondered the thought for a moment, she’d need more time to think that part of it over.

“That’s great, thank you both!”  Lucy hugged the girls tightly before setting out to leave.

“Don’t come back here anytime soon!”  Cana waved and Lucy giggled.

“I hope I won’t have to!”

“We’ll see you next weekend, right?”  Mira questioned and Lucy nodded not forgetting the plans that they had made with everyone.

“Of course!”

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Vegas | Tease | Oops | D | Game | Mistake

Note: Here’s Vegas 3, enjoy this banter, sin, and fluff. I enjoyed writing it. I love this series so much, actually. Oh yeah, and this is only halfway edited, so don’t kill me if there are careless mistakes.

Word Count: 2293

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: SMUT. quickie, mouth covering, trying not to get caught sex

Originally posted by matthew-daddario

“Daveed!” You yelled frustratingly from his kitchen. It was the morning after the concert and you were sore, frustrated, and most of all energy-deprived, so when you realized that you couldn’t reach the coffee mugs in his kitchen, you were already fed up.

You felt a warm pair of bare arms snake themselves around your waist and a body press itself against you from behind.

“Hmm?” Daveed’s breath was hot against your neck, creating goosebumps on your body.

You sighed, subconsciously leaning back into him. “Why do you put your coffee mugs so damn high on the shelf? You know I can’t reach them.”

“My bad,” he murmured, reaching up to grab a mug for you and set it on the counter. You knew he was smirking even though you couldn’t see him. “But it’s not my fault you’re short.”

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